Silent Supernatural

Please Love Me, Once More

Recovered, Dean gathered up his gun and quickly rushed to the door. Meanwhile, Sam was covering the corpse with a curtain.

Castiel watched both quietly, then looked up towards the ceiling.

Pain, agony, and fear pulled at him. Aching his head and heart.

At moments, he could hear cries of the lost.

"..We are not done here.."

Sam looked up blinking. He sat nealing by the corpse. "What?" His question was drowned out by a crash from the front door.

When the hunter and angel looked, Dean was rubbing his right arm. Pain etched on his face.

The door was closed, so Sam connected that he had just tried to ram it.

"There are..people..I must save here."

Sam looked back. The angel was again looking at the ceiling.

His hands opening and closing. The angel didn't know what to do with them.

"More survivors?"

Castiel shook his head, but then shrugged after. "..I'm not positive, but I can't leave.."

Dean stepped up beside his brother, eyeing Castiel. "Maybe it's a trap. I mean, why else would the front door be locked?"

Sam stood slowly, looking to the elevator and stairs.

"Well, since we're going up. You might have to give us a.." "Hell no!"

As fast as the words left Dean's mouth, he had rushed for the destroyed stairs. Slowly he began a climb up. "Sam, you mustn't always.." A slip of a foot. "Rely on Castiel to save you!" White knuckles on splintered railing. "He won't always be here to baby us! OW!" Said splinters, now in hand.

By the time Dean had dragged, hopped, and slowly made his way to the second floor.

Sam and Castiel were already waiting. Both looking smug.

The oldest grumbled under his breath, glaring at the two. When he gained his footing, he held his hand out to Castiel.

Sam nearly toppled over laughing.

Healed once more. Blue eyes scanned the hall carefully, behind them, hazel and green followed cautiously.

"Some rooms are caved in on themselves, others are just empty."

Some walls had huge holes in them, their wallpaper ripped and shredded apart. Sam hoped interior decorator problems, but Dean assumed Crowley's hell hound had a party.

In other areas, the floor was missing panels. Making the room look like a deadly game of hopscotch.

If it weren't for the flickering lights, they wouldn't have been able to get through without damage.

Dean sighed. At least Sam hadn't gotten hurt.

"..The lost is here though. Scattered across the area!" Castiel began forward. "Perhaps on the next floor." He turned to the brothers. "I must be certain!" With that, he fluttered off.

Sam and Dean shared a look, then cautiously began forward.

Dean kept Sam behind him, testing the floor carefully. "Let's check any room we can. Maybe we can find a fire escape or something."

A few moments later and only one door opening, Dean and Sam stepped in cautiously. Again, Sam was stuck behind Dean.

To their right, was the bathroom. Inside, the mirror was shattered and sink destroyed. The toilet was worse for wear and the tub was covered in dried blood.

Dean furrowed his brows in worry. Behind him, Sam continued forward. Quickly, Dean reached out and took his arm.

Sam shoved his hand off, continuing. "Stop it Dean, there's someone in the bed!"

The oldest looked, then rushed forward. Pushing Sam back behind him.

He aimed the gun quickly, but lowered it just as fast. "..The hell?"

Both looked over what lay in bed.

It had silver, pixie cut hair and equally white skin to match. It was beautiful, but the eyes were not. They were nothing but black sockets.

The rest of the face was destroyed.

Neither brother was sure how nor did they want to think about it.

From what wasn't covered by sheets, they could see a pink bra strap on her shoulder. The other hanging off.

Dean lowered his gaze along her left arm, which was also uncovered.

From her elbow down, there was nothing but dry blood.

Sam sighed sadly. "Another survivor..?"

Dean shrugged, sitting beside the figure.

As he took her hand softly, his right hand loosened on his weapon.

"The blood is dry..but it doesn't look old. And the's not human, yet.."

"..Maybe we've got a killer with a doll fetish on our hands.."

Dean blinked, tilting his head. He didn't look at Sam, but the sibling knew he was confused.

"Remember the creature..person..thing Castiel ran into? He described it like it was a mental patient in a straight jacket. What if... what if this is a twisted victim? Or.." He eyed the female, tightening his hold on the shotgun. His finger pet the trigger.

Dean shot a hard glare at him. Grip tightening on the females hand. "This screams victim of violence, Sam! This girl fought for her life and lost!"

Sam held the shotgun up moving his finger, sure his brother could see. "Sorry.." He looked over the female, sighing. "..Not much we can do now."

Dean sighed, returning his gaze to the female. "..Again.." He gripped her hand tight then stood and moved her arm under the sheets. Done with that, he moved up and covered the females head.

Done with that, he left without a word.

Sam lingered behind. He moved his finger back to the trigger, then followed Dean.

After another look over of the floor and sure there were no more rooms to check. The brother's began another dangerous climb to the next.

This time, Sam was up front.

If he fell through a loose step, Dean would at least be able to catch him. Screw anything that might happen to himself.

When they made it without incident, Dean stepped past Sam and studied the area quietly.

It was much like the floor below them. Except at the end of this hall, a pile of wall blocked the path. Beyond that, a light shined brightly from the left.

Slight creaking was heard, but nothing else.

"Same thing?"

"Same thing."

The brothers split.

When they were met with the same results as downstairs, minus the dead body, they met by the blocked path.

"Maybe Cas was sensing that girl...what if..what if she was killed just before we got to her?"

Dean glared again at his brother. "We'd have heard something! Or at least seen signs of her killer." He shook his head. "There was nothing though and it makes a damn lick of sense!" The hunter growled, frustrated. Sam looked on, sympathetically.

His brother always had a soft spot for victims and a giant pile of regret for missing the save.

