Demons and Angels


Clary is abused by her father at home. Her mother left when she was ten and she is a nobody. When Jace the school's hottest guy takes an interest in her will it be love or lust? Read to find out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Clary POV

I woke up to the most annoying sound in the world. The loud blaring of my alarm clock. My father Valentine Morgenstern got it for me because he always wakes up late. So he can't get me up for school. The reason for that is because he's a drunken bastard. Every night he comes home late from the club drunk as hell. He's always expecting food on the table and if there's none I get one heck of a beating. It's not only when I don't have his food that he beats me. He beats me regularly because I look too much like my mother and also because he thinks I deserve it.

I'm not going to get I into that part of my life though.

I get up out of bed quickly and go to my bathroom. It's the first day of school. I take a quick shower and brush my teeth. I look in the mirror and sigh. I'm covered in bruises from last night's punishment. I use my concealer to cover it as usual. This has been a regular occurrence since I was 12. After I'm done I put on some dark jeans and a blue T-shirt. I brush my hair and put on some lip gloss, grab my bag and look at my self in the full length mirror. I'm five foot three and have curly waist length hair that looks like it's on fire. That's how red it is. I shoot out the door before my dad can catch me.

I have a motor cycle that I bought with the money from my jobs. My father lets me keep some of my pay as long as I give him enough for his beer and vodka and any other alcohol. I work two jobs so that was a big advantage.

I drive to school and park. I climb of my bike and keep my head down. I hear some cat calls and wolf whistles but just ignore them. I'm kind of an outsider. I'm not popular or gorgeous like some other girls. I always keep my head down and only have two friends. Simon Lewis and Aline Penhallow. Simon is kind of a geek and we both work at Carlos's Car and Motorcycle Garage. It's a cool job plus I get paid $20 an hour.

I walk to my locker and get out the books for my first three periods: English, Biology, and Math. As I close my locker I yelp at the sight of a tall girl with short black hair and brown eyes. Aline Penhallow. She's my only other friend and always knows the latest trends. She now greets me with a bright smile and shining eyes.

"Hey girl!" I smile back and we start walking to homeroom.

"Hey what's up?"

"Nothin'. I started dating Josh Brinkston over the weekend."

"Really?" I asked in surprise. She's had a major crush on him forever. Meaning since 9th grade.

"Yeah," she says while nodding her head vigorously. That explains why she seems so happy.

"That's great Ali. I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you." We arrive at homeroom and take our separate seats. I sit there and draw for a while and by the time homeroom is over I've drawn a delicate rose in a hand. A dry cracked hand. It's like my life. The hand is my father and I'm the rose trapped in the evil clutches of it's tormentor.

I walk to Biology and take my seat in the back. I figure out that I don't have this class with anyone I know by the time the last bell rings and the class is full. Well it looks that way.

Mr. Macintosh is passing out our new textbooks when the door bursts open. And it is none other than playboy extraordinaire Jace Herondale. He has golden blond hair golden eyes and a perfect face. His jaw structure is very well defined and I always itch to sketch him. I don't have a crush on him though like all the other desperate girls who fawn. It's actually pretty disgusting.

He has on a white T-shirt and black jeans with some black converses. He walks in with an arrogant smirk on his face.

Mr. Macintosh glares at him. "Mr. Herondale you are late! First day too. New record." Jace rolls his eyes and mutters an apology not sounding sorry at all. He is told to sit by me and I glare at the teacher when he's not looking.

"Hey," he says when he takes a seat. glare at him an mumble a 'Hey' back. That puts another arrogant smirk for some reason.

"Awww. You're so shocked by my godlike features that you have to hide your face." I look up from my book and glare at him.

"Oh please. Like I would ever fawn over you like all of your other sluts. You are an arrogant prick and I'd rather die than have to spend another second with you. You just use girls and throw them away like expired milk. You're the types of guys that girls can't trust. You just lie and break hearts. You disgust me." He looks taken aback and then shuts up after that. I huff and go back to the lesson.

"Okay so I know that it's the first day of school and you barely get any homework. But You will be working on a project with the person sitting next to you this year." My eyes widened and I look to Jace who looks like he's just won the lottery. I growl and everyone in the classroom starts shouting and groaning in objection. Mr. Macintosh rolls his eyes at our complaints muttering something about picky teenagers.

