A Simple Touch

Dark Guardian Angel

"He has no control over the darkness in his heart.

He's an abomination beyond hope of salvation…."


Vanitas' Point-of-view

Man, how long is this going to take? I really thought I would be at my destination by now. But no, by the looks of it, I'm still wandering in the Corridor of Darkness. If I really had to describe this place, I would say it's pretty much identical to the Realm of Darkness, though, the only difference, is that if you're in this place, wandering without some-kind of protection, you'll easily get corrupted by the darkness, and your body will be more or less destroyed if you're here any second longer.

Though, luckily for me, even though I've been here for a while now, my black coat is the only protection I need to shield myself from the unknown. And…since I have the black coat in my possession, there isn't really much of a crisis going on, but, wandering in this place, for who knows how long, it's becoming very irritating for me. Honestly, now that I think about it, exactly how long have I been here?

Oh whatever, that's not important, the important thing right now is to find a way out of here. So, I just kept walking, deeper, deeper into the unknown, trying to a find a portal that lead to the other side. Normally, traveling in-between wouldn't be so long, but now, as I kept walking, thinking, I then came to realize something; making me stop in my tracks.

Maybe the reason I can't find a portal, is because I don't really know where I want to go. Yes I want to go back to the real world, yes I want to see Ven again, but, the thing is, I don't know where he is. The only thing I remember…was being in a white room. For all I know, Ven probably isn't in that place anymore but…it's the only clue I have to his whereabouts since Sora never told me anything.

I wonder…can I still sense Ventus, long enough for me to locate him? I then lowered my eyes, still thinking. It's probably worth a shot, better doing that than nothing I suppose. Having my mind set on this, I then took a deep breath, slowly inhaling and exhaling, and before I knew it, I felt relaxed; slowly channeling out my negative emotions.

Once when it was complete, I then closed my eyes and started to concentrate. Even though we are the same person, I always remembered that Ven's emotions were marked with happiness, laughter, love, and rarely anger and sadness, so, if I can sense one of these emotions from him, then I'll know where Ven will be exactly.

At first, I didn't get much of anything, just pure silence, at this point, I would have been annoyed, but knowing that I had to keep in control, I stayed calm….surprisingly.

After a couple of more seconds went by and not being able to sense anything, I was just going to give up, but then, unexpectedly, I started to feel something very unusual. It was indeed Ventus that I sensed, but the emotion that was giving off his whereabouts was a bit odd. The emotion…was nothing other than sadness…everything else was simply being overshadowed.

Automatically not wanting to develop false hope about him worrying about me, I simply shook my head and opened my eyes. I shouldn't be shocked really; the boy practically lost the one person who saved him after all; it…it would be inhuman to not feel sad or cry if a loved one, or some-one you cared for was gone.

So, having this in mind, I felt a little dumb for thinking that sensing Ven's sadness was unusual…it was to be expected after all. I guess I'm just use to feeling all the annoying positive emotions from him. I remember that feeling always made me felt sick to my stomach, but now, it feels like sensing his negativity is much worse. It…it kinda makes me want to do something to ease his sadness…

After another second went by, I then picked up my hand and reached out. Now that I knew where Ven was, I just know a portal has to open. And then right there, as if on cue, a light started to form in front of me.

"Finally," I muttered under my breath.

As I continued to gaze at the light, it grew with tremendous speed, making everything very bright; maybe a little too bright for my liking, so I lowered my hood more, trying to cover most of my face. This maybe a little off topic, but I kinda wish that I still had my bodysuit and helmet; the black coat is fine, but I'm use to hiding my appearance and being called, "The Masked Boy."

After a while, the light that engulfed me finally decreased, leaving me to see again. And, even though I noticed that I was now standing in the middle of a dark room, I didn't remove my hood. Now that I'm truly back, no longer walking as a shadowy figure, or possessing a person, I intend to keep my face hidden like before; old habits really do die hard I guess. I can still see clearly from underneath the hood, but I figure, if some-one were to look at me right now, they probably wouldn't be able to tell that it's me.

