A Simple Touch

To Move Forward

The figure looked down motionless; the features of the person couldn't be seen, due to the image of him growing hazy. As this kept up, darkness was emerging more rapidly…slowly clouding the young boy's mind. As the boy kept looking at the figure frighten; he wondered, what was he suppose to do? Give in, or fight back.

And…as the world around him started to fade, the boy started to drift into a deep sleep; merely surrendering to the dark depths that awaits him. He was afraid…what was to become of him?

As the boy kept scrambling with his thoughts, a voice…a familiar voice called out to him; saying these words that were the key to ease his troubling mind.

"Don't be afraid…" his voice whispered.

This was the only thing that was given to the boy, as he fallen deeper into his slumber.

But, as he kept stumbling deeper into the dark, images of his recent nightmare floated back vividly in his sleep. Seeing himself screaming and crying, watching his friends die…blood was truly shed in this horrendous dream. He was so scared; he wondered…is this dream just a dream…or was it a warning…some kind of foreshadow of the future.

Though in the end, as he was slowly wakening from the dream, the answer didn't come clear. He was still unsure. After all, everyone is afraid of what the future holds at times…

"Regardless of warnings…

The future shouldn't scare you at all..."

What have I done?!"

Sora slowly sank into a panic; to him, it honestly felt like time was frozen. Because of this sudden feeling, it seemed like it took him forever into trying to comprehend in what just happened.

The atmosphere in the room was so quiet, that he could hear the sound of his own heart beating; it may have been his imagination, but within every second, Sora swore he could hear the beating getting louder and louder.

"The darkness…" he uttered softly.

Sora then raised his hand, and gripped his shirt tightly; mostly feeling disgusted with himself. As time still seemed frozen, Sora took a couple of steps back, finding himself standing against a corner. It didn't really take a moment, until he finally sank down to the floor; having his back still against the wall.

"The darkness…" he whispered faintly; repeating the statement again.

At this rate, he knew, he knew that he gave into the darkness; the faint shadow that he always had in the dark depths of his heart…was now steadily growing within him. The question is now, will the darkness become equal to the light, or…try to surpass it.

As Sora continued to get his thoughts in order, he slowly started checking himself; seeing if anything about him has changed, luckily though, nothing seemed to be exposed; he still looked normal.

To think that this alone would put his mind at ease…well sadly, it didn't. It may have not been noticeable on the outside, but within…Sora could no doubtfully feel the dreadful aura flowing silently underneath his skin.

He could also feel the power it holds…to use it though, it was so tempting. Because of the sudden temptation, it brought Sora into complete doubt, thinking whether or not he could control the darkness within his heart. He was slowly becoming scared again.

"This is terrible…how did I even let Vanitas talk me into this!" Sora said to himself; hugging his knees with his arms.

"I know Vanitas wanted my darkness to grow, so it can balance the light I have, but…what if I can't control it and the darkness grows more than what is necessary…"

Because of being concerned…one thing suddenly came to mind; his friends. Sora cherished his friends more than anything in the world, and just thinking about the possibility of losing them, made Sora feel sick to his stomach; his life would truly end if he were to lose them.

"Riku…" he whispered.

Then without realizing it, Sora raised his hand and reached into his pocket; taking out, what seemed to be, a star-shaped charm. At first glance, the charm may look similar to the one Ven had, but if looked upon closer, the charm was quite different. What made the charm stand out…was obviously in how it looked; yes it was shaped like a star, but the material which help shape it…was made from seashells, unlike Ven's.

Sora held the charm tightly in his hand; gazing at its beauty. After all, to him, this wasn't any ol' charm…no…this particular one was special; it belonged to a friend…a friend that he deeply cherishes with all his heart. That feeling alone, is what made it beautiful and special in his eyes.

Sora then put the charm close to his chest…thinking… of her.

"Kairi…" he whispered.

It was crystal clear in Sora's eyes, that he didn't want anything bad to happen to her. Eventually after a while, Sora put the charm back into his pocket and slowly got up from the floor. To Sora, time was at a standstill, but after some time letting the events sink in, as he was up from the floor, time slowly continued to move forward.

