The Witch

Chapter 2

The Reunion

"Ahh~ It's boring~ nyaaa~" Blair complained as she stretched her limbs and walked on four legs. She was currently using her cat form as she strode towards the high-backed chair situated at the top of a few steps; at the center of the long hall.

The place wasn't blessed with much sunlight. Well, it was mainly because of the heavy and thick draping that covered most of the windows. It casted a very dark and gloomy shadow and left a very eerie atmosphere on the castle the witch owned.

"Why don't you go and have fun outside then, Blair?" a cold and almost apathetic voice said before two pairs of wild and vivid emerald orbs gazed at the cat.

"Mou~ It's no fun without Maka-chan, nyaa~" Blair pouted and laid on the little light that managed to stream inside.

"But true, it is rather quiet and boring." Maka muttered.

It had been years since she built the castle. She had cooped inside since then and did not, even once, went outside. She had grown weary and bored of the outside world. There was no one that interested her anymore.

"If only there was something interesting out there." Maka mused.

It hit Blair that there was indeed something interesting out on the world- no, someone. Blair's tail wagged and her ears perked up before she stood excitedly and exclaimed "There is Maka-chan~ nyaa~!"

This piqued Maka's interest. For Blair, a cat and succubus, who gets bored too easily, to say that there was something interesting outside their castle walls was something unusual.

"Oh? And what is it?" Maka inquired.

"Not 'what', Maka-chan~ It should be 'who'~ nyaa~" Blair sang.

"Hmm?" Maka hummed and waited for Blair to continue.

"Remember that little silver-haired boy~ the one whose town was burnt to the ground nyaa~?"

"Ah! Yes. There was him." Maka said in a quiet voice. "What about him, Blair?"

"Well, we could kill time with him~ don't you think so nyaa~?" Blair purred and smiled like it was such a brilliant idea.

"Hmm. Is that so?" Maka whispered to herself and struck a thinking pose before she sighed. "Well, I suppose it won't hurt to try it out."

Blair's face lighted up and she transformed to her human image, grabbed her broom and rode it while floating beside Maka who walked down her throne and adjusted her hood.

"Let's go, Blair."



"Soul!" a loud and annoying voice screamed before someone caught Soul's neck and tried to throw him.

Soul, in an instant, countered his move and instead threw the blue-headed idiot over his shoulder.

"What are you doing so darn early in the morning, Black Star?" Soul said through gritted teeth while looking annoyed.

"It was a greeting Bro! A greeting!" Black Star beamed and grinned widely before he took Soul's hand and pulled himself up.

"So-Sorry for Black Star always troubling you Soul-kun!" Tsubaki apologized for her partner. As usual.

"Its fine, Tsubaki." Soul dismissed as coolly as ever and entered the school's premises with his hands on his pocket.

"By the way Soul, have you found your Meister yet?" Black Star asked with his loud voice.

"No. I don't plan to get one anyway." Soul answered briefly.

"That's no good Soul. True, you may be strong as you are right now but having a Meister will make you stronger even more." a baritone yet sophisticated voice chimed in and Soul looked up to the entrance of the building where a Shinigami stood.

"Yo! Half-stripes." Soul greeted with a raised hand as he dead-panned and teased the man in front of him.

"It is not symmetrical at all!" The Shinigami suddenly screamed and wilted to the ground, his soul ready to leave his body.

"Kid-kun!" a woman with short brown hair and large chests, who wore a mid-rib, red, sleeveless shirt and blue bubble shorts, exclaimed before she giggled.

"Not with this 'symmetry' again." another, a lady with long brown hair, who wore the same type of clothing with the other female only that she had denim pants instead of shorts, said with an exasperated sigh as she face-palmed at her Meister and shook her head.

"Liz! Patty! What should I do? I am not symmetrical at all!" Kid cried and bawled.

"Hehe~ Kid-kun's not symmetrical!" Patty giggled that made Kid turn to stone.

"Oy! Don't worsen him, Patty!" Liz scolded.

"Such troublesome people so early in the morning." Soul muttered under his breath and tried to side step them and just go to his classroom immediately.

"Oy Soul! Take responsibility and comfort Kid!" Liz cried but Soul just dismissed it with a wave and continued to walk. "Geez. What's wrong with him?"

"Let's just get inside, shall we?" Tsubaki said.

Liz and Patty supported Kid and brought him into their classroom. Black Star just followed suit as well as Tsubaki.

It was not a secret to everyone how Soul behaved. He was unapproachable to everyone and anything alike. He refused to get himself attached to anything or anyone for that matter. He never searched and picked a Meister as well. To Soul, it was as if no one existed. He didn't want to have anything to do with them. Why? Well, they certainly have no idea.

Kid was the son of Shinigami-sama, who governed the DWMA School. He's the Meister of both Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson; the Twin Pistols. He was outstanding compared to the other students but he still chose to enter the school.

Black Star, on the other hand, is a descendant of the Star Clan- a clan of assassins. He's the Meister of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, a descendant of the Demon Blades and an outstanding one at that.

They were the only brave souls who dared to approach Soul. He was, however, uncooperative. He always tried to shut them out and continuously made them feel how they weren't welcome in his barren and void world.

Everyone settled down when the bell rang. Soul sat at the farthest seat and directed his attention and focus to Sid-sensei. Everyone did the same as the class fell into silence.

"Well, before anything else, I have something to announce. We have a new transfer student. Please, Come in." Sid-sensei announced.

The doors rattled open and in came a young girl with beige locks tied up into a pair of pigtails, wearing a white, long-sleeved polo with a necktie and a crimson plaited skirt.

Sid-sensei turned to write her name and Soul, who was so passive, straight-faced and lived each day without a care for other things suddenly clutched his table's edges so tightly he might've shattered it to bits as he stared at the name on their board.

"I am Maka Albarn. It is a pleasure to meet you all." the girl said and looked up to gaze at the people who stared at awe with her overwhelming aura that drew all of their attention to her.

Those pair of wonderful, shining emerald orbs seemed to suck them in, swallowing them whole into an endless pit of nothingness. Those vivid emerald eyes that seemed to dominate them all so easily. Those cold green eyes that seemed to bore holes right through them, criticizing, watching, and scanning everything there was to them. Those very same orbs Soul would never forget.

She was there. She had returned. She had resurfaced.

They had reunited. They met again. They come face to face again.

Soul had finally met the witch he wanted to kill for so long. He had finally met Maka Albarn again.

I forgot to tell everyone about this. I hope you didn't mind that I made Maka into a witch. Well then, I hope you had fun in this chapter as well. I am trying to write much faster right now since I'll be going back to school on the 15th already and who knows when I find the time to write again. And also, so many ideas just kept popping into my head so I had to write them down, else I'd lose them again. Oh well, so much for my rants. I hope to see your support on this story, okay? Just drop a review, favorite or follow right down below :) Sankyuu~ Ciao~ Till next time~!


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