Digimon Adventure and Guardian Belief

Chapter 11

There were many words to describe Faye.

‘Eccentric’ just happened to be the nicest and most accepted.

As Casey often pointed out, the older girl had the attention span of a rabid squirrel on crack that thinks everything is an acorn, and no one could honestly dispute that.

Even North, who had dealt with the elves on a regular basis for centuries, found himself at a loss.

Faye was just so spontaneous and quick that trying to stay a step ahead was nearly impossible, let alone trying to figure out what she was planning.

Angry yells and grunts from the yeti erupted from the lower levels, and North face-palmed with a gusty sigh.

Speak of the devil


Humming a bright little discordant tune under her breath, Faye hopped and skipped and spun around the room, little Gomamon perched securely on her head as always.

The lights on the Globe shone in her multi-colored hair, brightening the warm and cool colors in turns, a beacon to anyone who was looking.

Silver eyes flashed as they studied murals and bookcases and furniture, taking it all in and storing the information somewhere no one could see.

Hopping to a stop in front of a massive armchair, Faye stared at it for a moment, wondering…

Entering the Globe Room, North muttered in Russian as he studied some of the papers in his hands, stepping up to a bookshelf.

He needed to double-check some things, make sure the specifications for the newest toys were just right and no errors had been made with the newest batch of Snow Globes-

A snore cut through the old bandit’s thoughts, and he jerked around in surprise.

Faye was sprawled on his favorite armchair, legs thrown over one arm and a tome lying open against her thighs, head back and snoring like a chainsaw.

Chuckling softly, North moved closer, reading the spine with curiosity.

‘Medical Properties of Flora in North America’

Intrigued by the choice, the Russian smiled, grabbing a thick rug from the back of a nearby couch to throw over the pair.

Lifting his head from the crook of her neck, coarse orange hair rubbing just under her chin and tickling Faye into snorting giggles, Gomamon blinked up at him with big green eyes from underneath the dyed red wool.

Gently as possible, he pet the Digimon’s head, scratching behind the ribbon-like ears and mussing his short hair.

Purring softly, he arched into the touch and yawned, settling back down against his Warrior’s throat.

Marking her place with a ribbon and placing the tome on a side table, North leaned back, studying the pair affectionately.

Perhaps they were not so bad, after all


With a smile the Cheshire Cat would have been proud of, Faye peered around the corner to check that the nearby yeti were still busily working before turning back to the assembled elves.

Gomamon, a matching smile on his face, leaned forward from his secure perch on her multi-colored head.

“Alright, you guys remember what we taught you?”

The little creatures nodded enthusiastically, the bells on their hats jingling against each other merrily.

“Then go, my minions! Spread the word!” Faye ordered happily, jumping aside as the army of elves stampeded into the Workshop proper.






The pair cackled, taking off at the resulting chaos and the thundering shout that came from a certain Russian spirit.




The brunette hardly stirred at her nickname, head tilting as she typed away on her laptop.


“What makes colors?” Faye wondered, leaning back-to-back with the busily-typing teenager and staring up at the ceiling.

“Color is the visual perceptual property in humans in categories, like red or blue.” Bee answered softly, not once breaking stride with the programs she was tweaking as Tentomon leaned into her side. “They derive from the spectrum of light interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors.”

Silver eyes warm and half-closed with satisfaction, Faye pet down her Digimon’s back, smiling as he arched up with a lazy yawn.

“Really? How’s that work?”

As the younger girl’s voice encompassed them, a steady beat of clicking keys matching her words, North watched fondly from the doorway.

He had never seen Faye so calm and relaxed, almost languid, that nearly manic shine gone from her eyes…

They were good for each other.


“Hey, big guy!”

North jolted, almost fumbling the icy sculpture in his hands as Faye popped up at his side, Gomamon smiling up at him from his permanent spot on her head.

“Whatcha doin’?”

Letting out a relieved breath at the lack of damage to his current project, the Russian set it down gingerly.

“Am working on new toy!” North replied, boisterous as ever. “What do you think?”

Faye turned slightly to study the prototype, a four-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex that started to move on it’s own, letting out a silent roar.

“Cool!” She squealed, hopping around to look from a different angle. “What does it do? Can you make it breathe smoke? Oh, or maybe bubbles! Bubbles are fun!”