Seeing that the dark room didn't have anything interesting that appealed to me, I then made my way to the stairs and took one last glimpse. It could be a guess, but, considering in how this room is displayed and how dark the atmosphere is, I would say that this room is some-kind of basement.

"I wonder where I ended up…"

And, without uttering another word, I then turned my head, now facing the stairs. I wonder...where will they lead me?

After a second of thinking about it, I then took a step forward; slowly making my way up.

Surprisingly it was a long walk, but I managed to get to the top without breaking a sweat.

"Hmph, alright Ven, where oh where can you be?" I muttered; looking around.

Hopefully he wouldn't be too hard to find, I don't really want to stay in this unknown place, I mean, just seeing everything in a single color…it kinda gives me a shiver up my spine. Even though I've changed, appreciating the light instead of diminishing it, I still rather prefer to live in the dark. The color white, really doesn't suit me, but, if I ever happen to wear white, I would probably wear black to balance it out.

After a few minutes of walking in the halls, the designs started to look identical to me, One floor after another, honestly, I couldn't figure out if I was going the right way or not, I swear, the more I walked, the more I felt like if I was going through a maze. I hate to admit it, I really do, but I think was starting to become lost.

"Great…just great..." I said out loud.

"If Ven really was here for all these years in this confusing place, now I know why Xehanort was being so persistent into finding him…"

As I kept walking, continuing my search, I finally started to hear a voice from a distance. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew that it was Ven, so automatically, my first instinct was to pick up the pace and go to him…and I did, with every step I took, I felt myself going faster and faster; feeling that my heart was beating rapidly. I mean come on; many questions were starting to overflow within me, I wondered, would Ven be happy to see me? Would he be angry instead? Would he be willing to accept me, to accept the darkness in order for us to become whole once more? Everything was racing in my head.

After I took another step forward, I then started to hear more voices, making me suddenly slow down; close to a stop. Those voices… they sounded strangely familiar, and annoying to boot. So, being the curious boy that I was, I quietly made my way to the scene inconspicuously. And when I started to observe, I instantly saw Ven, along with Sora's idiot friends. What were their names again? Donald and Goofy… I think.

"Great, if those two goof balls are there with him, I can't show my face now. No doubt they'll attack me on the spot; especially since I nearly destroyed their home world.

And, as much as I love fighting, the last thing I would want is to get into one, and prove Ven right about me being a monster…

Might as well just stay in the shadows…for now, and watch over Ven…"

After hearing that the gang was just recapping in what had happened, my attention was suddenly drawn to the small creature that was on Ven's shoulder. Really, it made me wonder, did that small shadow have anything to do with Sora? Or, better yet, was that creature Sora? Without much thought, I then bit my lower lip.

I always heard about them from Xehanort, and even know how they are created, but….this is truly the first time I ever laid eyes on such a being; especially a weak one like that. A Heartless, a being who is similar to my creations, except with no negative emotions, or even other emotions to corrupt its simple mind. The only thing a Heartless ever thinks about, is to collect hearts…nothing more…nothing less, and Sora is now one of those creatures.

Normally in my stubbornness ways, I wouldn't care, but at this point, considering how I'm sort of fond of the boy now, sadness, guilt, and maybe even concern would have washed over me, but, if I could recall correctly from Xehanort, Sora had been in this type of situation before. And, remembering how determined and, may I add, annoying Sora was when he tried to help me, I find it silly to show such weak emotions. Sora's a strong person, I'm pretty sure he'll return to his normal form soon. Ven just needs to have faith, though than again, considering the bond that the two share, being friends, I don't really have to remind him on something he already knows.

And speaking of friends….

"Will…will I be able to find my friends Terra and Aqua?" I heard Ven ask Sora's friends.

Oh how hearing those two names still make me feel angry.

"And what about Sora?

Do you think there's a way to change him back?" Ven continued.

"Of course there's a way, you just have to think positive and have your head held up high," the duck said.

"Yeah, at bad times like these, it's important to try and stay positive; and like what we keep reminding Sora, always smile," the dog added in.

"Yeah, especially since our ship runs on happy faces, so no frowning, no sad face okay?"

