Digimon Adventure and Guardian Belief

Chapter 10

Ally was a lot of things, but stupid was not one of them.

Sure, she was not as mature or book-smart as the others, but she knew as well as anyone the kind of danger they were in.

Dwelling on that would do no good, so the blonde went about as she normally did, aware of the threat and dutifully ignoring it.

After all, she was in Santa’s Workshop!

There was no time to worry when there were so many things to explore!

Humming a happy little tune, skipping along to the beat and smiling as Palmon followed her lead with a giggle, Ally was in search of some sweets.

The elves always seemed to get there first, and while she enjoyed watching them get into mischief, touching their saliva was not on her To Do list.

Peeking into the kitchen to see if there were any fresh cookies left, she lit up at the sight of a familiar spirit trying to swipe some more eggnog from the grumbling yeti.


The dream-weaver turned at the call of his name, smiling as he realized who it was and abandoning his quest to ask-after a fashion-what she was up to.

“Oh, just looking for some cookies.” Ally replied cheerily, hopping inside in a flutter of skirts.

It had felt like a sunny day, so she had worn a long, grass-colored skirt with a darker wrap edged in gold disks that sang against each other as she moved.

Matched with a white blouse, gold bangles, flower-patterned flats and a wide sunhat, Ally looked more ready for a nice spring afternoon than a day at the North Pole.

“Cookies!” Palmon squealed, rushing over to a platter of the confections left unattended on the counter before an elf could get there first.

Squeaking in joy, Ally hopped over to take one for herself, happily nibbling on the edge.

Laughing silently at her antics, Sandy floated over with a softer smile on his face, pictures appearing over his head in dream-sand.

“I’m having lots of fun!” Ally assured him, beaming. “But I’ve missed you! I know you have to go and give dreams, but I love talking with you when you’re here.”

Sandy would not deny the happy little flutter in his chest at her words, and easily swiped some eggnog before silently asking if she had time now.

Oh, how she lit up with unadulterated joy at the thought, the feeling so strong it filled Palmon to the brim.

“Of course I do!” The blonde gushed.

Grabbing his free hand, she began towing the golden spirit along, Palmon toddling behind while still munching on cookies.

Content to be led, Sandy sipped on his eggnog to hide the far-too-pleased smile on his face.


The two had met long before Ally had first Bonded with her Digimon.

Sandy had been on his usual rounds, spreading good dreams, when he had noticed one child was having nightmares more often than was healthy.

Concerned that Pitch was to blame, and possibly making another move against the Guardians, he had gone to check.

He had not expected a little girl, wide awake and trembling in her bed, when he arrived.

Those eyes had been hazy, without a spark of life and laughter, and so very empty it frightened the dream-giver.

No child should ever look like that.

So, against every guideline and barrier that had ever been made amongst the Guardians, Sandy went inside.

When she saw him, her eyes clearing into the bright green he comes to know, his heart fluttered.

There are never any regrets.


If there is one thing Ally loves to do, it’s sing.

She hums and whistles and sings as she goes, skipping to the beat of whatever song is caught in her head until it’s gone.

Palmon enjoys those times when her voice rises up over the hustle and bustle of the yeti, soft and high and clear, with sweet notes and often sweeter words.

The music swells through the Bond, waves of joy and love and deep understanding that have the plant-like Digimon humming along in return.

Stretched beside her partner, soaking in her warmth like a flower would sunlight, Palmon smiled at the soft words that slipped past Ally’s lips as she dozed.

“If everything comes down to love, then just what am I afraid of? When I call out your name, something inside awakes in my soul…How quickly I forget I'm yours.”

The feelings were almost a tangible thing, pure and sweet, and Palmon curled into her Warrior’s side with a content sigh as she continued.

“I'm not on my own…I've been carried by you all my life…”

Ally yawned as golden sand twined around her head, the verses slowing as they left her mouth.

