Star Trek 2009: Infected

Beginning Of The End

Kirk didn't have to look back to know the horror Spock was feeling. He formed his hands into tighter fists. Although the screen was cracked it was clear as day who was speaking.

"Speechless Captain?...I'm surprised. You've always had something to say. Witty or not..."

Kirk WAS speechless. This just has to be a ghost...IT HAS TO BE! His knuckles were white. "...Nero, Pleasure seeing you again.."

A soft chuckle filled the room. "Let's not start off on the wrong foot, honest. I know how you are feeling...I know how you ALL are feeling." He glanced back. "Mr. Spock especially.."A smirk played across his face and Kirk glared.


"Now is not a good time...right now you should be worrying about the next thing you plan to do Captain." The ship rocked and Nero returned his glance to him. "Your ship is under my control...I've left survivors but it's your decision on who will continue to live."

"You've failed the first time Nero, don't think the Federation won't..."

A laugh filled the bridge now as Nero shook his head. "My revenge isn't for the Federation anymore...No no...I'm over that. My attention belongs to you and your little ship, Captain. Now, based on how you approach me, your crew might live through this...and as you know, one mistake can cause a horrible loss."

Kirk glanced back at Spock and Bones. They were both watching in silence...horror was in Spock's eyes, other than that, he was stoic. Kirk looked away sadly...but his gaze didn't return to the screen. He felt Romulan eyes burning into him though...choking him. He loosened his hands as he rest them on the controls. His vision went red again.

It's Pike all over again...

"I'll give you a minute to recover...don't try anything stupid, Captain." With that, the screen went blank. Kirk gripped the controls tightly as he dropped to his knees gasping...when did he hold his breath? Quickly Bones and Spock ran to his side and helped him back up.

"How the hell..?" He glanced to the two and quickly pulled away. Both were covered in blood from head to toe...scratches and bruises covered their bodies.

Spock eyed him worriedly, reaching out for him again. "Captain?"

Kirk smacked his hand away then quickly looked around. Was this ship always this messy? Before, the walls had already been a mess and things were scattered...but as he looked over everything, carefully. He was seeing more of it, much worse...he shivered. "Wha...What am I going to do?..."

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