The Witch

Chapter 3

The Heartless

"Now then, Albarn-san, why don't you sit there at the empty chair behind Soul Eater?" Sid-sensei told Maka as he pointed towards Soul's way.

Maka immediately turned and stepped down the small pedestal and strode towards her new place to take a seat but not before stopping briefly beside the mad Soul whose crimson eyes shone with pure hatred.

"It's a pleasure to be your acquaintance, Soul Eater." Maka whispered with a cold voice and wicked emerald orbs.

"The pleasure is mine, your highness." He replied through gritted teeth with intense hostility.

Maka, although seeming undisturbed with his immense animosity directed towards her, leaned down closer to his ear and snickered.

"Your eyes are still wonderful. I look forward to you entertaining me then, Soul." she whispered with an appallingly soft taunt before she leaned away and proceeded to her seat.

"Now that introductions are done, let's start the lesson." Sid-sensei announced and started his rants.

All the while Soul was on the edge of killing and restraining himself. He didn't want to have bloodbath inside their classroom, much less involve the others. Knowing witches, they would not think twice about killing innocent bystanders that stand in their way. It took all he had just to keep himself from ripping himself from his seat and burn the living ghost out of the witch sitting behind him.

"-oul, Soul Eater!" Sid-sensei called and snapped Soul out of his trance.

"Uh.. Ye-Yes sensei?" he answered after a few second pause.

"Are you listening to me at all?" Sid-sensei asked.

"Umm.. I'm sorry." Soul apologized. It was the appropriate thing to do. He wasn't paying attention to Sid-sensei because his head was flooding with hatred towards the girl who sat behind him.

"Then answer this what is so peculiar about the number 9?" Sid-sensei asked and placed his book down, waiting for Soul to answer.

"I.. don't know, sensei." Soul answered back.

"See? then pay attention." Sid-sensei said and went back to scribbling and ranting about random things.

"Even if he did listen, he still would not be able to answer it though. You never mentioned it to us and you're way too far off." Maka said aloud as she twirled her hair against her fingers while staring at the world outside.

"You have something to say, Albarn-san?" Sid-sensei inquired, sounding a bit annoyed with Maka's remarks.

Maka stood up and turned to him with an intense gaze and repeated what she just said aloud.

"How about you answer for him then, Albarn-san?"

"Simple. When multiplied with any other number, it returns back to the number itself. Sample, 3 multiplied to 9 is equals to 27, right sensei? So add these two numbers then you get the number 9." Maka explained that awed the other students and left Sid-sensei sweating. "I presume you knew the answer as well, right sensei?"

"I.. O-Of course I knew. Very well then, you may sit down Albarn-san." Sid-sensei exclaimed and returned back to his lesson as Maka did as what he told her.

"Why did you do that?" Soul asked.

"Do what?" Maka responded before she leaned her head on her palm propped up with her arms.

"Why did you help me?"

"Help you? Don't be ridiculous Soul. I only gave what your bastard teacher deserved. It's got nothing to do with you. Don't be so naive, boy." Maka mocked and averted her gaze outside again. Somehow, seeing something other than the darkness of her castle was unsettling yet at the same time wonderful.

"Right. You witches don't care about anything else. Heartless wenches." Maka heard a faint whisper and slightly glimpsed at the back of Soul's head.

Hmm. Heartless, huh?

Maka pondered before she once again turned outside and lifted her gaze towards the azure skies. The calmness of her current surrounding was so unusual to her. The peacefulness didn't feel right and somehow she felt more irritated and disturbed.

She had lived her life constantly fighting, not only for power, strength and territory but also for survival. She had to crawl her way up to the peak of everything so no one could hurt her. She had to watch other fellow witches kill her parents in front of her eyes to force the power sleeping inside of her to awaken. She had to live her life alone, fearing that if she let herself get attached to others then the witches who hated her would kill them just to hurt her.

It's better like this. You can't begin to imagine everything I had to endure and stomach to reach this far. Everything I had to surrender to protect what's mine. Everything I left just so I could be free. You don't know.. boy.

There was a lost look on Maka's face. She had long forgotten about the people around her and the teacher talking out front. Before she knew it, the bell already chimed telling everyone class has ended.

Maka noticed Soul rise from his seat, grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulders before he exited first. Black Star who was nearing his seat reached out for him but wasn't able to catch up with him. Maka, who watched them, just sat silently and spectated.

"He's always aloof and cold." Maka suddenly heard and turned towards who was speaking. "Oh! I'm Tsubaki, by the way." the girl smiled at her.

Maka decided not to respond. She didn't feel like talking to the girl and turned her gaze back to the door Soul just disappeared to. Somehow, watching how Soul was so anti-social kind of beat the reason why she was there in the first place. How can he entertain her when even to others he was extremely cold and mean?

