A Simple Touch

To Repeat Itself

Author's Note: May leave this story hanging for a while since I have to focus on more important things at the moment...

Sora's Point of view

"To really see through the eyes of a stranger… is he truly bad?

.I looked upon the glass from the window and saw his face, as I did; I instantly saw flashes of images from his past, but through his dark hollow eyes…"

After the nightmare I had…somehow I was able to go back to sleep…

Though it felt like the sweet relief and comfort faded quickly since by the time I knew it, day light was already breaking through my window, lighting up my room.

I slowly opened one eye, gazing out, seeing the light the sun was giving off. I just let out a sigh, "Morning already…." I muttered; I felt sluggish lying on the bed, I truly didn't want to move….I wanted more sleep since half of it was lost because of the dream.

I then immediately got my pillow and buried it on top of my head trying to block out the light…though of course, after a while, I gave in and finally got up from the bed, yawning and stretching; I felt like I had to push my body to move since I said before I was extremely tired.

"Maybe going to the islands will help me ease my mind…to forget the dream," I softly said under my breath.

So with that said I finally got up from the bed, made it, got dressed, ate and started heading there.

It was sunny and beautiful as ever as I was just sitting comfortably on the trunk of the tree; I was staring out blankly, trying to recollect my thoughts in order…even though I said before I thought the dream was real, I'm starting to have doubts…like if it was just one of those dreams that seemed real, but are obviously not.

But the image of me being stabbed and completely collapsing to the cold ground kept playing over and over in my head….it truly felt real. I then slowly picked up my hand and rested it on my chest. No wound, no blood…yet I felt like the life was being sucked out of me when it happened.

Since I was so deep in thought, it took me a few moments to register in my head that someone was calling me; the feminine voice broke the silence in the air.

"Sora…Sora…Sora?!" I heard the voice say; then I completely snapped out of it and turned my full attention towards the person, it was kairi I saw, she was standing looking at me, waiting for a response. "Oh, I'm sorry Kairi….I-I just didn't get enough sleep is all," I said slightly looking down playing with my hands. I then felt that she sat beside me, "I could tell, I see it in your eyes, you look awful. Maybe you should go back to bed," she said concerned. "No, its okay, I don't really think that will help much," I said looking over at the ocean.

"Why…did you have a bad dream or something?" she continued, "You know I'm here for you, you can tell me if you want," she then rested one of her hands on mine. And in that moment, a quick flash of my nightmare came back to me.

I don't know why, but it felt like if my head was burning… "Rrrrgh," I put one of my hands on my head.

Why…why is this happening? Something is telling me that this is more than just a nightmare. "Sora, are you alright?" I heard her say to me; though I quickly recovered….I didn't want her to worry. "Huh yeah, I'm fine really," I said putting up a smile; though after what I had done, I kind of knew she wouldn't buy it.

"Well…okay if you say so," she ended up saying; though I saw she was still concerned. I wouldn't really blame her; after all, knowing me, I'll probably be acting the same way if something unusual was happening to her.

I even remember those days when we were barely getting to know each other; Riku would always tease me and do others things just to make me uneasy and mad because I had developed a crush for her….or maybe it might be something more than that… I don't really know just yet.

"Well, sorry it had been short, but I have to go," she then got off the tree trunk, "I still think you should get some rest though." "Yeah, okay I will, see you later," I said. She made a slight giggle; a small smile then appeared upon her face, "Goodbye Sora," with that said, she walked off into the distance leaving me with my thoughts again.

The wind was slowly picking up as I then raised my hand against my chest once more. I remembered Vanitas said out of anger that I was nothing but a sham, he was saying my heart was a prison….is he right? Is my heart truly a prison or is he just trying to mess with my head… if that really is the case…well he seems to be doing a pretty good job at the moment since I'm completely lost. Maybe I really should take kairi's advice and try to get a little more sleep. I then got off the tree and looked over the edge, seeing the clear crystal blue water. As I did, my reflection came into view….Kairi was right, I really do look like if I'm drained. I better go; though before I was about to, something unusual struck me inside my head; it was a voice….his voice.

"So just because you are chosen to lessen the hurting from people…you automatically think that I'm one of those…" I heard Vanitas said in my head.

"Well forget that little plan you had, whatever you remember from the past means nothing…it all crippled away, darkness is what I am, and there is no changing that whether you like it or not," his voice sounded so sinister and dark.

"So then how come for so long, you finally awakened; why am I hearing you in my head," I said in a low voice looking down at my feet.

