A Simple Touch

A Peaceful Place

"Darkness is always drawn to the light one way or another, why? To simply consume it…"

Vanitas' Point-of-view

I slowly walked into the dark portal I created; I saw nothing ahead of me, but darkness. As I walked deeper, I heard from a distance that the portal closed in back of me. Slowly, within every step I took, I could faintly hear the sound of the waves from an unseen ocean.

Since I was traveling in-between and wasn't particular anywhere, I was more likely thinking that what I was hearing was basically my imagination; though it was kind of hard to say so, since the soft soothing sound seemed completely real in my perspective.

As I continued to walk deeper and deeper, far ahead, I started to see a faint light appear from a distance. No doubt I have finally reached my destination; the world was right in my reach. As I got closer, the light started to grow, eventually with each step I took, the light turned into a portal; as it did, I simply went right in and immediately was transported into another world. As I stepped out, the dark portal closed once again behind me.

Since this was another world, the time frame was different. As I looked up at the horizon, I registered in my head that it was day time now. The sun was shining beautifully up in the heavenly sky. "So…this must be Destiny Islands," I said under my breath; I then turned my attention to my feet. As I moved one of my feet along the ground I was standing on, I noted that it was sand due to it being soft and smooth. Since this place is so small and calm, I can start to see why my Master brought Ven here when he was dying; this place is peaceful and beautiful enough for a person to spend their last moments, or more likely for me, to spend time here to unwind troubling thoughts and just relax.

After a while, I then started to walk forward and looked at the entire picture. This is only part of the world, I didn't know it for a second, but from where I'm standing, this place is just a small piece of land; an island. As I looked ahead over the ocean, I could see another larger land from a far, I couldn't really get a clear view, but from where I could see, there were a few shapes of small buildings; to my conclusion, over there must be the real world where most of the people live.

I kind of wanted to get a closer look of the small town, so from a distance; I made my way on to another small piece of land to try to get a closer view. The piece I was standing on was accompanied by a bent tree, so without really thinking about it, I sat on its trunk, and looked out. I was still some-what far from the town, but I could slightly see better; the view was actually pretty nice and relaxing.

After a while, I then finally took off my helmet and immediately felt the breeze of the wind hitting my face; it actually felt good as it was going through my hair. I then slowly put the helmet down beside me as I then continued to admire the scenery. Though since I was sitting on the tree, something about it caught my attention, I found it kind of odd, but the tree had some-kind of fruit attached to it, it was odd because the fruits were shaped like stars. My eyes widen in seeing the sight of the mysterious fruit; what was it…never in my short life, or in Ven's memories I've seen this particular fruit before; I mean really, they're shaped like stars.

I then slowly reached out my hand and grabbed one of the fruits, pulling it out from the tree. The star fruit was now in the palm of my hands; it was slightly small, and yellow, along with a couple of small green leaves sticking out from the tip. In seeing this, I couldn't help, but remember Ven again since he was briefly looking at stars a while ago.

Flash Back

"Why don't you just sit here and watch the stars, I'm pretty sure they'll put you at ease," I said pointing at the window. Ven had a bit of confusion in his face when I said it. I guess he doesn't remember that he always loved gazing at the stars every night, before he would go to bed. I then patted an empty spot on my bed beside me, "Come on, I promise I won't hurt you," even though in the back of my head I really wanted to. After a few seconds, he then slowly made his way and got on my bed sitting close to the window. "See, look out there, up in the sky, they're stars, aren't they beautiful?" Even though these aren't my choices of words, I said them since I was trying to put him at ease so he would eventually fall asleep. Ven then crawled a little more closer to the window and saw out, one of his hands were touching the cool surface of the glass. "They're….p-pretty," he managed to say.

End of Flash Back

Yeah…only time will tell what will happen to him…even though I couldn't care less, I kind of wonder what my Master has in store for Ven. After a few seconds of thinking about it, I then finally put the fruit close to my face and took a bite out of it. The taste was extraordinary as I was chewing it; it was sweet, and very good, kind of hard to describe it actually since I never tasted it before. Though the question still floated around in my head, "What is this fruit?" After I finally swallowed the first bite, I then took another. It was awfully quiet on this island since I was the only one here, or so I thought.