“Everything rides on hope now…Everything rides on faith somehow…When the world has broken me down…”

Vision clouding with sleep, Palmon blinked as Sandman floated up to the couch, smiling as the last words were breathed out before two little humanoid figures appeared over Ally’s head in an embrace.

“Your love sets me free…”


The thing Sandy loves most about Ally-and he was not shy about admitting that fact, even when his fellow Guardians tried to tease-was that she was never anything but herself.

There were no attempts to hide her emotions, or change them; they were what they were, and she was alright with that.


Yanking his cup of eggnog away from a sneaky elf, the dream-giver smiled as Ally approached, wearing a pair of jean shorts and a green t-shirt with a cartoon honeybee that said ‘Don’t Worry, BEE Happy’ on the chest.

Clearly excited, she hopped up and pulled him into a hug, which Sandy was quite happy with.

After all, pressing into his crush’s soft bosom was rather nice.

“It’s been so boring here without you!” Ally complained, pouting cutely. “What took so long?”

Sandy had never been so happy to be mute, as he did not have to lift his face from between her soft breasts to reply.

Giggling at the little pictures that appeared, dream-sand tickling her chin from the close proximity, Ally twirled around as Palmon ran up in mirrored joy.

“Hi, Sandy!”

Still extremely distracted, the golden spirit waved.

“Hey, Sandy! Having fun?” Jack teased, chuckling at the rather rude symbols that answered him.

Rocky looked up at the apparently-smothered dream spirit with mild concern and great curiosity.

“Can he breathe?”

“I’m sure breathing has gone down on his priority list for the moment.” Kim noted, eyebrow rising when Ally, suddenly realizing that breathing might be difficult between her breasts, squeaked as she pulled Sandy free and looked him over in panicked concern.

“Oh my God, are you alright? I didn’t suffocate you, did I? I’m so sorry!”

While sad to have been suddenly vacated from his spot, Sandy smiled and assured the poor girl that he was fine.

“Not so great now though, huh?” Jack pointed out, smirking.

Even Rocky knew some of those symbols were rather bad, and Patamon covered her eyes with his front legs while covering his own with bat-like wings.

Jack only laughed as Kim shook her head at his immaturity, pinching his ear between thumb and forefinger.


The winter spirit flailed comically as he was yanked down by the abused cartilage, and now it was Sandy’s turn to laugh.

“Behave yourself.” She chided, pulling the white-haired spirit behind her as she turned to leave.

“Ow ow ow!” Jack whined, bent into an awkward position to avoid getting his ear ripped off. “Okay, I’m sorry! OW! Just let go!”

Feeling vindicated-and already planning ways to get back at Jack anyway-, Sandy turned back to Ally with a smile.

Now if only he could get another hug


Shifting nervously from side to side, Ally peered up through her lashes and bit softly on her lower lip.

Sandy gulped soundlessly, naughty thoughts creeping into his mind at the sight.

“I just thought, maybe…if you didn’t mind…Me and Pal could go with you? Watch you work?”

It took a few moments for Sandy to shake off his fantasies enough to process her words, but he agreed enthusiastically all the same.

Her eyes lit up, that bright green he loved so much, and the dream-giver was pulled into another animated hug.

Snuggling into the soft flesh, he sighed happily.

Totally worth it.


Dream-sand seems almost weightless, grains of gold suspended in the air like smoke, but when Ally pressed her hand down on the cloud, it held, giving in slightly like a soft cushion.

Curious and excited, she scrambled on like a young child might scale a plush armchair, settling Indian-style in the middle.

Palmon hopped, the pink petals on her head barely becoming visible over the edge, and Ally giggled.

Leaning over, she caught the Digimon around the middle and hefted her up, falling back at the sudden loss of equilibrium as both squealed in surprise.

Laughing silently, Sandy floated up to join them, symbols appearing over his head warning them to hold on tight as the cloud rose up from the ground.

Righting herself, with Palmon on her lap, Ally watched the scenery pass by in awe.

