Silent Supernatural

Hotel Hell

Pushing off the wall, Crowley observed the three before him. Studying them like insects nailed up for display. He laughed, realizing Sam basically was. "So little to catch up on, so much time.."

Dean climbed to his feet fast. Castiel took his shoulder, stopping him from approaching. Beside the demon, a low growl erupted.

Dean sneered as Crowley smirked.

"Can we talk like a adults or would you enjoy being a chew toy? Again!" He smirked at the small twitch from the hunter.

Dean pointed to Sam, ignoring his shakes. Castiel glared hard at the demon. "Release my brother!"

Crowley waved his hand with a roll of his eyes and Sam dropped from the wall with a gasp. Gaining his ground, he ran to Rudy and dropped at his side.

Crowley chuckled darkly.

"If it makes you feel better. I honestly thought it was you! ..If I had known it was anyone else..." He shrugged, forcing a frown. "..I do apologize.." "Cut the crap!" He looked to Dean, who would have attempted to kill him. If it weren't for the hell hound guarding his side. He was probably hoping looks could finally kill. If he wasn't human, Crowley was sure his glare might have done the trick!

He stuck his bottom lip out sighing. "Fine!" He looked over Dean and Castiel carefully. His gaze taking in everything of the two. "..It's really good to see you two again." He smirked, stepping up to them. Castiel tightened his grip. On the floor, Sam looked ready to pounce.

The slam into the wall caused his weapon to be thrown across the room and when Dean fell his gun had slid out of reach.

The two were weaponless, but not harmless.

If need be, they'd use brawn to remind Crowley of his place. After all, they had an angel on their side.

The demon stopped a foot from the hunter and angel, his smirk brightened.

"The hunter and his angel! ..You two just can't go anywhere without the other, I see?" He shrugged looking to Dean. "So, how'd you manage it this time? Sell your soul to a higher power? Kill everyone until they threw you home?" He gripped his hands tight together, as if praying. It turned Dean's stomach into knots. "Please tell me!" He eyed the demon careful, then flashed his trademark smirk.

"I gave a Vampire a ride in my body."

Crowley mirrored his smirk, dropping his hands. "Ooh, sounds kinky!" He turned his gaze to Castiel. "And what of your angel? Purgatory didn't agree?" He looked Castiel up and down, hissing softly. "..I certainly wouldn't have.."

Dean looked to Castiel, eyeing the harden stare. He smirked looking back to Crowley. "That's tough talk for a man who got spared by said angel. I'd apologize if I were you!"

Crowley sneered at Dean. "Oh please!" He glared back at the angel, fire in his eyes. "One minute he's sitting on his high horse, playing with toys half his size! The next he's shifting around like a skittish cat, collecting honey!" He shook his head. "I'm about as scared of him as I am you!"

Dean shrugged softly. "Say that to me with a gun in my hand, then I might believe you."

Crowley smirked in reply.

Suddenly Dean cried out as a sharp pain screamed through out his right thigh. It almost dropped him to the ground, but Castiel caught him under the arms. Sam rushed to his side. When he looked, Dean's thigh along with his jeans were shredded and bloody.

He glared at Crowley, hearing the hell hound snarl.

"Call him off!"

"Don't you know not to mess with an eating dog?"

Sam ran from the three, frantically searching for his shotgun. The ravaging sounds the hell hound made almost made him sick. And Dean's moans and cries of pain didn't help either.

He cried out happily when he found the shotgun. Turning on his heels, he cocked it and fired blindly.

It was a perfect shot!

When the hell hound released the hunter, both he and the angel toppled to the ground.

Before them, Crowley laughed happily.

"I certainly didn't miss knocking you off your high horse!" He clapped a final time then smirked. "Shall we get down to business then, or care to lose another limb?"

Sam marched up to him, shoving the barrel of the gun into his face. Crowley blinked unamused. After a moment of only bitch faced Sam, Crowley raised his hands in peace.

"..I'll take that as a yes!" His hands dropped, looking over the three.

Sam didn't falter, trigger finger twitching

Dean sat hugging his leg to his chest, groaning softly.

Castiel sat holding him close, smite glare on Crowley.

The demon smirked proudly, almost purring.

"Welcome to Hell, boys!"

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