"Like I would tell you everything," he said sharply, "But I guess I will tell you this…history is going to repeat itself and there is no way you will be able to stop it," he said pleased.

My eyes widen in shock…history is going to repeat itself? Then…the dream I saw…the place I was in. Then a flash back of seeing all the abandon keys everywhere played back again in my mind. "Another war…" he said to me.

"Another war huh….so there was one before," I was questionable, though I quickly remembered; it was one those fairy tale stories that was once told to kairi when she was little.


Long ago, there lived a world filled with peace and harmony. The people from the world, were always gifted with the everlasting light from the unseen Kingdom Hearts.

The light was so beautiful and magical, people started to believe that the light was a blessing. After a while of sharing the light, people started to grow emotions of greed and selfishness; they wanted to obtain the light for themselves, and thus darkness was born in their hearts.

In order to complete this appalling task, people one by one began to create a similar replica of Kingdom Hearts' protector, "The X-blade".

The Keyblade's purpose was only to steal the light; with this new weapon at hand, it created a major crisis for the world. It was said that whoever obtained the X-blade, would have total control over Kingdom Hearts, so like a virus, war struck between the keyblade wielders, fighting for control over the X-blade.

While the war was happening, darkness started to spread rapidly. Sadly during the war, the x-blade shattered into 20 pieces , resulting in Kingdom Hearts being swallowed by the darkness, never to be seen again.

Since the darkness ended up swallowing the entire world, no one really survived in the war. But through the hearts of children, the world was restored and broken into smaller worlds separate from each other.

Life continued on since that tragedy, but the power of the keyblade still lurked its way to new individuals, though the people who obtained the power started to use it not to steal the light, but use the power to protect it instead, hoping to keep the light safe and prevent history from repeating itself.

Though legend says, if the 13 darknesses and the 7 lights clash, the x-blade will be forged, the true Kingdom Hearts will reawaken, and the Keyblade war will be reset.

End of Story

But after hearing the story, and remembering everything else I've seen…I truly believe that this is more than just a fairy tale…its real; that story was the war that happened so long ago. I then tighten my hand in a fist…This war can't happen; we have to do something…

After a few seconds, I then heard Vanitas voice again, "And speaking of history repeating itself…" he sounded amused.

I then turned my attention up to the sky… "Oh no," I whispered out. The wind was picking up heavily, the clouds were blocking out the sun; it looked like a storm was coming. Everything was becoming incredibly dark in an instant. The storm…it…it was happening again. This place…this world… it's going to be taken once more. But…but how…it…it just didn't make sense.

And before I knew it, everything looked pitch black; wind was blowing hard against me as I was still staring up at the clouds. I think I even saw a glimpse of lightning as I was shielding myself with my arms. Then in an instant, it clicked in my head, "Riku and kairi!" I had to find them, make sure they're okay…I didn't want to get separated this time as I had before.

Without a second of hesitation, I immediately started to run as fast as I could off the bridge; though I stopped when I was mid-way. Creatures started to emerge in front of me so I immediately reached out my right hand and summoned my Key-blade; ready to take down these monsters. But as they formed, I was a bit baffled…they weren't Heartless or Nobodies I was expecting. No…they were different hence the blue skin, dark red eyes, and shapes they were in. What were they, I honestly haven't seen these creatures before.

But the way things were going, I didn't care..all I was thinking about were Kairi and Riku, so I charged at the creatures and struck them one by one; as I did, they instantly vanished into thin air. "What are these creatures?"

No matter how many I destroyed, they just kept coming...it's like if they were preventing me to leave. Then from out of nowhere, I instantly heard a loud thunder, and as I turned, I saw in a flash that a lightning struck the tree I was sitting on previously.

My eyes widen in shock, this storm was much worse, fire started to emerge engulfing the tree; it was rapidly spreading.

"No...I got to find my friends now! I don't have time for this," I said referring to the creatures who were standing in my way. So I immediately took a chance and jumped off the bridge and started running. Though as I was running, a dark portal opened. I stopped once again facing the person who came out of it. As usual the person was wearing an Organization XIII coat.

My eyes widen in shock when the person pulled down the hood, "So the dream really was real..." I said finally convinced. The person was Vanitas; though his existence was some-what shadowy, he just gave a smirk looking at me with those cold eyes.

"Your world will fall as it had before."

"Sora, a question may I ask, if you think I'm one of the people to be saved...well who will save you?"

I then saw that he summoned his Key-blade and pointed it at me.

"The 13th dark vessel..."

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