Star Trek 2009: Infected

This Is Not A Home

Bones and Spock moved fast down the hall. Both worried and least Bones was hoping they were both worried. He didn't like the fact he had to use Kirk's title to get help, but he liked how it got Spock moving.

"Do you have any idea what might be ailing the Captain? Perhaps it is one of his old wounds, I highly doubt he healed up in such a short time since our last journey."

"If I had any idea, I wouldn't be dragging you around now would I? Besides, all his wounds are bruises and unwanted memories now anyway. They mean nothing to him now that he's Captain."

Spock stopped and turned to face him. "From what I've come to learn of the Captain, he seems the type to hide pain...does he not to you Doctor?" Bones eyed him curiously. From what Spock was saying, to him it sounded as if he was insulting him and his work. He closed the distance between the two, his hands now fist.

"I've been friends with him for years, I know when he's hiding something or not...but damn it, I'm a Doctor, not a magician! I can't see everything!"

Spock nodded his head softly raising a brow. "A magician works with nothing but smoke and mirrors so it IS unlikely that..."

Bones rolled his eyes and continued fast down the halls, putting his pace into a run. "Damn it, I don't have time for this!" Spock simple followed with a walk, speaking not another word.

Shaking hands gripped a mess of blond hair as Kirk sat in his quarters, rocking back and fourth on his bed. His feet tapped quickly on the floor as though he was waiting impatiently for something. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he took in shuddered breaths. The feeling had gotten worse as he had made his way down the hall. He kept his cool as he passed people, but the further and further he got, the more the feeling made itself known. The more it did that, the more he felt alone...different from the others. His only option was to lock himself away until he figured it out.

He didn't tell anyone, not wanting anyone to worry. It was bad enough Bones was doing it, the whole crew didn't have to fall with him as well. He sighed letting one hand drop. This wasn't how he had planned to spend his time in Space. Hiding away in his room, panicking over something that was probably nothing! He laughed softly. "..What am I doing?.."

Nerves. That's all it was. Captain due to mere stupidity and advice from a man from the future and after fighting to save the world he was quickly launched back into space, no time to think or recuperate. That's all. It. Was! His other hand dropped as his body began to shake as he fell into a fit of laughter. He quickly climbed to his feet, a spring in his step now, and he hurriedly stepped up to the mirror hanging on the wall across from his bed.

His eyes went wide upon seeing red...

He cautiously raised his trembling hand to the mirror. Blood dirtied his hair as it ran down over one of his eyes. As he looked over his body more, the trembling got worse. His shirt was in shreds, no longer gold due to the blood. Under it all, the blood hid dark nasty bruises that littered his body. He was afraid to even touch himself, in fear something else was wrong. Softly the tip of his finger touched the mirror and he jumped as everything fell back to normal...he stepped back gasping, clutching at his chest, he shook his head in disbelief.


He jumped at the voice and faced the door. He heard the beeping of the padd and he tightened his grip as the door swooshed open.

Bones quickly stepped in, nearly shoving Spock aside and he looked over Kirk quickly. He took a few breaths raising a brow, Spock did the same. Both eyeing his position.


Bones stepped forward quickly. "What is it?"

Kirk shook his head rubbing his chest. "I told you its..."

"Don't nothing me, what's wrong!"

Kirk opened his mouth to speak again but Spock stepped forward, interrupting. "Captain, please, if something is the matter it would be best to tell the Doctor and I. If that is not what you wish...then perhaps you'd like to speak alone?" Kirk looked between the two quickly, he then watched as Bones grabbed Spock tightly by the arm shaking his head, glaring.

"You are not running away!" Quickly he looked to Kirk. "Answer me! What the hell is wrong!?"

Kirk eyed the two, then he glanced to the mirror and shivered. His hand never leaving his chest.

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