A Dying Story

Family Struggles

A/N Hi! So, I know it isn't sticking directly to what Cosmo-gyral had written but I didn't have the heart to put John in a coma, so he's got a little more freedom here. I cannot promise he will be safe throughout this entire story, and I regret to say, he probably won't. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter.

~Lissa Joan

The doctor decided that since no child was in need of tests or anything at the moment, that they could leave the kids to their fun. Ruby had been reading one of her favourite books to the other children. John spoke up, as she set the book down.

"I wanna go everywhere." He said, the other kids looked at him. "You can all go with me! I'll be called..." He looked around, and spotted the doctor outside the door, and grinned "The Doctor."

"We can make it just like a story!" Ruby said, enthusiastically. All the children were grinning and bouncing with anticipation. The story began and Ruby pulled a notebook and pen from her bag.

"I'm a kid..." John began.

"On planet...on planet Gallifrey!" Rose added. John nodded excitedly at her suggestion. One by one they added suggestions and two pages were written. Ruby read it back to them.

"As a young boy, on a distant planet called Gallifrey, the Doctor had no idea of the man he would inevitably become. He was a time lord with a magical box called a TARDIS. The TARDIS could change shapes and looks just so it'd fit in. It was the most amazing thing anyone could ever see and it was even better inside. On the inside, it was huge. Bigger than one could imagine." The story kept on, and in the doorway, a small group of parents listened in, and watched as their children's smiles grew. The story the children had started was amazing, and the way Ruby told it, made it even better. When she finished reading what they had come up with for the time being, the parents filed in, each started clapping a little, and the children beamed back at their parents.

"We can do more later." Ruby said, closing her notebook and went over, sitting on the bed next to John. Every child in that room fell asleep shortly after. Around eight, even Ruby was out. She had curled up next to John, who felt a bit more comfortable in this unknown place with his sister. He was even more comfortable since he had quickly made new friends. With this type of room, there was a side room built in for the parents to sleep in, chat with other parents, or basically anything they didn't want to bother the children with. They spoke quietly, all listening to Jenna's story.

"My husband died four years ago. John doesn't remember much of him, but Ruby does. My husband and the children were in the car when he got into a terrible crash. John got out with very few injuries, Ruby had a head injury, and my husband passed on impact. The doctors said the reason Ruby is attached to her brother is because of brain damage she got from the incident. Since then, it's like she has to protect her brother."

"That's so sad." Sylvia said; she was Donna's mother. "So you have had a lot of troubles, haven't you?"

"We've been through our fair share, but we're making it through. They both have such creative minds. John likes space, always saying he's going to travel anywhere and everywhere. And Ruby loves to write, especially if it makes her brother smile." Jackie, Rose's mum, replied.

"I know what you mean, my husband Pete died when Rose was just a baby. It's been hard."

"How old is Rose?"

"She's six. And John?" Jackie answered

"Six as well, Ruby's eight."

"Donna's seven." Sylvia added. Francine added for her daughter Martha.

"Martha's five. Tish, and Leo, her siblings, don't understand what's happened. They're with their father but they visit when they're off school."

"Rory is five, Amelia is six" Brian said.

"Are they siblings?" Jackie asked.

"No, the children met here, Amelia's aunt never came back. I'm Rory's father." Brian responded.

All decided to flip the topic, it was a bit depressing talking about the children in such a manner. They began to talk about the story the children had come up with. Each had found an aspect they completely loved. They all fell asleep a little bit later, each happy, and each slightly waiting for more of the story.

By nine in the morning, everyone was awake, and breakfast was on its way up. As it arrived, they all talked quietly between mouthfuls. Jenna had brought breakfast up for Ruby and herself. It was peaceful and they were all eager to continue. Ruby's mother called her out for the week, because she just didn't have the heart to pull her children apart right away. Ruby's aunt, after the first week, picked her up for school from the hospital in the morning, and brought her back around four, so she had time to complete her homework before seeing her brother.

Each day they created at least four pages for the story. It was something they all looked forward to, and they all couldn't hold their excitement and each had input for the day. After a little while they had created a whole world. Ruby had added that the TARDIS got stuck in a police box form, and Rose said it had to be the older ones, the blue boxes. The story progressed farther, and they even brought in another Time Lord they named the Master. On John's sixth day, he had a set back. He had a few seizures and scared Ruby. Once they got the seizures under control, Rose had an idea. Regeneration was brought in, and the Doctor, trying to cheat death, changed to live. Everyone loved that idea, especially John. He had a total of eight seizures over a month. The Doctor regenerated eight times. Rose was getting around much better, and they decided she'd be a companion at the time.

Jenna was still frightened by what had happened, unsure of the damage a seizure could cause. Around October, around 2 and half months of John being in the hospital, Rose was released. She was excited but a bit sad. It was finally time for her to go home and live like the other kids again, but she was sad to go because her friends still had to go through their treatments, and here she was, about to leave them.

"I'll come visit you all every week" She promised. Everyone nodded and waved as Rose left the hospital, headed home. A few were slightly upset by her leaving, and Ruby wrote Rose getting trapped into parallel universe. They were all going to miss Rose, especially John as she had gotten the closest to her.

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