"Oh stop it. Anyway you need to make a project representing the cells of the human body. You must portray how they work. Be creative and draw or print pictures. And you also must have information. It's due October 6th." The bell rings and we start packing up to go to our next class.

"So you wanna work on the project today?" Jace asks me. I give a small smile and nod.

"Your place or mine?"

"Yours!" I shout. He looks at me in confusion and I mentally scold myself.

"Um... okay?" he waves goodbye and leaves. I sigh and walk to Math. I go through all my classes with no problem and finally it's lunch time. I walk into the cafeteria and spot Simon and Aline at a table. They wave me over and I take a seat. I look down at my so called food and gag.

"Is this macaroni or expired mashed potatoes?" My two friends shrug.

"I honestly don't know," says Aline.

"So I hear you're paired up with Jace Herondale for some kind of biology project," says Simon. I look at him incredulously.

"How do you even know that?"

"I overheard Jace talking to his buddies about how you're totally gonna be his girlfriend by the end of the night." I rolled my eyes.

"What a bastard. I think it's because I literally shouted to him how much I wanted to work at his place. I guess he took it the wrong way."

"Why would you wanna work at his place?" asks Aline. My eyes widen and I look at Simon for help who shrugs. Some best friend you are.

"Um... my father hates having guests over. He says their like so annoying so I don't invite anyone over," I lie. She nods understandably. I smile and exhale.

"Anyway. I can't believe he thinks I'm gonna be another trophy on his shelf. I'm not that easy. He obviously underestimated me. God I hate when people think just because I'm small I'm defenseless! I swear to God if he tries anything I will castrate him!" Aline and Simon start laughing their asses off when Iim finished and soon enough I join them.

"What's so funny Sexy?" We immediately stop laughing. I turned around and came face to abs with Jace Herondale.

"What do ya want Herondale?" Simon asks in a tone filled with loathing. Jace smirks and sits down with his lunch.

"Oh nothing. I just came to talk to Clary. By the way Clarissa that shirt is actually very true." I roll my eyes and blush a little. It's hard not to. Even when you're a girl like me. One who shuts herself out from boys and the world.

"Shut up Jace. Why are you here really?" Aline asks.

"I'm telling the truth," he holds his hands up in mock surrender. "I'm really here to talk to you and get to know my partner a bit better."

"Alright... what do ya wanna know?" I raise my eyebrows.

"What's your favorite color. What are your hobbies. What's your favorite food sport band t.v. show?"

"Okay. Um... I like the color yellow since it reminds of the sun which is always so warm and sunny and brights up my day. My hobbies are drawing slash painting, playing the guitar and I love soccer. My favorite food is spinach and artichoke dip. Simon's mother made it for me once when we were 14 and ever since I haven't been in love with any other food. My favorite band is The Fray and many more. But I'd be dehydrated by the time I'm done naming all of them. And my favorite t.v. show is The Fosters."

"Oh I love that show. And I didn't peg you as a soccer kind of girl. Artistic yeah but sporty? Nah."

"Well don't judge a book by it's cover. Oh and I also love to read," I says smiling. He chuckles and then starts staring at me. I look at Simon and Aline and mouth What is he doing? They shrug and we all look at him. I wave my hand in his face.

"Jace? What are you doing?" He jumps and blushes.

"Did you just blush? The spectacular confident hot bad boy Jace just blushed?" I smirked proudly. "Wow."

"Whatever. I was just studying you. What is up with your hair by the way?" I touch my fiery locks and shrug.

"I don't know. It's always been this way."

'I've never seen anything like it. Very interesting." He touches my hair and studies it with genuine interest. I blush and press my lips together.

"Okay then..." I remove his hand from my hair and the bell rings.

"Okay bye Jace." He gets and throws his luck away.

"See a Clare-bear." I spin around.

"Don't call me that," I growl. Then I run to Gym breathing heavily remembering that night. It was the worst night of my life. I never want to experience it ever again. Don't even ask it's too painful.

I walk into the girls locker room and start to change when I hear a snobby voice behind me. I turn around to see Seelie Martins the school's sluttiest girl. Her daddy's a lawyer and makes lots of money. She always brags about it and is actually pretty beautiful. Lots of guys want to date her. Although she dresses like a prostitute. I wonder what he's gonna say to me now.

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