A Simple Touch

Dark Reflection

Sora's Point of View

"I…I been having these weird thoughts lately….like…is any of this for real or not?"

Every time when I would drift to sleep, I would have these weird visions in my head….dreams…or in this case….it felt like memories…

Memories I couldn't even recall…so I believed they were no more than dreams…

In one dream, I remembered I was in an unknown world.

I remembered it was night-time, the stars really looked breath taking as I sat comfortably on the ground admiring them. The soft breeze of the wind felt good as it blew across my face. It truly felt peaceful, though as I would see the stars, a question would always pop up in my head when gazing at them, "What is really so significant about the stars...Are they truly other worlds?"

This dream goes back many years ago….I guess I would say before I started my ever changing journey. Though since many things came up after that, I have practically forgotten about those early dreams….

But now for some reason, they have been slowly coming back, I wasn't really bothered by them since they were so calm and peaceful, but everything seemed to change when I had this one particular dream….or should I say nightmare….

I didn't know where I was, I kept walking aimlessly in this deserted place; though as I walked examining my surroundings, I felt quite uneasy since it looked like if I was in a graveyard. The wind also started to pick up as a chill ran down my spine. What…what was this place? This is the first time I ever see it in my life…

As I then continued to walk, what I saw up ahead made me stopped in my tracks; my eyes widen in shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing…..there were Key -blades….hundreds a-and hundreds…more than you can ever imagine. Everywhere I would turn, they were there….like a never ending field.

After seeing the sight, I steadily made my way towards one of the blades…Since I was looking at them up close, I could pretty much conclude that this blade, and all the other thousands were practically thrust here for years and years.. abandon…leaving to rust. I then slowly kneeled down to my knees slightly eyeing the ground…. "What is this dreadful place?" I kept wondering in my head…I was basically lost in thought feeling the hard, yet old rusted surface of the blade through my fingers.

Even though I wasn't really paying attention…I started to feel the tension of the wind raising once more…it felt like if it was whispering in my ears.

And oddly enough, I faintly heard a voice calling out to me."Hello, Sora," I heard the voice call from a distance; it was weird, the voice sounded familiar, or should I say, it sounded a lot like me, but had a little more of a dark tone in his voice. I finally got up and turned to the person, though when I did, no one was there. "H-Hello? Whoever you are, come on out," I said out to the air.

At first, there was only pure silence, but after a few seconds, surprisingly a dark portal emerged from a distance. I didn't know what to think, but I immediately summoned by Key-blade; being cautious. The figure finally stepped out of the darkness, though the being was wearing an Organization XIII coat; it could be me, but it seems like if I been seeing more of these coats lately.

As the dark portal disappeared, I saw that the person had the hood on. "My my…look how much you have grown…and yet… you still haven't changed one bit," the person said. I still had the Key-blade gripped tightly in my hands, "Who are you and how do you know my name?" I questioned. Though it seemed what I said made him chuckle for a bit, "Well, believe it or not, I know you because we have met before, though I wouldn't expect you to remember since those memories have already withered away when you were young," he said slowly walking towards me.

"So then who are you?" I asked again; I wanted him to reveal himself. He finally stopped and both of us were still eyeing at each other, though eventually, he slowly started to pull back the hood revealing his face. My eyes widen in shock as I saw his appearance; he…he was me…or more like a darker version of me since he had yellowish eyes and black hair. I was speechless I….I didn't know what to say. I just kept saying in the back of my head that this was a crazy dream that I was having right now. "Yep, by the stunned expression on your face, it clearly tells me that you don't remember," he said.

"What…what is going on, why do you look like me?" I was completely lost. "Really…that question coming from you, I wondered about that myself at first, but then I found out that your actions are basically the reason why I look like this," he said to me; though it still didn't really help. Who is he and what actions have I done that he is talking about?

He took a few steps to the side viewing the world that we were in, "This place is still a graveyard," he muttered under his breath. I then saw that he turned his attention towards me and made a disgusted face, "A Key-blade huh…it seems at this point you have practically become more like him…or better yet, you have become him," he said walking back to me eyeing at my weapon. Though I was still confused, who is this guy talking about? Becoming like who? He isn't making any sense to me.

He then looked at me straight in the eyes, "Which means now your own existence is practically no more than a worthless shell, there is nothing special about you now, everything that happened to you, even getting this weapon, was no more than a lie…you're a sham, you're just a simple vessel holding these hearts prisoners within you….that's all you're good for, keeping things locked away. Without them, you'll be nothing," he said angrily pointing to my chest. "Which is why…I don't even see you as Sora anymore... instead when I look at you, I can only see Ven."

"But no matter, as far as it concerns you, you're no longer needed," he said coldly. Then from out of nowhere, in a flash, I felt something pierce my body, making me drop by key-blade vanishing; the excruciating pain was consuming my body…I couldn't move. As I moved my eyes downward to my chest, I could see that the person also had a key-blade of his own since it was thrust into my body. Within every second, my vision began to get hazy…though I saw that he was smirking. He was being amused watching me die….

After a few seconds, I felt that he then pulled the blade out, making me finally collapse down to my knees….my body felt icy cold and most importantly weak. Why…why is he doing this…what have I done to him? In that instant, I then saw that my chest was glowing…something…something was being released from within my body; as it finally appeared, it was no other than a small orb of light…a heart. Though the way it felt…I knew it wasn't mine, but due to being stabbed, I was still at the peak of collapsing and blacking out permanently.

