Star Trek 2009: Infected

A Rainbow Comes

Screaming was all Spock could hear as he glanced around the landscape. He was so close yet so far and not a thing could be done. He was alone for the crew was still high above.

"There is something wrong with the transporter...I must have used all it's juice getting Nero!"


Bones watched as Scotty fought and hit the controls, cursing every now and then. "I'm sorry Mr. Spock..." He slammed his hands down again. "Damn it!"

Spock quickly closed the communicator and he continued forward fast, his knuckles were white from holding the phaser in a death grip. The Captain was alone and anything could have happened and the more time he spent waiting the more was spent losing precious time. He quickly shook the horrible thoughts away and just as he did he stumbled and dropped to the ground.

He instantly climbed to his knees and aimed the phaser as he turned, he lowered it though raising a brow at what had tripped him.

Laying before him was the motionless body of Nero.

As Spock examined him his eyes went wide seeing the knife laying at his side, covered from the tip to handle in blood. Looking from it his gaze followed a trail of blood that led away from the body. He feared the worse as he slowly stood and made his way over.

Looking up from the blood after a few yards Spock jumped seeing Kirk kneeling down in front of him, his back facing him..he was motionless. "Jim!" He ran over and kneeled, taking Kirk's shoulders softly.

"He's gone''s all, finally...over..."

Spock watched as Kirk smiled softly, he then eyed the blood that ran from his mouth. "...You're hurt, Captain"

Kirk shook his head shoving him away softly. "I'm's the visions again. It does feel pretty real though." He gripped his stomach tightly as he softly began coughing, Spock watched as more blood appeared.

"No Jim, this is real!"

Kirk gave him a strange look then he shook his head laughing softly as he was pulled to his feet. "Can't you just play along?..." He closed his eyes pulling away. "Please..." He took a shivered breath and Spock eyed him sadly seeing tears in his eyes. "Just tell me this isn't real...tell me it's just a horrible nightmare..." He took another breath closing his eyes and a small smile came to his face. "Tell me...I'm back on Earth..."

If this was any other time, Spock wouldn't waste his time with the pointless lies, but this was his Captain...dying. Slowly he walked over and kneeled in front of him. "Forgive me Captain, I was disoriented. Let's get back to the ship...our mission will be starting soon."

He watched as Kirk opened his eyes, they sparkled with tears and he gave a soft smile. "...Let's go Mr. Spock." Spock gave a nod and opened up his communicator.

"Beam us up, Mr. Scott..."

He then closed it and grabbed Kirk as he stood him up and held him close as they vanished in a flash of lights.

"Shields are at critical...let's just hope we don't run into anything else for awhile." Sulu turned to Spock who gave him a nod then he pressed a button on the chair. "Status Mr. Scott?..."

"Still fixing a few things but everything is in working order, sir."

"Thank you..." With that Spock turned off the communicator and he sat saying no more. It had been hours since they had returned to the ship and although people spoke, he felt as if he was the only one in the room. It scared him but he'd of course never show it. Instead he did nothing but stare forward and got lost in thought.

A few moments later, Bones stepped up and he placed his hand softly on his shoulder, he pulled away as the Vulcan jumped. "Come with me please, if you will." Without a word Spock stood and the two left, behind them Uhura watched.

The two walked side by side as they headed down the hall. "You look exhausted Spock...but I'm sure that's just me.."

"...I'm fine..."

Bones sighed shrugging as he looked around, due to the loss of many crew members the halls were dead silent and all that was heard were random footsteps from here and there. "Can I at least check on you...ya know, if not for me, do it for Jim?"

"As you wish then..." Bones gave a smile and he pat him softly on the back as they stepped into Sickbay.

After Spock's check up, he sat on the bed in silence lost in thought once again. Near by, Bones stood by Nurse Chapel watching him.

"Is he alright?"

"He's fine, Vulcan's heal better then humans. I just wanted to check his mentality." Bones sighed shaking his head. "He's not doing so one is..."

Giving Spock one last look, Bones pushed himself from the wall and he walked away leaving the Vulcan to himself, motioning Chapel to follow.

The day had gone by without another incident and soon the night shift had taken over. Spock sat quietly in his room concentrating hard as he tried to meditate, all thoughts wouldn't leave him though and he sighed eventually giving up. After changing, he went to his bed and sat there in silence, starring at the floor.

Seconds later his silence was broken by a beeping from the door.

Tonight just wasn't his night...

He slowly stood and walked over to the door but before he could open it the door swished open and a figure stepped in. "Lights!" As the lights came on Spock's eyes went wide.

Standing before him was a dead man walking dressed like a man on a mission. Bandages peeking out from different spots. Other then that, the man was glowing.


Kirk raised a brow hearing him struggle with his words then he let out a soft laugh. "Easy there, Spock..." He pat him softly on the shoulder. "Take a breath and relax." Letting his hand drop he started to step by Spock but before he could even move, he was grabbed by the shoulders and turned fast.

Spock looked over him in awe, eyes shining. "Captain! You're alive, but, that's impossible!"

Kirk smirked glancing towards the door. "Don't tell that to the Doc...he'd be pretty pissed to hear you put so much effort down."

"...You had died though..."

Kirk raised his hand and spaced his index finger and thumb apart by an inch. "I was this close Spock...five more minutes and the cold would have ended me for good. Luckily though, that was what was numbing the pain, without that that stab wound would have been the death of me WAY before you got to me!"

"Why wasn't I informed...why wasn't anyone!?"

Kirk shrugged softly. "I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up...especially yours." He smiled softly looking to him. "I broke your heart once before, I won't risk doing it again..."

Spock said nothing more, so instead he stepped closer and hugged Kirk tightly. This shocked the man but then he wrapped his own arms around him and embraced him tightly. "Thank you Spock..."

"You're welcome...Jim."

"Damn it, Jim, will you not do that!" Quickly Spock pulled away and stood straight just as Bones stepped into the room. Seeing Spock stiff he raised a brow but then waved it away looking to Kirk. "...Should have figured you'd be in here." He looked back to Spock. "Feeling better?"

"Very much. Thank you." Bones nodded slowly looking between them as Kirk eyed Spock, a huge goofy smirk on his face.

"Can I tell him!"

"I'd rather you not, Captain."

"Oh come on, he's my best friend. He has to know!"

Spock grabbed Kirk softly by the shoulders and he began shoving him softly from the room. "It has nothing to do with our job so it would be pointless, now if you don't mind, I need my daily I'm sure you do as well."

Kirk gave out a laugh as he pulled away, both him and Bones now out of the room. Seeing the look in Spock's eyes he smiled and nodded. "...As you wish, Commander." He raised his hand pointing. "Keep this in mind though..." His smirk took over his face. "Black mail!" With that, he gave a nod to the two then he was off with a wave after.

Bones watched as he left then he looked as Spock's door quickly closed. Shaking his head he walked away with a relieved sigh.

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