Since Sora was thinking about his friends, he wondered what they were doing. So with the thought in mind, he found out that his body was already moving towards the door; mostly being like a zombie since his mind was somewhere else. As Sora finally walked over to the door, he quietly opened it; taking a small peek outside.

When looking around, everything seemed pretty peaceful and normal. He saw that Donald was driving the ship, Goofy had fallen asleep on his chair, and Kairi was also sitting in her chair, looking out the window with Riku and the King.

Within seeing this, a warm smile appeared on Sora's face; just knowing…seeing that his friends were alive…was enough for him. Though, the smile quickly faded, making him remember the dreadful nightmare again; he didn't want the nightmare to become a reality…and…now after realizing in what he just done, Sora couldn't help but think that the nightmare might happen.

"I think I made the biggest mistake of my life…" Sora said to himself.

Then, as Sora continued to look at his friends, all of a sudden, his deep sea blue eyes were diminishing; slowly changing into soulless golden eyes. Darkness was drawing near, slowly clouding his mind, but, as this was happening, a voice broke out.

"If you don't even learn how to accept the darkness, then of course your nightmare will become a reality. The darkness inside you will grow vigorously and consume you.

And I know you don't want that," Vanitas' voice echoed in Sora's head.

Hearing this, made Sora shut the door, take a few steps back, and eventually closed his eyes; shaking his head.

Sora then rested his hand on the side of his face; opening his eyes, taking a deep breath. In the end, he was almost taken by the darkness, but luckily, he quickly snapped out of it.

His dark golden eyes diminished; changing back into pure ocean blue. After a second, Sora then put his hand down and turned it into a tight fist; determination and seriousness was now reflecting in his eyes.

"No! I'm not giving up that easily," Sora said in his mind.

"If Riku was able to control the darkness once, then I can too. Somewhere out there, people are counting on me to help them.

I-I just need to face the darkness; to stop being afraid, to stop thinking about the negative things. I have to try and think positive."

After Sora reinsured himself, a thought quickly struck him.

"Riku! Crud!"

"Riku knows about the darkness since he dealt with it before, and since I some-what gave into it, he could probably identify the aura if he were to come close to me. And who knows what he'll do if he finds out…"

Sora could just imagine the possibility of what could happen, and after some thought; he realized it wouldn't be pretty.

"As much as it hurts…I have to keep this a secret; for their sake," Sora then did a small sigh, "Looks like I'm really going to have to follow Van's plan then."

After having his thoughts in order, Sora was calmer.

"Huh, with all this going on, I wonder if we're close to Disney Castle," he wondered.

So due to his curiosity, Sora walked over to the window and saw out; seeing if they were close to landing. Nothing really seemed to change as he was looking out in space, but then again, it was space after all. Even though there wasn't much to look at, there was something about the essence of space that seemed to be mesmerizing. Sora just couldn't figure out why.

Maybe the reason for it…was because of the fact of seeing millions of stars in the faint distance; each one giving off its individual glow. Simply beautiful, to say the least, though, who would have thought it, that the stars were a fragment of a world. Knowing this now, really took Sora back on his early adventures.

Just traveling to each world…determined to find his friends, it made Sora chuckle a bit, since when he first met Donald and Goofy for help, they didn't really see eye-to-eye, especially when it came to him and Donald, but now….after all that they have been through together; it seems that the three became inseparable; making Sora value them as much as he valued Riku and Kairi.

As Sora kept staring at the stars in the distance, a thought suddenly occurred to him.

"Mmm…now that I think about it, I wonder if my home is still gone. I…remember Van destroyed it…but…what if it some-how came back. I mean, my Key-blade was re-created after we stopped fighting, my heart was restored after Van gave my body back so…maybe there could be a possibility.

That way Kairi could stay there so no harm could come to her. I know she'll probably hate me for it since she wants to help, and I don't blame her for that, but…I'm just worried for her sake," Sora said; thinking among himself.

After all, it was only an idea, he wasn't really certain if he would leave his friend there to begin with.