"I bet it was that bastard Crowley..damn it all!"

A flutter of wings broke Dean's anger as he and Sam looked beside them. Both gasped at the state of Castiel.

Specks of blood were on his right cheek and down across his chest were claw marks and blood. Both shirt and coat were shredded.

Dean looked over him quickly, taking his arm. "What the hell happened to you? Hell hound!?"

Castiel shook his head softly. "A lost soul I couldn't save in is handled though. Do not fear." He pet at his chest. "Only my clothes are damaged now."

The brothers sighed, but Dean checked over Castiel just to be safe.

Sam sighed again. "..We found a body in one of the rooms. We think it was another survivor."

Castiel nod softly. "I believe we've done all we could here, we should..." A cry echoed from the hallway, sounding from the lit area. Dean's eyes brightened. "That was a woman!" Quickly, he launched himself over the fallen wall.

Behind him, Sam stumbled after. Castiel looked panic. "Dean, wait!"

Reaching the lit area, Dean stopped in his tracks, confronted by a tall man. Only a few feet away.

He blocked the door way to the next floor.

The man wore a gray rubber trench coat, with a hood that hid his hair. His face was hidden behind a gas mask.

Looking down, Dean noticed the man wore rubber gloves, with boots to match.

He looked like a man who was ready to fight a hurricane.

The fashion was the least of his worries. For the man held a huge makeshift sledgehammer.

He tapped the head softly against his right hand.

If Dean could see his face, he'd probably be smirking.

"..Was it you who smashed that poor woman's face in?"

The man said nothing, continuing his taunting motion. Dean glared, raising his weapon.

"Answer me damn it! Did you kill that poor woman!?"

Still, nothing. If he was smirking, Dean was prepared to blow it clear off.

He pulled back the hammer. "I'm not gonna ask again!"

"Dean!" Sam stopped behind his brother, blinking. When Dean turned back, hand raised to push him away. The man moved quickly.

He raised the sledgehammer high over his head, then slammed it down hard!

The floor shook violently, then quickly began to crack.

Feeling the floor give out under him, Dean lurched forward and pushed Sam away. When Sam stumbled back, Castiel fluttered into his spot. He reached out as Dean fell ..but only met air.

When the dust was clear and Castiel was sure the floor was done falling, he stepped away from Sam who he had pinned against the wall. Prepared to fly him out of harms way if the floor continued it's collapse.

He looked over the area quickly.

A large gap of the floor was now missing, the two now the only occupants of the floor.

Sam rushed forward and looked down into the hole. His eyes were shining with fear. "Dean!? Dean, are you alright!?" He looked to Castiel. "What the hell just happened!?"

Castiel stepped up to the edge of the hole, and leaned forward. Small pebbles dropped out from under his foot. "This building is old, it must have finally given out due to our weight" He looked down, shameful. Sam could have sworn he was blushing. "..I'm not as light as my vessel looks.."

Sam would have laughed, if he wasn't wracked with worry for his brother.

He pushed past Castiel and began back over the fallen wall. "Get down to Dean now, I'll meet up!" He rushed to the stairs and Castiel took flight.

When Dean was sure the floor beneath him wasn't about to drag him and the other down with it, he shifted softly, groaning in pain.

During the fall, he had moved to land facing the hammered man. But when the dust cleared, the man was no where in sight and Dean's back was screaming.

He sat himself up a little and ran his hand over his spine. "..I'm getting too old for this.." Feeling nothing wrong, the hunter sat up more and observed the damage around him.

The floor had crumbled around him in the fall and landed mostly under him. Some late rocks were scattered on top of him, but all too small to do much damage.

He was only dirty.

Sure nothing was broken, he began to climb to his knees. When he raised his hand to place it on the wall. He heard a flutter then felt a hand take his wrist.

He smiled at Castiel nealing before him.

"Nice catch.."

"I'm sorry, Dean. Are you hurt?"

"Nothing a drink couldn't handle..I'll live."

Standing together, Castiel mirrored Dean's actions from earlier. When he was sure the hunter was safe, he smiled softly.

Dean smiled back, then his eyes screamed murder. "Put that bastard next on my to kill list!"

Castiel blinked. "Who?"

Dean stared a gape. "Who!?" He pointed up, where the hammered man stood. "Didn't you see the son of a bitch!? He could have smashed me!"

Castiel tilt his head, sadness in his eyes. "Th..there was no one..Dean?" He raised his hand to Dean's head. The hunter stepped away, throwing up his hands. "Enough with that!"

"I wasn't.." The cry from earlier echoed once again through the hall. The two blinked at how close it sounded, but again Dean leaped into action.

This time, Castiel caught him. He gripped his arms tightly. "It is not what you expect, Dean!"

Dean glared, but then looked down the hall hearing footsteps.

From the room, the female cried with every step she took. Which was almost robotic, despite the human like voice. When Dean saw her, he gasped recognizing the blood on her arm.

Castiel's grip loosened, but he held the hunter firm. "..This is the same soul I fought earlier. She lured me in the same way." He looked to Dean sadly. "..I'm so sorry, Dean."

Dean did nothing. Weaponless and powerless, he just watched the female approach.

Suddenly, her chest burst open and then her head exploded. She fell to the ground with a shriek.

Behind her, Sam stood, shotgun raised.

Dean wanted to be angry.

He wanted to punch the nearest object and throw the biggest fit, but he couldn't.

He felt tired, sick from losing another victim.

He sighed, looking to Castiel. The angel gripped him reassuringly. "We are done here.."

Sam approached the two, taking his brother's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

Dean only nod in reply.

The three then vanished in a flutter.

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