A happy twinkle sparked in his eyes at all of the new ideas, and North laughed, dropping a heavy arm on her shoulders.

“All very good designs! Would you like to help?”

Something flashed through her eyes, a mixture of surprise and maybe a little bit of sad hope, before Faye grinned.

“Sure! Where do I start?”


Gomamon could admit that, maybe, they were a bad influence on each other most of the time.

Whenever Faye came up with an idea, all manic grins and restless bouncing, he could not help but go along.

It was a compulsion, a deep-seated tug through the Bond, that could not be ignored.

But while those times were fun…

When she was content to be still, that burning need to move and be seen momentarily sated, that was when Gomamon felt warm.


In some aspects, Faye knew that she was obsessive.

She craved attention, acceptance, like a strangled man would air; she needed to move, or play, or just be around someone, because being alone?

It drove her absolutely nuts, more than she already was.

Faye knew she was a little off, could admit that to herself, but they were still her friends, right?

Casey and Kim and Ma, who had been the first people to accept her; Rocky and Evie, who had always enjoyed her sense of humor even when no one else did; Ally, who sometimes joined in with all of her considerable enthusiasm; Bee, who had never shied away…

They were hers.

Her friends, her family, her responsibility.

If Pitch wanted to take that away, he had another thing coming!


Blinking away her thoughts, said teenager unclenched her fists, staring down at the bleeding crescents left in the palms with disinterest.

“Sorry, Goma-Goma.” She apologized, managing a smile to reassure the distraught Digimon. “Got lost in thought.”

“Apparently, that’s dangerous for your health…” Gomamon replied, climbing onto her lap and licking her damaged palms clean.

His rough tongue sent little jolts of pain up her fingers, and Faye giggled.

“Very. Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Didn’t scare me…” He grumbled, moving to her other hand to continue cleaning up the blood. “Just wasn’t expecting it…”

Nodding distractedly, Faye looked past him to watch Kuma and Monzaemon stack up the Workshop’s heavier toys into pyramids to maximize space.

Tokage and Andromon were on a lower level, helping out with some Digimon-proof defenses so that another surprise attack at Santoff Claussen would not be possible.

Most of the other girls were gone; Casey and Evie had been invited to the Warren by Bunny, and Jack had taken Kim and Rocky to his hometown for a tour not that long ago; Ma was with Tooth at her palace in Asia, and Ally had been so very excited to go to Sandy’s island for a visit.

Only Bee had stayed behind with her, but she was on her computers, going through whatever information they had on Digimon and the Digital World for clues of some kind.

While Faye would normally enjoy the alone time-or as alone as they could be with their Digimon hanging around-, she found herself too agitated to sit still at the moment.

All she could think about was Pitch and his constant attempts to destroy her friends, and that maybe…

Maybe it was time she stopped by for a little chat.

A wave of determination crashed through the Bond, causing Gomamon to pause in his work and peer up at Faye in surprise.

There was something steely in her eyes, behind the manic glee and bright smile, that hinted at her intentions.

“How does a little trip sound, Goma-Goma?”

He considered dissuading her, convincing his Warrior that maybe whatever she had planned was a bad idea, but…

A little spark of worry, of deep-rooted responsibility and drive, crushed that thought in a moment.

Besides, what kind of friend would he be if he let her go alone?

“Sure, why not?” Gomamon replied, clambering up to his usual perch and peering down at her face with a smile. “Where are we going?”

Faye’s smile took on a wicked edge as she stood, stuffing a pack of playing cards and some marbles into a pocket of her cargo pants.

“Just dropping by a certain dark hole for a visit.” The multi-colored teen assured, grabbing a Snow Globe from a nearby table. “Don’t worry. It’ll be fun.”


Pitch was beyond frustrated.

Every attempt of his to break those Digidestined, to destroy whatever it was that made them a threat, had backfired spectacularly.

Shove any of those girls in a corner, even the ones that seemed meek, and they came out fighting harder than expected.

His new associates were less than pleased with these results.

If he was unable to stop the last three from reaching the Champion level…

“Ha! Read ‘em and weep! A Straight!”

Caught off-guard by the voice echoing through his underground lair, the Nightmare King frowned, transporting himself through the tunnel to Alaska, somewhere on Mount McKinley.

