Star Trek 2009: Infected

Fight To The End

As the landing crew searched the Starfleet base and kept an eye out, Kirk sat quietly at one of the desk while Spock stood near by. Both were wearing winter coats, Kirk in his black one and Spock had on a white one. It made Kirk smile for the older one had worn the same thing and he was surprised to find it up on the ship with the made him wonder, if just maybe this was to happen.

If so...was this the end for them?

Would they die to save the world?

He sighed covering his face with his hands and he shook his head. "...Damn it, what am I doing?"

Spock raised a brow and looked over. "Second thoughts, Captain?"

Kirk softly shook his head. "Not at all Spock...I'm just...thinking that's all." He lowered his hands to his mouth and looked over him quietly. "How do you think this will turn out?...I want an honest answer!" Spock eyed him quietly, then looked to the side thinking, his silence worried Kirk. "...Not good I take it?" Spock quickly looked over to correct him but Kirk stood shaking his head and walked over, a small smile on his face. "It's don't need to say it." With a pat on his shoulder he walked away. Spock only watched in silence, watching the smile fade as the Captain vanished down the hall.

"Approaching the ship Mr. Scott!"

"Thank you Mr. Chekov." Scott turned off the communicator and took a deep breath, looking to the controls before him. They were drawing closer to the ship and closer to the end. They had one chance to make this right, he had one chance to make this right and end it! Running his hand over the controls one last time he pressed a button quickly.

Beep. Beep.

Kirk quickly pulled his communicator from his pocket. He was now standing in the entrance way of the base. A few crew members were wandering outside, guarding it while others wandered around inside, keeping a close eye on him and Spock. "Kirk here."

"Nero's ship is approaching, I'll be teleporting him soon."

"Alright...good." Kirk nodded towards a crew member who drew out his phaser at the motion, he then looked down to his communicator. "Do everything you can to keep the crew safe, if you have to, you can go into Warp. Just as long as Nero gets down here that is all I'm worried about."

"Aye Captain...Good luck." Kirk slammed the communicator shut and looked towards the back room gripping it tightly. Spock was still in there having decided to give the Captain his space, he was probably lost within all that Scott had left behind, new and old.


Kirk laughed softly hearing this, he then took a breath as he set his phaser to kill leaving it hidden under his coat. Glancing away from the room, he motioned a few men over towards him as he stepped towards the main door. "Alright, listen and Mr. Spock are going to split up. You guys will stay here and I'll take the others outside." The members gave a nod and a "yes sir" then continued their work. Giving one last look to the room, Kirk sighed then quickly left.

"I can't believe this...why did I not see this!? Damn it!" Scotty raised a brow looking up to Bones once again who let out a loud growl. He was pacing back and fourth beside him, mumbling and cussing away. "I swear, this man is going to be the death of me!"

"I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to do much down there anyway. As you like to say, you are a Doctor not whatever it is he'll be needed up here more." He shook his head looking away and whispered. "...that's for sure."

Bones quickly faced him glaring death. "Are you kidding me!? No one will get as hurt as him, one wrong move and the idiot is dead!"

"You worry WAY too much Doctor, I...I can't even believe you're a Doctor!" Bones raised a brow, eyes burning and Scott laughed nervously. "...Sorry..."

Bones sighed and gave a nod and the two soon sat in silence, waiting...

The silence was soon broken as the ship was then rocked hard, knocking the two to the ground. Scotty quickly pushed himself up using the controls."...There's my cue.." He quickly began pressing buttons. "Sulu, status!"

"Shields are holding up, but not for long. You have to hurry!" The Bridge was going crazy as everyone fought to keep the ship alive. They all stopped though as a light began to flash on the main controls. "...We're being hailed..."

Both Bones and Scott shared a look as Sulu pressed the button, the screen then flashed on showing Nero. "Where is Captain Kirk?!" No one said anything not even sure how to reply, they all shared a worried look.

Bones quickly ran from the transporter room heading to the Bridge.

"Has he run away again...did his first capture teach him nothing?!" Quickly the lift opened and Bones stepped in, gasping for breath. From anger, worry, and of course running. "Ah, Doctor...good to see you. Tell me, is the Captain dying or has he run off?"

"He's...alive..." Bones stood tall calming his breathing, the whole time he stared the Romulan down hard. "He's waiting for you..."

Nero slammed his hand down hard on the arm of his throne. "Then tell me where he is!"

Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu all looked to Bones, this was turning back now. He could either tell and risk losing his Captain and best friend, or he can lie and kill the whole crew. Bones looked over them and Kirk's voice ran through his head. A voice that demanded the truth, a voice that begged. "He's waiting for you...on Delta Vega" Nero gave a smirk then the screen went blank, Uhura quickly stood and stepped up to Bones.

"Is this the right thing?..."

"It's what Jim was that or have him lose more crew members...He'd rather lose his life then this ship...that's a promise." Bones chuckled softly. He was gonna be sick. "A stupid one at that..."

"He could die...both can..and then us."

Bones gave her a look. "You heard me, he'd rather go down then let this ship fall!" Without another word he walked away leaving her alone, Chekov closed his eyes and gave a soft Russian prayer.

With a raised brow, Spock looked over a few small contraptions, parts had been scattered and some were even missing, it made his mind race with questions. He was pulled from his thoughts though as his communicator beeped, he quickly brought it out. "Nero is on the way...he should be there shortly. ...Good luck..."

Spock gave a nod and he quickly closed the communicator as he ran from his room. "Captain!..." He stopped short seeing no Kirk, he raised a brow quickly, grabbing one crew member tight by the arm. "Where is the Captain!?"

"He left with the others, he said you two were going to be splitting up!" The man stumbled as Spock quickly shoved him away, fear taking over. Without a word he drew his phaser and was off.

Kirk pulled his coat tight around himself, coughing a little as he tried his hardest to keep warm. He ran one hand over the front pulling on a few loose strands that had been given a few miles back. They had been attacked by an unknown creature, all but one had been killed in the process. He growled softly to himself, regretting bringing them along with him.

"Captain...Captain!" Kirk quickly glanced back and watched as a man struggled to catch up, he coughed coming up to his side. He was wounded, barely hanging on. "We can't hold on much longer...we should go back!" Kirk eyed him quietly as he coughed again, struggling to talk. Kirk couldn't let another fall.

"Go back!" The man gave him a questioning look. "Go, don't worry about me! Tell Mr. Spock i'll be alright!" Without giving the man a chance to reply he continued ahead, determination locked in his mind.

A few more miles ahead Kirk began to slow, his breathing became hitched and he was practically buried in the snow which was blowing hard around him. He continued though, fighting, the thought of saving more lives kept him going forward.

He stopped suddenly seeing a figure approaching before him.

This was it...

Shaking from both the cold and a slight fear, he pulled his phaser out and raised it up ready to pull the trigger at any moment. "Do you really think I'm that stupid to believe you've come alone...where are your men?!" The figure only continued quietly, Kirk slowly started approaching him keeping the phaser locked. He could either die standing there or die fighting...and he'd rather go down the best way possible.

Taking and holding a breath, Kirk quickly blind fired. ...After that all that filled the air was the roaring wind. "...Answer me!" The figure stopped and the two now stood almost a yard apart. Kirk squinted watching him, so far they were still alone.

Nero raised his hands. "Lower the phaser Captain...I'm unarmed."

Kirk tightened his hold. "...Bullshit."

Nero gave a smirk eyeing the phaser, he then looked over Kirk quietly. "You came alone...I'm not surprised. Is your death wish to go just like your father?"

Kirk shrugged softly. "If it comes to that...yes."

The smirk crew wider on Nero's face, he then continued forward. Kirk watched then quickly fired the phaser again and then with a blind eye, ran forward and swung his fist hard. He stumbled as he missed and growled seeing Nero holding his fist tightly. "You just never quit..." Kirk glared and quickly swung with his other hand and as it came inches from hitting Nero, he kicked out with his foot and knocked the Romulan to the ground.

He quickly pinned him, jabbing his elbow into his neck, fighting to keep him down. "Let's finish this like men...fist to fist. No weapons, just the way you like it..."

"As you wish..." With that Nero quickly kicked his leg up and hit Kirk hard in the side knocking him down, then without giving the man a chance to recover he grabbed him by the collar of the coat and began punching him over and over again in the face. After a few hits Kirk reached up and he grabbed the Romulan hard by the wrist and Nero began to struggle as he pushed to hit him again. "Give it up Kirk, it's useless!" Kirk ignored him as he continued to struggle, he then let out a gasp as Nero shoved his knee hard into his stomach pinning him to the cold ground below. "Let me see that look again...let me see your suffering eyes.." Kirk quickly brought his legs up and he launched the Romulan hard off of him.

