Digimon Adventure and Guardian Belief

Chapter 5

The next morning came too soon, at least in the girls’ opinion.

Casey stretched, back popping back into alignment as Agumon leaned into her hip tiredly. Rocky yawned widely in unison with Patamon, letting out a tired giggle when Jack bopped her nose with the end of his crook.

Not far behind them was Kim, who, while apparently unaffected by the early hour or their antics, could not quite hide the glances she sent towards her sister and the winter spirit every now and then. Faye was energetic as always, Gomamon laughing from his perch on her shoulder as she bounced into the massive dining room with an enthusiastic greeting.

Ma only rolled her eyes at this behavior, holding a sleepy Biyomon to her chest like a small child, though Tooth fluttered in beside her with a giggle. Bee shuffled in quietly, holding Tentomon’s claw-hand as she rubbed her eyes, and North followed, laughing as the multi-colored teenager threw an arm around a disgruntled Kim.

The last to enter were Ally and Sandy, the former giggling as the dream-bringer told an elaborate story with his images.

As the large group sat around the massive circular table, the yeti rushing to serve them, a pattern formed. Kim sat on Casey’s left, Gabumon pulled onto her lap, and Rocky sat on her sister’s other side with Jack, already munching on some waffles and laughing as the winter spirit made little animals out of magic for Patamon to play with between bites.

Ma was next, Biyomon picking at the assortment of fruits before them as Tooth chattered with her and her mini-fairies. One of the little hummingbird-like creatures apparently took a liking to the brunette and her bird Digimon, perched on her shoulder and watching everything with unique bright pink eyes.

Ally was on the other side, telling a story of her own to Sandy and laughing with him like they were old friends, Palmon munching on maple syrup-coated strawberries in her lap.

Ignoring her own plate, Faye happily jumped onto one of the yeti with a shout of “KITTY!” and refused to let go.

Resigned to his fate, since North only laughed at the poor creature’s predicament, the yeti went about his duties with a new tagalong clinging to him like a koala cub.

Bee, though still painfully shy and quiet, let out a giggle as the older girl went off on a tangent to the reluctantly-amused yeti that she had named ‘Pookie’ because “You’re like that teddy Garfield has in the comics, and he’s adorable, and you’re adorable, so it works!”

Apparently glad that the smaller brunette was starting to relax, the large Russian started a rather one-sided conversation about new toy designs, heartened by the wonder in her eyes as she learned about a train that transformed into a rocket and a car that hovered just off the ground.

It seemed that everyone had made friends with someone, and that put Casey at ease.

Bunny sat on her right, doing his best to seem nonchalant while his nose twitched, taking in her scent as everyone dug in to the breakfast.

“Jack?” Rocky voiced, curious as Patamon settled down to eat an apple. “When can we go home?”

Every Guardian nearly flinched at the innocent question, since it seemed all of the girls were wondering the same thing.

Unfortunately for Jack, he was stuck answering at the moment.

“Well, it’s not really safe right now, squirt…”

Oh, but he was melting under those big blue eyes like snow in springtime, and all the Guardians could tell.

“But maybe you could go back, just to pick up some stuff. How does that sound?”

Even though the thought made Rocky happy, it was a bit more worrisome for the older girls.

What if another Digimon attacked them?

Would someone get hurt?

Casey spoke up, hoping to ease the concerns and not dampen Rocky’s mood again.

“We don’t all have to go, if we’re just picking up clothes and things.” She offered, seeing the Guardians relax. “It would just take me, Kim and Ma to get everything.”

“Should not go by yourselves.” North warned.

“I’ll go!” Tooth voiced excitedly, smiling sheepishly in embarrassment at the knowing looks some of her peers were sporting.

“Should be fun.” Jack agreed, leaning back casually in his chair. “I’m in.”

Just the thought of leaving the pretty redhead in the winter spirit’s care had Bunny on-edge.

If he had known the real reason Jack wanted to go, the Pooka would have had no reason to worry.

“Can’t let the drongo go and make a mess of it.” The Pooka grumbled, trying not to seem eager.

“Good! It is settled!” North boomed, grinning. “Should make lists of things to get, so nothing is forgotten.”

Sandy threw up a handful of symbols, almost too fast to decipher.

“He’s right.” Ally agreed, having apparently kept up. “What about our parents and grandparents? What are we going to tell them?”

Casey and Ma were silent a moment before turning to Kim expectantly.

Seeing this, she sighed.

“We decided to have a sleepover at Faye’s home, since her cousin is out of town on business and she is lonely. It was such a spur of the moment decision that we did not go home to secure clothes or toiletries, since there are spares in her room from the time before. We are planning on staying for most of the week, to make sure she is alright, and so will need to bring computers, chargers, and other necessities. They can contact us by cell phone, but not during school hours or after, because of our extracurricular activities.”

There was a beat of silence, and Jack could not help but be impressed by her flawless lie.

“It will give us at least a week.” Kim calculated, pupils shifting as the variables were crunched down. “The school will contact our legal guardians after a few days for skipping, but if we are careful, no one will know we are gone until Faye’s cousin comes home from his business trip on the weekend.”

“They’ll worry…” Ally voiced, guilty.

“It can not be helped.” Kim replied, neutral.

A heavy silence fell over the girls; there was no denying that this was the only course of action they could take.

“What’s with all the long faces?” Faye piped up, grinning widely from Pookie’s shoulder. “We’re in the North Pole! There’s no time to be sad!”

Rocky laughed at the teenager’s exuberance, and the tension cracked.

“Is right!” North agreed, glad that the gloom was gone. “Can have fun today, and worry about such things tomorrow!”

Not one person argued with him, and the Guardians were relieved.

They did not want to think of the families, the mothers and fathers and grandparents, who would never understand why their children were gone.

As everyone finished eating and began to splinter off, looking for distractions, no one wanted to admit how hard this was all going to be.


The image disappeared into black smoke, it’s observer watching the tendrils dissipate into the shadows before turning towards his partner.

“They will become a problem soon.”

“I agree.” The larger form replied, red eyes glowing in the dim candlelight. “If left alone, they will likely reach the next stage.”

Large black bat’s wings flared out, the rush of displaced air causing the candle’s to flicker.

“Then we will just have to get rid of them first, won’t we Devimon?”

The Digimon smirked in agreement.

“I can think of a better way.”

Both looked towards a solid shadow in the cave, amber eyes visible and striking amidst the shadows.

“Would you like the honors?”

A smile full of sharp teeth and dark intentions, and Pitch chuckled as he went over the possibilities.

“It would be my pleasure.”

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