The Witch

Chapter 5

The Meister

Maka stared at Soul for a brief moment before she sighed softly, strode closer to him and sat at the edge of the piano bench- beside Soul- with her back against him.

"I am a nix. I am hollow. I am nothing and because I have nothing, I don't need anything to resonate with you. That's why I am able to wield you." Maka explained carefully.

"Then.. that empty feeling.."

"I can't believe after all these years you are still dumb and naive." Maka simpered before she pushed herself up.

"I kind of liked hearing you play, by the way. That's why I am telling you once again. Be my weapon, Soul." Maka sounded more demanding than asking as she held out her hand for Soul to take.

Soul looked up to her smug smile before to her proffered hand. He couldn't quite describe what it was, but in spite of being a cold and merciless person, she seemed kind of warm and welcoming that very moment.

Don't be fooled, Soul! She could quickly dispose of you whenever she sees fit!

Soul reminded himself. Actually it worked great on his side too if ever he became her weapon. He could stay beside her and observe her. He could take that opportunity to find the perfect moment to strike her down. With that mindset on his mind, he grinned and took the witch's hand.

"I'll be in your care then, witch." Soul remarked with a toothy grin.

"Heh. That's great then, Idiotic boy." Maka retorted with her own smirk.

Never was it heard, in the history of DWMA, as odd pairing as between a witch and a weapon. Well, witches, as strong as they are, don't need weapons after all.



"You.. are pairing up with Maka-chan?" Tsubaki asked when they heard about the surprising news.

"That's great, Man!" Black Star exclaimed and caught Soul's neck once again, rubbing his knuckles against Soul's head as he laughed way too loudly.

"Get off of me you idiot!" Soul scolded as he tried to pry the strong hold Black Star got on his neck.

"I see. You finally settled on your Meister, huh? That's great, indeed." Kid sighed in relief and smiled while the Thompson sisters just giggled and smiled too.

"How did you do it, Maka-chan?" Tsubaki asked quietly while the others had their own discussions.

Maka turned to her and pondered for a moment.

"Nothing. I just told him I wanted him." Maka declared with a proud smirk and everyone stopped to turn to them with a surprised gasp.

Soul, as well, shot up from his chair and stalked close to the now smiling Maka. He had a look that wanted to say something but he desperately tried to keep it all to himself. He breathed deep and smiled coolly too.

There's nothing you could do anyway. She's one hell of a blockhead, a misleading idiot and an incredible airhead at times.

"Whatever." Soul muttered before he returned to his own seat.

"My, that was rather bold of you, Maka-chan." Tsubaki said with a slight blush on her face.

"Well, he's a great weapon after all." Maka remarked before she turned to Soul scolding a grinning Black Star. ".. There's no way I'd pass up such a great opportunity."

"Hmm? You said something?" Tsubaki asked.

"Nothing." Maka said with a shrug and went to her desk behind Soul.

Soul was her weapon now. It was unheard of a witch possessing weapon but she didn't care. Aside from being the strongest witch out there, she was growing bored of living her life without someone going up to her and challenging her to a death match.

The group of students that came to bother Soul always was now bothering her too. They talked about random things and laughed. They looked like really close friends but somehow you can say that they aren't too. Maka watched how happy they seemed even with Soul's constant attempts at shrugging them away.

"Good Afternoon!" a booming greeting snapped everyone out of whatever they were doing and all heads snapped towards Sid-sensei, who stood by the room's door.

"Soul Eater and Maka Albarn, Shinigami-sama requests your presence." He announced.

Soul turned to Maka, who seemed indifferent and kept on staring at Sid-sensei. He waved his hands in front of her gaze and she slowly turned towards him with her usual blank face.

"Shinigami-sama's calling us." Soul repeated.

"Yeah, I heard it the first time." Maka lamely answered and had a 'what-about-it' expression.

"Well? Aren't you gonna stand up and go?" Soul continued to ask as if dropping her obvious hints.

"Why? I don't take orders from anyone. What are you making the strongest wit-" Maka was cut when Soul immediately reached out and cupped her mouth.

Maka froze out of pure shock and Soul chose that moment to pull her out of her chair and out of their room, leaving a dumbfounded Tsubaki, Black Star, Kid and the Thompson sisters behind.

"What was that?" Maka asked.

"Shut up and follow Sid-sensei." Soul avoided her question and shoved his hands in his pocket as he walked coolly.

Maka chose to shut up for the moment. It wasn't like she was following his orders. She just felt it was no use prying for answers further. She walked behind them silently while pondering on Soul's early actions.

Reaching a big pair of tall doors, Sid-sensei paused and stepped aside. Soul glanced at him before he pushed the doors open and a set of Torii forming a tunnel greeted them.

"So we're supposed to go through here?" Maka asked when Soul took steps forward.

"Mm." he only hummed in response.

"Why am I here? Why should I go meet this 'Shinigami-sama' of yours? Heck he should come to me with his tail between his legs and bow down to me." Maka grumbled as she followed Soul closely behind.

"Will you just stop complaining? You became a student here- you chose to. Now we've got rules here and one is that you should submit to the one in power. Also, no one in this damned academy knows you are witch. Now just shut up when you are in presence of Shinigami-sama." Soul scolded and soon they reached the end of the torii tunnel.

Maka felt irritated with Soul's words and how he told her to submit to the one in power. Why, she never even yielded to Asura when she almost died when they fought.

"Good Afternoon Shinigami-sama." Soul acknowledged the dark man standing atop the pedestal with a skull face and bowed low.

So this is their revered Shinigami-sama?

Maka thought as she eyed the figure carefully. The person known as Shinigami-sama was wearing a black ragged cloak that went all the way down to the floor. It was hard to tell if he had a strong build or if he had any body at all. He also didn't have a face but only a skull. Maka could feel his strong presence accompanied with a very strong wavelength flowing off of him.

He must be strong.

Maka thought and placed her guard up, her whole body tensing up.

"Hello Soul-kun~!" The revered Shinigami-sama answered with an almost comical voice as he raised his overly large and comical hands.

"You asked for us?" Soul asked, his respect was still there.

THIS?! This is their revered Shinigami-sama?!

Maka thought in disbelief as all the wariness and caution wore off of her. She could not believe that the presence she acknowledged was strong was as ridiculous as that.

Looks sure can be deceiving.

"Yes. I heard you have finally chosen your Meister and it's Albarn-san right here, right?" Shinigami-sama asked.

"Yes." Soul briefly answered.

"I see. Now, I'd like to ask you something Albarn-san. Where are you from?" He turned to Maka.

"From the neighboring city." Maka readily answered. Well, she did already plan her answers in case she was asked and it wasn't exactly a lie since her castle was indeed on the other city.

"Oh. Is that so?" Shinigami-sama exclaimed and laughed in his signature laugh.

"So then, why don't you stop messing around and ask me your real question, Shinigami-sama?" Maka asked with a hint of scoff at the end.

"Hmm. Indeed, you are sharp." Shinigami-sama complimented with his usual carefree voice. "Now then, are you perhaps the witch who kills witches? Maka Albarna-san?"

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