There, sitting on the snow in front of a flat piece of rock, was one of the banes of his existence.

And she was…playing cards?

Pitch could only stare, confused, as the teenager slapped her cards down with a grin.

“Ha! I win! Hand it over, Goma-Goma!”

The Digimon grinned back, revealing his own cards with a flourish.

“Not so fast, Faye. Royal Flush!”

Her jaw dropped in disbelief, and she groaned, her forehead landing squarely on the rock as the hood of her thick grey coat flopped over her colorful mop of hair.

“Not cool, dude…”

Gathering his wits once more, Pitch decided to make his presence known.

“What are you doing here?”

Turning her head slightly, Faye spotted him and popped up with a grin, suddenly energized.

“Oh, there you are! We’ve been waiting forever!”

She pouted, a childish gesture that strangely fit perfectly on her face.

“I was starting to think you were ignoring me.”

Pitch, thrown off-balance by her nonchalance, could not find a reply.

What was he supposed to say to that?

Deck of cards safely put away, Gomamon clambered up onto her head, not looking the least bit troubled by the shade’s presence.

The others had all bristled and snarled and glared, sensing a threat and moving to protect their partners, but this one?

The aquatic Digimon yawned, practically dozing, and Pitch felt his eye twitch.

“Are you dull?” The dark spirit hissed, insulted. “I could destroy you without a second thought!”

“Then why haven’t you?”

Her innocent question pierced a soft spot, stunning Pitch into speechlessness.

Faye’s grin did not slip, but took on a predatory edge that bode ill for him.

“Because you can‘t!” She replied, hands twined confidently behind her head. “You come at us with your Nightmares and Digimon and plans, and we beat you over and over again!”

She giggled like a small child, eyes bright and deceptively sharp.

“And people say I’m crazy!”

“What do you want, child?” He seethed, growing impatient.

Faye’s unsettling grin only grew wider as she turned to face him, finally pausing in her restless, casual pacing.

“I’m here to give you a warning.” She chirped, voice bright despite the deadly steel underneath. “You’re going to leave my friends alone, or I’m going to make you.”


Faye was nowhere to be found.

Not in her room, not in North’s library, not in the Globe Room…

Even the yeti and elves had not seen her in hours.

“Is probably hiding.” North assured, though he was not so sure of that himself.

“S-Someone would still know where she is, then…” Bee replied, worry clear on her face as Tentomon buzzed around her.

“Faye and Gomamon can’t stay still for this long.” The bug Digimon agreed, following his partner as she put on a headset and started up a five-way call on her main computer.

After a few rings, Casey, and then Ma, answered their cell phones.

“Hey, Bee! What’s up?”

“Is something wrong?”

With a shaky breath, the brunette admitted the one thing none of them ever wanted to hear.

“F-Faye’s gone.”


Pitch could only stare at this cocky, infuriating girl in absolute disbelief.

“Do you know who I am?” He demanded. “I am the Nightmare King, the Boogeyman! The monster under the bed and everything humans fear!”

“Yeah, I know.” Faye replied, nonchalant as anything. “But what are you gonna do? Try and scare me to death?”

Her smile was sly when all the spirit did was silently fume, turning deftly as if dismissing his anger.

“You see, this whole thing reminds me of a movie I watched as a kid. There were grasshoppers and ants, and the grasshoppers bullied the ants into getting them food for winter.” Faye noted, Gomamon shifting on her head slightly to keep the spirit in his peripheral. “The ants do it because the grasshoppers are bigger, and they’re too scared to fight back. But!”

Here, she whipped around to face Pitch, eyes bright.

“Then the ants realize that they’re actually stronger than the grasshoppers, and the leader gets eaten by a bird!”

“And that has to do with this how?” Pitch drawled, feeling a rage-headache building behind his eyes.

“Because you’re the grasshopper, and we’re the ants.” She explained, as if it were obvious.

Her voice dropped into a spine-chilling register then, a dark, demonic thing that promised pain.

We’re figuring out that we’re not as weak as you’ve tried to make us think.”

Then, just as suddenly, Faye was smiling and hopping about as if nothing had changed.

“So you’ve got two choices! Leave us alone, or get your butt kicked by a bunch of girls!”

