A Flute Player's Story


My story has come to an end. I know this is true, because every good story has three parts to it. It has a beginning, middle, and an end. My story started in the fall of 1899, when I ran away from home. My brother and I left the only home we had ever known in the middle of the night. The middle of this story came just before Thanksgiving, just before the winter of 1899, when we were discovered. So Castel and I packed our things once again and left in the middle of the night-this time to our mama's people in Arizona. The story ended when we made our way back home after I got very sick in the spring of 1900.

Fortunately, the story ends happily. I made a full recovery and have no lasting effects, except for a slight limp in my left leg. Along the way, Castel and I met some new friends-Spot, Maggie, Tajo, Racetrack, and the rest of the newsies. We also fell in love along the way-Castel with Maggie and I with Racetrack. Chepi made the journey with us back to New York. She stayed until the end of the summer before going back to Arizona. She wrote to me to say that she was doing well and that Toby had asked if Chepi would like to be his girl. Spot managed to patch things up with Robin and his cousin Nevan. They wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend again, but decided to go slow and see how it ended. Tajo and Killian had gotten friendly since helping me escape from the hospital. Just a few days after my surprise party they announced that they had become a couple. Nobody was as surprised as the happy couple had been expecting.

Castel and Maggie were happy to be reunited. Papa enjoyed teasing them about their constant chatter. He would often ask them with a smile on his face if he could expect them to give him a grandchild that would enter this world with a loud cry. Racetrack was never one to back away from a bet and he and Papa started placing bets on how long before Castel and Maggie got married. Mama and I would stay out of it as much as possible, but sometimes we couldn't resist and made jokes of our own.

Mama and Papa were happier than they had been in years. As it turns out, it took my running away for them to see that they needed to come to an agreement and stop their arguing. They decided to compromise. Papa still wanted Castel to work with him, but would allow Castel to continue his studies and work with him on the weekends. I was allowed to continue my flute playing as long as I also made time for my studies. Racetrack often came over with Maggie to help me study. Mama taught me the things she thought I should learn and nothing more was said about the matter.

I have not forgotten about Racetrack and I. We are very happy together. Race's friend Blink got married late that spring. Race was part of the wedding party and his bride had asked Maggie and I if we could play our flutes. We both agreed. Racetrack never looked more handsome than he did that day. We spent several hours dancing after.

And so my story has reached its end. My name is Lenmana Kachina Allegra "Ally" Moreno and this is my story.

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