A Simple Touch


* Time period-during Birth by Sleep

"Darkness can't be all that bad…what if it just needed a friend…maybe things would have been different if this was possible…"

Vanitas Point-of-view

Four Years Later

It has been a while since I been to this peaceful place…all through the past few years, I would be going to the Key-blade graveyard instead…but now I'm here waiting for Ven.

I was in Destiny Islands, sitting once again on the tree trunk, just looking over at the ocean with my helmet on. How things are progressing right now with my Master's plan, I don't really know what to think anymore…the only thing that I was probably more focused on in my life…was forging the x-blade…For one reason only…salvation.

Master said to me that forging the x-blade with Ven, will help me obtain the salvation I crave desperate for... ever since I started to leak out this dark power I can hardly endure. I then raised my hand examining it.

"The dark power of extracting harsh, negative emotions from others….including myself….though at the time of those creatures birth…I had no control over it..They would just keep appearing."

Those creatures are called…Unversed.

Flash Back

It actually has been quite a while since I've last seen Ven, Master finally listened to me when I said that he and I couldn't really be together; it was really for the best if he really wanted Ven alive for whatever he was planning.

I was basically sitting over the edge of a cliff, looking over at the field of abandon keys with my helmet placed to the side.

As my eyes were locked on this harsh sight, for some reason I kept having this high tension of rage build up inside my body. I mean, I had many things floating around in my mind and I was just frustrated thinking about them. All this trouble, for a weakling like Ven, he shouldn't even be alive, yet he is….and I want to be better than him, to be stronger than him…I believe now that my purpose in this world is to be strong….yet I feel like there is something holding me back….possibly fear, since I don't really know exactly what will become of me now since Ven isn't with us anymore. I don't know why….but…I'm…just so angry….all these emotions I have dwelled inside me.

Then without really knowing it, I felt some kind of power within me awaken; dark aura was surrounding my body.

After a while, I motioned my eyes and saw that a small piece of darkness was floating out from my body landing on the ground.

I didn't know what to think when I was seeing this happening, but eventually, the darkness that was surrounding me finally faded.

I put my hand over my chest breathing hard after the unexpected event happened, I actually felt pain when this unknown being started leaking out from my body. What just happened?

After I quickly healed from the pain, I then turned my attention to the small darkness that was with me. The darkness slowly started to form into some-kind of creature…I didn't really know what it was, but it was indeed something. The creature revealed its red eyes along with changing into the color blue; it actually looked like some kind of bug when it moved around.

I examined it more closely and thought. This being came from within me. It came from the emotion I was feeling at the moment. After a few seconds of looking at it, I made a disgusted face. This worthless little thing came from me!…from what weak emotions I was giving off...This creature clearly states my weakness and I hate being weak…I can't allow that…I want to be strong.

Without another word, I did the unthinkable and destroyed the creature with my bare hands; its existence was no more, yet as it faded, I immediately started to feel pain in my body again. It actually felt like if someone stabbed me with a knife. The emotion of the being I destroyed flew right back inside my body, I know, since I could feel the emotion at the same time of trying to endure the pain.

This alone really made me angry again…and to my surprise, another one of those dreadful things were created. It was standing in the same place as the other one I previously diminished. My eyes widen in horror…I didn't know what to think of this…."

End of Flash Back

From that point on, my existence was just a never ending cycle of pain and suffering….I wanted to escape from it…to be free from it. That's why I'm so desperate into getting the x-blade; it's the soul key for me being free from this tormenting nightmare. At this point…nothing…and I mean nothing matters to me, but only that one thing. I couldn't care less for anything or anyone; and speaking of the word anyone, in that moment. I started to sense someone nearby, jumping the gun, I thought at first it was Ven, but after a while…I knew it was another….

"The light was familiar to me, though the only difference was that it has grown.."

Without a doubt, I knew that it was Sora that I sensed nearby…

Even though my face couldn't be seen due to the helmet…a wicked smile came across my face. It all just seemed to perfect…I'll get a chance to finally take out the boy as well as obtain the x-blade when Ven arrives. I'll be taking out two lights, I couldn't care less anymore.

"Sora, consider it as payback for bringing back something I don't really have value for, after all, if Ven doesn't pull through for my goal…I already have another person lined up that is better suitable."

I looked over from a distance and finally saw a small figure walking on the same small wooden bridge I saw long ago. "Right, on time," I muttered facing the figure.

As I motioned myself a little closer, I could see the figure more clearly, I made a slight smile, "Even though he has grown a little more, he still hadn't changed a bit the first time I saw him." As far as I could see, he was a very small child; the only thing that was different about him was obviously what he was wearing, he basically had a simple white shirt with red shorts, and sandals. I saw that he eventually sat down on the edge and admired the scenery having a warm innocent smile on his face.

It was so sweet I almost felt like I wanted to throw up. I practically already outgrew all these happy emotions at this point…I didn't even care if he is still a child; I wanted to get rid of him. But then a thought occurred to me now that I was seeing him, "If his light is so great?" then I looked at my hand, "I wonder what will happen if I use my dark power on him. Might as well since he's alone, which I find it quite odd since he's still young, but whatever."

But since I was still lost in thought, the boy caught me by surprise. "Hey!" I heard him say cheerfully. He was looking up above at me; I was on my knees on another bridge that was connected to the small land where the tree was. I had no idea how he came to me so fast since he was far away a while ago. I practically fell off the bridge and landed hard on the surface of the sand; it was quite humiliating in my perspective, but as I was slowly getting up, I could hear him giggling.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, are you okay mister? I saw that he had a concern look on his face immediately. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about it," I said while taking off my helmet, getting up to my knees. I then lowered the helmet to the side and rubbed the back of my head. "Good, for a second there, I thought you were hurt, I'm glad that you said you're okay," he said having a smile on his face.

