The Witch

Chapter 4

The Weapon

"You just need to be my weapon! What's so repulsive with that?"


"In fact you should be thankful that I am willing to take you as my weapon."


"Foolish human." Maka murmured.

Soul had been fed up with her persistent rants about him supposedly happy that she was willing to be his Meister. Like heck?! He hated her so damn much and she casually says that? Who in their right mind would entrust their safety and life to their hateful nemesis?

"Argh! Would you shut up already?!" Soul exclaimed in a loud voice that attracted a lot of the students' attention.

Soul looked around and clicked his tongue before he turned around and headed back to their classroom.

"Why do you hate having a Meister so much?" Maka asked that made Soul halt on his steps.

"I.. It's none of your concern." Soul just brushed and continued to walk away and left Maka behind.

Maka watched his back mingle and blended into the crowd. She pondered on that brief moment of hesitation to answer her question. There's definitely a reason to him not having a Meister and she's gonna find it out one way or another. She followed after him when the bells chimed and returned to their classroom. Well, it doesn't concern her that much if she was late since she never planned to take school that seriously. She was only there to kill time.

Soon after, a man with a large protruding screw on his head came in and sat on the teacher's table. He scanned the room and immediately stopped on Maka, who looked bored as hell.

"You are.. hmmm.. Albarn." Stein murmured as he scanned the list he was given and looked back to Maka.

She had this mesmerizing aura around her that draws everyone to her. He found it peculiar and beautiful at the same time. Now, Stein-sensei had this rare gift of being able to see the person's soul. He looked into Maka's Soul and saw a big yellowish orb floating with chains surrounding it.. as if encasing something inside.

When Stein stopped "peeping" into Maka's soul, he found her staring intently at him with a dangerous glint to her emerald orbs. Seems she knew what he did and she didn't like it.

Oho~? Now, isn't she scary?

Stein thought to himself, adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat.

"I assume everyone here has a partner already?" He inquired.


Maka thought and scrunched her eyebrows. She didn't know that everyone had to go and find partners! No one mentioned anything to her! And why the heck would she need to have a partner? She was darn strong! She need not have one.

A chorus of 'Yes' was heard but both Soul and Maka were the only ones who answered 'No'. They both looked at each other before Soul just brushed her off coolly. Really. Him and his attitude problems.

"Oh? Why don't you two pair up then? You're a weapon class, right Soul? Why don't you pair up with Maka who's a Meister class?" Stein suggested. Maka perked up at this.

"That's right, Soul! See? Even that person is telling you to just be my weapon!" Maka beamed, rather a bit happy upon hearing Stein-sensei.

"First, don't refer to him as 'that person'. He's Stein-sensei. Next, no, thank you." Soul answered her as brief as he could.

"Sensei! He's rejecting me!" Maka announced that shocked Soul.


"Ooh? What's this? You're rejecting such a beautiful young girl, Soul?" Stein teased and adjusted his glasses with a smirk.

"N-No.. Tha-That is.. Stein-sensei! I can fight fine! I don't need a Meister at all!" Soul reasoned.

"See? He's rejecting me!" Maka, once again, piped in.

"You! Stop saying such misleading things!" Soul scolded.

"Well, why don't you try it then, Soul? After all, she's throwing herself to you. Maybe it won't be too bad." Stein suggested.

"'Th-Throw herself' huh?" Soul repeated quietly and sweat-dropped. He turned to Maka and saw her already waiting for his next action.

Soul closed his eyes before he glowed and transformed fully into a blade. Maka easily caught him as she wielded him oh so gracefully, swiftly and magnificently. It was a shock how she can synchronize with him so well.

"Ooh~!" Stein cheered and applauded for them, as everyone did the same. "It was just on a whim but the way you swung him around felt like you've known each other for so long!"

"Well, Soul's surprisingly light. Somehow, wielding him feels right." Maka commented and swung Soul's scythe some more before she let him return to his human appearance.

"How about it, Soul? Still don't want a Meister?" Stein asked and adjusted his glasses as he narrowed his eyes, staring at Soul's hesitant figure.

"No." he answered briefly after a short pause and a sigh.

He shoved his hands on his pocket and sat back on his chair. Maka shook her head lightly at this before she, herself, took a seat as well.

"Guess, I can't force you.. Well then everyone today we'll be talking about dissection again.." Stein announced and looked ecstatic. He loved dissection to death, after all.

All the while, Soul was pondering on the empty feeling he got when Maka wielded him. It seemed like someone was using him yet at the same time not. It bothered him so much that he blocked out Stein's rants about dissection and stuffs.

Later that day, when everyone was heading out and the student's slowly went home one by one, Maka, who was about to head back herself, heard a soft sound down the hall. She followed the sound till it grew louder and she could make out the sound of Piano playing.

The melody sounded so familiar and nostalgic that she decided to stop and listen to it. After it finished playing though, she peeked in to find someone with a silver hair on the piano, his back was hunched over it as he breathed calmly and was seeming to relax.

The door made a creaking sound when she unknowingly pushed it open. This caught Soul's attention and he whipped his head to find her staring at him with wide eyes.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, as usual, with his cold voice.

"Oh." she muttered with a dejected tone before she looked down. "Uhh, nothing. I just heard you play and wanted to listen. By the way, that song? umm.."

"Oh. It's not well-known. My brother used to play it and he taught it to me." Soul told her and a soft look adorned his face.

"Brother.." Maka whispered. "It sounded so sad."

"Yeah." Soul only answered and looked lost, as if he was lost on a memory of a long time ago. "By the way, umm, I hope you don't mind but I needed to know."

"Yes?" Maka responded when she noticed him waiting for her response.

"You.. how can you wield me when you don't even synchronize with me?"

And here's chapter 4 for you, folks. Hope you had fun and I'll see you again. Ciao~


Halloween Godspell

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