"Hey, Maka-chan. Do you want to join us for lunch?" Tsubaki offered and extended her hand. Maka had forgotten she was there.

Maka hesitated. Although there was no reason to decline her invitation, a part of her was holding her back. She didn't know what it was but she didn't like the feeling.

"Umm.. Tsubaki, is it? I would like to but you see, I have something to do. So maybe next time." Maka, at least, politely declined.

Tsubaki smiled brightly and nodded her head before she turned and walked towards her circle of friends- Black Star and the others. Maka stood up, walked out of the room and strolled around. She wasn't particularly hungry and she wanted to tour the whole area.

Walking aimlessly, she reached this door at the end of the staircase and turned its doorknob only to discover it was locked. She turned left and right, checking if someone was around before she cast a quick and small spell that opened the lock.

It opened to an empty space at the roof of their building. It was hot yet it was breezy. The air was so nice you'll forget it was scorching hot outside. Also, she loved the view she could see from the roof. It was almost identical to when she flew around. Maka closed her eyes as she enjoyed that brief moment of freedom and relaxation, a ghost of a smile present on her visage.

"This place is good." she whispered to herself.

"How were you able to come up here, Witch?" Maka heard almost in time when she felt his presence.

Ah~ and there goes the serenity.

"Well, I passed through the door like a normal person." Maka answered him.

"Like you're anywhere near normal." Soul retorted with a derisive voice and scoffed.

"At least for a being like me, Yes, I am normal. And you? You and your brethren are nothing but mere insects we let live for our own leisure." Maka responded with the same mockery and smirked as she regarded him from head to toe.

"You-.." Soul paused when he felt a tingling chill run down his spine.

At first, he thought that maybe the Witch was up to something and was silently casting spells on him already. But as he watched the alarmed look on her face, he kind of convinced himself that it wasn't her but someone else giving out extreme bloodlust.

"Looks like this school's being visited by monsters too." Maka muttered with disgust lacing her words.

"Of course. Aren't you one of them?" Soul commented with sarcasm before he took on a stance.

"Oh yes." Maka turned to him with a proud smirk as her eyes glowed brightly. "And I'm the strongest of them all."

Maka emitted a strong presence even while restraining her power as a witch but now that she lifted the restraints she casted on herself, she was overwhelming that just standing next to her could very well bring you on your knees. But being the prideful person that Soul is, he withstood the oppressing aura and held his ground although doing just that was already taking all he had just not to succumb to her presence.

"You're faring well, for a human, that is." Maka complimented in a mocking tone.

"Shut up.. Witch." Soul responded.

"Well, just don't get eaten or die, boy." Maka said and this surprised Soul. Normally, witches didn't care what happened to humans like him at all, so her telling him not to die was weird.

"Wh.. Why?"

"I still need you to entertain me, Stupid." Maka smirked with a tongue out. "Now come and get me, monster."

Out of nowhere, a monster leapt out from their backs and lunged for Maka. Soul, who was completely taken off guard, whipped his head and was about to take the monster's head when it just suddenly blew up.

"Oops? Were you trying to kill it, perhaps?" Maka mocked Soul.

Soul gritted his teeth but said nothing in response. She was fast, accurate and too damn strong. Soul knew that if he took her on right then and there, it would not be a fight but a massacre. Hell, he knew he would not stand a chance against the witch before him.

Maka suddenly turned her aim towards him with a sharp eye. Soul felt weak on his knees. It was pathetic, he knew, but looking at her eyes, he could not see a small and frail little girl but a dangerous and gigantic demon setting its eyes on its prey.

"Bang!" Maka said and suddenly a gust of wind flew right past Soul's head, grazing his face slightly.

Soul slowly turned around only to see a monster already down with its head already blown like the first one. He could feel the strength slowly leaving his body as he was steadily consumed with fear with the ferocity he witnessed as he watched the witch's cold eyes.

"What's wrong, boy? Are you scared with only a couple of monste-?" Maka wasn't able to finish when Soul suddenly got up and pushed her aside as he stabbed the one monster who appeared behind Maka passing through the solid floor.

A blade?

"You.. You're a weapon?" Maka asked, a bit shocked with her discovery as she watched Soul's arm turn into a blade.

Soul turned to her with the glare he always wore while panting before he turned to his transformed hand. It was the first time his body just moved on its own. It perplexed him just why his body moved to protect the witch he deeply hated.

"Wow! That's cool." Maka mused with her almost mocking voice and slightly amused face.

"Shut it, Witch." Soul murmured and turned around to head inside. He didn't want to hang around her anymore longer. He'd only be confused.

"Hey boy!" Maka called and he paused to turn to her.

Really. Did she curse me? Why did I stop anyway?

"You.. do you have a meister?"

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