Silent Supernatural

Enter Silent Hill

Opening his eyes, Castiel found himself standing in the middle of a road. After observing himself and finding he was clean, shaven and back in Jimmy's suit. He blinked taking in his surroundings.

Instead of standing surrounded by trees and on top of a rocky ground, Castiel was now standing surrounded by fog, under him was a cracked road.

For an angel, Castiel never had problems when it came to weather. If it rained, he could stare up at it falling, unblinking. Snow was just a nice change in color and fog was usually ignored much like the eyes ignored the nose.

Until now..

Ignoring his sudden loss of clear vision, Castiel cautiously began forward. He was blind and didn't have a bead on his location, yet he felt he knew where to go.

"The Winchesters.."

"Whom you'll return to shortly...but first, your mission."

A few yards into his journey, a sign came into view. Tilting his head, he narrowed his eyes to read.

Welcome to Silent Hill.

He raised his brow. The name wasn't familiar and yet he felt he knew of this place all along.

He continued ahead, his mind screaming in warning but something forced him forward. The suited creature was deleted from his mind.

He didn't know what, but something here was more important.

A couple more yards in, Castiel could start to feel the fog closing in around him. It felt almost suffocating, which was just as surprising as seeing the fog. Angels don't breath, so this shouldn't have effected him at all.

Like the suited creature though, he ignored it, pushing on. His brain nagging when he would falter.

When he came across his first building, he quickly studied the surrounding area. Then vanished. If he couldn't see with his vessel's eyes, he could use his own.

"..I don't know how or why...but something drew me there.." He looked over his hands, as if they could straighten all of this out. "Something so powerful, it could pull me from Purgatory..." He clutched his hands into fists. "..and the things I saw." He shook his head softly, turning his gaze hard on the brothers. "..Please, help me. Help them!"

Sam looked sympathetic, actually prepared to return to the life of a hunter. Beside him, Dean continued eyeing his gun. Sam wasn't sure if he was thinking or contemplating shooting something..or someone.

He gripped his shoulder tightly, just in case he chose to go with shooting. "What did you see Cas?"

Castiel turned his full attention to the youngest. If he got through to Sam, Sam could work on Dean after. "There were these...creatures. Nothing I've ever seen before. They..they were so deformed! Some wandered the if lost. ..I wanted to help them, but when I tried.."

Sam watched as Castiel got lost in the re-telling. He was here physically, but mentally, he was back in Silent Hill.

When Castiel fluttered back into physical form, he eyed the creature before him cautiously. He stood much like Dean did when he was fighting off a Leviathan. Purgatory wasn't only pure, but a learning experience.

The creature swayed with each step. Balancing it's body to stay standing since it's arms were wrapped, in cased tight around it's body. Much like a person wearing a straight jacket.

Castiel marked it down as a patient...burden by insanity and drowned in darkness.

With that, he couldn't just watch anymore, so he reached out his hand.

"Allow me to free your soul," His hand began to glow softly. "and then I shall lead you home."

Just as he was about to drown the creature in light, the creature arched it's back and propelled something from it's chest.

When it hit his hand, he blinked. He could feel his skin sizzle and burn, the pain almost unbearable! He ignored it glancing at the creature. He was leaning away for another attack.

This one was far too gone.

In a flutter, Castiel was gone again.

"I met others like it..and felt more hidden within the buildings." "Do you understand what must be done, Castiel?" "I couldn't continue on alone. So I..left." "...Good, now, you shall see your Winchesters."

The angel said nothing more, shifting his weight. Nervous. He turned his gaze cautiously to Dean. The hunter still said nothing, never even looked up. Castiel wasn't even sure he was listening.

He looked back to Sam, pleading with his eyes. Sam sighed, turning to his brother.

This was gonna be a long night.

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