A Simple Touch

Unbreakable Chains

"Even in the deepest darkness…a light shines within….though what if it's too much… that the light starts to wither…becoming dim...almost like a candle about to give out…"

Sora's Point-of-View

"The final piece of the puzzle," he said to me with those cold eyes, "The 13th dark vessel," Vanitas raised his weapon. "You better get a good look at this place, because it's the last time you'll ever see it again," in an instant, dark aura was swirling about his Key-blade. He still had those soulless eyes locked on my appearance; I knew at this moment…I was trapped. Even if I could out run him, it wouldn't do any good.

Reason why…well…as I looked at my home world slowly crumbling into pieces, the fire that was created earlier, increased rapidly, nearly consuming everything in sight, preventing me from going anywhere. "Riku….kairi," I whispered out, silently looking at the flames surrounding me. At this point, all I was thinking…was for them two to be safe, hopefully they have already ended up somewhere else…safe far from here.

After a second of looking at the flames, I turned my attention back to Vanitas, without any thought, I immediately raised my Key-blade, ready to deflect anything he is willing to throw at me; I'm not going to be taken away this easily….not without a fight. "Well, what do you know, after so many years Ven, you still give me those same eyes," he said wanting to laugh. I then slightly looked down gripping the blade tighter in my grasp; my hair was covering my eyes, "Call me whatever you want, but I'll tell you this one thing, I am and always will be called Sora….no matter what," I said raising my head staring at him once more.

"Fine….Sora," he said still with a smirk; and without further warning, Vanitas immediately shot out a ray of darkness from the tip of his Key-blade. The darkness was coming in lightning speed towards my direction, though I wasn't afraid, I stood my ground. In a split second, without hesitation, I jumped doing a back flip, as I did; the darkness missed me and hit the sand instead.

I successfully dodged the move he threw at me; though I kept staring at him having my weapon still gripped firmly in one hand. "Impressive," he said amused. "But not good enough," he then raised his left hand and snapped his fingers.

"What?" I was confused; what did he mean by that? Though, it seemed like I got the answer the hard way since I immediately felt something strike me from out of nowhere. It was so fast and unexpected; I dropped the Key-blade and collapse to my knees in pain. Whatever it was that inflicted pain on me, really got me good since as I was trying to endure the pain, I examined myself in finding that my shirt was torn and a wound was revealed on my chest. I was bleeding very badly, a drop or two landed on the ground. Without really much thought, I tried to stop the bleeding by putting my hand over my chest, though only to find that my glove was covered in blood as well.

I thought this was as bad as it gets, but then as I looked at the sand, darkness was circling around me. Eventually after that, the darkness rose and started to wrap itself around my body….basically holding me in place. This truly felt like a nightmare….no words could describe how awful this is right now….

Even though I wasn't really looking, I knew Vanitas was coming closer since I heard his footsteps. "A little different, but this does bring back a memory," Vanitas said still amused.

End of Sora's POV

Flash Back

Vanitas was running as quick as possible, as he came across the edge of a cliff; he immediately jumped off without any hesitation. As he was falling, on the way down, he saw someone below him. "Her again…now is my time to strike," Vanitas said coldly in his mind. In a split second, he then summoned his Key-blade and was already about to pounce on his nearby target; since she was completely oblivious he was near, Vanitas was going to give the final blow….to end her life.

"Aqua!" a young boy cried to his friend, warning her; the boy was no one other than Ven. Though due to a bit of carelessness in the previous fight, he was helpless…literally frozen like a statue on the cold ground. His eyes widen in shock and fear because he thought Aqua was going to get extremely hurt.

Though Aqua heard Ven's warning, and turned, but since she was so close to getting hit, she lost consciousness; collapsing to the ground. No matter what, Vanitas was still going to strike, so he slowly raised his Key-blade and was about to stab her; that is until Ven's voice broke his concentration.

"Nooo! Get away from her!" he yelled; Ven was now standing with his Key-blade in hand; he was able to melt the ice away from his body. Without another word, he then ran towards him, but it was nothing more than a trap Ven blindly fell for. Darkness came creeping out from the cracks of the ground and charged at Ven. To no surprise, the darkness that unraveled, were Vanitas' creations; the Unversed. The Unversed forcefully stopped Ven and had themselves wrapped around him…binding him so he couldn't move, or in this case…escape; Vanitas then took off his helmet.

He then gave a small sigh, and put his hand over his head, "Ven, Ven, Ven…you naïve little boy," he said slowly walking closer to him. As he did, he saw that Ven was trying to break free, but of course it was practically pointless. Vanitas kneeled down, they were now looking at each other; face to face, "Stop squirming, it's pointless to throw your energy away like that, everything is going as planned…there is no way of breaking the chains now," he then grabbed Ven's chin and pulled him in a little closer, "They're unbreakable," he said with a smirk, though Ven continued to look at him disgusted.

"The Unversed….come from you…" he questioned out of anger.

End of Flash Back

"Yes…" Vanitas then used the tip of the Key-blade to pick up Sora's chin; both looking face to face. "They're unbreakable…" he repeated remembering the flash back; though at this point Sora already lost consciousness….nothing really to say.