Bunny had lent them a tunnel to somewhere warmer, since Sandy had worried the subzero temperatures outside of Santoff Claussen would harm Ally and her plant-like Digimon, and Miami disappeared before her eyes to be replaced by open sky.

Once the cloud reached an appropriate height, Sandy slowed to a gentle stop, smiling at the wonder on her face as both Warrior and Digimon took in the sight.

Slowly, tendrils of dream-sand were coaxed into the open air, twisting and turning as they descended to earth.

Fingertips brushed one as it twirled by, and golden flowers bloomed with beautiful bell tones, shining light on the girl’s face.

Bright green meets darker orange, as if every dream in the whole world suddenly came true.

“It’s beautiful…”

Sandy nods, just as awed by her as she is by his dreams.

Tipping up the brim of her cowgirl hat, the worn leather familiar against his skin, he took in her features for a long moment before starting to lean in.

Palmon was still, the Bond thrumming with disbelief and joy and please don’t be a dream, please be real, please please please

The moment shattered with the angry brays of Nightmares.

Caught by surprise, the two jerked apart, looking down to see a few of the dark creatures spreading through the city in search of dreams to corrupt.

Suddenly serious, Sandy motioned for her to stay before taking off after the rogue Nightmares, intent on purifying them quickly.

Peering over the edge as he disappeared from sight, Ally shared a glance with Palmon, the same worry shining in her eyes.

What were Nightmares doing here?

Pitch had been keeping low, not even sending out his Nightmares where they could be easily found, and now this?

There was an unease in the atmosphere now, like the children’s disturbed dreams were vibrating a cry through the air, and it made Ally’s heart tremble.

Palmon felt the shudder through the Bond, and leaned into her in a show of support.

“Little child, be not afraid…”

Ally’s voice floated through the air, breaking through the troubled aura created by the Nightmares.

“Though rain pounds harshly against the glass like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger, I am here tonight…”

The dream-sand pulsed, sensing the worry and comfort.

“Little child, be not afraid…Though thunder explodes and lightning flash illuminates your tear-stained face, I am here tonight.”

Sandy paused once the last Nightmare had been dealt with, a tingling spreading through him from his connection to the dream-sand.

“And someday you’ll know that nature is so. The same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and lands, on forests and sands, makes the beautiful world that you’ll see in the morning…”

Floating skyward, the dream-giver watched the tendrils pulse, sending waves of comfort and care to the children still troubled by the remnants of nightmares.

“Little child, be not afraid, though storm clouds mask your beloved moon and its candlelight beams, still keep pleasant dreams…I am here tonight…”

The dreams had settled into their normal patterns by the time Sandy returned, listening with rapt attention as her eyes locked on him.

“But I’ll still be here in the morning…”


The rest of the Western Hemisphere went by smoothly, free of Nightmares and shadows with hell-fire eyes.

Ally tried to stay awake and enjoy it, but the dream-sand lulled her to sleep somewhere over Brazil.

Once he had finished, and night began it’s journey over the ocean, Sandy went in search of a rabbit hole to return the pair to Santoff Claussen.

Blinking some of the golden grains from her lashes, Ally rolled onto one side, holding Palmon to her chest like a teddy bear as the Digimon fought wakefulness and tried to drag her partner back under.

“Sandy?” She mumbled, eyelids already growing heavy and threatening to fall.

The cloud shifted beneath her body, forming a soft bed that any hard-working soul would have killed for, and the girl sighed as her entire body relaxed.

“But I’m not sleepy…” Ally argued, words slurring from her heavy tongue.

Chuckling silently at the blatant lie, the dream-giver lowered the cloud into Bunny’s tunnels, aiming for North’s Workshop as he weaved through the twisting passageways.

As they neared the North Pole, however, Palmon stirred, a sense of danger pricking at her instincts.

Ally jerked at the sudden shift from forceful sleep to alertness, eyes clearing as Palmon sat up, gaze narrowed straight ahead.

Dream-sand appeared over Sandy’s head as he turned to them, asking what was wrong.

