A Simple Touch

Tears to None

* Ending of Birth by sleep

Vanitas' Point of view

"It honestly felt like a dream come true…the power was running through my veins…it…it felt great….though in the end…the dream was brutally shattered."

It truly felt like I lost everything….everything I did to get to this point…had practically burst into flames right before my eyes….all I wanted was nothing more than salvation…but Ven…he refused to give in completely; his intention was to sacrifice us both in order to save those two people he calls his friends.

It all began here….when his heart was shattered and once restored…

Like I always do, I was hiding in the dark abyss, eyeing at my target with my new incomplete weapon in hand. I successfully took over his body, but his mind is still far out of my reach…he refused to give in.

He was there…lying unconscious on the hard surface of the platform. No use holding back now, with this power and the body in my control, I can now break him…after all these years of waiting, I finally have my chance…to kill him.

After a few seconds, I saw that he had finally woken up; as he was getting up, I saw in his face that he looked rather confused in where he was, but when he sees me, I'm pretty sure that alone will clear it up without me having to tell him.

"Our union was not finished," I spoke; unraveling from the darkness. He turned and faced me. "The x-blade shouldn't stay broke like this. Join me now, so we can complete the x-blade!" I then pointed the weapon directly at him, though I wasn't surprised to his response. He closed his eyes and shook his head, indicating that he still refused; he then summoned his own weapon. He looked at me with those same determined eyes, "I got a better idea, how about I destroy you both!" he yelled.

I laughed at his pathetic response, "The x-blade is made from your heart too you idiot, If you destroy the x-blade, your heart will be shattered into pieces," I said to him. Though by the look in his eyes, I could see that his intentions still hadn't changed; his mind was set and had no further intention to be manipulated by me any longer. He is willing to destroy me, so might as well destroy him, the way my existence is developed, I personally can guarantee that it will withstand without Ven for a long amount of time; if it's the other way around, he truly won't survive and will die; in translation, if I go, he goes.

"Whatever it takes….anything to save Terra and Aqua," he said. Though I was repulsed by his response; Terra this, Aqua that, I'm beyond sick of hearing those two names. It's like whatever I had done for him when he couldn't even function, didn't matter; all those early memories were basically lost, I'm really sick of this!

Without another word, due to my frustration, I immediately charged at him and grabbed him by the neck. His grip on the key-blade lessened and fell to the platform vanishing. I could see that he was trying to break free from my grasp, but as far as I could say, I had no intention in to letting him go; I should have gotten rid of him the first time I saw him.

I looked at him directly in the eyes as my grip got tighter around his throat, "It's always about your friends, isn't it," I snapped at him. But since I was lessening his ability to breathe, he couldn't really talk back. Eventually, I finally had enough, so I threw him to the side; he fell hard on the surface of the platform. But I was far from done, since my Master obviously wouldn't be interfering, without a second of hesitation, with full force, I kicked him; he ended up flying further near the edge. It's like that saying; kick them when they're down, or my saying anyways. The light should have burned out so long ago, but thanks to Sora, this had to escalate further.

I then saw that Ven finally got up, but was on his knees, he was slowly gaining back his breathing since he was coughing. Finally, he then faced me, he still had those same determined, hopeful eyes I just couldn't break, "Well at least I have some friends!" he snapped back infuriated. Though I still didn't move from where I was standing. After a few seconds, he managed to fully pick himself up to a standing position, "I become a part of their heart, just as they become a part of mine," he then raised his right hand and summoned his key-blade once more, "My friends are my power and I'm theirs!" He then ran at full speed and strikes his weapon at me, though I blocked his attack with my own weapon; they both clashed against one another…the battle has officially begun…

After Battle...

I didn't know how it happened, I didn't know it could happen….but…I was truly defeated…I've lost everything….

Its power…, I lost grip on the blade; it was in my reach, but now it was ripped out of my hand, slipping away.

I could feel that my body was growing colder within every second, finally... I started to fall lifelessly... deeper into the darkness. My body was becoming weak as well, but with whatever strength I had within me, I used it to try and regain the power that I've lost. I reached desperately for the blade….but….it…it was too late….the blade shattered.

Even though it couldn't be seen from Ven or anyone…as my eyes were starting to close, I could feel a single tear forming… rolling down upon my cheek. Believe it or not, I was in tears…silently crying…

As I drifted deeper into the darkness, I felt my existence was slipping away… "I hope you're happy... that you got what you wanted…Ven..."

End of POV

It was night-time and Sora was in his bedroom fast asleep on his bed, or so his parents thought since they recently tucked him in. No, he was just lying his head against the soft pillow with his whole body positioned to the side. His eyes were wide opened as they kept staring blankly towards the window. He also had his blanket gripped tightly within his fingertips. After a while of silence in the air, he gave a sad sigh and finally spoke, "I don't know why, but for some reason, I just can't sleep," he whispered out. Then from out of nowhere, a tear unexpectedly came across his face. "Huh? Where did…this come from?" He slowly got up from the bed and touched the wetness of the tear from his left cheek.

He then looked over his hand and saw that one of his fingers were wet…confirming it really was a tear, he was rather puzzled in how it happened. Then from out of plain sight, a voice started to emerge in the air, whispering out his name. Sora was instantly frozen like a statue while his eyes began to change; they were lifeless and darker blue as it had been before. A shadow started to grow from behind; it was eyeing at Sora with similar red eyes as an Unversed. "Ven made a connection with Sora once, well I have made one as well, my existence may have been destroyed, hence being a shadow again, but I can gain another…" The dark shadow then started to form a large hand and reached out to Sora, yet a simple noise from the window broke the trance he was in.

