Silent Supernatural

Hopping Off Easy Street

As Castiel sat, observing the room and all the Winchesters had done while he was away. By Sam's bed, the brother's stood whispering back and fourth to one another.

"What does it matter what he did or how he got out? He's back now and he needs our help!"

"'s not that easy! It's never been that easy!" Dean was fuming. Stuck between talking to Sam and/or launching himself at Castiel to give him a few slugs. Sam had taken and hidden his gun away. "For starters, he's not getting off easy for staying behind! That's just wrong! Next point..Sam, I came out of that hell hole barely holding onto my sanity.. I swear, if it weren't for you. I'd be in a padded room drooling on myself right now!" He glanced sideways at Castiel. "...There's gotta be something." He dropped his voice lower. Not that he was doing any good with keeping it low to begin with. "What if..what if this whole Silent Hill thing is all in his head?"

The whispering was pointless, for Castiel could hear every word. He ignored it though, letting the brother's have their discussion. He knew what he saw and he knew the Winchesters would eventually follow.

Sam crossed his arms, marking the thought down as a possibility. "..Was there a creature like what he explained in Purgatory?"

Dean shrugged, shaking his head. "Hell if I know..I wasn't always with him. When I was, I was too busy with Slenderman..."

Sam nod softly, then looked to Castiel. He huffed loudly, hiding a sigh. "..It is almost the end of the month, we gotta start somewhere..."

Dean looked over his brother quietly. He could see the sadness in his eyes and he hated it. Sure, Sam was ready to jump back into the hunt for Castiel. Deep down though he still wanted the last few days of his normal life too.

" stay here. Get back to bed and I'll take Castiel to Silent Hill." "Hell no!" Dean blinked. Sam stared him down like an angry father would his run away son. ..It almost reminded Dean of their own, he had to look away.

"You just said you'd be drooling if it weren't for me keeping you sane! If I let you run off with Cas, you two might end up sharing a padded cell or worse!"

Dean took Sam's arms and began shoving him into bed. "Damn it Sam, just lay down!" The tallest fought back, knowing he could easily overtake Dean. "No, Dean!"

"You both have to come"

At the boom of the angel's voice, shatter of certain glass objects, and the rock of the room. The brothers stopped their struggle and looked to the angel, who was now standing, facing them. "..What I felt from these creatures..we can't risk being caught off guard. We're better off as a team." He smiled softly, looking between the two. "Team Free Will, right?"

Sam and Dean blinked, then burst out laughing. It was amazing how the angel could go from pissed off angel of the lord to nerdy baby in a trench coat, in under no time flat. At the two almost falling over on top of each other, Castiel blinked, but his smile brightened. He didn't quite get the joke, but he missed Dean's smile and the Winchester laugh.

After settling down for the rest of the night, Castiel forced Dean to sleep, leaving him to guard the hunters. Despite the oldest protests. At the crack of dawn, Dean had been the first awake. So as Sam slept for a few more precious hours, the hunter and angel packed up the Impala.

When they finished, sun almost high over head. Dean stood at the trunk running his hands over the weapons and objects hidden inside. Castiel stood beside the car, observing him. He narrowed his eyes.

"You look good."

Dean's arm stalled as he looked up in question. "Ex..excuse me?"

"To see you back in your own environment, with your brother. Happy and healthy. It's a good look for you."

Dean quickly looked away from him. The angel didn't find anything of what he was saying weird but Dean could feel his face start to burn up.

He quickly cleared his throat, slamming the trunk shut. "..Right, uh, thanks." He quickly stepped towards the driver's side of the car, yanking the door open. Ignoring the angels following gaze, he pointed his way. "..Purgatory isn't a good look for you either." With that, he hopped in and slammed the door.

Few minutes later, with Castiel settled in the back. Sam stepped from the room.

Dean watched him through the rear-view mirror sadly.

He looked over the area quietly, taking in all the memories the two had made.

When Sam would finish his morning run, he'd often spend some more time outside. Lounging in the sun or under the shade of a nearby tree. If Dean wasn't watching Dr. Sexy, he'd join his brother. They never said much, just shared a lovely morning and beer with one another.

To others, sitting outside of a motel was probably boring. But to these two, it was the perfect way to spend a day!

Dean looked away from his brother and looked out the window sighing softly. Behind him, Sam sighed at the same time, approaching the car.

Castiel shivered at the negative energy. He knew how the brother's felt towards hunting and how it often effected work sometimes. He still remembered how Dean struggled to be a family man with Lisa and Ben. He always figured Sam would have done much better.

He said nothing though, as they headed off.

Couple hours into the journey, Castiel straightened, feeling the familiar fog draw near.

"Get settled in and keep each other safe. Good luck, Castiel."

Noting the area of the upcoming sign, Castiel reached forward and took the brother's shoulders. Without a word, he fluttered from the car with the two in tow.

When the three appeared again, they were standing in the parking lot of a motel. Castiel stood quietly, letting the two adjust.

Both jerked from being grabbed and flown away suddenly. When they were back on solid ground. Sam observed his surroundings quickly, grabbing for a bag that wasn't there. Beside him, Dean waved his arms out, swinging at the nearest thing. He nearly hit his brother, turning to Castiel growling.

"What did I say about doing that!?"

"The roads have given out in certain areas and others are blocked off. Those creatures are scattered everywhere as well. It's better this way." He looked to the motel. "We need to settle and then get going."

"What about my car and our gear!?"

"The impala is somewhere safe, as for your gear," He raised his hand and pointed to a near by room. "I hope it is to your liking."

Dean opened and closed his mouth, trying to continue his rage. Sam grabbed the collar of his jacket and dragged him to the room stopping him.

Castiel watched, then looked out onto the road leading from the hotel. In the distance, he heard screaming.

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