Digimon Adventure and Guardian Belief

Chapter 4

There was a moment of shock for the Guardians as they realized that these teenagers actually believed in them.

Besides the strange monsters and the light that had brought them here, that was what really struck them.

With children losing their belief earlier and earlier, usually because of their own jaded peers or frustrated parents, it was like a miracle.

Patamon perched safely on her head, ear-wings perked in interest, Rocky looked up at them with wide blue eyes.


The large Russian could only smile, nodding in response as a laugh bubbled up from his belly.

They still believed.

“Oh my God oh my God oh my God-”

Ally was practically hyperventilating as the implications sunk in, green eyes sparkling in mounting joy and Palmon hanging from her waist in a hug.

Utterly flabbergasted, Bee’s mind raced as Tentomon landed beside her, piecing together what she knew while her eyes flicked between all five of them.

They were all a bit overwhelmed, because, honestly, when did you get to meet the very icons of childhood face to face?

“We have much to discuss.” North admitted, still smiling.

Casey wrestled back control of her tongue with great difficulty, looking down at Agumon and then back up again, before sharing a glance with Kim.

“…Got a place in mind?”


Portals, especially those opened by Snow Globe, can be rather rough if the traveler is unprepared for the high speeds and quick exit.

So, when North shoved the large group through one straight to Santoff Claussen, it really should not have been a surprise when they ended up in a heap on the other side.

With a few aborted cusses, groans and complaints, the older teenagers untangled themselves from the pile, helping up the younger girls once they were free.

Bee, for one, was completely floored by the wondrous sight of Santa’s Workshop, filled with wild toys and joyous racket and bright colors like Christmas.

North waved off the curious yeti that came to see the newcomers, and scolded some elves for getting underfoot again, before gathering everyone’s attention.

“This way! Yeti will bring hot chocolate, but first, you have much explaining to do.” The Russian voiced, herding the large congregation towards one of the larger sitting rooms for some privacy.

“We really don’t know much.” Ma admitted, petting down the bright pink feathers on Biyomon’s head as the bird Digimon snuggled up to her hip like a cat.

“Even we don’t know everything.” Patamon agreed from his perch as Rocky giggled, watching what looked a hybrid between a train and a rocket as it roared overhead.

“Just tell us what you know, okay?” Tooth assured, flitting around as the girls sat down on the assorted couches and chairs. “No pressure!”

“Yeah, not feeling any pressure…” Casey joked sarcastically, pulling Agumon onto her lap as she sat down on the nearest couch.

Once everyone was settled down-besides Tooth, who could never hold still at all while directing her mini-fairies-, the seven shared a look, trying to figure out where to start.

“We were hanging out at the park when it happened.” Kim stated, giving her more vocal friends a starting point.

“Yeah, and then the sky opened up and BAM, these cool things flew out of the sky!” Faye relayed, wildly animated as always, Gomamon struggling to keep his spot on top of her head.

“And then there was this light, and I thought it would hurt, but it didn’t, and that’s how we got our Digimon-they say it’s short for Digital Monster, but they like Digimon better-and they said we were chosen to do something, but they don’t know what, and now we’re Bonded!” Ally finished, not stopping once to catch her breath while hugging Palmon close.

The Guardians were silent, trying to comprehend the rapid speech, and Ma sighed, shaking her head.

“I think we can do better than that.” She voiced with a slight undertone of motherly scolding.

Both Faye and Ally smiled sheepishly in apology, the former miming the act of zipping her mouth shut.

Now you see why we don’t let them do presentations together.” Casey told the spirits, greatly amused. “We should start with introductions before jumping into the good stuff.”

Straightening up, she gave a warm smile, open and honest.

“I’m Casey, miss grumpy-pants over there is Kim, with her little sister, Rocky.”

Said teenager turned from her sister, sandwiched between her and Gabumon as if for safety, to glare reproachfully.

“And that’s Prema, but we call her Ma.”

The brunette smiled, Biyomon cuddling up under her chin.

“And you’re already acquainted with Faye.”

She waved enthusiastically in greeting, Gomamon laughing at her antics.