"Well…I guess I been in this room long enough, I don't want my friends to think something is wrong…but I'm going to have to keep my distance from Riku, I honestly don't know how I'm going to do it though."

Sora then turned, walked over to the door and opened it; eventually he stepped out and closed the door behind him. He then continued to walk over to join the others and was happily greeted.

"Hi Sora, how was your nap?" Kairi turned, facing Sora.

"Uh, good…good, I just needed to rest my eyes for bit, but I'm fine," Sora said; using his usual cheerful voice.

Kairi then did a slight giggle, "Good, I was wondering, so I told Riku to check up on you, and he told me you were sleeping."

Sora then smiled, scratching the back of his head, "Yeah well, what can I say…I guess I kind of sleep a lot don't I," he said jokily.

"You lazy bum," Kairi responded back; joking as well.

She even got up, and started messing up his hair playfully.

As the two kept on, Riku was still sitting in his chair slightly far away, looking at them. Though, it didn't really take long until he focused his attention more on Sora. Just seeing him smiling and laughing, Riku couldn't shake the thought of what Sora said to him earlier.

"I didn't defeat Vanitas, like you did, I'm carrying Van's heart inside me," Sora's voice echoed in Riku's head.

Thinking about it, Riku just couldn't picture the sight of his friend harboring a dark being inside his heart. Honestly, to Riku, his response is probably, man, what are you thinking? But in the end, Riku felt like he wouldn't understand Sora's intentions, even if he tried to; but tossing all that aside, he couldn't help, but continue to worry about his friend's sake; believing he could be in danger.

As Riku kept eyeing his friend, Mickey took note of this, and turned to him.

"Riku, what's wrong? Is there something troubling you?" the king asked; feeling concerned.

At first it seemed like Riku was in a trance, but he quickly snapped out of it, and turned to the King.

"Well…" Riku said hesitantly; rubbing the side of his neck.

He kept thinking it over, should he tell Mickey what was going on with Sora, or should he just put up a fake smile and say that everything is alright. As Riku's thoughts kept tangling up with one another, trying to find a suitable response, Riku nonetheless lowered his head; letting a sigh escape his lips.

"Can we talk about this in private," Riku whispered; leaning over to one of Mickey's ears; luckily Sora didn't notice since he was being occupied, talking with the others.

Mickey still had a concerned look on his face, but, it wasn't really much of a problem for him to pull out a smile.

"Sure, why not," the king said; looking at his companion.

So with that said, Riku and Mickey got up from their chairs.

"Hey Sora," Riku called out.

Sora nonetheless turned, "Yeah?"

"I'll be right back, I have to go and do something…tell us when we're close to landing okay?" Riku said to his friend; though as he was saying this, he was slowly walking away.

Sora showed a hint of confusion, but quickly responded, "Uh…okay."

Though, after responding, Sora didn't really turn back to his other friends; as he was seeing Riku and Mickey leave to another room, Sora had a hunch that the conversation the two were going to have, was probably going to be about him…making Sora feel slightly uneasy. After all, Riku is pretty smart to not let these kind of things go unnoticed; which makes Sora wonder, can he really keep the whole darkness thing a secret towards him...his best friend?

But, after seeing the two disappear, Sora eventually turned back his attention to Donald who was driving.

"Come on Donald please, I want to drive just for a little while," Sora pleaded; though Donald didn't budge.

"No! For the last time, I'm not letting you drive this ship. Besides we're almost there," Donald yelled.

Sora then crossed his arms and ended up sitting in another chair; giving his usual angry, yet adorable look.

Kairi giggled a little and turned to Goofy who had woken up a few seconds ago, "Are the two always like this?" she asked.

"At times, but uh, you kinda get use to it after a while," Goofy said to Kairi.

Then Kairi turned her attention back to Sora and gave a warm smile.

"So, what was it you wanted to talk about in private?" Mickey asked walking into the room.

As Riku closed the door behind him, silence between the two quickly filled the air; for some unknown reason, Riku just didn't know where to start, or even know how to start it. He remembered vividly that Sora wanted the meeting between them two to be a secret, and as a friend, Riku promised to himself that he would follow Sora's wish to not tell anyone in what they'd talked about…but when it comes to the point of his friend possibility being in danger, it almost felt right to break that promise.

