A Simple Touch

Looks Can Be Deceiving

"This boy portrays himself as being pure due to his personality, but within all that kindness, a small piece of darkness still lingers inside his heart.

Possibly within time, I could probably make it grow, making him change into someone completely different.

Even though I'm a shadow at the moment…I will gain a more stable body."


"Sora, answer me!" Riku yelled, once again calling out to his friend.

"Sora, please, where are you?!" Kairi repeated, desperately wanting a response.

But all ended the same for the two, nothing but silence was given. Riku and Kairi though refused to give up and kept walking deeper into the town that they were in; Traverse Town. The two aimlessly walked into another district, which automatically led them into the Second District.

"Are you sure he's here Riku? What if he isn't even in this world," Kairi exclaimed steadily walking down a small set of stairs.

"Well you could be right, but it doesn't hurt to make sure though," Riku said following her.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," she finally agreed.

As the two continued to walk, something unusual immediately caught Kairi's eye once again. As she examined it from a far, she noted that they were two vague shadowy figures; one was awfully big, and the other was quite small.

"Riku, look over there," she pointed to the shadows.

Riku followed her finger and saw the two shadows as well; he was quite questionable if they were a threat, or if the figures were something they could simply ignore.

"Do you think they are Heartless?" Kairi asked baffled.

"I don't know," he then reached out his hand and the Key-blade appeared in his grasp.

"But it doesn't hurt to find out, just follow me and be careful," Riku stated slowly walking.


Riku and Kairi slowly made their way towards the figures, as they did, without really much thought; Riku raised his weapon and ran charging at them with full speed. Though as he was about to strike, he immediately stopped when he acknowledged who the two vague figures were. He lowered his Key-blade, with a confused look on his face raising an eyebrow.

"Donald? Goofy?" he questioned.

Since Donald and Goofy didn't know what to expect and were some-what frighten, they were practically holding each other quivering, but once when they saw it was Riku, all was happy smiles….or for Goofy at least. Donald jumped off eyeing at Riku.

"Don't scare us like that!" he pouted throwing a tiny hint of anger.

But of course Riku did a slight chuckle, after a second Kairi then joined the small party and acknowledged them as well.

"Oh, I remember, you two are Sora's friends too, Donald and Goofy, isn't it?" Kairi asked them.

"Yeah, it's us alright, nice to see you two, but uh….where's Sora, I thought he would be with you," Goofy asked scratching the side of his head.

"We don't know what happened to him, we've been looking, but there hasn't been any sign of him, I was probably going to ask you two the same question whether if either of you have seen him," Riku said to Donald and Goofy.

"And…not to take it the wrong way, but what are you two doing here exactly?" Kairi asked.

"Well, we heard from the king that your world had been taken, so he ordered us to go to Traverse Town and retrieve the three of you…but I guess it's now a problem since Sora isn't with you guys," Donald stated; he was beginning to worry.

As the conversation was prolonging, Riku immediately became lost in thought. He was trying to figure out a road or a clue in finding where his friend could be. In that moment, he started to remember the time when he first got separated from Sora and Kairi. He remembered Sora landed here and that he and Kairi landed in Hollow Bastion. Everything in his mind seemed to click after making the connection.

"Kairi was right, he is in another world, he possibly accidently ended up in Hollow Bastion like I did," Riku muttered to himself, still putting the pieces together.

"I think I know where Sora is," Riku finally spoke to the small group.

"Where?" the three asked looking at him.

"Hollow Bastion, I mean Radiant Garden," Riku stated shaking his head.

He always kept forgetting the world's proper name since he always went by the name Hollow Bastion.

"My home world?" Kairi asked to make sure.

"Yes, I think that's where he is," Riku finished.

"Well, I guess we have our destination, shall we head to the Gummi ship," Donald said already leading the way.

As Goofy started to follow Donald, Riku and Kairi were a bit hesitant since they were still having doubts if Sora was really in Radient Garden, but since they didn't really have a choice, the two ended up following Donald and Goofy to the Gummi ship.

They boarded the ship and within time, took off, heading to Radiant Garden.

After a while, as the ship was flying, Kairi couldn't help but see out. So she sat close to a window, staring out, having a worried expression on her face. She couldn't stop thinking about Sora, the one thing that kept repeating in her mind, was her desire, or wish that he was fine, that nothing horrible had happened to him.

Riku then suddenly walked by, and acknowledged Kairi was a bit down, he knew she was thinking about Sora; and seriously who could blame her, deep down inside, he was wishing for his friend's safety too, after all, Sora's and Riku's relationship falls under the impression of them two being like close brothers since they have been friends for as long as Riku could remember.

Riku then walked to Kairi and sat on the chair that was beside her. Kairi then turned and faced Riku.

"Don't worry, knowing him, I'm pretty sure he's fine," Riku said trying to cheer her up.

