Galactic War: Book 1: Jedi Fight

The Reek!

His thoughts were suddenly shattered by the sound of the rumbling wheels of an execution cart thundering in his ears. He whirled around, expecting to see an evil-looking native of Geonosis perched in the vehicle with electro-pike lowered and a murderous glint in its beady eyes. Instead, his eyes widened with surprise as they beheld a slim, graceful figure, so unlike the gnarly Geos, at the reins.

Adriaan ell Talaan.

She had sensed his trouble, and had come racing at top speed halfway across the battlefield, using her lightsaber like a spear, throwing it with lightning accuracy into the control panels of the new, updated version of the common droids of the Trade Federation. Unlike the spindly, almost fragile-looking originals, the super droids had taller, more compact bodies with a much lower control panel, almost undistinguishable from the rest of the body. It came straight out of the factory complete with enhanced firepower wired into their forearms.

The chariot skidded to a stop before him, and even before he had a chance to react, Adriaan had already scooped up Jordin and had placed her gently in the cart.

"Get in!" she shouted at them, swinging onto the back of the orray that pulled the vehicle.

But Aedan wasn't one to be bossed around. "No, GOOD!" he yelled.

Terry knocked a droid down with a simple swing. "We're too WICKED to get bossed around by people like you!"

"You're just a GOOD!" Na'thin stuck his tongue out at her as he chopped a super battle droid's control panel into scrap metal.

Adriaan didn't say anything more. Swiftly she swung down off the orray. She strode over to the group and grabbed Terry and Na'thin by the collars of their tunics. Without pausing first to look behind her, she threw them screaming headfirst into the chariot.

"You're next, Aedan," she said, heading for him.

Aedan had that silly grin on again. Adriaan came to a standstill and whirled around only to see Terry make a grotesque face at her and slap the reins of the cart. The chariot surged forward as the boy urged the orray into a running gallop.

"A-A-A-E-E-E-D-D-D-A-A-A-N-N-N!!!" Adriaan yelled.

Aedan danced off nonchalantly, knocking several Geonosians over as he skipped away.

Adriaan suddenly turned and hacked a Geonosian in half, just before it could pull the trigger to fire at Kan. "Get out!" she shouted, decapitating another. "Arenas aren't for kids!"

"Kid yourself!" Kan yelled back, slightly annoyed that he had let a Geonosian come that close to shooting him, and right in front of Adriaan, too. She probably thought that he wasn't capable of handling all the excitement of the battle. Well, he would show her. He was more than capable of handling it.

He felt a puff of hot air on his shoulder. He leaped aside, expecting Aedan or one of his cohorts to pop up. But they didn't. Instead he came face to face to something far more terrifying.

The Reek!

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