Then again, Sora said to not tell Kairi, he didn't say about not telling anyone else, this statement was probably the loop- hole Riku needed, so when Sora finds out, he won't really be mad since Riku would say he wasn't being specific. Having this thought in mind made Riku feel a little better, but not fully, since he couldn't shake off the feeling of going behind Sora's back. It was only a matter of time, until Riku found his voice again.

"I-I think Sora still could be in danger…" Riku finally spoke.

Mickey gave a slight confused face, "Huh, is that the thing that is troubling you?"

Riku then titled his head slightly, "Yeah, it is….you see your Majesty," though he was cut off.

"Riku, you know you don't have to be so formal," Mickey said.

"Uh…sorry…you see Mickey, the reason I'm worried is because…well, all that talk about Sora being fine, was merely a lie," Riku said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when I went to check up on Sora, he looked so frighten and guilty, that he told me what was going on with him. After all this time, it came to my attention that he wasn't truly free from the darkness.

And the reason for that is because he's harboring that demon," Riku raised his hand; forming it into a tight fist.

"Demon? Oh, you mean Vanitas? I thought Sora got rid of him," Mickey's eyes widen.

Riku then closed his eyes and shook his head, "No, he's still alive, Sora told me so, at first I thought he was joking, but…when I looked into his eyes…they were serious as can be."

"Did Sora tell you why he did that, keeping Vanitas inside?"

"Well, he was going off saying that he wanted to help Vanitas, since it had something to do about seeing his past…but…I don't know, there's just something about that guy I don't like, nor I even want to trust him."

"Mmmm…I see what you mean."

Mickey then sank deeper into his thoughts.

"Maybe…maybe there's a chance that Xehanort still wants Sora as the last dark vessel. But knowing Xehanort, kind of hard to say really…" Mickey said still thinking.

"That's why I'm worried; I don't know what to do Mickey. I know Sora's intentions are probably good; since he's being himself, in another words, following his heart, but…I just don't want him to get hurt, and suffer what I went through," Riku said; his voice heavily dripping with concern.

"Mmmm….well…I don't know what to say Riku. The only thing I can probably think of is to just keep a close eye on Sora. There's nothing we can really do, except that," Mickey concluded.

Riku then lowered his head a little; his eyes trailing down to the floor, "I guess."

To Riku, Mickey's words were basically like saying, there's nothing to do except sit back and watch what happens, and Riku hated those words. He couldn't just sit back and watch that demonic being tear Sora's body from the inside out. No, he can't, he felt like he needed to do something…but the thing is, what? But then again, it was also difficult as well, since Sora has faith in Vanitas and Riku doesn't want to hurt his friend's feelings, saying what Sora is doing is wrong.

"You really care about him, don't you Riku?" Mickey said giving a calm smile.

Riku then raised his head, looking at Mickey slightly baffled; he thought…what kind of question is that? Since in the end, the answer was so obvious.

He then gave a slight chuckle, "Well of course I care about him, he's my best friend," Riku said; giving a smile in return.

"Maybe even more like a brother…" he said in his mind.

"Then, as his best friend, you should have a little more faith in Sora. I'm sure things will turn out good in the end," Mickey continued.

"Yeah, okay…thank you Mickey," Riku said.

"No problem, well, we better get back to the others," Mickey said, already walking to the door.

But before the King turned the knob, Riku spoke, which made him stop.

"Oh, and Mickey, this conversation is only between us. I don't really want Sora to know that we were talking about him, I don't want to alarm him or anything," Riku said.

"Sure, okay."

As Riku and Mickey walked down a short hallway to greet the others again, surprisingly, they found someone by the hall waiting for them; the figure revealed itself to be Sora.

"Oh, hi guys, Donald told me to let you know that we're near the world, and to get ready for landing," Sora said cheerfully walking to them; though at the same, keeping his distance.

"Okay, thanks Sora, we better get ready," Mickey then started to run and passed by Sora.

Pretty soon, as he kept running, he was gone, which just left Sora and Riku.

