Silent Supernatural


"...Well, it's not exactly Hell..but, close enough!"

Crowley looked around the lobby, letting the three before him take in the new information.

Sam and Dean looked sick, while Castiel looked ready to smite someone.

Two was certainly better than none!

Crowley stopped his gaze on Dean, ignoring the gun still in his face.

"Any friends I should call up? ..Old torture buddies, perhaps!?"

Dean moved to attack Crowley, but Castiel tightened his hold on him. "Sam, take your brother!" Sam didn't move, afraid Crowley would get the upper hand again. But at the thought of Dean risking another injury, he lowered the gun.

When he got to Dean's side, Castiel fluttered before them and proceeded to glare down the demon.

For a brief second, the Winchesters were shaded as a light breeze blew around them.

Crowley smirked. "Still protecting a lost cause I see? Adorable!"

"You have ten seconds to explain yourself."

"Or what?" A growl erupted beside him at the rise of voice.

Castiel stood tall.

Behind him, fear and adrenaline on high, Dean swore he could see a glimpse of ruffled feathers.

He wanted to express his awe loudly, but the pain kept his voice on a groan.

Crowley sighed at Castiel's dull reaction. "You maggots are just no fun!" He snapped.

When the hell hound vanished from the corner of his vision, Castiel looked back at the brothers and smiled softly.

Both sighed loudly in relief.

Dean fell against Sam's body, weakened. The taller man held him up, sitting up on one knee at his side.

Crowley smirked, returning to the wall. "You remember Hell, don't you Castiel?"

Castiel shot a glare Crowley's way, Sam and Dean blinking in unison behind him.

He had hoped that time would stay a buried memory.

"Well, this is an upgrade. Interior and all!" He threw his arms up, presenting the area. Castiel looked over the area quietly, brow raised.

Chandeliers hung at odd angles from the ceiling. The elevator Crowley stood beside was jammed open, the lift probably smashed in the basement or stuck on one of the upper floors.

Papers and furniture were scattered across the lobby. It was as if a tornado had rampaged through. The only thing standing was the front desk.

The stairs were smashed as well, in different areas. Making a walk up difficult and dangerous.

..It seemed as boring as the last version..

Dean opened his mouth to give his opinion, but Sam glared and he shut up.

Castiel returned his attention to Crowley. The demon sneered at the smugness in his eyes.

"Perhaps you should hire a maid."

His grace beamed with Dean's pride!

"Careful angel, the pup's still hungry!"

Quickly Sam rushed between the non-humans. Worried someone else was gonna get chewed on.

He looked to Crowley, placing his hand on Castiel's chest to keep him from fighting on. "So if this is Hell, does that mean..everyone here is your fault?"

Crowley looked past Sam and Castiel, stopping his gaze on Dean.

The hunter sat with one hand gripping his wound and the other keeping him up right. He was slightly pale and had the slight shakes.

Crowley smirked, looking behind him at the corpse. "..Just those two!"

"I'm talking about the monsters!"

Crowley laughed softly. "Please, If I was gonna make more demons, they'd be a lot more fashionable than what's crawling around this place! ..Those are just a bonus." He shrugged. "Pawns, if you will."

Sam shook his head, smirking softly. "So, you're just doing what you do best..taking what isn't yours! It is Hell."

Crowley shrugged, smirking proudly. "I didn't become King of Hell by being nice. Besides.." He eyed the three, smirk turning dark. "I was hoping a town full of monsters would bring you to me. ..Now, I can test the waters!" His gaze landed on Dean, who glared hard. "Be happy moose," He pat the taller man hard on the shoulder, flashing him a smile. "At least you're not alone!"

Suddenly, Castiel lashed out at the demon. His hands glowing brightly.

In a burst, Crowley was gone.

When Sam regained his vision, he ran to his brother. Who was laying on his side, arm over eyes.

Dean was no longer riding the adrenaline, so now he was hurting.

Sam carefully sat him up, holding his leg steady. Dean groaned along the way.

"..Damn Cas, warning next time!"

He opened his eyes to the angel nealing before him.

Castiel reached for his leg, but Dean grasped his arm stopping him.

"I need to heal you, Dean!"

The hunter's grip tightened. Sam and Castiel shared a worried look.

"Answer something first.." Castiel looked Dean in the eyes. He kept his hand aimed at his leg. "..Did you know..about Crowley?"

The question took Castiel back to being surrounded by holy fire!

He could still feel the heat of the fire and of the stares from the hunters. He never felt more cornered..

When Dean asked if he was working for Crowley. He couldn't bare to make eye contact.

..He couldn't watch Dean's heart break..

His stare grew hard. Eyes never leaving it's mark. "I swear on my life, Dean! I had no idea. I never felt his presence, not even when we were just outside!" He raised his other hand and placed it over Dean's. He moved his gaze to Sam. "I'd never do such blasphemy again...I've learned my lesson." He tightened his grip on Dean's hand, slipping his fingers between his own. He felt the hunter grip back. His eyes never left Sam. "This, I promise!"

Sam and Dean shared a smile. Then Dean quickly released Castiel's hand, clearing his throat loudly. "A..alright, heal me up so we can go after hot head!" He looked to the corpse, sighing sadly. "..He won't get away with this.."

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