Star Trek 2009: Infected


As the two appeared, Spock quickly stepped in front of Kirk, phaser drawn as he eyed the empty ship cautiously. Kirk smirked softly watching. "Easy there, Spock..." He pat him softly on the back as he stepped out from behind him. "You're going to burst my bubble." He looked around quietly.



The ship was abandon, with no apparent reason why.

Scotty eyed the empty transporter pad until his attention was drawn to the door as the landing party came in, along with Bones. He quickly looked down, faking busy.

Bones shoved past the crew and looked over the pad then quickly glared at Scotty. "Where the hell are they!?"

Scotty looked up, avoiding eye contact. "The captain thought it would be better to go alone...The Commander went along of course, so no worries...right?" His only answer was a deadly glare. He quickly looked away, clearing his throat.

Bones looked back to the the pad, then he quickly stepped onto it and nodded towards Scotty. "Beam me aboard...NOW!"

Without protest Scotty pressed the button and Bones was gone

"No signs of a was as if Starfleet sent an empty ship on a mission." Kirk looked to Spock who was kneeling down in the middle of the bridge, eyeing his tricorder every now and then. He looked away, glancing over a few things. "We all make mistakes Spock...and if it is just that, then they'll have another reason to award us!"

Spock looked to him as he wandered, he then stood sighing softly. "Can we talk Captain?"

"If it's about something other then what is going on here then I don't wanna hear a peep out of you..." Kirk and Spock shared a look and then he vanished into another room.

Spock continued to look around but then stopped hearing footsteps and he quickly drew his phaser. As he looked around, he cautiously made his way towards the sound, eyeing the room Kirk went into every now and then.

Kirk ran his hands through his hair as he walked quietly, thinking. He'd never get away from the worry...if it wasn't Bones, it was going to be Spock and he wasn't afraid to push, then again, Bones wasn't either. He covered his face trying to clear his thoughts and figure out what to do, but nothing came. He sighed letting his hands drop.

He came to a stop catching his reflection in a shattered screen near by, taking a double take he jumped seeing blood smeared all over his face. It was his quarters all over again! He quickly looked away, closing his eyes. "An illusion, that's all it was!" He took a few breaths then opened one eye and peeked over at his reflection.



He was hoping it was just another illusion. Kirk quickly turned to the door as Spock and Bones came in. Bones quickly closed the gap between them. "What the hell were you thinking going off alone like that...Are you trying to give me a heart attack!?"

Kirk smirked softly. "That's a great way of showing you care...thanks. Clearly there is no one here though!" He held out his arms showing him nothing. Bones looked around then back over. "And if there had been?"

"Spock was on it with no time flat...clearly the landing party wasn't needed!"

Bones sighed shaking his head, then he backed away looking around. "So...What's the story?" Kirk only looked around as Spock stepped up.

"The ship must have been abandon...if I'm correct, perhaps something internal had gone wrong and they contacted another ship already." Kirk smiled. "Starfleet is already on it."

Bones rolled his eyes sighing. "So all this was for nothing?" He glared at Kirk. "I should kill you!"

"Hey, better safe then sorry!" Before another word was spoken, the ship suddenly jerked knocking the three off their feet. Then all at once their communicators beeped.

As Bones helped Kirk up, Spock opened his communicator. "Report!"

With haste Sulu spoke. "It came out of no's not on the sensors or anything!" Frantic voices and beeps were heard in the background. Kirk quickly stood and snatched the communicator away.

"Shields up, fire all weapons!"

Again the ship rocked and they were again knocked off their feet. As Spock and Bones pulled Kirk up they all shared a look, hearing a beep coming from the bridge. Kirk quickly went in. He looked towards the front quietly, then slowly approached.

As he walked, things around him slowly changed. He formed his hands into fists seeing blood splattered around the bridge. Sweat began to form on his forehead. ...The visions were getting worse, if they kept up he would probably drown. Stopping at the front he eyed the room one more time...still bloody.

He was afraid to face Spock and Bones. So instead he looked to the cracked screen in front of him and he hit the flashing button. A flicker..and his heart stopped.

"Good evening...Captain Kirk."

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