Star Trek 2009: Infected

The Drizzle Of Rain

The three stood in silence. What was Kirk to say? "I just saw myself dying!" No, Bones would hypo him in a second, he sighed. "'re just sick!" He looked over the two. Bones looked exhausted and Spock looked like...well, Spock! He swallowed nervously, buying time as his thoughts raced and his body continued to tremble.

His padd suddenly beeped and Spock quickly complied. Sulu's voice was heard. "Captain, there is an unknown ship up ahead. Your orders?"

Kirk and Spock shared a glance, then Kirk faced Bones taking a breath. A sigh of relief. "Hang tight Sulu, I'm coming.." Without another word he was gone. Bones sighed and he and Spock followed.

As soon as the lift opened Kirk sprinted towards the front nodding to Sulu. "Hail them now." As he settled Spock and Bones watched quietly from the back as they stepped from the lift.

Silence fell over the bridge as they waited.

Nothing but a blank screen came up.

Sulu looked down to the controls and pressed a few buttons. At her station, Nyota Uhura listened quietly for any transmissions.

"Get a team together..." Kirk turned to face the crew with a nod. "We're going to check it out."

Bones sighed shaking his head. "Jim..." He glared as Spock made his way to the front.

"Captain, it is not necessary that you join the party. As your first officer I will gladly take your place." Bones rolled his eyes as he looked over Kirk quietly hoping he'd listen to the Vulcan. Although deep down he knew he never would...

Kirk smirked softly shaking his head "I wouldn't be a good Captain if I sat back and did nothing on our first mission! What's the harm?"

"I feel it would be safer if you stayed on the Enterprise, at least until we know the situation...I wouldn't be doing my job if I let you go and you ended up hurt."

Bones looked from one another as they spoke. Kirk was going to fight this, he wanted off this ship, he wanted to get away from the questions!

Kirk stared hard into Spock's eyes. "Your job is to watch over me Commander, not lock me away in my own ship. If you'd like to come along then be my guest, if not then I give you the conn." He stepped aside and made his way towards the lift. He was stopped though as Bones grabbed him tight by the arm and swung him around. He winced as his arms were gripped tightly.

"Sorry Captain but as your Doctor I order you to stay on the are in no condition to be going ANYWHERE!" Kirk watched him then he quickly looked over the crew. Everyone watched him in silence...eyes burning into him. He didn't want this to happen! He didn't want others to worry! "I'm fine.." He returned his gaze...both shared a fighting stare. "Doctor!" Bones said nothing stepping back with a sigh. Kirk glanced to Spock. "Are you with me or not?"

Bones watched the two quietly. He knew what Spock would say...sure Kirk gave him permission to stay behind but there was no way in hell he would. It wasn't right and he'd kill him if he did.

"Lead the way, Captain..."

As Kirk left, Bones followed sadly with his eyes then he eyed Spock. "Watch him" was all that could be said through them.

As the two waited for the landing crew to prepare, Kirk looked to Spock who stood in silence at his side. "Any ideas Mr. Spock, a stranded Federation ship maybe? ...Abandoned perhaps?.." He glanced ahead. "I'm sure you've got some pretty good guesses right?"

"You are sick Captain." All other thoughts left Kirk. This wasn't what he had in mind, he was hoping for a mission conversation, not his problem! Bones had sunk in, and now he was in for it.


Montgomery Scott blinked looking up. "But the others?"

"Don't question me, Energize!" Without a word he pressed the button and Spock could only watch Kirk as the two vanished.

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