Vanitas then turned his attention to his surroundings…seeing the peaceful world being consumed. "Well this world is at its end…time to go," he said under his breath. He then once again snapped his fingers, the darkness that was wrapped around Sora descended… leaving him to collapse on the ground; though without a moment to lose, Vanitas waved his hand, and a dark portal opened behind him.

He then grabbed Sora and carried him…heading into the portal leading to another world.

"Oh, Riku, where can he be?" Kairi asked her friend worriedly. Riku and Kairi were safe as Sora hoped since they were in Traverse Town; though they were walking side-by-side searching for him in the First District. They both kept calling their dear friend's name…hoping to hear his response indicating he was alright, but every time they would call, they would get the same response… dead cold silence.

After searching for quite some time, something in the sky suddenly caught Kairi's eye, "Riku, look!" she called out pointing up at the stars. "What, what is it?" Riku asked, though then he followed Kairi's finger and looked up at the sky. Both of them reflected fear in their eyes as they were examining the stars. History really was repeating itself….a star in the sky was shining so bright, but in an instant, the star vanished, leaving no trace of existence….the elegant light of the star gave out.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Riku said still looking at the sky. Though from the two, it seemed that Kairi was the most worried. She instantly remembered how unusual Sora was acting towards her when she was with him a while ago.

Flash Back

"Sora, are you alright?" she said to him; Kairi was baffled since Sora looked like if he was in pain, though it seemed like he didn't want her to worry, so being him, he forcefully made a smile across his face. "Huh yeah, I'm fine really," he said with a friendly cheerful smile. Even though Kairi didn't buy it, she couldn't help but to let it go, "Well…okay if you say so."

End of Flash Back

Then that's when Kairi grabbed Riku's arm, "Riku, this is much worse, I think Sora's in danger," she said to him. "Well, we can't waste time then, we have to look for him and fast," Riku said determined. They both immediately took off, running into another District, hoping to find Sora somewhere in the town.

Sora's Point-of-View

I felt so weak….and confused; how….how did I get here. As I kept thinking for some kind of explanation…nothing…nothing came to mind. The only image I had engraved in my mind at the moment…was being surrounded by the burning flames of fire….

As the fire was increasing, it felt like it was taking away my ability to breathe. I didn't know what was happening…I was scared. Then…the next thing I would see…were those cold demented red eyes… glaring at my appearance through the fire. I could actually see myself through the creature's eyes…nothing but this image came into mind.

As I moved my eyes from side to side, I basically confirmed to myself that I was being confined in a small dark room…it felt like if I was really in a prison. I was just sitting in a corner, having my arms wrapped around my knees as well as my face buried against them. "The 13th dark vessel…" I whispered faintly, picking my head up slightly. "Never thought I could fit that role….why…why was I chosen to begin with," I blandly said, now looking up at the ceiling.

Then from out of nowhere I started to hear a voice, at first I thought it was coming from within my mind, but then as it grew, I knew it was coming from outside the room I was in.

"You know, it was pretty careless for letting him be the one to bring Sora here, due to him not being able to control his actions, he could have killed him," I heard the voice say; though sadly I couldn't identify of who it was.

"Don't worry about something that is in the past, he's here isn't he," another voice responded.

Then that's when I remembered…Vanitas…he hit me on the chest…making me bleed. I then turned my attention to my shirt, I slightly moved my jacket to the side in seeing my whole shirt covered in dried blood; the torn was still there as well. "Some-how I managed to survive," I whispered out to the cold air. I even looked at one of my hands and also found dried blood on the glove's surface. It was a blur, but then I remembered, I put my hand over my chest, hoping to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on it.

"So now that we have him, what's our next move?" I heard the two voices still conversing.

"Simple, we don't really need him, only his body, so… we'll simply send his mind to a place far out of the dimension of reality."

"You mean…"

"Yes, we'll send him to the realm of dreams, or in this case, if we're lucky…possibly to the nightmares."

After that, their voices were far from my reach. At this point, I figured out what they had planned for me….this definitely was a chance for me to find an escape, but for some reason, I just stayed where I was. This…this might be crazy, but maybe if I let the people send me deeper into my mind, it could probably help me… to find something….something important.

I feel like the dreams and the nightmare recently, have been trying to tell me something, but I just don't know what it is, it just leaves me at a dead-end when I wake up, maybe the dreams could help me understand the people who are hurting more clearly, making it easier to figure out a way to lessen their pain. The dreams will probably have an answer. But in doing this…I know I'll be taking a risk, there could be a chance I won't return….I wouldn't be able to get out if I fall too deep…leaving my body as a manipulative chess piece for the war that is planned.

I then just gave a sad sigh, and once again buried my head against my knees. "What am I thinking; I'll probably lose myself since I don't really know what I'm dealing with…" I uttered softly.

I then faintly heard a dark voice in the back of my head again….

"That's right Sora…your mind…your soul….your whole existence…they're all going to disappear into the darkness…."

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