Star Trek 2009: Infected

Under Enemy Eyes

Upon beaming aboard the ship, both Spock and Bones quickly stepped before Kirk, getting in attack mode ready to fight any who dared start in on them. Kirk eyed the ship in silence, fighting before in it flashed fast through his mind. It had all been a rush and he feared constantly he wouldn't get through it. He was thankful to find Pike though and that's what gave him the push to get out and back to the Enterprise.

It made it better when he saw Spock appear at his let him know everything had gone according to plan. His thoughts now though worried him...nothing good came out of this. Scotty wasn't on the other side to pull them to freedom. He shook his head quickly and shoved past the two. He was the Captain and it was time he stood tall for his crew.

Before them two Romulans stepped up and took a hold of Kirk's arms tightly, jerking him forward. Spock made a step forward to stop them but Bones grabbed him as Kirk glanced back. "Don't try anything funny, Mr. Spock..." He smirked as he was dragged off. "I'd hate to have you getting hurt over me!" The three shared a glance as Kirk was taken away out of sight. Soon the two were taken another way.

Kirk stumbled as he was dragged along. He eyed the ship quietly, mind racing. He honestly had no clue what he was going to do and/or how he was going to get out of this. His thoughts were soon interrupted as he was shoved through a huge door and came to a stop in front of Nero.

The Romulan sat comfortably, looking as if he hadn't been sucked into a HUGE black hole. It still picked at Kirk's brain how he had gotten out alive, without a damned scratch! A small smile showed on Nero's face as if Kirk was a long lost friend he was seeing for the first time in a long made him sick. He formed his hand into a fist.

"You look pale, Captain...does my presence scare you that much? Heh, then again, who wouldn't it's not every day a person survives such a horrible "death!"." He stood and made his way over to Kirk slowly, the smile becoming a smirk. "Of course, I'm not a person..."

Kirk kept his gaze forward as he stood tall. "Mind explaining that one to me...or is this some future secret? ...You knew that would happen and that's why you're here, isn't it?"

"Captain, if I knew anything like that was to happen I would have killed you the first time on my ship. I still want to..." He stopped, now, standing behind Kirk and he eyed him quietly. "I regret Spock having pulled me away from you. The look in your dying eyes was just wonderful!" He smirked feeling a shiver take over Kirk as he took a hold of the back of his neck softly, gripping some as he did.

"...Guess you should have thought about that more. Who is more important to you anyway? Spock.." Kirk turned softly shoving Nero's hand away. Hate was in his eyes as he stared his enemy down. "..Or me?" He took a breath as he continued staring Nero down, ignoring his gaze running over him, the smirk sending more shivers down his spine. He dared to never show it through his eyes. "Who ruined your already crummy future more?...I want you to think about this! The Federation did nothing and you out of anger came and started a war. A war against Humans..A war that will be between Humans and Romulans for YEARS to come!" His mouth twitched with a smirk as he saw his words bringing emotion to the alien in front of him.

Just like with Spock, Kirk closed the distance between the two, loving how he compromised the man. "You started a chain reaction you can't matter HOW many people you kill!" Kirk was suddenly jerked forward as Nero grabbed him tightly by the shirt collar, nearly cutting off his air supply. He gripped at his hand tightly, squirming some as he tried to pull away. He was aware of the strength the Romulan had, but it never hurt to try. He glanced him over, coughing softly. "...There is this thing on Earth, called breath mints. You should give them a try!"

A rock hard fist to the face knocked him flat on his back. His world spun and he ran his tongue over is lips tasting blood as he coughed, the punch bringing up a lot. He ran his hand over his mouth and pulled it back to examine the damage.

He shivered.

Blood brought up all the visions that have been bothering him, and as he glanced to Nero it got worse seeing it all around him. He sat up slowly, trying not to falter.

Spock eyed the cell in silence, brow raised as always. Leaning up against the near by wall Bones watched with arms crossed over his chest. Not only was Kirk suffering alone now, he was now also trapped with one of the people on the top of his list that he just couldn't tolerate! He growled silently under his breath...but then took a breath to calm himself.