Oh no, I think I'll probably lose it if I had to ride on that thing again.

"Well…ok," Ven said; though it kinda looked like if he wasn't happy.

Probably still thinking about Sora and his friends…

But pretty soon, after the Heartless started to cheer him up, Ven was eventually back to being his usual happy self.

"Why not, I'll go with you guys," he said with a bright smile.

And then basically after that, the three introduced each other, I guess forming a new trio since Sora isn't technically with them. But at least I know where Ven will be for the time being. Hopefully those goof balls won't get into too much trouble, especially since Ven is with them now.

After another second of looking at the gang, I then saw that they were leaving, slowly leaving my sight. Normally my first instinct would be to follow them, but then I came to realize something. With all this that just happened, I'm pretty sure those two would go and report to their, "king," about this situation. I'll admit it's important to get the news out, especially about Sora, but considering how they're still clueless in what Xehanort is really after, in order for them to better prepare themselves, I'd say Ven and the others are going to need a little more help to get things moving again.

And…what better way to do it than to find…ugh…Ven's friends…Terra and Aqua; the more people to help fight off Xehanort the better.

"So…you want to find your friends do you?" I couldn't help but say out loud; giving a smirk.

Honestly, I have no idea where Terra could be, but…I think I can manage to locate Aqua. Sora said once that she was, "trapped," in the Realm of Darkness, but…the question is…where exactly? The realm is so big, it would take me forever to find her if I went back there blindly. Hmph…I guess I'll have to pay one of my Master's old friends a visit to get the answer.

"Don't worry, I'll find them…"

Or…at least her

And with that last remark, I summoned my Key-blade and turned; walking into the dark portal that appeared behind me. But, as the portal closed, leaving me in the Corridor of Darkness again, I suddenly stopped.

Sora…he also mentioned that Xehanort wanted Ven's body as another vessel for his little army, but considering how Ven is no longer an empty shell that can easily be manipulated, I don't really think Xehanort would be after Ven anymore; he'll probably go down to who-ever is next on his list. But…just to be on the safe side.

I then raised my left hand and used my dark power to summon an Unversed. The Unversed successfully formed in front of me, and like any other obedient pet, it waited for a command. Still hated these creatures, but what can you do?

"Okay you little monster, time to put you into good use again.

The task I have for you…is to follow Ventus, make sure he's….unharmed…

And…if anything out of the ordinary happens…you know, him being in danger or something…then report back to me.

Got it?" I said to the creature.

The Unversed just responded with a nod.

"Oh and another thing, make sure no-one sees you okay?

NOW GO!" I yelled pointing.

And just as instructed, the creature transported out, already proceeding with the task that was given.

"And as for me…"

I then walked, heading to a portal that was ahead of me.

"Time to visit the one they call…Master Yen Sid…"

Hmm...I have heard of this place due to my Master, but, never once have I really set foot here…not until now.

"The Mysterious Tower…" I said; looking at the structure of the castle.

And then without another word, I proceeded inside and walked up the stairs to the door.

"Hmph…I wonder how this is going to play out?

It's probably not going to be good that's for sure…"

Without waiting another minute, I then finally put my hand on the knob, and turned it; slowly opening the door. Once when I entered, I saw that the old man was just sitting on a chair, reading a book of some sort on his table. Huh, with the get-up that he had, he kind of struck me more as a wizard than an experienced Key-blade Master in my opinion. But, it's usually what people say, "looks' can be deceiving," or, "don't judge a book by its cover…"

At first when I looked at him, I figured that he didn't know I came in since he never took his eyes off the book. But, since I didn't really know how, "great," this guy was, I was wrong to assume that he wasn't aware of my presence. Not after what he said.

"So, it's you…" he said calmly.

And even though he didn't show his anger, I could still feel the tension growing between us in the room.

"Me?" I said coldly; not really sure what this man was talking about.

"That dark Key-blade you're holding…that unpredictable power that flows within your body…it's pretty hard to miss actually…especially if I sensed it before…." Yen Sid said closing the book; now looking at me.