"M-may I ask what the two of you were talking about?" Sora wondered.

It took a second or two for Riku to answer, but he at least said something.

"Oh nothing really, we were talking in where the other lights could be. You know, to maybe continue our search somewhere else," Riku said; thinking the statement up quickly.

When Sora heard those words, he then took a little gulp and found himself shrugging his shoulders, "Yeah….about that Riku…"

"What?" he asked.

"I-I was thinking, because of those people we have to find, maybe…maybe it would be better if we separated; you know, do our own searchers in finding them, I believe it would be quicker that way," Sora said.

"Mmmm…not a bad idea," Riku said thinking it over.

"Though I think it's best to hold it on this idea until we land. So we can discuss it with everyone," he finished.

"Okay that's fine," Sora said; his eyes slightly looking down.

"Well, we better go meet with the others," Riku said walking towards Sora.

"What was I thinking, I can't hide this aura from him," Sora said in his mind.

Sora then lowered his head a little, not moving from where he was standing. As Riku slowly walked passed Sora, his eyes widen in shock. He sensed it…he sensed the scent of darkness; the dreadful aura was coming from…Sora? No, Riku couldn't believe that…he thought, maybe talking about Sora being in the darkness, started to cloud his mind; blinding Riku enough to start imagining things.

But…the scent, it seemed too familiar; like if he smelled it before. As Riku turned his attention to Sora, he saw that the aura was visible now, engulfing Sora's body. Riku did nothing, but stood there frozen in shock. And then as if things couldn't get any worse, Riku then saw Sora slowly turned to him, but when he did, he was no longer himself. Sora had turned into Vanitas. Vanitas ended up giving a chuckle, and greeted Riku with his usual smirk.

"No!" Riku said shutting his eyes, but…as soon as he opened them again; he was now seeing a vision.

Everything that Riku saw…was nothing but flames surrounding him; fire had already destroyed and consumed everything in its path. As Riku was seeing the flames, in the faint distance, he eventually started to hear the insane laughter again; from Vanitas no doubt.

"Sora!" Riku called out to his friend; though the only response was more laughter.

Then, as if by magic, the flames in front of Riku descended, forming an opening for the figure to walk through; as the figure revealed itself, Riku was beyond stunned. This was really the first time Riku ever saw Van's face; he didn't think he looked like his best friend at all. Vanitas just looked at him, giving Riku a cold glare while carrying someone familiar in his arms.

"Sora! Riku cried; acknowledging him.

Sora looked completely beaten up and lifeless in Vanitas' arms.

After seeing this sight, Riku wanted to summon his Key-blade and do something, but, for some odd reason, he just stood where he was…frozen. Vanitas obviously took note of his weakness; Riku wouldn't hurt Van if he had Sora with him, making Van able to use him as a protective shield. After all, Riku would never hurt Sora…his best friend, or would he, if he became one with the darkness.

But in the end, the thought eventually slipped through Van's mind. Displayed in his cold eyes, the outcome didn't matter; in his eyes, they read, as long as he had the key in his grasp, he couldn't care less about anything else.

"As of now, this boy belongs to me," Vanitas finally spoke; smiling evilly.

"No!" Riku then ran towards Van, but failed when the flames grew in front of him; making Riku unable to pass.

Since he was so close to the fire, and since the flames appeared quickly as well, the sudden brightness blinded him; making Riku shut his eyes.

"Riku?! Riku?!" a voice called out to him.

Riku then quickly snapped out of his trance and saw that Sora was kneeling down close to him.

"Sora, you're okay," Riku said calmly.

"Uh…yeah," Sora said confused, "I was going to ask if you were okay, I mean, one minute you were walking passed me, then the next thing I knew, you got scared, looking like if you seen a ghost, and ended up falling on the floor," Sora said extending out his hand; aiding his friend.

"What happened?" Sora continued.

It took a moment, but Riku finally took Sora's hand and was back on his feet again.

"I…I didn't know what came over me, I guess I thought I saw something, but...it turned out it was just my imagination," Riku said giving a weak laugh.

