A Simple Touch

Light and Darkness

"His eyes wandered… staring at his targets with great infuriation…

He formed his hand into a tight fist….while his eyes became consumed….corrupted by the darkness that invaded his body…."

"This is just the beginning he says; hopefully this little plan of his will work," Vanitas muttered through the body he had received.

His dark yellowish eyes continued to stare at Sora's friends… they were completely oblivious of the fact that he had taken over their friend's body.

"Sora, Come on!" he heard Donald yell from a distance.

"That duck is really annoying...hopefully I don't have to portray being their friend for so long," Vanitas said in his mind.

He then took a small deep breath and closed his eyes. After a second, he slowly opened them again, revealing that his eye color reverted back to pure ocean blue.

"Relax! I'm coming!" Vanitas yelled; duplicating Sora's voice.

He then ran, taking off like a rocket, eventually catching up to the group. Pretty soon after they were all settled, Donald activated the ship and took off, heading to their new destination….Disney Castle.

Vanitas' Point of View

As far as I could say being on this ship, I was extremely annoyed by Sora's friends. The duck and the dog seemed like complete goof balls, the girl, Kairi, kept crying over me like a baby since she was so worried about me, or I should say Sora, and the other, Riku, kept having that suspicious stare I would keep trying to avoid whenever I would come across him. With all this, it seemed pretty impossible for me to be with any of them.

"Hey, I'm going to rest for a bit. I still feel a little tired, is that okay with you?" I asked Kairi who was sitting next to me.

Of course, I was using Sora's voice when I talked...

"Oh, sure, I'll come and get you when we're close to landing," she said looking at me.

"Okay." I said getting up.

I ended up walking to a nearby door that I saw up ahead. As I finally reached the door, I slowly grabbed the knob, but didn't open it just yet. No, before I went in, I turned getting another look at these people who were Sora's friends….seeing them….really makes me sick! I then sharply turned back with a disgusted face and opened the door storming in, though I slowly closed the door silently behind me.

After I shut out the noise behind me…I was welcomed by the familiarity of silence…it was silent enough... that I could only hear the sound of myself breathing. I then put my back against the door, staring blankly at the floor I was standing upon; At this moment, the only thing I was thinking about….was my Master's plan...or maybe to be more clear...the minute when I was brought back.

Flash Back

"Why…why am I back into this world?" I choked out, almost wanting to cry in frustration.

I was practically on my knees and due to my frustration, I slammed my tighten fist hard against the ground. I felt lost and confused...I-I couldn't remember anything. Everything that happened to me….was a blur…I knew something happened, but I couldn't really remember what exactly. The only imagery that I had in my head... was the x-blade shattering right before my eyes.

"The x-blade," I muttered under my breath.

Yes…it seems now I'm starting to remember. My goal was to create the x-bladein order for me to escape the tormenting pain I was cursed with, but…but then Ven ruined it and eliminated us both. Or so I thought at the time, since he reached out to Sora again to reconnect their bond, and because of that, my existence diminished to the point of being a shadow again.

I remembered when that happened, I was so angry that I wanted revenge and more than likely wanted to kill Sora right off the bat, or officially as I think I stated before. But since I was really nothing… within time, I ended up falling asleep like Ven and disappeared without a trace….literally forgetting what I said back then.

Since Ven and I are the same person, and he reconnected with Sora, that alone in a way makes me connected to Sora as well… which is probably why I ended up disappearing in the small darkness he has in his heart.

"But if that's really the case, then why am I here? How did I reawaken, separated from Sora?" I asked myself speaking a little louder.

I then examined my hand and saw that I was still a shadow; I still had Sora's appearance, but didn't really have a solid body as I had before. After a while, I finally got up and took a look at my surroundings. The place really seemed like a ghost town…since no one was around.

There were buildings from every angle I would turn; though as I slowly walked forward, the atmosphere was quite dark, since when I stopped and looked up, it was night-time. But what really caught my attention when I was seeing the dark sky…was the moon. It was glowing bright like any regular moon, but its shape was unique. The moon was crafted into a heart….similar to the Kingdom Hearts I remember seeing in the graveyard long….long ago. From there, there was a large castle displayed.

I then simply tilted my head, "Where am I?" I asked.

Then a familiar voice broke the silence….

