A Dying Story

Time Flies Fast

Time continued to go, and John continued to get worse. Martha was the next companion for the Doctor. Rose's empty bed didn't stay empty for long, as a young boy filled its place. His name was Jack. He'd been clinically dead twice now, but he didn't stay dead. Ruby explained to him the story, and what happened. Jack was excited and wanted to be a part of it. So when the chance arose, they added Jack with Martha as companions, though Jack was more of a visiting one. He was the one that couldn't stay dead. The story continued quickly. It was at the tenth Doctor, and Jack had once again been released home. Martha left about two weeks later. It was Donna's turn to be the companion. They had fun with Donna as the companion, and she liked being the sassy figure. Ruby wrote her in a way that she, though sassy, was smart and fun. It made everyone laugh.

The extra beds were filled as time went on. A girl named River came and went quickly, and a girl named Sarah-Jane came to stay for a little while. John's birthday was just around the corner as they entered November. And on the 23rd, his birthday, he was surprised with Rose, Jack, Martha and her friend Mickie. They'd come with presents, and stayed to make an exciting story and Ruby made sure this part of the story was amazing for them. At the time, Amy and Rory had chosen not to be in the story just yet. They had wanted to wait a little bit and come in together, so for the time being they were okay with waiting and listening to the story. They wrote Rose's mum, Jackie, in as well, surprising her. By the end of the day, Rose had to leave, and John was so upset that he gave her his favourite stuffed animal. Martha and Mickie left as well, giving Jack a ride home. But they all lost one person they hadn't expected to.

Donna had a fit by the evening, and when she woke up, she didn't know any of them. They had to take her to another room, and it left the children sad and disappointed.

"It's called amnesia." Rory said. "It makes you forget."

John had had a great birthday, but it ended with losing a great friend and watching a bunch of others leave. He laid down, pouty, and fell asleep. It wasn't long after that John had another fit. This one was a little more serious than the past ones. It was his eleventh regeneration as the Doctor and it wasn't happy until Amy said she wanted to be the next companion and that Rory should join in every now and again. River returned, but it seemed she never stayed long. They wrote her in. She became the confusing girl in their story, and she laughed when she found out that they'd made her a time traveler. River was seven, like John, and in this visit it seemed she wasn't leaving anytime soon. Her bed was next to John's and so they talked often. Not long after, Rory was ready to go, but he wasn't going to leave without Amelia. He waited for two weeks for Amelia to be let out.

Together, they left, leaving John, River, and a few new kids. Clara, Jenny, Robert, and Nicole. Robert liked to go by Strax, and Nicole-Vashtra. Things were going well in the story, though it wasn't as often written as before. John hadn't been progressing, and he wasn't looking to well.

"River?" John asked, it was late at night and all other children were asleep.

"Yes, John?"

"I'm scared."


"I'm going to die." River sat up in her bed, and turned to the frightened boy.

"You are not. Don't you dare say that. You can't die." Her voice quivered and she was frightened too. She could see he was fighting, but she knew the battle wasn't easy. He mumbled a response she couldn't make out. River hopped down from her bed, and climbed into his, sitting next to him. "John...you can't die..."

She was on the verge of tears and so was he. He was weak and fragile. His sister was laying in the empty hospital bed, but River didn't have the courage to wake her. She laid next to him, weeping gently, hugging her best friend.

"I'll hold on...for you..." John whispered, before falling asleep. River kissed his cheek gently.

"Please do...sweetie." She whispered, as she fell asleep next to him.

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