"You're the darkness that was being sheltered inside Sora's heart…if I'm not mistaking…"


Within hearing this, I immediately froze up. How…how could he have known? I mean, if I'm not mistaking, nobody knew about Sora having trouble with the darkness until the shadow took over. And, because of how stunned I was, I was going to ask how this man knew, but then I caught myself.

It took a second to remember, but Sora said to me out of fear that when I stayed in his heart, "strange things had been happening to him," at that time I didn't really know why, but I do now. My existence was so great, that it was hard to hide the dreadful scent of darkness. I don't like this man, but, I have to give him some credit though. He was able to identify me before Riku, Donald and Goofy did; after all, Sora had to tell Riku, and Donald and Goofy never figured it out until the end; they all thought I perished at first; quite laughable really, since Sora never had the guts to finish me off.

With nothing much left to do, I then gave the Master a smirk. Honestly, he seems like the type of person who knows everything, but doesn't say much; quite irritating if you ask me.

I want to play…to test his knowledge.

"So, then you know what happened to Sora?" I asked; my tone still rather cold.

The man then gave a sigh before he spoke.

"Well…not exactly, but since you're here, I figure it isn't good.

I warned him of you…of the darkness that was dwelling inside him.

But, I guess the pressure eventually got to the boy…"

Hmph, so he doesn't know everything…ok…but I still don't like him regardless.

"And since I'm pretty sure you're with Xehanort, I taken you're here to finish me off, am I right?" Yen Sid said; no doubt preparing to defend himself.

Oddly enough, this would have been a dream come true if I were still on Xehanort's side, but since I'm not…and need this old man alive for answers, or answer, in particular, I found his assumption quite laughable. It was so laughable, that I tried to hold it in. And I did, though, a chuckle still managed to escape me.

"What is so amusing?" I heard him say.

So I finally stopped chuckling, and then started to walk closer to his table.

"Look, even though it may seem like I'm a bad guy, you know, having dark powers and everything, but in truth, I'm really not….

In Xehanort's eyes I'm just another chess piece in his little game…a game that I'm no longer interested in playing…" I said to him.

"Is that so?" the Master responded back.

You say that I was the darkness that was within Sora, and that is true, but besides that, do you really know who I am?" I asked.

I expected him to answer, but instead, he just continued to stare at me. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, after all, no-one besides Terra, Aqua and Ven knew about my existence back then. The only thing this man knew was about Xehanort's disappearance and the Unversed.

So, since he wasn't going to answer, might as well say it then.

"I'm the one who caused chaos in the worlds in the past with my creations.

The Unversed…I'm sure you're familiar with that term."

I said I wasn't going to do this, but, I decided to anyway.

"Xehanort sometimes refers to me as, 'The Masked Boy,' but, I go by the name Vanitas."

I then slowly raised my left hand and took off my hood; finally revealing my face to him. And once when my cold eyes met his, I saw that he was a bit stunned with my appearance. Hmph, who wouldn't be?

"You…You look just like-"

But I cut him off.

"Yes, yes I know how I look; you don't have to point it out to me…" I said a little annoyed.

"Well pardon me for being surprised…" he darted back.

"Whatever, I've been here long enough so I'm just going to summarize and go straight to the point in why I'm here…" I continued.

"I know I've done some terrible things in the past, and I know things may look bad right now, but you really, really need to trust me here and listen.

Sora may be gone right now, but I can guarantee you he'll return. Sora had managed to awaken Ven, and Ven is now with Sora's friends Donald and Goofy.

Even as we speak they're on their way to report what they know to the King. And what they think they know, is that Xehanort is after Sora, and possibly Ven."

"Oh really," he said.

"Yes, but, what they don't know is that Xehanort never wanted Sora at all. What he really wanted…was Ven when he was still in his comatose state, you see, he used me and Sora in order to get to Ven…so he could be the last 13th dark vessel.

Though thanks to Sora, that part of Xehanort's plan backfired.

But, considering in how Xehanort is the type of man to always have another back-up plan waiting, I'm starting to get the feeling that Xehanort will have the upper-hand; completing his army first, while you all still haven't rounded up yours.

