A Simple Touch

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"Do you hear it…the sound of the calm waves?"

"Who is this boy...?"

Vanitas' Point-of-view

As I could recall, it has only been a few days since Ven came back into my life... ever since when the mysterious boy made the connection.

I still remember what happened clearly that day, after I'd fully adjusted to my new self.

Flash Back

I was still standing in the middle of the pathway, looking down at the helmet in my hands. As of that particular moment, I couldn't stop thinking about the voice; the voice sounded so innocent and elegant, it almost seemed like it can compare to an angel, but more less, I knew it was a child since the voice was so small. The more I thought about the voice, the more curious I was. I had this sudden urge that I wanted to go to the world where the connection happened and see this child for myself.

What makes him so special?...Why did he help Ven?...but most importantly I wanted to know who he was and what did he look like….Though while I was thinking about this in my head, I faintly started to hear soft sounds of foot-steps coming my way. No doubt in my mind it was my Master and Ven. I turned my attention away from the helmet and looked across my direction. At first, I didn't really see much of whom it was; the only thing I could see were two vague shadows walking towards me.

But after a while, their appearances came into view and in that instant, I knew I was right, it was my Master and my other broken half, Ventus. Though as he came closer and closer to me, I sensed there was something completely off about his being; he still had the white blanket on the Master gave him, but that wasn't it, as I examined his face closer, I then noticed how beaten and wasted he was, he had no facial expressions what so ever, just a dull blank stare, and his eyes were still at the peak of being empty and lifeless. It's like if he died and then came back to life; like a zombie.

The boy indeed successfully stopped Ven from dying, but he some-what failed to completely heal him as he was in his original state; it will truly take a huge amount of time before Ven is fully healed; the shattered pieces are slowly mending themselves together little by little.

"Well we're back, it turned out he will live after all," my Master said kind of happy. Though of course just by looking at Ven, I couldn't really picture the sight of seeing him getting better, even though I knew for a fact he will in time. "Can he still talk?" I said having a bit of concern in my voice. He then extended out his hand to him, indicating for me to try to communicate to see if he could respond.

I then gently put my helmet down to the ground and got a little closer to Ven, "Hey, you heard my name before, but I'll say it again, my name is Vanitas. Can you say it?" He then motioned his eyes towards me, staring blankly without saying a single word. He was starting to get on my nerves, if he was strong, he wouldn't really be acting this way; he could at least talk to me, though I tried again, "Can you say my name?" I said slower, though he was still silent and his movements hadn't changed; his eyes were still locked on me. I didn't know why he was staring at me like this, but it was really annoying me, I wanted him to quit looking at me with those broken, weak eyes.

Without really knowing it, my teeth were starting to grid while my small anger was starting to develop fast into a frustrated state. This shell is worthless and broken….broken enough to not even talk, why was he saved in the first place; he is truly a weakling, I can't even bear to look upon him anymore…..My hand immediately turned into a fist and without a second of hesitation or regret, I hit him in the face.

Ven immediately fell to the side landing hard on the ground, moaning in pain. At the sight of seeing him this vulnerable, I couldn't help, but definitely take advantage of this moment; Ven had already suffered enough and is worthless, so might as well just put him out of his misery. I don't know what the child was thinking when he saved this pathetic shell from drowning in the ocean; figuratively speaking.

So with the obtained memories I had from Ven, I summoned a key-blade in my hand and slowly raised it at him. As I was about to strike, I immediately stopped when my Master got in front of him. At this point I didn't care if he was superior than me; I just wanted him out of my sight so I can get rid of the weakling, "Move!" I yelled. "Save your energy, I guarantee you will be needing it soon, I have a plan in store for Ven, just give him time to heal," he said trying to persuade me into not killing him, even though I really wanted to. But I felt like I owed him one since he was the one who brought me into existence, the least I can do is obey him….well at least just once.

I then took a deep breath and slowly lowered my weapon. "Good, we should really be going now," my Master said bending down. Even though I didn't like where this was going, I had no choice in words, but to agree, "Yeah, I think I've been here long enough," I said while my Key-blade vanished out of sight. As I was some-what calm now, I faced my attention on Ven lying on the ground. It seemed that my physical contact with him made him start feeling again; though he was mostly filled with fear and pain; fear, because I hurt him and he thinks I'll do something more, and pain due to the impact and small bleeding he had on his lower lip. His eyes were dull and empty previously, but now they're portraying fear.

I had no regret what so ever on what I did, but for some reason, the two words that people usually say at the sign of showing regret, escaped from my lips. I kneeled down to Ven looking down at him, "I'm sorry…" I whispered to him, making sure Master didn't hear me; I didn't want him or anyone in this matter to know for a second that I had a soft spot; this will be the first and last time those words will ever come across my lips.