“Something’s not right…” The Digimon admitted, the flower on her head spreading it’s petals as if to absorb more information.

The cloud slowed, and Ally fidgeted at the sense of foreboding trickling in through the Bond.

Orange eyes studied the tense Digimon for a few moments, and Sandy frowned.

Digimon had a heightened sense of danger-likely from the precarious lives they lived in the Digital World-, and ignoring such a clear sign of unease would be foolish.

Signaling the pair to stay down, the former wishing star brought them to the entrance more slowly, dimming the light of his dream-sand to keep from being easily spotted.

No sound echoed down the tunnel, and the eerie silence put Ally on-edge, heart beginning to race.

Had something happened at the Workshop?

Were the others alright?

What if something had happened to them?

Oh, if any of them were hurt-

Palmon’s grip on her waist tightened, anchoring her back in reality before hyperventilation could set in as they rose up in one of the Workshop’s back rooms.

Sliding carefully onto the hardwood floor, the slight heels of her leather cowgirl boots clicked softly as she set Palmon down.

Brushing remnants of sand from her jeans and green blouse, Ally straightened her old cowgirl hat out of habit as Sandy floated up to the door, ear pressing against the wood.

Normally, the hustle and bustle of the yeti-and the mischievous pranks of the elves-were clear through every door and wall of the fortress, a constant hum of activity that quickly became background noise.

It’s absence was jarring for Ally, who took hold of Palmon’s hand as they inched closer.

Silence had rarely meant anything good in her life.

“Sandy?” She whispered, the foreboding blooming into dread.

Frown deepening, the dream spirit motioned for them to stay close as he slowly opened the door.

The hallway was empty, tables overturned and toys scattered haphazardly about, with only the Globe still turning in the center.

Where was everyone?

Stepping out carefully, Ally looked around, a frown pulling on her mouth for the first time as the silence began to spread fear through her veins.



Palmon tackled her from behind, both hitting the ground seconds before a Nightmare lunged, missing them by scant inches.

A whip snapped out, shattering the equine construct and purifying the tainted grains within moments.

Heart sputtering with adrenaline, Ally levered herself up with a gasp.

Hanging from the vaulted ceiling were three cages made of nightmare-sand; one held the seven other girls, half-asleep and dazed, and another four-rather battered-Guardians.

The last likely held the Digimon, as well as Andromon and Tokage, though no one could have been able to tell from the outside, since the walls were solid instead of bars.

“Oh no…”

“And who is this? A straggler?”

With a yelp, Ally whipped around, back slamming into the railing as Palmon leapt to her defense.

Pitch smirked, clearly amused, before smoothly side-stepping to avoid the painful crack of Sandy’s whips.

“No need to be so hostile, Sandman.” The shade chided. “I was only wondering.”

The little gold man scowled threateningly as he moved between the pair and Pitch, not taking any chances.

Given half an opportunity, the Nightmare King would not hesitate to get rid of her.

Regaining control of her nerves-and becoming too angry to be scared-, Ally straightened, hands on her hips in feminine irritation.

“You let my friends go right now!” She ordered, unaware that her rising spirits were bolstering Palmon as well.

Pitch laughed, not at all threatened.

After all, Ally was not a very threatening person; while she was taller than Casey, she had none of the fierceness, or the build of someone trained to fight.

Pitch seemed to have forgotten that Ma hadn’t, either.

“And what will you do if I don’t?” He challenged, at ease. “Throw a tantrum?”

Casey groaned, already shifting to cover Evie’s ears as Kim muttered in annoyance.

“You shouldn’t have said that…”

Palmon puffed up at the insult, whatever fear that had trickled through the Bond being overwhelmed by a firm determination.

“You want a tantrum?” Ally voiced, completely serious. “Then I’ll give you a tantrum!”

To all the spirits’ surprise, it was Palmon who lashed out instead of Ally.

“Poison Ivy!”

