Onyx [Captain America’s Daughter]


in which a quiet, shy teenage girl realizes that there's more to her life than illegal experimentation, pain, fear, and confinement. OR in which Kinsley Miller is finally rescued from the evil organization HYDRA and reunited with her father.

Action / Fantasy
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Steve Rogers has always been known for his calm, level-headed personality within the Avengers. He was Steve Rogers: Captain America, the star spangled man with a plan.

But today, he was the exact opposite.

"What if this is real??" he said, tugging at the ends of his hair.

At the moment, there were only three other people in the Avengers Compound. Natasha Romanoff stood near the door, her back against the wall and arms crossed as she watched Steve pace the floor. Tony Stark was the second person in the room, who was slouched in a chair as he analyzed the note Steve recurved in the mail earlier that day. Finally, the third person was Bucky Barnes, who was trying desperately to calm Steve down even slightly.

"Steve, hey. Don't worry about it, it's probably fake!" said Bucky, grabbing Steve by the shoulders to halt his redundant pacing.

Earlier that morning, Steve received an anonymous letter in the mail. Inside the envelope was a note with a sheet of paper staples to it; an important sheet of paper which happens to be a birth certificate.

Steve let out a sarcastic laugh, pushing past Bucky and snatching the note out of Tony's grasp. He cleared his throat and read the note out loud.

Steve Rogers,

For various reasons concerning my safety, I cannot reveal my identity. But I hope you'll be smart enough to realize the truth in everything I am about to tell you.

You have a daughter. Her name is Kinsley Mae Miller. Fourteen years ago, your girlfriend Kathryn Miller left you abruptly without giving you a reason. I was close with Kathryn, and what you weren't aware of was that she was pregnant with your daughter.

Not long after your daughter was born, Kathryn was murdered by an organization called HYDRA. Kinsley was abducted and has been their experiment since then.

I am contacting you now because I have been informed that they will be transporting Kinsley to a different facility in three days, on the 9th. The transport truck will be travelling down the route in Brannigan Grove around 8:00 am.

This might be your only chance to rescue your daughter; I sincerely hope you take it.

Steve had a frustrated expression when he looked back up at the three Avengers, "how would this person know about Kathryn? We made sure that no one knew about us dating for her safety!"

"It could be a HYDRA worker trying to trick you into an ambush!" said Bucky, mirroring his frustration.

"But what if it's not!" yelled Steve.

The soldier grabbed a picture off the table, one that was included in the envelope, shoving it in Bucky's face.

The image was of a scared, young girl. She had long dark brown hair and was wearing all white while she crouched in what looked to be a cell of some sort.

"This could be my daughter," said Steve softly, slowly retracting his arm, "and either way, if there's a chance that HYDRA is transporting any child, shouldn't we try to intervene?"

Natasha was the first the shatter the silence.

"Well, gentlemen. If we're going to do this, we better come up with a plan, because the 9th is tomorrow."

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