As I slightly moved my head to the side, from a distance, I suddenly saw a young woman standing on the edge of a small wooden bridge; at the bottom of it, small wooden boats were provided. The woman looked like if she was in her mid-twenties, she had striking blue eyes, resembling the color of the sky; she also had dark loose black hair, and a long white dress provided with plain sandals. But what really made me curious was what she was holding in her arms. So I immediately got up, put on my helmet, and walked closer to the woman inconspicuously.

From where I was hiding, I could now see her and what she was holding more clearly; in her arms was something wrapped in a small blue blanket. I saw that she was smiling down towards it and with one of her hands, she slowly unraveled the top, revealing a face; it was a baby she was holding. As the infant's face was finally revealed, I could see what it looked like, the baby's eyes had blue eyes also, but its hair was brownish color instead of black. By the look of the woman's smile, I figured that the baby was her child. "My precious baby boy…." I heard her whisper to her son.

"A boy, I wonder?" Could that new-born be the one who saved Ven? The more I thought about it, the more questionable I was, I guess I wasn't too sure since it was an infant; but it's like what people say, anything is possible, so it could be. Then that's when I examined his features more closely; he was cute and innocent like any baby would be, but when I really got a good look at him, I then came to my conclusion….he was the light that saved Ven and gave me a face; what gave it away was obviously on how he looked, yes he was young, but when I looked at him, I saw myself….he gave me his face…but older in appearance. I honestly didn't really know what to think when I made this discovery. I mean... I have a face of a soon to be good person, and I'm basically rotten due to my dark nature.

After a while, I then saw that the mother held him up close to her; his head was resting on one of her shoulders. "Pretty soon, when you're a little older, I'll take you here again, so you can actually play here on this beautiful island," she said gazing over the ocean. After seeing this, I can start to see why he, of all people, was the one who made the connection, it might be me foreshadowing, but I sense that his light within his heart is strong enough to help anyone who may need it in the near future. His light is so great….that I'm drawn to it… to diminish it; after all, it is in darkness' nature to consume anything pure, hence why I always feel like I want to choke Ven to death. But doing it to an infant?

I'll probably wait until he's a little older, "The more the light grows, the tastier it will be when I consume it." And it could be me, but something about him, reminds me of Ven, I don't really know what actually, but there is something there the two have alike, maybe that's why he saved him, not only because of kindness, but because they're alike in some way, like brothers.

After a while, I then slowly started to walk to another direction, though I immediately stopped in my tracks when I heard noises coming from the baby. He was looking at me the whole time; he knew I was here. "Huh? What is it Sora?" I heard the mother say; I then immediately hid in the dark shadows within the trees; I was still there looking at him and the mother, but she didn't see me, though the child still knew I was here since he kept on making noises. It seemed like if he was fascinated by me, like if he wanted to come with me, or at least he wanted to be carried by me. I even saw that one of his small hands was reaching out towards me.

I then saw that the mother was facing my direction, but then quickly turned her attention back to him, "Honestly, I don't know what has gotten into you all of a sudden," she said trying to calm him down. "But I guess it's time to go…it's time for your nap anyway," she continued. "Come on," she then started to walk off the bridge and headed to another direction. As I continued to face the two, I noticed that the child was still staring at me, though he eventually stopped crying, the last thing I saw before he vanished, was that there was a twinkle in his eye….similar to Ven, I couldn't help, but just wave good-bye, after that I never saw the two anymore, I was once again alone.

I then slightly looked down upon my feet and chuckled, "Don't worry, I guarantee you will be seeing me again…..Sora. Then I gave a small sigh, "Well, I guess I have been out long enough, time for me to get back into taking care of my own baby," I said disgusted. Then I looked back at the tree with the star-shaped fruit, "But before I go, might as well get a snack for him."

So without another word, I got a piece for Ven, made a portal, and headed back home. Luckily my Master still wasn't there when I had arrived.

I quietly went back into Ven's room and saw that he was still peacefully asleep, so without really saying anything, I quietly put the fruit on a nearby table close to him. He'll figure it out that it is edible when he wakes up and sees it. After the deed was done, I then went back to my room and prepared myself to go to sleep as well…it has really been a long day for me. Wonder what the next day will bring?

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