"We'll find him….I know we will…thanks Riku," Kairi said giving a cheerful smile.

Pretty soon after, the group finally arrived at their destination….Radiant Garden. As they all got out of the Gummi ship and were transported into the world, they immediately started looking for Sora. The town didn't really seem to change all that much since everything seemed peaceful and calm…or so they thought.

Riku took at least a few steps down a set of stairs and in an instant; the entire group were surrounded by Heartless. Riku and Kairi made their Key-blades appear, as well as Donald having his staff and Goofy with his shield, all ready to fight the small shadows.

The four immediately charged in different directions striking each Heartless that came across their path. The situation seemed to be going fine, but Riku noticed as each time one was defeated, another would emerge from the ground; it felt like an endless fight. He knew if this keeps up, they would be defeated due to the beings making them tired.

"There's simply no end to this!" Riku said annoyed.

At this point they were all out numbered….surrounded.

"Riku what do we do?" Kairi asked watching the shadows, having her back against his.

Though Riku couldn't respond, he didn't know what to do. After a second, a Heartless then jumped towards him; it was going to strike. And just when all hope seemed to be lost, in a blink of an eye, the shadow that was about to strike, suddenly vanished into thin air; it was destroyed, but the question is, by who?

"Huh?" Riku was confused.

Then the situation seemed to get even weirder, a light shot out from out of nowhere hitting each Heartless, eliminating their existence one by one; pretty soon there were no more, giving the group a sense of relaxation. It was awfully quiet for a second, since the group had no further explanation of what just happened…though the silence among them was eventually broken by a familiar voice.

"Phew….I guess I made it in time huh?" the voice said quite cheery.

The figure unraveled from the shadows revealing to be….Sora.

"Sora!?"Everyone screamed surprised; they wondered if it was really him, or if it was an illusion.

Sora practically looked refreshed, energized, and most importantly unharmed, it's like if they were worrying about him for nothing, since they found out that after all this time, he was safe and sound. Sora just made a slight laugh, while his Key-blade vanished.

"Yes, it's me, you all are not dreaming," he said being amused of their surprised faces.

"Sora!"Goofy said happily. He then ran, pick him up and started hugging him tightly…though Sora was strangely annoyed by Goofy's act of kindness. He was giving that look like if he didn't want to be touched at all, though due to the fact of seeing him, everyone was blind enough to overlook this small detail…everyone, but Riku. Riku put his hand over his chin, looking over at Sora with a suspicious look on his face. Was it really his childhood friend, or an imposter?

"Huh, yeah…happy to see you all too, huh G-Goofy, you can put me down now," Sora said still giving the same look.

"Oh, right," Goofy then let Sora down.

"It really is you!" Kairi exclaimed happily.

Without another word, she then ran towards him and put her arms around his neck, also giving a warm hug. It took a moment, but Sora then embraced her.

"I was worried about you," Kairi said nearly crying over his shoulder; though he gave a slight chuckle when he heard her say that.

"I told you before, I'm fine, there was no need to worry," he said softly.

Eventually, the two finally let go of each other and Sora greeted Donald as well. Though the only one who hadn't said a word… was Riku. He still had a suspicious look on his face whether if it really was his friend. The two kept staring at each other from a distance, like if some kind of unseen tension was rising between them both. Though Sora eventually broke the silence again and walked over to Riku.

"Well you're the only one left who hasn't said anything to me, what is it Riku, is there something bothering you?" Sora asked raising an eyebrow.

Though Riku pushed his suspicions aside and smile towards his friend.

"N-no, nothing is bothering me, just…happy that you're safe," Riku said.

"Thanks," Sora said with a small smile.

Then without really much to say, Sora then gave Riku a hug since just about everyone gave him one. Though when he did, Riku immediately picked up something strange. Since Riku had been one with the darkness before, he already has a sense of identifying the scent the darkness gives off. It was strange because when Sora was hugging him he picked up the same exact scent. His eyes widen in shock and immediately let go of Sora.

Right there and then Riku wanted to tell the others, but for some unknown reason he kept it quiet… he didn't want to alarm them. It was probably the thought that he wasn't truly convinced if he was right or if his mind was playing tricks on him.

"Huh, right, now that we are all together we can head to Disney Castle, King Mickey wanted the three of us there, so we better be going," Riku said walking pass Sora to the group.

"Right, okay," Sora stated.

He then turned his head and saw that they were starting to head back to the ship. Sora's hand suddenly turned into a fist, while his eyes reflected hatred and anger.

"He knows….." Sora muttered in a dark sinister voice.

Sora eyes then changed into a yellowish color, though when he heard a voice, his eye color reverted back into blue.

"Sora, come on!" Donald yelled.

"Relax I'm coming," Sora yelled back.

Without another word he then ran, eventually catching up to the gang. As soon as everyone was all buckled up for the trip, the ship took off heading to Disney Castle.

"This is just the beginning…."

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