The sudden whiplash Pitch was feeling warned him not to underestimate this teenager like he had the others; she was just as likely to snap his neck as offer him tea at this point.

“You think you can intimidate me?” He retorted, scowling.

“Nope.” Faye replied, popping the ‘p’ for emphasis. “I think I can convince you it’s a bad idea.”

“It seems you were the one with a bad idea.” Pitch countered, nightmare-sand rising from the ground like smoke. “You are all alone with me, with no way to escape. Does that seem bright?”

Her smile was wicked, and Gomamon finally reacted, tensing up.

“Kinda, yeah.” Faye voiced, kicking at some of the dark sand creeping towards her foot. “It’s like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Digimon are rock, and spirits are Scissors. I’ve got you beat.”

This time, it was Pitch’s turn to smile, a shark’s grin that promised much retribution.

“Actually, I have the advantage in this exchange.”

Faye paused, blinking in confusion, just before a massive winged unicorn burst out of the tunnel, a falcon-winged woman with long brown hair hovering at it’s side.

“Unimon and Torime.” Gomamon informed his partner, entire body bristling.

Faye was silent for a moment, just staring at the massive Unimon with an unreadable expression…

“HORSIE!” She squealed, hopping in place like an excited child. “Can I keep him? I wasn’t allowed to keep Kuwagamon!”

Torime fanned her wings, talons outstretched, and energy slowly built in Unimon’s opening maw.

Gomamon let out a strained chuckle, tightening his grip on her rainbow-hued hair.

“I don’t think you can, Faye…”

Aw, why not?”

“Aerial Attack!”

With a squeak, Faye pressed herself against the mountainside as the attack brushed by, exploding in midair.

“Okay, now I know.”

Gomamon tugged on her hair, eyes wide as Unimon and Torime lunged for them.

“Time to go!”

“On it!”

Faye proceeded to book it down the mountain path, only skidding to a halt when-

“Aerial Attack!”

-the giant flying horse decided to break the road.

Flailing to keep from falling over the edge, the teenager spun around, frowning.

“Not fair!”

“It’s not about being fair.” Pitch retorted, pleased. “It’s about winning.”

Unimon opened his fang-lined mouth, preparing another blast that would surely finish them off-

And then Birdramon crashed into him at full speed.

Ma leaped from her Digimon’s ankle with a burst of wind, and proceeded to kick Torime full in the face with both feet, flipping back to land in front of Faye as Casey and Agumon slid down to join them.

“Damn it, Faye!” The redhead shouted, clearly frazzled. “How many times do we have to tell you? Stop listening to those damn voices in your head!”

“It’s not my fault!” Faye defended herself, amused. “The voices keep telling me to ignore you!”

Rolling her eyes, Ma called up a strong gust of wind, which caught in Torime’s wings and sent the other Warrior tumbling out of her charge.

Unimon bucked free of the broken rock, aiming for Birdramon’s face as she tried to keep him pinned.

“Aerial Attack!”

With a shriek of pain, Birdramon toppled down the mountainside, and Ma gasped as her partner landed hard on a shelf of rock lower down.


In her moment of distraction, Torime struck, slamming into the brunette’s chest and sending her over the edge after her injured Digimon.

“That’s it!” Casey shouted, the device on her hips already shining. “Now it’s our turn!”

“Agumon, Digivolve to…Greymon!”

The massive dinosaur stood protectively over his Warrior and companions, baring his fangs at the equine Digimon threatening them.

“Nova Blast!”

Unimon dodged the projectile with ease, and-with more speed and strength than expected-slammed his hooves into Greymon’s side, smashing the larger Digimon into the rock wall so hard the mountain quaked.

Fire bloomed from Casey’s hands in wild arcs, forcing the opposing pair to retreat, and she clambered up onto her Digimon‘s shoulder.

“Greymon? Come on, big guy, are you alright?”


“Aerial Attack!”

With a jerk, the fire-breathing Digimon shielded his partner from the attack, rock crumbling around them.


And Bunny was there, hopping through the wreckage in a blur as North stumbled to a stop by Faye, sabers drawn.

Tooth buzzed overhead after shooting out of the portal, looking around in a panic before seeing Birdramon in a crumpled heap below.