Then that's when it came to me in the worst possible time….I remembered the heart that was hovering in front of me belonged to….Ven.

Flash Back

"Who…who are you?" I asked. "Well, let's just say I'm the person who you helped once," he said wanting to throw a cheerfully laugh. "I helped you?" I asked puzzled. Then the boy put one of his hands on my shoulder, "Yes, you did, I heard your voice again, it cut through the darkness around me and I found my way here, with you, you see, long ago when I was at the peak of fading, you gave me a wonderful gift…a second chance," then unexpectedly I saw that his smile began to fade. "And well now, I have to go back to sleep again," he finished. "Are you sad?" I asked worriedly.

After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke, "Do…do you think I can stay here with you?" he asked and immediately, I gave a cheerful smile, "Sure, if it will make you feel better." At that moment, I saw that the boy smiled, "Thank you," he said softly. His body immediately started to glow and eventually then disappeared into small pieces of light; though an orb of light was hovering over my hands. So I then closed my eyes and rested the light within my chest, welcoming the person into my heart. The last thing I remembered before I opened my eyes again… was the boy's name…his name was Ventus or Ven for short.

End of Flash Back

And…and if that was Ven….then that means…

I then moved my eyes upward seeing the cloaked person standing before me…

He said the memories had withered away, but I think I remember… though vaguely, "V-Vanitas," I managed to say. His expression some-what changed, but not completely, "So, me striking you with the key-blade, somehow triggered your forgotten memories to rise to the surface, impressive…though I'm afraid you're too late," he then grabbed the heart; having it in his palm.

It could be my memories playing tricks on me, but the way I remembered him, he was good…or so I thought.

Flash Back

I was sitting comfortably on the edge of the wooden bridge; the view looked calm and peaceful. Though after a few seconds, I got tired, so I was going to get my dad so we could play a game, or make a sand castle or something, but as I was walking off the bridge, someone caught my attention right off the bat.

I couldn't really put my finger on it, but the person I saw looked rather familiar, like if I saw him before; he seemed troubled as I looked at him, so I thought it would be good if he had someone to talk to…maybe a friend.

Without another word, I then ran towards him and smiled, though I just saw that he was some-what distracted so might as well make myself noticeable.

"Hey," I yelled, hoping to get his attention, though I got more than that since he immediately fell off the bridge; I know it was bad, but I couldn't help but giggle a little in seeing it, though I regretted it. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, are you okay mister? I said with a worried face. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about it," he said while taking off his helmet, getting up to his knees. He then lowered the helmet to the side and rubbed the back of his head. "Good, for a second there, I thought you were hurt, I'm glad that you said you're okay," I said having a smile on my face.

Though after that, it was awfully quiet, it seemed like if he didn't know what to say next, but after a while, he finally spoke, "So, uh, not that I'm trying to run you off but, didn't your parents tell you, you shouldn't be talking to strangers, or better yet, not to scare them?" he said to me. I chuckled a little from his comment, "Well of course my parents told me that, but…something tells me that you're not a total stranger…I don't really know why, but…I just feel it."

"Oh, well, so we won't be strangers, what's your name, if you don't' mind me asking?" he said. I then gave a big smile, "Well my name is Sora, and what's yours?" I asked happily. "Vanitas," he said; though I had some trouble saying it. "Van-neee-tuss," I said. "Huh, you can just call me Van, its fine," he said giving a warm cheerful smile.

End of Flash Back

What could have happened to him to make him become so coldhearted and cruel?

I then finally collapsed to the ground completely, though my eyes were still locked on Vanitas. The same question kept repeating in my head…. "What could of happened?" In that instant, I felt tears were emerging…slowly rolling down my face; still looking at him. "The shell has been broken and I have finally collected what is mine…I will finally regain the power that I've lost so long ago," he said evilly holding the orb firmly in his hand. He then turned his attention towards me once more, "Nice try, but I have no sentimental feelings for anyone," he said wanting to laugh; he then raised his key-blade at me, "Be devoured by the darkness," he yelled. I saw that the blade was glowing, being surrounded by darkness, I knew that he was going to strike me, I couldn't bear it; so I shut my eyes as tight as I possibly could.

"No…no…no!" I muttered, yet due to the horrifying image, I immediately jumped and woken from my sleep. I was practically breathing hard; I could even feel my heart beat racing as I was clinging on to my chest. It took some time, but I regain self aware that I was in my bedroom safe and sound and that it was still night-time. "It…it was only a dream," I said relieved, "More like a nightmare," I then finally collapsed on to my pillow again, now staring at the ceiling. After having that dreadful nightmare… I couldn't possibly go back to sleep now…I was hopelessly wide awake.

After a while of staring blankly at the ceiling and wiping the tears away, I couldn't help, but go back to thinking about the dream, "Everything that happened in it, including those flashbacks, they seemed awfully real….was this real or a dream?" I kept thinking in my head. It must have been…I don't know why, but I have this strange feeling inside that something terrible is going to happen, if my dream was bad, what will come in the real world….

I then finally got up from the bed; though still in a sitting position. I turned my attention to the window and saw the moon along with the million little stars shining in the sky. I gave a slight sigh, "If the dream was real…then referring to the letter I got from King Mickey, maybe Ven, Roxas and the others aren't probably the only ones who need to be saved…."

I then moved closer to the window and saw my own reflection; though as I slowly put my hand over the cool glass, his reflection appeared instead, replacing mine.

"Vanitas…" I whispered.

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