Shoving off the wall he stepped up to Spock quietly. The alien was examining the cell walls. "Any ideas?"

"Not a one, Doctor. The structure is far too's fascinating!"

Bones rolled his eyes shaking his head. "I'm glad you're admiring all this but we really need to get our asses out of here so we can get Jim back to the ship and figure out...not only what's wrong with him...but now how to take out this bastard again!" Spock returned to examining the cell. Bones sighed, his observing was great at first, but now it was just pointless. "Jim is suffering double now you damn hob goblin! God damn it, quit fucking around!" "How do you suppose he lived? We all saw the ship get sucked in, I mean...We were right there! Right behind, ready to go down with it!"

"I'm afraid I can't answer that doctor..."

Bones glared. "No, I didn't think you could.."

Spock raised a brow facing him. "Then why waste your time asking? Seems rather illogical..."

"Everything seems illogical to you!" Bones shook his head grabbing it as he quickly stepped away. The cell was small but a few steps away from the pointy eared bastard worked for him. "Do you have any say in this...or would you rather continue to observe?" He looked out the small window provided on the door, then he turned and looked to Spock.

Spock stood in silence, his hands gripped tight behind his back. Bones raised a brow blinking. "Really...Nothing!"

"I'm thinking, Doctor...I apologize for not involving you. ...We need a way out of here and a distraction."

Bones rolled his eyes shaking his head. "Yes, thank you Captain obvious..."

"I'm sorry, but I am not the Captain..."

"Shut it! Listen..." Bones leaned close dropping his voice, a thought coming to mind. "I need you to lay on the ground and don't move a muscle!" Spock raised a brow as he continued. "Jim won't comply if his friends are hurt...I give them that and they'll have to come in to help. At that point we knock the bastards out, get Jim, then get the hell out of here!"

Spock pulled away nodding some, then he glanced to Bones. "How do you purpose we're getting out?"

"Leave that to get on the ground!" Without another word, Spock did so. After he settled, Bones quickly ran to the door slamming himself into it to get the guards attention. "Hey...hey you! hurt, he won't wake up!" He pounded his fist hard against the door as the guards only glanced at him. "Damn it, help me out!"

Nero kneeled down beside Kirk who was laying on the ground for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. Specks of blood were scattered across the floor and his fists. As he turned Kirk onto his back, he smirked seeing his face covered in bruises, cuts, and blood. More showed as he coughed it up, punches to his stomach being the result of that. The Captain put up a good fight, but a human's strength was nothing to a Romulan's and with nothing to distract him this time, he gave it his all...he held back on killing him though. His revenge wasn't even close to being done!

Kirk struggled to push himself up, but his strength was gone and even the tiniest movement shot pain through out his whole body. He wanted to cry out. He smirked on the inside, shocked that he was still conscious but he still feared for his life and the visions of blood were all too real now.

"Escaping that black hole gave me a new meaning in life. It wasn't the Federation that needed to be brought was Spock. Sure he saw his whole life vanish but that wasn't enough...there are still survivors and from what the whole Universe has heard, friends...the most popular though was his best friend. James T. Kirk." A smirk came across his face at the thoughts that ran through his mind. Kirk formed his hand into a weak fist, glaring.

"Captain Nero!"

Kirk sighed in relief as Nero rolled his eyes in annoyance. He quickly turned as he stood bringing the guards to a halt. "The prisoners are causing a racket...apparently something is wrong. We found it best that you handled it." Kirk watched as Nero shoved the guards aside nearly knocking them down as he stomped towards the prison cells.

As soon as he was gone, ignoring all the pain in his body, Kirk forced himself to his feet and he launched himself at the closest guard. Slamming him into the ground and swinging with all his last strength, he punched the man hard in the face knocking his head back into the floor, knocking him out cold. Without a second thought, he stood and elbowed another man hard in the face, dropping him fast. Without another glance he ran from the room.

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