Silent Supernatural

A Stray Child

"I can't believe he just abandoned my baby..what if she gets scratched or stolen!?"

"Dean, no one is going to steal the Impala.."

"Well now that you said that, it's gonna happen!"

"..Cas said it was fine, relax already!"

Dean grumbled under his breath as he put his weapons together. Just as Castiel said, all the gear was waiting for the brothers when they came in. With that thought, he had hope the Impala had been near by as well.

Sam cocked his shotgun, finishing it's build. "So, what do you think will be dealing with here? ..From what Cas said about that..thing..and the others around it. It sounds almost mental."

Dean pulled back the hammer of his gun, checking it over one last time. "Spend a year in Purgatory and you'd go mental too." When done, he glanced towards the door, then slowly looked around the room. Castiel wasn't there, but Dean felt he'd appear uninvited if he even felt he was being talked about.

Pray to an angel for a few months and he'll leave you on his radar for the rest of your life!

"...If this was a mental thing, then where the hell are we?"

Dean turned to his brother with a shrug. "Probably poofed us to some ghost town. Who the hell knows with that guy anymore!"

Sam shook his head softly, shoving the rest of his equipment into his bag. Throwing it over his shoulder, he turned to his brother. "Mental or not, gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. ..It's our job after all.." With that, he turned and returned outside.

As Dean followed with his eyes, he sighed sadly. Here they were, right back in the hunting business. A business the brother's had left alone for a month and Dean promised to let Sam forget. ..If only for a little while.

He should have known it wouldn't have ended so smoothly.

Shoving his gun into the back of his pants, Dean straightened with drive. So maybe Sam can't have normal, but he sure can keep his mind this time around!

Heading outside, Dean locked into his mind that Sam would be getting out of this hunt top notch. This wouldn't end with tears like the Slenderman scare. Even if it drove Dean back up the wall.

..At least Castiel would be there too..

Castiel stood where the Winchesters left him, eyes still on the foggy road ahead. He wasn't looking at anything though, concentrating more on the voices and sounds of Silent Hill. He didn't even acknowledge the brothers as they took a place at his side.

Sam watched the two as Dean crossed his arms and mirrored Castiel's actions. The angel did nothing. "Before we go ganking anything, how bout you tell me how you bought us this room. Last I checked, you weren't human interaction. I'm curious, especially with a whole year of Purgatory in your pocket!"

Sam glared hard at the man. Dean shifted, but ignored him.

Still, Castiel did nothing.

For a few moments, Dean left him alone.

He and quiet weren't very close though and since he wasn't a cat, he wasn't afraid of curiosity either.

So he tried again.

"Did you run into anyone else here your first flight through? ..I hope you didn't leave them to fend for themselves or anything like that.." He shrugged, sparing a quick glance to Sam. He wasn't glaring anymore, but he still looked annoyed. "I mean, sure..We save people, but our luck isn't usually in survivals favor.."

"We don't have time for small talk, Dean." The angel began forward quickly. "Come, we have work to do."

Dean stood at a loss for words. Beside him, Sam was wide eyed. He eventually resorted to dragging his brother along once again.

While Castiel took the lead, a few steps behind, the Winchesters eyed their surroundings carefully. Their weapons were drawn and at the ready. With the wall of fog around them, they stood prepared for a surprise attack.

For now, all they could see was road and abandoned vehicles.

Dean was starting to see that Castiel didn't pay for the room, he just took it.

While the Winchesters waited for an attack, Castiel kept his stare ahead. He took note that the roads were less crowded. There were a few main buildings in the area and each were tugging wildly at him. Pulling him in, just as they had the lost.

He was determined to cleanse each and every one of them. ..and if he couldn't, the Winchesters would be there to burn them out of their misery.

Win Win as Dean might have put it.

"Hey, there's a bowling alley."

Castiel looked back at the brothers, both stopped. Sam was pointing off to his left. His gaze landed on said bowling alley. In front of it, its sign flickered on and off. Some letters sparking when it brightened up.

Dean smiled like a kid at a candy store. "Imagine all the free prizes, Sammy!" Sam rolled his eyes.

Ignoring the brothers, Castiel furrowed his brows looking over the building. When he studied the area his first time here, there had been nothing inside. But looking at it now, he could feel a presence. It was no lost soul was just, lost.

"There's a survivor inside."

The brothers looked over, then quickly rushed to the bowling alley. Neither knew much of the monsters surrounding them, but if a life was at stake, it didn't matter.

All that mattered was the safety of the innocent!

