Silent Supernatural

Hell Can Freeze Over

In a dark theater room, the angel sat, illuminated by the screen before him. His hands were folded over each other, elbows resting on his knees.

His attention was focused hard on the screen. Eyes shining brightly, yet, with confusion.

"I hope you don't see me as a liar, Castiel."

"..Of course not, but why didn't you tell me my true mission at the beginning?"

"The effect of it wouldn't have been the same. You would have gone on alone. A risk I couldn't take. ..We've already lost you once."

On the screen, a woman sat. Hands resting like Castiel's, elbows beside them on top of a white desk. She had brown hair, pulled back and tied in a bun. She wore a gray business suit that was as sharp as her brown eyes. In front of her arms, a name plate rest.


"What of the Winchesters? What was their purpose?"

Naomi smiled. It seemed forced but Castiel took no notice.

"Not only to keep you safe, but to be tested as well. They were just as rusty."

Castiel diverted his gaze. The theater was as torn as the town he had just fought through. He could still hear the cries of pain. "..So, all of this.." He looked to the screen, brows furrowed. "Made up?"

"Only what you saw. Same with the Winchesters. ..Think of it as a personal Hell."

Castiel nearly jumped to his feet. Naomi raised her hand. He relaxed. "That is merely a description, Castiel. It is not Hell! ..Just a town for the lost. But also, a place where one could find themselves." She smiled again. "Much like you and the Winchesters did!"

Castiel blinked. "..Is Sam alright?"

Naomi only smiled.

Castiel blinked again, hearing a voice in his head. He then smiled.

Pulling back from his brother, Sam pulled Dean to his feet. The oldest pat his shoulder softly, then looked him over. He again cupped his face. "Your noggin alright now?"

Sam smiled, nodding. "More than alright. I promise!"

Dean couldn't help but smile brightly.

Neither could explain how, but both knew all trouble had gone out the window.

Shaded secrets now drowned in light!

Sam knew his brother would always forgive him and Dean knew Sam would always open up. Despite the kind of Hell that happened around them.

The oldest suddenly dropped his head much like a rag doll would.

Sam almost questioned it, but stopped when he heard Dean whispering.

"I'm feeling lost Cas, come and save me?"

Suddenly, the two appeared sitting beside Castiel. One brother on each side.

After taking in their surroundings, both turned to Castiel. They smiled happily. The angel mirrored the smile looking fast between the two. Quickly, he took Sam in his arms. "I am so glad to see you're alright!"

Sam laughed, patting the angel's back. He forgot how strong the small angel was. "Glad to see you too, Cas."

Castiel pulled away and turned on Dean. Dean held his hand up, stopping him. "First things first...we've gotta talk."

Castiel's mood turned dark, behind him, Sam stood and walked away.

"..Dean, I'm so.." "No, I'm sorry Cas!"

The angel tilted his head. Dean sighed. Impossible to stay angry..

"I shouldn't have said those things. ..I know Sam has problems..we both do." He shook his head softly, looking down. "I know neither of us have a place upstairs..." He twiddled his fingers, keeping his gaze down. Castiel took his shoulder softly.

Guilt and sadness rushed from the mark, quickly into his body. His grace shivered, ruffling his feathers softly. He let it pass and tightened his hold.

Seconds later, Dean tensed, gasping loudly. The reaction sent chills through his vessel as Dean's body shivered.

When he released the hunter, Dean slumped forward. He rest his forehead on the chair in front of him. Eyes wide and mouth agape.

"There is nothing wrong with you Dean Winchester. Nor your brother."

Dean looked to him blinking. Castiel smiled softly. "Guilt is buried deep with in the subconscious. ..I apologize for being so evasive..You looked ready to collapse though." He shifted his gaze, searching for a spot to rest his hand. Dean chuckled at how restless he now was and how well he handled his problems. "Our profound bond, gave me your reaction as well. So, if you're embarrassed at all.." "'re the one blushing!"

The angel blinked. Dean laughed and took him into his arms. He groaned happily, holding him tight. "I missed you, you nerdy little angel!" He quickly pulled away, straightening in his seat. "So what are we watching!?"

Castiel looked towards the screen.

It was blank.

"..Can I tell you a story instead?"

Sam soon returned beside Castiel and Dean nodded, smiling.

All attention was on full.

Castiel smiled, looking ahead. "An angel and two hunters walk into a forgotten town."

Dean chuckled softly. "Is this a story or a dirty joke?"

Sam reached around the angel and hit his brother upside the head.

Castiel continued as Dean rubbed his head. Trying to smack his brother back. "When they arrived, the three set off to do right. They fought the darkness of the town and the darkness in their hearts. ...They only half succeeded though." Dean and Sam blinked as Castiel shifted his gaze down. He gripped his hands together in his lap. "The town couldn't be was far too late for it, but the hunters and angel...they made it, just in time."

Dean blinked, turning to Castiel. "..What does that mean, Cas? ..That we had no chance!?" Castiel nodded softly.

"..That was never their reason behind coming to the town anyway..they didn't come to save the already lost. Only themselves.." He looked to Dean, guilty. "This is why we couldn't see the man who attacked you." He looked to Sam. "Or even hear Lucifer.."

Dean leaned back, taking his chin in his hand. He rubbed it thinking.

Sam blinked, sitting forward. "What about Crowley, we all saw him!?"

Castiel looked forward. "..The reason the three were destined for this town, was the Hell they shared. Although, each suffered separately, together, they had demons to face." Castiel closed his eyes sighing. "Crowley was my inner demon..the guilt I felt for killing and letting so many die. The guilt of betraying my closest friends, my family.." He looked between the brothers. "..To you two, he was the rage you felt..."

Neither brother said anything. While Sam looked forward, Dean looked at Castiel. It wasn't with emotion though. He just observed the angel.

He had most of the emotions now.

"He was only the beginning.." Castiel looked up at the screen. "While the angel suffered with his guilt..hoping to regain the innocence he banished..."

Dean leaned forward, covering his face with both hands. "I suffered helplessness..meanwhile, I blamed everything on someone else..."

Sam looked down, crossing his arms. He rest sideways in the chair. "..and I suffered regret. The regret of lying to my brother..and leaving him alone.."

Castiel nodded softly, then slowly stood. He turned and faced the brothers. "They beat their inner demons though and proved they can stand tall once again!" He looked towards the entrance of the theater. Eying the fog outside. "Though this town can't be saved, the three would leave with better knowledge of themselves..."

Dean stood slowly. "..So..that's it? ..We came, fought our demons, then just leave?" He shrugged. "What if someone else?.."

Castiel took his shoulder smiling. "That my friend, is a whole different story."

Dean eyed him, then looked down at his brother. Sam smiled softly, standing. Castiel took his shoulder.

It didn't feel right, but there was nothing more to be done.

As Castiel said. The town couldn't be saved, but the three had a new lease on life.

That was certainly better than any crap deal they'd get anywhere else.

When the three vanished. The screen flickered briefly, then blacked out.

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