Star Trek 2009: Infected


Kirk closed his eyes as he covered his face shaking. Even with his eyes closed he continued to see all the horrible was going to drive him mad!

"Damn it, Jim!" Kirk looked over as he was jerked to his feet by Bones who gripped his arms tightly. "Now that you've got Nero on your shoulders again, it's time you open up about what the hell is going on with you! ...Don't lie to me either or I swear to God...!"

"Doctor!" Bones and Kirk both looked to Spock, blinking at the sudden raise in his voice. "Screaming will get us no where...we need to figure this out, logically." He looked over to Kirk nodding softly. "Please Captain...we can't save the crew while also worrying about you. Whatever is wrong needs to come out into the open now."

Kirk eyed the two quietly. His vision was switching fast between normal and caused him to twitch. To top it off, Nero's threat kept repeating itself. He was lost...first time running his own ship and he had no idea what to do!

No idea what was wrong with him.

No idea how to stop it...

"I don't know...That's just it Mr. Spock...I don't know..."

Bones rolled his eyes laughing softly. "That's a load of shit...whatever is freaking you out is as clear as day...Jim, your crew is being held hostage and if you keep screwing around there won't be anyone left!"

Kirk glared shaking his head. "You make it sound like I wanted this to happen...Trust me, if I knew what was up I'd tell you! ...That's not important though, my crew is!"

"Just tell me what is freaking you out, that's all I need!"

Kirk shook his head and he looked over to Spock. "Any ideas on what to do? ...I know you don't wanna face this guy again but I'm left with no choice and I can't do this alone..." He gave a quick glance to Bones before looking back to Spock.

Eyes pleading.

Spock nod softly. "I will do all I can Captain. I'm not afraid to bring that man down again!" Kirk smirked then he and Spock both looked to Bones hearing him clear his throat.

"That's grand that we can work together and all...but how the hell are we suppose to save the ship and the crew? We're probably trapped on here.." He glanced at Kirk and the two shared a glare. "...And you'll probably have another, forgive me, not probably, you WILL!"

"That's not the top priority right now so just drop it already...That's an order!" Kirk stepped up to the controls and he quickly clicked away at the buttons. "We need to get a hold of Sulu and the others...we can go from there after."

Bones shook his head and grabbed Kirk, pulling him from the controls. "Nero is watching us there is no way he'd just let you contact the ship...he's got you in the palm of his hands, he's just waiting for the wrong move so he can crush you!"

"So what do you want me to do...just sit here and wait for that wrong move!?"

"Stop and think for one thing..." He glanced to Spock then quickly back. "Logically!" Kirk laughed shaking his head. He hated always getting yelled at and Spock didn't seem to mind at all. He looked over the two. Both were against him...he felt alone... He backed up some thinking.

His crew was in danger and he was trapped on this ship...with no choice but to give himself up, just like Pike..

To top it off he was going mad...and as much as he hated it, he didn't want to mention it to Bones or Spock.

"It's not won't help anyone...My crew...That is the main objective!"

"I'll handle this Bones...I did it the first time, just...let me think..." Kirk quickly stepped away from the two running his hands through his hair slowly. His mind was racing and as he looked around the visions were beginning to made him sick.

Blood ran down from the screen...flowing in from the cracks. He let his eyes wander. Every wall and was happening all over again. Same thing again and again.

"...We need to get on that ship." Ignoring the blood covering the machine, Kirk quickly pressed a button near by and the screen flickered to life, revealing Nero. He took a breath glancing up. "You have permission to take me aboard your ship. Me..." He looked back to Spock and Bones who gave him the same look. "My First Officer, and Doctor..." He looked back to the screen staring hard and standing tall. He hid the shivers as blood continued down the walls around him. "With them you can keep me in line better...cause we both know I don't play well with strangers."

The three watched in silence as Nero laughed softly.

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