Silent Supernatural

Light Home

When Sam opened his eyes, he wasn't sleeping beside his brother. Instead, he was sitting next to a brown, gray, and white collie on his left and to his right, a brown haired woman sat leaning against him. He smiled softly at the feel of her thumb rubbing softly against the crook of his arm.

For a moment, Sam was more than happy.

When the woman moved to sit up, his smile brightened as their eyes met.

She opened her mouth to speak. Sam quickly closed the space between them to stop her.

He didn't need words for an already perfect moment!

Before their lips met..

..he shot awake.

At the adrenaline that quickly rushed through his body, he had a sudden sense of deja vu. It gave him chills as he was oddly reminded of "The Mystery Spot".

Ignoring the dread that his brother might be dead, Sam quickly regained himself and looked to his brother's bed.

What he found, threw all worry and words out the window.

As Dean lay in bed, gun gripped knuckle white tight, aimed at the ready. Over him, a roughed up Castiel stood.

His hair was sticking up, much like it had been when the hunters first met the angel. His clothes, Sam noticed, were much cleaner than one would think. Especially since he had spent a year in Purgatory. Other than that, his coat slightly hanging off his shoulder and the new bullet hole in his shoulder, Castiel was..Castiel!

The angel felt the hunter's gaze on him, but he kept his attention on the oldest.

Their eyes searched the others. Sorry blue linking with confused green.

"..Always with the perfect timing, Cas.."

"..Where the hell have you been, Cas!?.."

Castiel spared a glance at the weapon. It hadn't moved since it was shot. He wanted to tell the hunter he knew exactly where he had been. But now clearly wasn't the time to state the oh so obvious.

Instead, he turned his attention to Sam.

"..It's good to see you again, Sam."

Sam huffed softly, trying to hide the laugh that came with it. He was relieved to see the angel alive and well, but with his sudden appearance and Dean holding a gun. Now wasn't the time to hug and exchange stories.

He climbed from his bed and joined Dean in his. When the oldest sat up to give him room. Sam took his shoulder, keeping him from standing. The gun never left the angel though, nor his gaze. Castiel narrowed his, shifting slightly. He understood how Dean felt under his gaze now.

"I'm sorry..for showing up unannounced, but something has happened." He turned his gaze to Sam. "..I need your help."

Sam furrowed his brows, worried. Dean jerked from his hold and stood, closing the space between himself and the angel. Personal space be damned!

" don't get to do that!" He jabbed the gun into Castiel's chest. He knew it wouldn't hurt him, but it made him feel better thinking he could. "You can't just..come fluttering back in here like nothing. You can't pretend Purgatory never happened!"


He jabbed Castiel again, this time aiming for the bullet wound. The angel stepped back, bumping into the wall. Dean took it as a point. "Shut up.." The gun shook from the hunter's rage, almost falling as he scrambled for words. Castiel ignored it, keeping his gaze on Dean's. He did as he was told and let the hunter have the floor.

The angel said nothing, eyeing the hunter the way he always did when he'd poof up into his personal space.

One minute Dean was seeing blue, the next, black.


Castiel said nothing at first, waiting for the hunter to continue. He only returned the gun to the wound. Threatening to pull the trigger again. That was his cue. "I wanted to stop it.."

"..Cas, Slenderman was gone! That was OUR chance!"

Castiel almost smiled. "So you gave it a name?" Leave to Dean.

Dean's grip tightened on the weapon, eyes going hard with anger. Castiel tensed, waiting for the shot. Sam quickly stepped up beside the two and shoved Dean back into bed.

He took his shoulders tightly. "Dean, you need to relax..let Cas explain!"

Dean glared between the man and angel, then turned his gaze to his weapon. His finger never leaving the trigger.

Sam looked to Castiel, nodding softly.

Pulling the hunter from the rocky ground, Castiel probed into his mind. He didn't do this often, giving the hunter his privacy. But now was different..

Dean didn't know it, but this would be their last time together.

The hunter let out a soft, exhausted laugh. He was happy! Almost happier than when he found Castiel.

All along he had doubted his survival, something Castiel assumed he did a lot. He hid it well though. The trouble of being an older sibling. You can't let the one looking up to you know you see no hope.

He laughed again. Castiel smiled, but the hunter missed it.

Quickly turning the hunter to face him, Castiel looked him over carefully, one last time. Dean stared back in confusion. He rose a brow, following Castiel's gaze.

Castiel assumed he was watching him count his freckles.

All he wanted was now locked away in his mind. He'd never forget a man like Dean Winchester.

With that and without a word, he pushed Dean. One minute he was seeing green, the next, portal.

As the portal began to close, it's virus now gone. Castiel turned his back to it. Dean was safe now and that's all that mattered. His mission now, was to finish the suited creature off for good. If Dean had fallen here again, he'd at least be safe from this.

Before Castiel could start though, he suddenly vanished.

"Your mission is here, Castiel. I have something for the Winchesters."

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