He was back to normal and the shadow faded, leaving no trace; Sora was once again oblivious, the feeling he had, and the tear that he shed, faded out of memory; like if it didn't happen. Though it only took Sora a couple of seconds to snap out it, he then turned his attention towards the window and saw that a hand was knocking. Sora quickly jumped off the bed and walked over to see who it was, it was not surprising to him when he saw that it was his friend Riku. Riku was smiling, though he was some-what making movements, telling Sora to open the window, so he did. "Hey Riku, not that I'm not happy to see you here, but shouldn't you be at your own house in bed, its night time you know," Sora said. "I know it's night-time, that's why I'm here, you see, I couldn't sleep, so I was thinking it would be fun to maybe take a small walk and since we're friends, I just wanted to drop by to see if you wanted to join me," Riku said.

Sora was immediately going to refuse since he didn't like the idea of sneaking out, but he thought about it for a bit and reconsidered since he remembered that he couldn't really get much sleep either; so a little walk might help. "Okay, I'll go," he finally said to his friend.

Eventually, they made their way close to the shore and both of them lied down on the sand relaxing; though after a while, they decided to head back.

Sora and Riku were walking across the pathway heading back to their homes, though on the way there, Riku couldn't help but notice that Sora was some-what sad, or better yet, was crying. He stopped and called it towards his attention, "Sora what's wrong…you're crying…" he pointed out worriedly. Sora then stopped and at first didn't know what he was talking about, but then he put his hand on his cheek feeling the tear, unknowingly for the second time. "That's weird," he said looking down at his feet with a sad face. "It's like something is squeezing me inside," he tried to describe the feeling. Riku then thought for a moment, "Well somebody up there must be sad," he turned his attention to the stars.

"Up where?" Sora asked extremely confused. "There," he pointed to the stars, "They say every world is connected by one great big sky. So maybe, there is a person somewhere out there, who is really hurting, and…they're probably calling out to you to help them." "Do you think maybe there is something I could do?" Sora asked. "Well…maybe they just need you to open your heart and listen," he said. Sora thought for a moment in what Riku said and some-what doubted the idea, "Hmmm, I don't know Riku, you say some weird stuff sometimes, but I'll try it," Sora then looked over at the stars and slowly closed his eyes.

"Hey, can you hear me?"

After a while, Sora then opened his eyes, he found out that he was no longer in his home world; he was in another unknown place. He didn't really know what to think when he was looking over his surroundings; he was basically surrounded by darkness, but was supported by standing on a circular blue platform. "Hmmm…things just keep getting even weirder," he stated. Then from a distance, something…or in this case, someone caught his eye. He looked ahead and saw a young boy was sitting over the edge of the platform; his back facing Sora. The boy's appearance was basically see-through indicating he was a spirit, but Sora didn't know. Due to his curiosity, Sora slowly made his way to the teenage boy, and reached out his hand, eventually touching his shoulder.

"H-hello…" he stammered. The boy then finally acknowledged Sora, he slowly turned and his blank expression quickly changed into a warm smile, "So it's you, you're the voice I heard…" he said in a low soft voice. He then turned his whole body facing him, "Who…who are you?" Sora asked. "Well, let's just say I'm the person who you helped once," he said wanting to throw a cheerfully laugh. "I helped you?" Sora asked puzzled. Then Ven finally put one of his hands on Sora's shoulder, "Yes, you did, I heard your voice again, it cut through the darkness around me and I found my way here, with you, you see, long ago when I was at the peak of fading, you gave me a wonderful gift…a second chance," then unexpectedly Ven's smile began to fade into sadness; he knew in any moment that he would soon disappear. "And well now, I have to go back to sleep again," he finished. "Are you sad?" Sora asked worriedly.

After a few moments of silence, Ven finally spoke, "Do…do you think I can stay here with you?" he asked and immediately, Sora gave a cheerful smile, "Sure, if it will make you feel better." At that moment, it seemed like Ven wanted to burst into tears…tears of joy, but the only thing he did was smile, "Thank you," he said softly. Ven's body immediately started to glow and eventually then evaporated into small fragments of light; though what remained of his existence, was a small orb of light that was hovering in Sora's small hands; the orb represented his heart. Sora then closed his eyes and rested the light within his chest, welcoming a new, yet old friend into his heart.

Sora then finally opened his eyes and was once again back where he was with Riku. "So…how was it?" Riku asked wondering. "Hmmm…I think I reached," Sora said happily admiring the beautiful stars. Then from out of nowhere, something made him uneasy, like if someone was watching him, he slightly turned his head to the side and saw a dark shadowy figure looking at him, of course he wasn't aware of the figure, but it was Vanitas; at the beginning, he was no more than a shadow again, but due to Sora reconnecting with Ven, he got his appearance back once more; though he was still a shadow since Ven's existence isn't truly back…so he wasn't truly back either…his spirit lingers within the small pieces of darkness within Sora's heart.

Sora kept staring at him, though Riku's voice broke his attention, "Hey, what are you looking at?" Riku questioned. Sora turned back to Riku, but then turned back in seeing that the figure wasn't there anymore, "Nothing, let's go home," Sora said, "Mmmm…I must be seeing things since I'm tired," he said in his mind.

As they both walked off into the distance… the figure appeared once more watching them leave.

"So…you thought hiding within the heart of a child will save you huh…well things have only begun…I will get my revenge on you Ven, it's just so sad that you got him involved now since I'll have to officially kill him…." Vanitas said coldly.

"Even though I'm a shadow at the moment…I will gain a more stable body."

The shadow then disappeared lost in plain sight.

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