“The blonde over there that’s likely to talk your ears off is Ally, and the really quiet one in the corner is Bee.”

Ducking down, as if trying to hide behind Tentomon, the brunette squeaked a greeting.

“Now is our turn!” North boomed, purposely drawing the attention away from the clearly-shy teenager. “You may know me as Santa Claus, but my real name is North!”

“And I’m Toothiana!” Tooth introduced herself, smiling as she buzzed closer. “But everyone calls me Tooth!”

Sandy threw up a few symbols in an advanced game of charades, but when none of the girls seemed to get it, Jack cut in to help the little guy out.

“This is Sandman, but we call him Sandy. And I’m Jack Frost.”

“E. Aster Bunnymund.” The Pooka let out hesitantly, trying to distract himself from those big gold eyes that were still making it difficult to speak.

“What was all that, anyway? About being Bonded and the light show and everything?” Jack wondered, leaning on his staff.

“Definitely wasn’t expecting it.” Casey admitted. “Nearly had a damn heart attack…”


Bee shrunk under their gazes, so Tentomon spoke up instead.

“We were brought here to Bond with the Chosen Children to save both Earth and the Digital World.”

“Kuwagamon and the snake-guy were Bonded, too.” Gomamon added helpfully. “Most Digimon are Bonded. It’s how we get enough strength to Digivolve.”

“Digivolve…You mean, like evolve?” Ma voiced.

“Exactly.” Biyomon agreed, smiling. “It’s when we go up a level in power. We were only In-Training before, but now we’re at the Rookie level!”

“Hold up.” Bunny cut in, confused. “What’s this ‘bout Chosen Children and saving worlds?”

The reminder perked all of the Guardians’ interest.

“That’s us!” Faye stated matter-of-factly.

“Haven’t exactly had time to figure out how we’re going to do it…” Casey piped up sheepishly.

Sandy frowned, looking over the assembled group with concern.

They may not be children, but they were painfully young to be saving worlds.

Would they be facing threats like Kuwagamon and his partner again?

Would the threats be greater?

The Guardians were useless in this fight, considering that their magic and weapons could do little more than delay the inevitable.

Worry was clear on Tooth’s face.

Could they do it?

But then Casey straightened, steeling her spine, and there was a fire in her eyes that had not quite been there before.

“But we will figure this out.”

It was said with such conviction that there was no doubt she believed in this wholeheartedly, and the words sparked a fire in all the others.

Even Kim, who had seemed to be ignoring the proceedings, looked up with a determined edge to her blank expression, like a concealed blade.

At that moment, the Guardians could almost believe it, too.


Standing in the Globe Room, the five spirits tried to figure out what to do.

“We can’t just let ‘em run off and get killed!” Bunny insisted, ears laying flat in agitation.

“They’re still kids at heart.” Jack agreed, for once. “And believers. It’s our job to protect them, right?”

Tooth nodded in agreement, sad.

“Yes, but how do we protect them? If it’s their job to fight things like Kuwagamon and his partner…”

“All we can do is give guidance.” North stated, taking cues from Sandy. “They are strong, but do not know strength. Is the way of children, yes? We protect by giving safe places to stay, and guiding.”

Nods of agreement were given in reply, and Sandy floated back to the sitting room where they had left the girls.

Jack and Bunny were right on his sand-trail, strangely eager, as the door opened and the sight inside revealed.

All of them were fast asleep.

Apparently, the day had caught up with the mortals, and they had crashed not too long ago.

Casey was laid out on her end of the couch, Agumon face-down and snoring rather loudly against her neck, while Ma was curled up with her back against said furniture, Biyomon cuddled up to her like a feathery blanket.

Kim was sitting, slightly slouched, on the other end, Rocky snuggled into her side with Patamon tucked under her arm and Gabumon lying on her for added warmth.

Ally was in one of the armchairs, legs thrown over the arm and an arm wrapped around Palmon to keep the sleeping Digimon from rolling off.

Bee was in another armchair closer to the fireplace, Tentomon pressed against her back, and Faye was sprawled on the wood floor below, snoring like North’s chainsaw with Gomamon lying on her face like a rather annoying cat might.

Jack, once again, desperately wished for a camera.

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