Jumping to avoid the six dangerous vines, Pitch very nearly lost his head from the full-body kick Ally struck with a moment after.

Her heavy boots struck a Nightmare full in the chest instead, and the beast shattered on impact, the grains turning gold at the touch of her skin.

Rolling to regain her footing, she struck out with both legs at the Nightmares that charged, destroying them with the pent-up momentum.

Sandy watched in amazement.

Damn, she was flexible

Nightmares flooded the hallway, and though he would have liked to watch more, Sandy knew it was time to fight.

Lashing out with both whips, the dream spirit whirled around to make sure Palmon was alright-

And ducked under the spray of a destroyed Nightmare.

“Poison Ivy!”

He figured she was just fine.

Ally was spinning and rolling and dancing through the angry Nightmares, the built-up momentum in her kicks enough to shatter heads and legs with ease.

It was Faye that noticed the approaching danger first, her hyperactive energy finally proving useful as she shot up.

“Al! Giant teddy bear incoming!”

The blonde paused, nose scrunching up in confusion.

Giant teddy bear?”

She yelped as red laser beams exploded on the floor inches from her head, twisting away and landing in a three-point crouch.

Standing a few yards down the curved hallway was a giant yellow teddy bear with glowing red eyes, a hulking man with claws like a bear and the teeth to match growling at his side.

“Oh…That giant teddy bear…”

“It’s Monzaemon and Kuma!“ Palmon realized, jumping to her partner’s side. “What are they doing here?”

Monzaemon’s eyes glowed red, and Ally squeaked, hauling her Digimon away before the red lasers exploded on the wooden floorboards they had been standing on.

“Who cares? Run!”

Kuma roared, giving chase at a much slower pace than Ally was currently capable of, but steadily gaining speed.

Yelping as she pushed off a wall, barely avoiding a sharp set of claws, the blonde rolled as she hit the floor with Palmon tucked safely against her chest.

Skidding on her back, Ally forced herself to roll away before a massive foot caved her head in.

“Poison Ivy!”

Growling at the vines that wrapped around his arm, Kuma tugged harshly, swinging Palmon over his head and almost clear over the railing.


The blonde gasped as she was slammed into a wall, a forearm pressing against her throat and cutting off any possible air.

Choking on whatever sound was trying to escape, the teenager tried to pull the arm away, growing desperate the longer she went without oxygen.

“Ally!” Palmon shrieked, running to her partner’s aid before Monzaemon’s foot knocked her over and held her down. “Ally!”

Mind darkening, the blonde felt her heartbeat slow in her ears, like a half-forgotten drumbeat.

The world seemed so far away; the vibrant pink of Palmon‘s flower, the gold of dream-sand, the black abyss of Kuma’s eyes…

A tear slipped down her cheek, mixing with the dream-sand lingering there.

All she wanted was to protect them.

That one thought echoed loudly through the Bond, answering tears sprouting in Palmon‘s eyes as she reached back.

She just wanted to protect Ally.

As if reacting to their deepest wishes, the Digivice glowed and enveloped both in white light, blinding the dream-spirit who had been trying in vain to remove the bear-man from her throat.

“Palmon, Digivolve to…Togemon!”

Monzaemon was thrown clear off his feet from the sudden size-change of his opponent, and the massive cactus-Digimon rose to her feet with a shrug.

Kuma’s eyes widened as roots wrapped around his arms, shoving him back and whipping him into the floor with a deafening crash.

A vibrant shade of green overlaid the usual shade as Ally stood, catching her breath as the wood behind her creaked, returning to life and growing thick branches.

Everyone just stared in surprise, their desperate attempts at escape halted at this new turn of events, as Ally stared down her opponent with intense green-on-green eyes.

“I may be a lady, but I’m not a pushover.”

Well, if Sandy had not been totally head-over-heels before, he sure was now.

Monzaemon growled as he stood, facing Togemon with a scowl on his would-be-adorable face.