Approaching the front door, Dean took the handle. He looked to Castiel. "Are they the only one?" Castiel gave a nod.

The Winchesters rushed the building, trigger fingers at stand by.

When they came to another door, the three could hear shuffling on the other side. As Dean put his back against the wall beside it, pistol drawn. Sam stepped back, shotgun raised towards it.

Dean glanced to Castiel, standing quietly beside him. "You said survivor, right?"

"I sense no threat."

Confirmed. Dean pushed the barrel of the shotgun down, but kept the pistol at the ready. He took the doorknob and jerked the door open.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure duck behind one of the destroyed tables near the lanes. Quickly he aimed his gun, stepping in front of Sam. Sam moved his finger to the trigger of the shotgun, while Castiel stood in the doorway.

"Don't make any sudden movements, come out with your hands up!"

"Are you the cops!?"

Dean looked over himself, Sam, then Castiel. He couldn't help the laugh that followed when he looked back at the table. "Buddy? Do we look like cops to you?" He noted out of the corner of his eye, Castiel patting at his pockets, searching for his missing badge. He chuckled. "Now come on..let's see what you look like so I don't have to keep talking with my pistol."

The figure shuffled then cautiously poked it's head out from behind the table. The three quickly observed him.

He looked to be in his early twenties. With dark eyes and hair to match. Dean noticed it was much like Sam's, length wise. He was most likely in his early twenties.

Dean lowered the gun, Sam following suit. "What's your name, pal?"

The man laughed, shaking his head. "You first!"

Dean opened his mouth to speak, but Castiel shoved past him. "I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord. These two are the Winchester brothers. Dean and Sam. We are here to help you."

Sam smiled softly as Dean hit his forehead softly with his gun. One day, he was gonna have to reteach Castiel the dos and don'ts of talking to normal humans.

" angel?" The man stood up, keeping behind the table. "Are you here to save me!?"

Castiel smiled softly. It warmed Dean and Sam's heart seeing the angel happy. Neither said it though or even looked as if it did. "Yes." As the man stepped out of hiding to approach the angel, Castiel quickly raised his hand out to him. "I'm here to set you free." It then began to glow.

The man stopped with a gasp.

Dean quickly lurched forward, snatching the angels arm in his.

At the sudden movement, the man stumbled back then ran for the nearest door. Sam quickly followed. "Wait, don't go out there!"

Dean and Castiel shared a look. Both confused. "What the hell, Cas!?"

"I was going to cleanse him, Dean."

"How many times do I have to tell you? You can't do shit like that, especially to someone scared!"

"He needed saving. His soul was turning, Dean..."

Dean blinked, pulling away from the angel. He gripped his arm, one handed now. "..Was he becoming, whatever you saw?"

"I'm not sure, but I couldn't risk it."

They shared a look.

Dean wasn't sure why, but Castiel was on his own mission to save the world. And he was doing it without question, much like Dean often did.

He wasn't sure if he should be proud...nor did he have the time to think about it.

One second, they were in the bowling alley. The next, outside of a hotel.

Before Dean could throw a fit, a shot was heard from inside. "Sam!" Quickly, he rushed in.

Castiel fluttered in shortly after.

Rushing into the lobby of the hotel, Dean looked around, gun aimed. A few more steps forward, his feet hit something solid, sending him crashing to the ground.

He groaned having hit hard. He ignored the pain though, fear gripping tightly at him as he wondered what he tripped over.

He kept his mind at bay though, for the room was pitch black and fear was it's best friend.

He narrowed his eyes, climbing to his hands and knees.

He felt something warm and sticky.


He could only hear his own panicked breathing, but as he adjusted to the otherwise silence. He could hear another set of lungs.

"I'm okay Dean..just, pinned.."

Before Dean could sigh in relief. All lights flashed on in the hotel! He quickly jerked his arms over his eyes, shading them from the harsh light. Behind him, Sam stood, pinned against the wall by an invisible force. He jerked his head to the side, eyes slammed shut.

"Pity..I thought for sure I'd gotten you, moose."

Vision adjusted, Dean looked behind him. Sick rose in his throat as he saw the man from the bowling alley, laying shredded across the floor. His face was unrecognizable and his throat gone. Looking as if they had gone through a shredder.

At the voice that spoke, Dean had a pretty good idea what it was.

Castiel fluttered in beside him and took the name from his mouth. "Crowley."

"Hello boys!"

Against the wall ahead of the three, said King of Hell stood, smirking proudly.

"By the way, his name was Rudy."

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