"Simple, this world is called The World That Never Was," I heard the voice say behind me.

Without even having to look, I knew who it was…it was my Master….Xehanort. Though I just made a sour face and kept my back turned to him. I'm already tired of this old man, what does he want with me now?

"What, no hello?" I heard him say.

"Not really my thing to have manners, what do you want, I thought you were dead?" I said turning my head facing him.

He just made a slight smile, "Why, I was restored to my original form, the reason I'm here, is to finish what you and I started together, to once again create the x-blade….to have another chance, isn't that what you still want?"

I didn't really answer right away since I was thinking about it for a second, but after what I said about getting revenge and seeing myself like this….I agreed.

"Yes, I want to be free from this pain…as well as having a new body," I said to him.

He then smiled after hearing my response, "Then here."

My eyes were still locked on him as he began to pull out something that he had. I didn't know what it was at first, but after seeing it more closely, it was a black coat. So without another word, I walked over to my Master and slowly took the coat from his hand.

"Consider it as a gift, after all, at your state right now, its better that you wear this," he said looking at me.

As I examined the coat in my hands, I was a bit baffled….does my Master know why I'm here again….why I've reawakened?

"Before we go any further in talking about your plan, I need to know a few things first," I said turning my attention back to him.

"Like?" he asked.

"Like…for starters, how did you know I was here?"

"Consider it as a lucky guess." he responded back. "Anything else?"

I had a hunch he wasn't telling the truth on his response...some-how he knew I was here, but I just let it go.

On the other question...it was taking a shot, but I had a feeling he knew too…. "Why… was I suddenly brought back?"

It was a bit silent when I asked, but after a while, he finally answered.

"I can pretty much say, you know about Sora right?" he responded with a question.

"Yes…yes I do, what about him?" I asked.

"Well, as you already probably know, you share a secret connection with him. Believe it or not Vanitas, but after you were gone, what was left of you vanished into the little darkness in that boy's heart."

I then raised an eyebrow, put the coat over my shoulder and crossed my arms, "Yeah, I figured that since I know Sora's friend's names, Riku and Kairi, I lived in his darker side for so long, that some of his memories are mixed in with my own and Ven's."

Then Xehanort smirked, "And that alone is why you are now presented as his dark side too, not only Ven's."

"So…it's like a connection between the three of us…" I said blandly.

"Yes, and like all connections, you can communicate with him, by invading his mind."

"Yeah, and huh, where do you get to the part about me reawaking?" I asked losing my patience.

"Well, you probably won't know this but, there was a time, when he gave away his heart…he gave away everything what made him whole…so I guess you would say when he did that, he not only separated himself from Ven at the time, but also from you too…. he released you from the darkness he had in order to create his Heartless, thus making your shadowy existence linger to another world. It took time, since your existence is weak, but I finally found you ended up here."

"WEAK! I'M NOT WEAK!" I shouted at him; and like it always has been with my emotions, I once again leaked out a few of my creations….the Unversed. The familiar pain still had a hold on me, but I some-what found a small trick to endure it for a short time.

Though what I seemed to do didn't frighten my Master one bit…no, he just stood there amused, it's like if he loves getting me angry. He then waved his hand slightly, telling me to calm down.

"Calm down Vanitas, I know you are a strong being, if you weren't, you wouldn't have been able to pull yourself together to even be here, I only say the term, weak since you don't have a body, and since you don't have a body, you're existence is more at risk of fading, that's why I gave you the coat, I did something to it, so it can protect you when you wear it," he said.

I then took another look at my coat that I had on my shoulder, "Mmmm…I guess that make sense….so what's the plan then?" I asked wanting to cut to the chase; I mean really, it was another opportunity for me to get my salvation.

"Well, I decided to go with a different approach into creating the x-blade. You see Van, if 13 dark vessels clash together with 7 lights, the result will be the war, as well as the x-blade being recreated," he said half-smiling.

Yeah, at this point, I didn't really give a damn; I just wanted the x-blade. So I'll do whatever I have to do in order to obtain it.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Simple, all the positions are basically filled, we only need the last member, and since Ven use to be the tool to create the x-blade, Sora can now be the one to fill the final seat due to his influence."

"So in other words, you want me to kidnap him?"

"Yes, in fact when you do, bring Sora here," he said looking at the quiet scenery.