“You wanna dance with me?” Togemon challenged, slamming her boxing gloves together in an aggressive manner. “Bring it on, big boy!”

Her fist slammed into the large teddy bear’s face, causing him to stumble back from the force as Nightmares scrambled to avoid being stepped on.

With a snarl, Monzaemon charged back into the fray, trading thunderous blows that made the walls tremble.

Jack, watching the whole thing from above, turned towards his fellow Guardians.

“I gotta admit, watching a giant cactus with boxing gloves beat up a giant teddy bear is the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while.”

Well, no one could really argue with that

The floorboards cracked open, sprouting roots, spiraling around Ally’s body and snapping out like tentacles to destroy any Nightmares that tried to charge.

Roaring, Kuma tore away from the dream-spirits grasp and bore down on the defensive column of dangerous plant-life with raking claws.

A space formed between the sturdy roots-

And Ally’s foot shot out, slamming into the bear-man’s nose with an audible CRACK that sent him stumbling back with a fresh spurt of blood.

Pitch, cursing the fact that his plan was once again falling through-for the fifth time in a row!-, created more Nightmares in a bid to overpower the pair.

Turning on the dark constructs with a new fury, Sandy’s whips lashed out in all directions, sprays of sand in ebony and gold filling the air like mist.

In a rage, blood dripping down his face, Kuma tore at the vegetation constantly growing around the female spirit with wild abandon.

Oh, but the trees that had been used to build Santoff Claussen were a sturdy tundra breed, enchanted with magic to weather any storms the Arctic could conjure, and were not to be thwarted.

Wrapping around the man’s ankle, a root snapped him into the ceiling and slammed him back down, obviously winding him.

Just as he moved to get up, the action was repeated, wood cracking under the force.

Winding up, Togemon landed a wicked right-hook on Monzaemon’s face, readying herself for the final blow.

“Take this! Needle Spray!”

The wickedly-sharp needles penetrated his thin pelt by the dozens, embedding themselves into the floor or pillars when missing their target.

Digimon and Warrior alike cried out as a Black Gear tore through the zipper on Monzaemon’s back, shattering on the wood like glass and dissolving into the air.

Both passed out, either from the pain or the gear’s removal no one could say, and the Nightmare King was about to pitch a fit.

He had been so close to victory, literally seconds away from being rid of the only threats to his rule…

With a happy little giggle, Ally skipped over to Togemon’s side, hopping light as a leaf onto the railing.

“We did it!”

All of the girls let out sighs of relief, so very glad that she was alright and that this whole ordeal was over-

Ma’s heart caught in her throat as Pitch materialized behind the blonde teenager, a dark scythe raised in preparation to strike.

Everyone’s voices rang out at once.


Even Togemon jerked around, the needles covering her body rising like a cat’s hackles as Ally gasped, green eyes wide in surprise and terror-

A golden whip snapped around the dark spirit’s wrists, yanking him back and sending the man flying down the hall into a wall.

Sandy had never been so angry, expression thunderous as the Nightmares were purified by his aura alone.

Pitch would never strike her down like that if he had anything to do about it.

Oh, but Pitch had learned his lesson, disappearing from Santoff Claussen as quickly and soundlessly as he had entered an hour or two before.

Huffing, the dream-giver crossed his arms, rage calming to a simmering protectiveness now that the threat was gone.

The cages overhead turned gold, slowly lowering to the ground with a thought as whatever nightmares the Digimon had been caught in dispelled.

Smiling sweetly, Ally planted a kiss on the unsuspected spirit’s cheek in thanks.

“My hero.” She teased softly.

With a love-sick grin on his face, the dream-sand created little hearts around him without permission, but he thought...

A happy little giggle escaped her, and her next kiss landed on Sandy’s mouth.

“I love you too, Sandy.”


The Man in the Moon laughed, shining brightly as he looked down upon his Guardians and the girls chosen as the Earth’s protectors.

Fear had been pushed back by a Sincere desire to protect, and there was no stronger defense than that.

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