Fatigue °Taekook°


Kim Taehyung is the son of a business mogul who decides to go against his father´s wishes and falls in love with the cute barista Jeon Jungkook instead of his own fiance, and even this man is anything but pleased to find out Taehyung has run away together with Jungkook from his destiny.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kim Taehyung would have never thought that his life would turn out like this and he especially wasn´t ready to be swooped of his feet like that by a cute, doe eyed barista with hope and sparks in his eyes.

It all started when Taehyung was running late for college, internally groaning because he knew his father, the business mogul and CEO of KIM INDUSTRIES, would kill him for being late for his important classes he was forced to take in order to become the next CEO.

The red haired boy, another hated fact over Taehyung, just wanted some coffee before he had to sit in class for a couple of boring hours where he´d do nothing but draw doodles in his college block.

And therefore, Taehyung was searching for a good coffee shop nearby, messy velvet locks sticking to his forehead, green sweater hanging loose from his thin frame. He finally spotted a Starbucks and praised every god out there for being so amazing and providing him coffee before rushing over the street to reach the shop.

Once he entered the loud store, he was greeted with the significant smell of coffee beans, milk and warm desserts which he loved to have but knew his father didn´t allow him to have such sugar filled things as he needed to watch his weight.

Something very stupid in Taehyung´s opinion since he was working out four times a week and had a slim, healthy body with just the right curves, also only in his opinion and despised by his father.

Kim Taehyung was only twenty but set to take over his father´s place once the elder man decided his son would be ready for his role. The old Kim was strict, unforgiving and brutal when it came to his son and his rules for him, watching the young boy and not giving him any freedom, ruling over his life like a merciless leader which Taehyung hated but he didn´t have a choice but to obey his strict father.

"Hello there! What can I get you today?", the call made Taehyung snap out of his thoughts, looking wide eyed at a cute looking boy behind the counter with a sweet smile, doe eyes sparkling.

"A caramel frappuchino for me, please", the boy in front of Taehyung managed to say without stuttering and the boy noted down his order, smiling at the customer again. He had brown fluffy hair messily hanging into his eyes and Taehyung was close to lean over the counter to wipe it away.

"Hey, what can I get you today?", it was now Taehyung´s turn to order and being the panicked gay he was, he blurted something out he actually wanted to keep to himself.

"One coffee to go and holy shit! Your number please when you´re on it."

The male giggled, fucking giggled and Taehyung swore he was drooling by now, because not only was this boy hot but also adorable in his own way, ignoring the bulging muscles of his biceps or his board shoulders, this boy was cute. Very cute.

Taehyung liked cute things.

"Are you always this flirty and charming, Sweetheart?", the boy on which tag stood Jeon Jungkook asked amused, looking at Taehyung with one lifted eyebrow and now Taehyung was sure he was drooling because this hot man was so so hot.

"Only when I´m in a hurry and see someone gorgeous like yourself, Handsome", Taehyung cheekily said, cheeks bright red but that didn´t stop him from shutting his mouth, giggling cutely.

Jeon Jungkook stared fascinated at the pretty pretty male in front of him who barged inside the café with his pretty red hair and the pretty sweater and the pretty smile like he didn´t know what effect he had on people, so many eyes already laying on him and Jungkook couldn´t help but to stare too.

"Could only give that back, Lovely. I need your name", Jungkook purred, feeling brave with flirting to a customer, smiling to himself when he saw Pretty´s eyes widen. "For the order", he explained and Taehyung blushed before stuttering out his name.

"Taehyung, huh? Maybe I´ll give you my number. If you promise to not try this flirt on anyone else besides me", Jungkook said when he handed Taehyung the finished coffee who was left speechless and with a wink of the hot barista.

"I´ll look forward to it, Jeon Jungkook", Taehyung said, looking at his tag before smiling up with fluttering lashes as Jungkook, heart pounding in his chest from the flirt, he felt giddy and somewhat beautiful, something he never felt so often.

The barista smile as well, exposing cute white bunny teeth and Taehyung couldn´t help but to wonder what the heck duality was when Jungkook was standing right in front of him with a innocent smile and sparkling doe eyes, face screaming 'Baby' but his body screaming 'Daddy' with tight muscles and bulging body.

"See you, Taehyung-ah", he husked out before his smirk turned dark and he turned away from the flustered boy who hurried out of the store to finally get to his classes, head turning one short second.

And immediately catching the eyes of the cute barista again.

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