As my Master was helping him up, I saw that his eyes motioned again looking at me; by the look in his eyes, it seemed like he accepted my apology since they weren't consumed with fear anymore, there was more of a twinkle in his eye instead. At this point I really felt like I wanted to kick myself since I was soft in that moment; I was showing kindness and pity for the weakling. I'm truly disgusted with myself for that, I had become like him again….but no more, I don't want to be this way, I want to be strong, more powerful than him. Could this be why my Master brought me into existence? So I can be better than Ven? Still thinking at the thought, but this is my solution for now.

While Master had Ven up standing again, I then got back on my own feet and walked over to retrieve my helmet that I had abandon for a few minutes. I ended up putting it on as a dark corridor was opening behind me. As I turned, I saw that my Master had created it. "Shall we?" he said. The three of us then walked in leaving the dreadful wasteland behind. We were heading to a temporary home, where we would be staying for the time being.

End of Flash Back

And ever since that day, I have been the one who would be taking care of Ven, since Master is busy with things I don't really know about. Like I said earlier, it has only been a few days, but the way I'm progressing at the moment, it feels like it has been years, I feel like I want to pull my hair out since I have to nurture this neophyte.

I…I just can't stand caring for this weakling….Like that day I was close to killing him, that same feeling alone always creeps up inside me every time I'm with him; I want to hurt him….break him even more; though with Master's strict orders, I have to fight myself to stay in control of my actions to keep Ven alive as instructed.

In the world we were staying in, it was already night-time. The night was young, the stars were shining; I had to admit, it did look rather beautiful as I would look at them through my window, clearing my thoughts. Of course, usually I would do this without really having my helmet on. Since things were quiet at the moment and my Master was out, I couldn't help but think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to travel; to go to….Destiny Islands to see what it is like, and most importantly, to see the child, and besides I have been cooked up here babysitting…so I kind of need a little break.

But after a few seconds, a simple knock broke the silence in my room. I turned my attention away from the window to the door, without a single word, the door slowly opened, revealing it to be Ven; by the look in his face, I guess he wanted some company and got tired of being alone in his room. "V-Van?" he softly uttered. He was still broken, but he was at least trying to speak. "Yes, what is it?" I asked trying to hide my hatred towards him. I saw that he then slightly looked down playing with his hands, I guess he couldn't really make out the words he wanted to say.

"Well, just forget it," I said waving my hand, then unexpectedly, a thought then came to me, maybe in doing this, it might put him to sleep…that way I could leave, "Why don't you just sit here and watch the stars, I'm pretty sure they'll put you at ease," I said pointing at the window. He had a little bit of confusion in his face, when I said it. I guess he doesn't remember that he always loved gazing at the stars every night before he would go to bed. Master told me when he split us apart, it affected Ven's memory in the process; in translation he doesn't remember anything period. I guess I would have to help him little by little since I have most of his memory; we're the same person after all, or more like brothers now since we're co-existing.

I then patted an empty spot on my bed beside me, "Come on, I promise I won't hurt you," even though in the back of my head I really wanted to. After a few seconds, he then slowly made his way and got on my bed sitting close to the window. "See, look out there, up in the sky, they're stars, aren't they beautiful?" Even though these aren't my choices of words, I said them since I was trying to put him at ease so he would eventually fall asleep.

Ven then crawled a little more closer to the window and saw out, one of his hands were touching the cool surface of the glass. By the look in his empty eyes, I could guarantee that he was fascinated by the stars; after all, they represented peace and light much like himself, not really me because of my dark nature. "They're….p-pretty," he managed to say, though still in a soft low voice. "Yeah," I blandly said not really looking at him; I was fighting the sudden urge to hurt him again. At this rate, I'm beginning to think if Ven staying with us is really a good thing, what if at some point I'll snap; then there will be no hope for his revival. In order for him to live and be safe, he would have to be raised somewhere else…I'll probably have to tell my Master about this soon, but for now I'll have to keep this up.

Quite some time had passed, and as it got darker, I then noticed that Ven eventually dosed off. He practically fell asleep on my bed, I then smacked the back of head, "Rrrrrgghh…don't tell me I have to carry him back to his own bed?" Just thinking about it really made me sick, but since I was the babysitter, I forcefully had to.

After a while, I finally made it to his room carrying him in my arms. As quietly as I could, I slowly made my way to his bed and then gently put him there. Ven was still fast asleep. I then grabbed the covers from the end and pulled them forward; tucking him in. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine without me here for at least an hour or so…I definitely need some time for myself or else I'll probably explode. "Goodnight…" I said patting him on the head; I didn't really like doing this, but I did it anyway.

After that was over, I quietly made my way out the door and went inside my room. I walked over and got my helmet that was on the floor and put it on. "Time to go…" Without another word, I extended out my hand and opened a dark portal leading to the mysterious Destiny Islands… I wonder how this world will be like? It could have been my imagination, but as I was walking through, I could hear the calm sounds of the waves from the ocean.

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