"Should…should I really tell him?" Sora wondered in his head; thinking about coming clean to his friend.

"I wonder what he saw though, he looked so frighten," he continued; trying to figure out what Riku must have seen when he was near him.

As Riku cleared his mind; he figured out that he wasn't sensing the dark aura anymore; it was like, one minute it was there, and the next thing he knew, it just disappeared. He wondered, what just happened….the vision that he saw looked real, yet in reality it wasn't, since Sora said he just fell down to the floor with a stunned expression. After a second, Riku concluded it must have been his imagination, but, with the convincing vision he seen, he officially doesn't trust Vanitas, one thing is for sure, Riku has it in his mind that he needs to keep a close eye on Sora.

"I guess Van's right, I think I really need to stay away for a while, the dark aura Riku sensed, probably had a negative effect on him; making him see something he fears…" Sora concluded.

"Well, we better go, the others are probably waiting," Sora finally said out loud; leading the way.

"Okay, sure…I'm right behind you," Riku said following.

It took time, but after arriving and landing safely, everyone got off the Gummi ship, and was welcomed back in Disney Castle.

"So…what's our next plan?" Kairi asked; as everyone was settled in the Library.

"Well…" Sora said stepping in, "Master Yen Sid said, that it was important for us to go, and investigate in Xehanort's whereabouts," he said reminding the gang.

"So since he's back, I'm pretty sure he'll be causing some kind of mischief in others worlds… who knows, they could possibly be in danger," Sora continued.

"You're probably right Sora, but along with that, we still need to find the other lights as well," Mickey said.

"Well…I told Riku this already, but he told me to wait until now, so, I was thinking, maybe it would be best if we all formed separate groups. If we all spit up, and do our own searches, surely we'll get somewhere, and it will save some time," Sora responded back.

After hearing Sora out, Mickey was thinking it over. It wasn't a bad idea, though the king wasn't too sure of himself.

"So then it would be…" Mickey said.

"It would be me, Donald and Goofy, while the other would be you, Riku, and Kairi," Sora said jumping in.

"Two teams then..."


Then Kairi turned to Sora with a worried look, "Sora, are you sure about this?"

"I'm positive," he said turning to her.

"Well…I guess it's better than nothing, I can use my star shard, while you all can take the Gummi ship," Mickey said; finally agreeing to the plan.

"Then I guess it's settled then," Riku said; though, he just wasn't too comfortable with the idea.

After the plan was made, there's was no time to spare. As Donald got the ship ready once again, Goofy boarded, only leaving Sora to board next. But before he did, he wanted to say a couple of good-byes to his friends before departing.

He walked up to Kairi giving his usual smile, "Don't worry, I'll be back, and this time you'll be with Riku," he said cheering her up.

Kairi slightly looked down, but then quickly picked up her head; she didn't really want Sora to leave her, but something inside her knew that he had to do this. So instead of being sad, she gave a warm smile.

"Just remember, no matter what, I'm always with you," Kairi said moving closer to him.

Sora then remembered the charm Kairi gave him; it was safe inside his pocket. At this moment, he knew, he knew as long as he had the charm, Kairi would always be with him. After a second, Kairi then gave Sora a hug good-bye and while this was happening, Donald and Goofy were just watching, more likely thinking, "Yup, the two are truly an item," though in the past, every time that it was brought to Sora's attention, he would blush red and deny it.

As Sora and Kairi were still holding each other, Kairi couldn't help but stare into his eyes. It didn't take long, until the two were moving their heads closer and closer to one another; hopefully going to share a passionate kiss. But sadly, the moment was ruined once Riku came walking into the picture.

Once when Sora and Kairi spotted their friend, they both let go of each other.

"Well…I guess I'll leave you two alone…see you soon Sora," Kairi said smiling.

After that, Kairi left, leaving them alone once again.

"I'm coming with you," Riku said, stepping forward.

He looked pretty determined in his eyes as Sora was looking at him.

Sora then gave a sigh, "Look Riku, I know that you're worried about me, but…sometimes I have to do things on my own, I'm pretty sure you know that feeling."

But Riku didn't really say anything.