After Nero hit the ground, Kirk quickly stood back up and kicked forward but his foot was grabbed and he was dragged back down. Hitting the ground, he quickly fought to stand back up but he cried out as Nero gripped his foot tightly, twisting it. He then climbed on top of Kirk and pinned him down on his stomach, a clicking noise was then heard. "You didn't think I'd follow orders, did you?"

Kirk struggled as Nero grabbed his hair, jerking his head back. He stopped eyeing the long jagged knife that was held before him. "Don't worry, it'll be slow. So if you have something to say then you better do it now..." Nero turned the knife slowly, putting it closer to Kirk's face. "...While you still have the breath to." As the knife vanished from his sight Kirk took a deep breath then he shoved up hard, he turned and then elbowed Nero hard in the face.

Nero recovered quickly and lashed out fast, but Kirk moved just in time and the knife only slashed through his coat. Kirk then brought his foot up and kicked Nero hard in the chest, sending him flying backwards. As he did Kirk's own momentum knocked him back as well, sending him slipping in the snow and nearly throwing himself off a slope.

He looked down it quietly and a smirk came to his face at the thought of the last time he fell. It didn't kill him the first time and it sure as hell wasn't going to now! He glared at Nero as he stood back up, if it was, he was ready to drag this bastard down with him. "Come on..." Kirk raised his hands and gave a blood covered smirk as he motioned the man forward. "Let's end this!

Nero's eyes showed death as he tightened his grip on the knife. This was it, the end... Kirk kept his hands up, taking the man in, smirk never leaving. "Last chance, Nero!"

Nero chuckled darkly "You really want to die like this?"

"What do you care?..."

Nero nodded softly turning the knife slowly, he then stopped and gripped it tightly giving a smirk that showed his teeth. Kirk took a breath getting into a fighting stance as he stood. "Come on!" Quickly Nero sped forward.


Kirk quickly looked over to the voice, barely hearing it under the wind. Before he could say anything he got slammed into hard and both the Romulan and him tumbled down the slope.

Spock had given a sigh of relief seeing the Captain still alive, the relief was taken suddenly though when Kirk was tackled by Nero and both vanished into the blizzard. He quickly ran forward tightening his grip on his phaser. "Jim!" He looked around quickly, but the two were no where insight. "Jim...Jim!"

Nothing...quickly he pulled out his communicator. "I need men now, The Captain is in trouble!" He then closed the communicator and quickly slid down the slope.

"Damn it...damn it all!"

Kirk stirred groaning softly in pain, as he opened his eyes he was greeted with blood covered snow. He slowly looked around letting his vision come back, then jumped seeing blood covering his hand and sleeve. "...Damn it...not again." He slowly moved his fingers sighing. He could still move, but that was just his hand, he was afraid to try anything else. Looking around once more he slowly moved his gaze to his body. Everything was in order, minus a few feathers sticking out of his coat of course.

After looking over himself one last time, Kirk slowly sat up, he stopped short though as a pain shot through out his back. He quickly reached back and pulled his hand away, he shook his head sighing seeing more blood. "Damn it...go away!" Shaking his head again he shook away the pain and hopped to his feet. He raised a brow as he quickly looked around...he was alone.

"Nero!...You can't hide!" He looked around more then quickly dropped down and began searching around the grounds for the knife. If it was anywhere near, the snow would have had it buried and he was hoping it was just that...with Nero hidden he couldn't stand thinking he could be holding the deadly weapon. All awhile more pain began to go through his body but he chose to ignore it, his eyes kept wandering back to the blood on his hand. Raising a brow he noticed there was more...but before he could do anything else he was tackled hard to the ground.

Laying there he groaned feeling a searing pain in his stomach and chest, he was then suddenly jerked around to face his attacker and he glared coming face to face with Nero. He was covered in scratches and bruises from the fall and from what Kirk could see his blade had blood on it...he ignored it. His eyes were nothing but death as he quickly brought the knife up over his head.

Kirk sighed, seeing the knife in his hand took all hope and strength away.

"Fuck...This was it...and this was how it was going to end?"

Quickly Nero brought the knife down. With the last of his strength Kirk raised both his hands and caught a hold of Nero's hands tightly, he and Nero then began to fight with one another.

"Fuck nothing!...if I'm going down I'm going with a fight!"

The two struggled hard and sweat rolled down Kirk's face as he eyed the knife getting closer and closer to his chest. His strength was quickly leaving him as Nero growled over him, fighting to end the Captain.

"Here goes..nothing!"

With one last burst of strength, Kirk quickly shoved Nero's hands back and he punched him hard in the face. Then with one last hoorah, he brought out his phaser and fired...

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