"After all, Sora is too nice for his own good, with all those hearts within him, who knows, it could lead him to his downfall," Xehanort continued.

After a while it was quiet, but I eventually broke the silence.

"Okay then…I guess I'm on my way," I said walking passed him.

Without another word, I put on my coat and opened a dark portal, though before I went in, a small thought came across my mind.

My Master said to bring Sora to him since he is the key, but he didn't say that I couldn't have a little fun with him first.

Master said I can invade his mind…so why not make the ability useful. Mmmm…I could probably even give him a nightmare to boot. I can't kill him for real, but I can get a chance when he's dreaming. I could do it for kicks, and no harm would really be done since it will only be a dream.

"Yeah, I'll go with that," I said under my breath.

After that, I pulled over my hood and walked into the portal accompanied by the Unversed.

End of Flash Back

Yeah, that was the plan…to have Sora be the last dark vessel, that is, until my Master decided to do something different when I brought him. I then slowly walked over to a nearby window. As far as I could see when I looked out, we still haven't reached the destination which was Disney Castle.

Though after a second of looking out, I ended up being distracted by the reflection on the window's surface.

"That face…that innocent looking face…" I muttered to myself seeing Sora's reflection; his reflection was now my own since I have a hold on his body. I then slowly picked up my finger and ran it across the window.

"It just doesn't make sense….why did he succumb to me so easily? Is he really that naïve like Ven, or does he still have it in his mind that I can be saved like everyone else he came in contacted with…"

I then gave a small sigh.

"I'll probably never forget the way he looked at me before I took over his body…"

"Those eyes…" I said looking at them in the reflection…they're so pure, full of hope and determination…now corrupted by darkness.

End of Vanitas' POV

Flash Back

Sora's Point of View

I was still confined in the prison I was in…..no-where to go…no-where to run. But even though if I could run, I wouldn't. I thought long and hard about my idea, and….I guess I decided to take a chance and give in to whatever it is the people have in store for me.

After all, this isn't really the first time I do something this crazy, it was hazy at first, but the memory soon became clear as day when I remembered the time I gave my life for Kairi. I was willing to be consumed by the darkness as long as I knew she was safe; I….I didn't really care what would happen to me, I was only thinking of her safety, to have her life back exchange for mine. Hopefully entering deeper into my mind will help me find the key, to understand the people who are hurting and lessen their pain.

And in that moment without any further warning, I heard the door open. As I moved my head to the entrance, I registered in my mind it was a hooded figure, though after a second, the person removed the hood, revealing it to be Vanitas. Nonetheless, he greeted me with that cold cruel smirk upon his face.

"Oh, how I love to see a plan go so smoothly," he said walking towards me.

I then raised my head a little higher, "Why are you doing this?"

Though he just gave me a sour look, "None of your business why! After all, it will be a waste of time to tell you, since you'll be gone soon."

Then after a second, he took notice in how beaten and awful I looked; with the torn shirt, wound, and dried blood I had.

Without another word from him, he then kneeled down to my level and unexpectedly put his hand over my chest….over my wound.

"Heal," I heard him utter under his breath.

I saw that his hand started to glow green, and in an instant, his Key-blade appeared, activating the spell….it didn't make any sense, he is supposedly cruel and cold hearted, yet he is healing the wound that he gave me.

"Why are you healing me, I thought you love hurting people?" I asked a bit confused.

He then chuckled, "Don't get any ideas because of this, I haven't changed and never will, I'm just preparing the vessel, it has nothing to do with kindness or guilt," he said.

After going by the little piece of memory I have of him, I'm beginning to wonder how Vanitas really was before he became this way…honestly, just by looking at him, I know he's hurting…just like everyone else, except the only difference, is that he refuses to get help and tries to do it himself. I'm not truly convinced he was born this dark as he says he is. Darkness may be scary, but it isn't bad; I guess it's like what Riku said, it's the matter of who is lurking inside it…

Vanitas is darkness himself….so is he truly bad?….

After a few minutes, the wound he had created, finally healed, I was good as new.

Vanitas then got up and glared at me, "So then, are you going to come voluntarily, or am I going to have to pull you by the hair and drag with chains?" he said harshly.

So without another word, I got up…I didn't really have much of choice since he had a tight grip on one of my arms. As we walked out of the room I had no idea where we were going.

