Children of Time and Space, Series 3

Trailer: In the Dark of the Night

Wilf and Donna were watching the stars. "You seem to be drifting, sweetheart," the old man commented.

"Not drifting. I'm waiting." Donna smiled mysteriously.

"What for?"

"The right man. But, he's real. I've seen him. I've met him, just once, and then I let him fly away," she sighed. "If you ever see a little blue box flying up there in the sky, you shout for me, Gramps. Oh, you just shout."

"Pompeii. We're in Pompeii. And it's volcano day."

"Translation. Let's get the hell out of here."

"You can't just leave them!"

"Donna, until about eight months ago, I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you. But Martha Jones, medical student, found her end at the hands of a petty excuse of a Time Lord willing to risk all of Time for a Paradox and universal domination," the Walker explained, the shoulders slumping. "And The Walker was born, her eyes opened to the universe. And I will not, absolutely not become like the man who shot me and thought he was greater than Time Eternal herself."

"So what is she, Jack?"

"She's a Seraphim. Our very own Antarian angel from the rift."

"Care to fly, gentlemen?"

"A human being that travelled in time and space. Tell me about it. How is that possible? What did you see out there?"

Black, Scaltatian fury seeped from her, raging like a gargantuan forest fire as she ripped her restraints off like paper, suddenly towering over the man. "I am The Walker, you imbecile," the Time Lady retorted in a hiss. "I'm a Time Lady, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, and you're going down for being no better than the man who made me so."

"'Connect the Doctor's Space-Time Telegraph to your main communication systems, take the crystal, plug it into the telegraph and wait for the Law of Gallifrey. Love and salutes from Cardiff, Group Captain J. Harkness, Torchwood.' I think he could have saved on the love, sir."

"Sir, we've lost control. The thing is dialling up every major UNIT station on earth!" the soldier reported, a little panicked.

On cue, a strange sound filled the air, wheezing and scratching like badly oiled gears and scraping a piano bass string with a yale key, and a white, black-framed door materialised on the top deck. "What the hell…"

The door opened, and The Professor stuck her head through the frame. "Hello young ones. Where's the fire?"

"I still have your book, milady." Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart held up a small book bound in blue and black leather.


"It always brought me luck."

"I think the Sontarans won't like that, will they." The UNIT officer grinned.

"To them, I'm the Raging Sea, the Destroyer of Lives. Let's hope we won't need that version."

"Donna. How about we blow this joint sky high and to kingdom come?"

"No arguments from me, Time Relic."

"Well, she's… well. She's my Daughter."

"Hello Dad."

"And it is done, the bond is made." The Professor grinned widely. "Welcome to the House of Lungbarrow, my daughter."

"I am honoured to be home, Janayitritarune," the Walker replied, bowing.

"Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong. Because it's not irrational…" the Doctor whispered among the books.

"They're going out! Oh my God. The stars are going out!"

"Not everyone comes back out of the dark. Vashta Nerada. Their only enemy is the light of entropy which burns them alive, and not one of us is made of chaos-and-law particles! So run, damn it!" the Walker yelled at the frozen party of 'River Song'.

"The old enemy lurks in the dark, waiting to strike. Return of a forgotten friend, Saviour of All of Creation, Jayethielai, Explorer, Chosen One."

"Who is the true megalomanic, Creator of the Time Lords?" Davros sneered at the Professor.

The Time Lady lifted an eyebrow. "How you know that one about me I'll never know. And you know why? Because you've angered the very Fire of Life herself by stealing what is hers."

"There are things waiting in the darkness. Creatures of metal, fire and blood. But there are some who will oppose them. They are out there, all of them, burning through time, facing countless dangers across the stars and never giving in, never giving up. They look like mankind, but they are legends. They are…"

"I'm The Professor."

"I'm The Walker."

"I'm The Doctor."

"They'll come back, to save us. And this time, I'm going to be ready. And then, just like that…"

We'll be gone.

Children of Time and Space

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