Star Trek 2009: Infected

Distant Thunder

Bones eyed him carefully, his gaze never leaving his. He tightened his grip on his arms fearing if he had let him go that he may drop him. "Jim...What is it? What's wrong?" Still Kirk said nothing. As he continued looking around he avoided looking back to Bones. To him it seemed as though Kirk thought he was alone. "Jim!"

Kirk quickly pulled away and he nodded to Bones softly. "...It's nothing." He took a few steps back nodding. "I'm fine." With that, he was gone.

As the lift opened, Spock turned his chair to face it and Bones steps in. Spock blinked notices annoyance. "Doctor, Where is the Captain?"

"Running amok..." Spock raised his brow blinking. "I think he just needed to get out of this room. If you hadn't noticed, he's not the type to hold still. He should be fine when he returns..."

"Your voice tells me otherwise doctor.." He stood and he and Bones stepped aside. "You and I both know something is wrong with the Captain, and it's not just..."Cabin Fever" as I've heard some people call it."

Bones glared, sighing in frustration. He always hated the logical crap thrown back at him. "If you know something is wrong then why did you tell him to leave?!"

"I assumed you would have placed him in Sickbay..."

Bones chuckled softly as he smacked himself in the head shaking it as he did. With a final forced "ha", his hand dropped and he glared at Spock. "You and I both know he wouldn't have stayed in Sickbay, he'd weasel his way out like he always does!" He crossed his arms sighing as he calmed down. He knew screaming at Spock wouldn't help anyone. He leaned close dropping his voice. "As his first officer, you should be the one to ask what is a Doctor I can only go so far.."

"...But you are also his friend. I am nothing but his commander." Bones tensed and dropped his arms to his side. He imagined himself punching some sense into Spock, but he also imagined laying in a hospital bed broken into a million pieces. Even though Kirk and Spock had fought together to stop the end of the world it seems it had done nothing to help their friendship, or so Spock apparently thought. Shooing his thoughts of beating the Vulcan away, Bones brought his hands to his face and he ran them over his mouth sighing.

"Yes...and as his Commander, is it not your job to protect and watch over him..." He shrugged some. "...Or was I given the wrong thoughts?" He smirked slightly to himself seeing Spock struggle with what to say next. He knew how Spock was feeling towards Kirk and had only planned to keep himself here as the First Officer...but if he wanted anything done, he'd have to get further with the Captain. Bones learned that the hard way. "Believe me, if I knew what I was against, I'd ignore you through this whole thing, but I'm stumped.." He almost resorted to dropping to his knees and begging, but even alone he wouldn't be caught dead doing so. He still wasn't on such terms with Spock..nor would he ever be. ..Friends in the future or not.

Silence fell between the two, and this worried him. He figured while Kirk was running around he could quickly fetch Spock and go off to help him in no time flat. With him taking his precious time though, he was starting to worry...and wonder. Whatever Kirk had been doing before had reminded Bones of a person hallucinating. His eyes had been distant and his stares hard. What the hell had he seen and how long had it been going on?

"If it helps...please take me to the Captain." Bones smiled and the two quickly rushed from the room. Well Bones did, Spock just simple walked faster.

Exhausted. Kirk walked through the halls, dragging his feet as he went. Every now and then he'd run his fingers across the wall. The coldness sent chills through his body as he glanced fast around. Something was definitely wrong, he just didn't know what. It had started a little after his return from Delta Vega. Seeing Spock made it the most noticeable, it pulled at his heart, it ached when he was attacked and it broke when Spock walked away in silence. He didn't get it, and that scared him.

Frustrated, he slammed his fist into the wall. Shaking, he closed his eyes and rest his forehead against the same spot. He took calm breaths as the coolness of the metal relaxed him. Then quickly pulled back hearing footsteps. Taking a quick glance down the hall, he sped off in the opposite direction.

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