It took a while, but I ended up being taken to a white room filled with tall chairs; it felt like they were surrounding me since I would see one everywhere I would turn. As I arrived, there was already an old man there, waiting for me. He looked at me and gave a smirk.

"X-Xehanort?" I questioned; it was the first thing that popped into my head.

Though he continued to give me that smirk….I didn't really expect him to be Xehanort, but something in the back of my head said that it was.

"I brought him, now can we get this over with?" Vanitas said a bit irritated.

"Mmmm….now that we have him, I have a better idea in mind…" Xehanort said.

Then I saw that Vanitas lost it, "WHAT! YOU SAID-" though he was cut off.

"You see Van, if I simply put a piece of my heart into the vessel, there will be no turning back…and at this rate if I did it now, it would be hard to push the 7 lights into clashing with us…they would refuse. So I have to give them a reason to fight with no other choice, that's where you come in."

"And the new plan is?"

"Simple, it will benefit you since you want a body right, well take Sora's, and once you do, find his friends and go to Disney Castle…go and destroy that world; when that happens, the king will be so mad that he and everyone else will be willing to fight."

My eyes widen in horror, no…I couldn't allow this…my friends are in danger. Though before I could act, something immediately grabbed my entire body….it was those weird blue creatures that ended up holding me down to my knees.

"There…so you won't leave," Vanitas said looking at me.

I then saw he turned his attention back to Xehanort, "I could have done that from the start if you just told me," he said.

"Oh, but that world is protected by an item called The Cornerstone of Light, I heard from Maleficent that it prevents darkness from invading the castle, and since you're a shadow, you can't even lay a finger on it, but if you have a body, it's a different story."

"So, I go to this world, take out the cornerstone, and it will be easier for me to destroy the world completely?"

"Yes, then you will be that much closer into getting the x-blade…this is just the beginning."

No…no, I couldn't believe what I was hearing….I can't leave my friends like this, I had to do something, but at this rate I was helpless. I then looked directly and Vanitas without saying a word…looking at him with desperation. I think even at the cost of knowing what was going to happen, I started to feel tears emerging in my eyes; though Vanitas hardly showed any emotion when he looked at me.

"Fine, I guess I'll do it," he finally spoke.

With no words really left to say, I immediately put my head down facing the floor.

"I'll let you take my body, if you promise not to hurt my friends…." I said in my mind.

I wanted to say this to Vanitas, but knowing him, promises is just a waste of time since he'll predictability go against them and think I'm naïve for saying such a thing. But... maybe being with my friends…who knows, it might change him; this could be a test, to see if he's dark as he says he is.

And in that moment, I started to feel my existence being torn away from my body….his existence was overshadowing mine….so without a fight….I let him.

It felt more like welcoming another heart into my body….though coated with darkness…

End of Sora's POV

It was awfully quiet, but after a while, Sora finally moved and eliminated the Unversed that were binding him. As he slowly got up and moved his head higher, it was pretty clear that it was Vanitas since Sora's eyes displayed dark yellow instead of blue.

Vanitas then took a few moments getting use to the body.

"Well, I better be going then, see you," Vanitas said immediately walking away.

"I see that you're anxious Vanitas, but just remember, you have to act like Sora when you're with his friends, that shouldn't be hard since you have a few of his memories, just don't blow your cover until you're there, okay." Xehanort said.

"Okay," he then opened a dark portal….though it was a bit hazy. Since Vanitas is in a new body, his power of creating portals has been restrictedly limited; but that didn't really stop him from going through. After he did, the portal disappeared.

After Van's departure, someone else was unknowingly there, listening to the whole conversation; the person was hiding behind one of the chairs, but after a second, the figure finally made itself known.

"Again, it was foolish of you to give Vanitas such a task, due to his actions; he might even eliminate the few lights we probably need to create the x-blade," the person said from behind Xehanort.

But Xehanort stayed where he was and smiled.

"Don't worry, light balances out darkness no matter what, in other words, even if Vanitas does have control, Sora will never let him go to that extreme" Xehanort said.

"So everything is going as planned," the hooded figure said.

The hooded figure then walked over to Xehanort, and accompanied him.

Due to the person's hood up, the only thing that could be seen was the color of the eyes that represented pure darkness.

Darkness may have outshined the light, but the question is, for how long...

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