No offense, but at this pace, you all would be highly unprepared for what's to come."

"Hmmm…and considering how you worked alongside with Xehanort, especially in the past, how can I really be sure that what you're telling me is true? For all I know, this could be some kind of trap," he said.

"Every word of it is true, and you want to know why, because Sora said it to me himself before he disappeared, and being the boy that he is, he wouldn't lie, especially on something as important as this…" I said; forming my hand into a fist.

"Hmmm…well if that's the case then, I better summon Mickey and the others so they can know about this…" Yen Sid said; stroking his beard.

"Good…you do that, but make sure my name never comes up when you tell them though….I'm not going to be here long anyway…" I said; turning my head slightly.

"And…in relating to what I just told you….the reason I'm here is because I'm looking for someone," I continued.

"And who would that be?" he asked.

"Hmph, isn't it obvious…it's one of Ven's friends, Aqua.

She is one of the lights isn't she?

I'm in a good mood, so I decided to take it upon myself to go and save that woman from where-ever she is trapped in….and all I need to know in order to do so, is for you to tell me where exactly in the Realm of Darkness she is?" I said turning my head back; looking at him again.

"So then, I taken that you are helping us?" he said; still not being convinced.

"That's pretty much what it is, I don't really like Xehanort, so…be happy I'm aiding you and not him anymore…considering the fact that I could have ended your life with this weapon if I still was…" I said holding the Key-blade out.

"So now, are you going to tell me where she is or not?" I said; pulling back the Key-blade.

Though before he spoke, he gave a sigh.

"Very well, once when Sora left, I was searching, reading books, trying to find a way to enter safely into the Realm of Darkness, but considering how you have the power to create paths to countless worlds, this wouldn't be a problem for you.

It did take time to locate her, since I myself didn't know in where she was exactly, but I finally found her.

You'll find Aqua in the Dark Margin," Yen Sid finished.

"Dark Margin?

Ok, no problem, thanks for the info," I said turning my back to him.

"I'll bring the girl here so she can meet with the others when they come…"

"Very well then."

And with that said, I created a portal and started to walk towards it, but then Master Yen Sid spoke again, making me stop in my tracks.

"Vanitas, before you go, I would like to ask you a question.

I wasn't really up for it, but then again, I was maybe a little curious to what this man was going to ask me. So I simply turned my head, narrowing my eyes at him.

"What?" I said.

"You say that Xehanort is a man with many plans, and that is true, but, considering in how Sora stopped his previous plan of capturing Ventus, do you think that there could be a chance that Xehanort possibly still wants Ven as his last vessel regardless if he's awake?" he asked.

"Truthfully, I don't really think he would be after Ven anymore, Ven's mind was already in a sleeping state once, so…it would be kind of hard for Xehanort to put him into another one since Ven will just refuse to give in…

So, I believe Xehanort will look for another….

Another that is just as sick and twisted as he is…

Another who would do what-ever it takes to reach their goal….no matter what the consequences are…." I said turning away; looking at the floor.

"And that some-one I think he'll be after…."

I then turned my head facing Master Yen Sid again.

"Would probably be me…due to the uncontrollable darkness that rests with me.

And also because now, I have a body that he could just steal for himself.

So, since I don't want to bring even more chaos, I intend to do this last good deed before I go back to where I rightfully belong…."

I then turned back and faced the portal in front of me.

After all, it is for the best I disappear….

I was never supposed to be in this story anyway, I'm not the hero, I'm not the one who will end the suffering and bring everyone happiness…

The only one who is truly capable of doing that…is no one other than the person who gave me this face…and that person… is Sora…

After saying what I needed to say, and not hearing the Master's response, I then simply took another few steps towards the portal.

"And just remember this…even if I'm gone, Xehanort will still stop at nothing in order to get what he wants…

Whether you like it or not…the 7 lights and the 13th darknesses will clash….

I just hope you all are fully prepared when that time comes…"

And with that said, I entered the portal, leaving the Master with his own thoughts.

At this point, the only thing I have to do now is to bring back Aqua.

I guess Ven will finally get his wish after all, he'll be reunited with one his friends…soon.

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