Yep, no doubt like I said before, he is quite similar to Ven, "So, uh, not that I'm trying to run you off but, didn't your parents tell you, you shouldn't be talking to strangers, or better yet, not to scare them?" I said to him. He chuckled a little then spoke, "Well of course my parents told me that, but…something tells me that you're not a total stranger…I don't really know why, but…I just feel it." I thought for a moment, he must be unknowingly referring to the day when he first saw me in this place…he was an infant and infant's usually have vague memories, so he doesn't truly remember me…only the feeling of it remained. Might as well just play along and treat this as our very first meeting.

"Oh, well, so we won't be strangers, what's your name, if you don't' mind me asking?" I said; even though in the back of my head I already knew his name. He then gave a big smile, "Well my name is Sora, and what's yours?" he asked happily. "Vanitas," though by the look on his face, it seemed like if he had trouble pronouncing it. "Van-neee-tuss," he said. "Huh, you can just call me Van, its fine," I said smiling.

And in that moment, my eyes widen in shock of what I just did….I smiled with happiness…I wasn't expecting it at all, but it just came to me like if it was nothing; the boy's good heart is truly affecting me. Maybe…maybe this was the good time to see what will happen if I affected him with my power…what will be the result?

"Hey, can you do me a little favor and close your eyes?" I said to him. "Uh..okay," he then slowly closed them. Now to see… this child has a strong light, but the question is, how much darkness can I extract from him to make an Unversed?

I then slowly raised my hand and gently rested one of my fingers on his chest. At this point, he was mine, after the process is done; he will be oblivious to what had happened to him. Dark aura was slowly appearing around his small body, his eyes were now half –open, but they were lifeless and the eye color was darker blue.

As far as I could see, as the dark aura was swirling around him, a small piece of darkness broke off and landed on the ground. It basically informed me that this boy portrays himself as being pure due to his personality, but within all that kindness, a small piece of darkness still lingers inside his heart. Possibly within time, I could probably make it grow, making him change into someone completely different.

As the deed was finally done, Sora then closed his eyes again, and completely collapsed, though I caught him in my arms; he was now sleeping. I then turned my attention to the small darkness that was in front of me; it changed to blue and started to form into a small type of animal. Eventually, after a while, it revealed itself to be a small cat. First time I ever seen this type of Unversed, but I just went with it. The creature still had the features of a regular Unversed, hence the color skin and the demented red eyes, but its behavior was surprisingly different to me.

The way it was moving around, it seemed like if it wanted to play, like if it was actually a pet, rather than an uncontrollable monster; the cat was acting friendly. At first, I didn't know what to make out of this particular case since Unversed usually are based on negative emotions, hence why they act wild and attack people. It seemed like for Sora, the exact opposite happened, I clearly took negative emotions from him, but since they were so small, the dark emotions reversed, changing them into positive emotions; though it still kept the appearance of a normal Unversed.

As I still had Sora in my arms, I then saw that the cat made its way towards me; it started to rub itself against my body purring. I then turned my attention back to Sora, "You really are a wonder…" I whispered. "I guess, I'll keep you alive a little while longer…" But right now, I definitely have bigger fish to fry; I'll take care of Ven first before I take care of Sora.

Then in that moment, I started to hear a voice from a distance; it sounded like an adult, I was assuming it must have been one of Sora's parents since the voice was calling out to him. So I immediately set Sora down on the sand, got the Unversed, my helmet and hid once more in the shadows. The figure revealed itself to be a young man; due to him having short brown hair and blue eyes also, I was more likely thinking it must be the father since I remembered I saw the mother last time.

He looked down and smiled at his son, "Oh, silly boy, must have dosed off again," he then kneeled down and picked up Sora. Without another word the two left. "Well glad that's over," I said letting go of the Unversed walking out from the shadows. I then finally put my helmet once again back on. "If we ever meet again, he clearly won't remember me, or this meeting we had after what I did."

After a while, I then looked at the Unversed, kind of pointless to have this one around since it was just a test. So without hesitation, I summoned my Key-blade and strike at the creature; its existence was eliminated, though since it was based on positive emotions, I didn't feel the familiar pain every time one of these things is destroyed. "What a shame it had to go…" I said coldly.

Pretty soon after that, I made my way back to the tree trunk and sat there, waiting for Ven once more. Though it didn't take long now since I sensed that he was coming. So I slowly walked over taking the path of the wooden bridge again and in that moment, I saw a portal open; Ven came flying out and landed hard on the surface of the sand. It's about time he made it; I was beginning to lose my patience; though as I was walking closer, I saw that he quickly got up and yelled, "Wait, Terra!" I heard him say, he immediately ran towards the portal, but it vanished before he could get through; at this point I was already below him, watching him.

I saw that his hand slowly motioned towards his armor; he was going to leave, but I couldn't allow it. "And just where do you think you're going?" I snapped at him. He immediately turned and acknowledged me, though with a disgusted face. "I don't have time for you!" he snapped back; he then immediately started to walk away from me, but I continued to talk, "Why run away? Why not just face the fact and become what you were destined to become….let's forge the x-blade right here and now," he stopped in his tracks, but didn't respond.

"Master said the x-blade will be created if you and I fight, well guess what, I'm not fighting," he then turned and looked directly at me with those determined eyes. But I just couldn't help, but laugh; though I didn't really do it. "You use to be too broken to even talk back," I said. "Well, why not we just finish this in an appropriate place for the x-blade's creation…The Key-blade Graveyard…there you're going to see me choke the life out of Terra and Aqua, then let's see how long you will play the pacifist," I said to him coldly. Without another word, I immediately open a portal and vanished, the last thing I heard was Ven's voice.

"Wait, come back!"

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