"Come on, you can at least have a little more faith in me," Sora said smiling, walking up to him.

"That's the same thing Mickey said…I do have faith in him…but...that vision…" Riku said in his mind.

"Riku?" Sora called, since it looked like Riku was spacing out.

"I do have faith in you," Riku said out loud.

"But...since I can't go then, promise me this one thing," he continued.

"What is it?" Sora asked.

"Just promise me you'll be careful," Riku said; putting his hand on Sora's shoulder.

"I promise…" Sora said smiling,

"And…I guess like you said to me before, take care of Kairi," Sora continued.

"No worries, she'll be safe with me," Riku said.

After the two said their good-byes, Sora boarded the ship. As it was slowly taking off, Sora had his attention towards one of the windows; seeing Riku waving good-bye; as he was seeing this, it only came naturally for Sora to do the same thing.

"Be safe..." Riku whispered.

Quite some time had passed and Donald was asking about what world they should be heading to now. As Sora was hearing him talk, a thought suddenly occurred to him. He eventually got off his chair and walked to Donald who was driving.

"Hey, do you mind if we stop at someplace first, I kind of want to see something," Sora said.

Time...time is the past...time is the present...time is the future. Time never stops and continues to move forward, no matter what. But...in this world, time is at a standstill, you can say maybe that... there is no time; since, it feels like you been in this world for maybe...a few seconds...minutes...days...or even years? Wandering in this world...you feel like you're disconnected from the outside, in a way, its only natural to feel that way, since time flows differently in this world.

The water continues to drift steadily; nearly touching the tip of the woman's feet. The water felt comforting to the woman, but...it still wasn't enough to break her out of her thoughts. She just sat near the shore, hugging her knees, while staring aimlessly at the moon.

At first, when she ended up here, her spirit wasn't broken; she had it in her heart, that she would somehow break free from this dark world, and rescue her friends. Though as time seemed endless to her, her spirit was slowly breaking; she was starting to believe that she would never see her friends again, and that this dark world..this prison...was now her new home.

But then...there was a man, a man that she never knew; he told her that there was some-one out there...fighting...willing to keep the light safe. Just hearing this man's tale, made the woman's eyes lit up with hope, a feeling that she thought she lost; resulting for her to shed a tear...a tear of hope...a tear of happiness.

At first she thought this some-one could be one of her friends...but no...the man told her it was another. The man eventually said the boy's name, which left the woman smiling, to her, it almost felt like yesterday, when she met that same boy on the islands. Honestly, who knew he was the one, who was destined to save the hurting.

A boy who is pure as light, and uses the strength of his heart to fight.

"Sora..." his name escaped through the woman's lips once more.

All this was playing in her mind like a flashback, she was certain that Sora was going to save her and her friends, but..now that she's thinking about it; she slowly starting to lose faith again. The reason for it, well...she had it in her mind that maybe, she couldn't be saved, no one can reach the realm she is trapped in, it's impossible for some-one to get here. So in the end, her spirit was broken.

But...the woman still wanted her friends to be saved; so after having much thought, she was willing to sacrifice the one thing that was important to her; her key-blade.

After a while, the woman finally got up and reached out, the Key-blade appearing in her grasp.

"Master Eraqus' Key-blade," she whispered; looking at it.

"This key is what I used to recreated our world, so Ven could have a peaceful place to sleep, if Sora finds this Key, he'll be able to break the seal I've created and go to his aid," she continued.

The woman then turned her attention to the ocean, and after a second, back to her weapon.

"I'm positive Sora will find this key and Ven, I just know it. We can't be at a standstill, we have to move forward..."

The woman then walked closer to the shore, slowly kneeling down. As she did this, she lowered the Key-blade into the water, and within time, the tide took the blade away, no longer in the woman's possession.

Pretty soon after a while, she didn't see the Key-blade anymore; though her gaze was still to the moon.

"Ven...I'm sorry. I may not make it back at all. I promised I'd be there to wake you up...but...things aren't really going as planned.

I may not be there by your side when you wake, but don't worry, another will.

He'll be the one to wake you up..."

A smile appeared, while a tear started to shed upon her face.

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