Faye barely batted an eye at their sudden appearance, looking towards Torime-who was trapping Casey and Greymon in their new little hole, at an advantage because of her dexterous flying-and Unimon-who was flying over a downed Ma and Birdramon, who were too inexperienced with flight to put up much resistance-as she realized they were all in deep crud.

Then she spotted it.

A Black Gear, only half-embedded in Unimon’s back as he flew a few feet below.

Without a second thought, Faye pulled Gomamon off her head and shoved him into a startled North’s arms, expression determined.

“Hold onto him for me, big guy.”


And then she jumped.


Landing hard on the flying horse’s back, Faye grunted in pain before grabbing the Black Gear, bracing her feet on the tough hide.

“Aerial Attack-!”

With one good yank, Unimon reared up, his attack flying harmlessly into the sky.

Faye was focused on her task, tugging and pulling on the Gear in an attempt to remove it despite Unimon’s wild attempts to dismount her.

Have to get it out, have to get it out, have to get it out-

Her fingers nearly slipped on the slick sides, and the multi-colored teen scrambled for a better hold, jaw clenched tight.

No! She had to do this! They were counting on her to do this, and she’d do it if it killed her!

And her fingers slipped.

For one long moment, Faye was weightless, silver eyes wide as her brain stalled in the realization that there was nothing to hold on to.

Gravity decided to dig it’s claws into her belly, and-


Then there was light.

“Gomamon, Digivolve to…Ikkakumon!”

The ground exploded, and it felt like the whole world held it’s breath…

And Ikkakumon reared up with a roar as boulders fly up from the cloud of dust, smashing into Unimon’s belly and helmeted face with great force.

A column of rock followed, and Faye leapt off, grabbing her Digimon’s new horn and swinging around to sit there with a grin.

“Yeah, I’m awesome.” She teased, greatly amused by Pitch’s near-breakdown at the sixth failure in a row. “Ready to kick some butt, Ikkakumon?”

“I was born ready.” The arctic Digimon replied, moving to better shield their allies.

“Then let’s do it!” Faye decided, leaping off Ikkakumon’s horn to tackle Torime straight out of the sky.

The Warriors struck rock, and the rainbow-haired teen clenched her fists, causing it to shackle the bird-woman down.

“Go for it!”

The walrus-like Digimon took a moment to aim at his opponent, bristling.

“Harpoon Torpedo!”

The large projectiles cut through the air, missing by scant inches, and Unimon whinnied his triumph-

When the outer casing opened, the explosives inside doing an immediate one-eighty to slam into the Black Gear in his back.

Crashing onto the wide mountain path, Unimon gave one last shudder as the dark metal finally left his body, disintegrating like all the others as both Digimon and Warrior fell unconscious.

Pitch was about ready to start cussing at this point.

With that bright, manic grin, Faye tossed a good-sized rock between her hands, the grey shining brightly in her eyes.

“So, reconsidering yet?”

Oh, if he could just get his hands around her neck…

But now was not the time.

They had the advantage of Digimon and numbers, an advantage that would only grow once Unimon and Torime awakened, and the best course of action was retreat.

“When the time comes, I will enjoy your screams.” Pitch hissed, disappearing into the shadows and destroying that entrance to his lair as a precaution.

Faye seemed completely untroubled by the threat, a flash of light signaling her return to normal a moment later.

Spinning on her heels, she flashed a grin at the others as Gomamon climbed up to her shoulders.

“So, how have your days been?”

The Guardians could only stare at her, nonplussed, and Ma rolled her eyes, petting Biyomon’s head comfortingly.

Casey, however, about blew her lid.

You!” She growled, stomping forward and jabbing an angry finger into the older girl’s chest. “If you ever do something like this again, I will break both your legs! And don’t think I won’t!”

Gomamon jumped onto his partner’s head at the rush of joy that came through the Bond, laughing as Faye grabbed Casey and pulled her into a bone-crushing hug.

“Aw, you do care!” She squealed, ignoring that the redhead’s face was buried deeply in her bosom.

“Faye! Let her go! She can’t breathe!”

As Ma tried to separate the two, the three spirits shared a look, and North could not help a relieved chuckle.

What else could he expect from Faye?


Laughing to himself, the Man in the Moon beamed down as the sixth light flared to a new brightness.

It was no surprise, really.

The most lonely people were often the most Reliable.

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