My Green Eyed Mystery (remake)


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The Repopulation Act

My Green Eyed Mystery

(remake version by HarpieKing07)

A/N: I remembered this story – it was one of my most favourites on Ffic. A month ago I really wanted to read it again and found out, that the story has been deleted and only a translated version was all that remained of it. That´s why I decided to adopt this story – gaining approoval from its original author: romanticangel92, and finish it. I positively fell in love with this AU story and decided to remake in my own way. Several things were kept the same from the original like some pairings, but I decided to make the plot a bit more darker and mysterious – at least I hope I´ll do a good job. So stick around and get ready... its going to be a nice little ride. : )


Chapter 1: The Repopulation Act

Daily Prophet

September 15, 1997

The Ministry announces The Repopulation Act

Yesterday afternoon Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic announced a new law to be passed in the early hours this morning. The Repopulation Act is the ministry´s responce to the alarming decrease of the wizarding population following the second war with You-Know-Who. Statistics have shown, that the second war was responsible for the 40 percent drop of the country´s total wizarding population.

In order to solve this problem, the Ministry has swiftly drafted the new Act. This law states, that every witch and wizard of 16 years of age and higher MUST be married and produce at least one child within the next two years.

The concequences for those who choose not to respect the Repopulation Act will be most severe indeed. The Minister has controversially declared, that anyone who will not marry within the deadline (as well as their chosen partner) will be facing a life-imprisionment in Azkaban.

This caused a wave of outrage from nearly every parent of the teenage (and at large – still underage) witches and wizards. Most see absolutely no reason at all for their children to marry so young. Ironicly some of the pure-blood families see no problem with it.

Laws such as this one – though clearly not on such a grand scale, have been used in the past to ensure the purity of blood in some of our most oldest and respected wizarding families. I personally welcome this oppoturnity for my son. Our family will remain pure-blooded as it has for centuries."said Lucius Malfoy, 43, pure-blood, as the Repopulation Act was announced at the Ministry.

Many other heads of our respected pure-blood families also voiced their approoval, though they were clearly in minority.

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry immediatly voiced his protest against the new Act.

This Act as it were is completly unneccessary. I am afraid, that Minister Fudge is not taking many things into account – to begin with, the opinions and views of those young lives, this regretfull new Act will turn up-side down. Is it really right to force young witches and wizards to marry at such a young age? Is it right to force them to marry someone they don´t know and might never love at all? And most importaintly – IS every single one of them prepared to take such a grand step in life as marriage and starting a family? I remember, that in such a young age – 16 or 17, such things were completly surreal to me."

Professor Dumbleore´s protests, though backed by almost an army of furious parents were however ignored. The new Act was passed in the early hours of this morning and letters will shortly be arriving to every unmarried witch and wizard aged from 16 to 40 years of age. The only exceptions to the Act are those pairs who were already engaged before the Act took effect. They will merely be required to marry until the same deadline as everybody, which is December 31st this year.„The process of selecting partners will be done by a special spell to ensure, that everybody finds his potentional soul-mate. This should make things easier on everyone who fall under this Act. This is a hard-time for our Wizarding community. Now that the danger has passed, we must all work to rebuilt and repopulate, so that an era of prosperity can befall our peacefull community once more. It may not be easy on the youngsters, but it is for the greater good of everyone."said Minister Fudge in defence of the new Act.

However it became clear, that even in the Ministry many do not share this view of the situation. Many Heads of Departments voiced their opinions, such as Madame Amelia Bones, 30, half-blood – Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement or Mr James Potter, 37, pure-blood – Head of the Auror Department.

Its downright despicable, this Act. My children and godson will never be able to choose, whom they truly love. Our children´s lives are taken control of in the most arrogant way. And regarding the „danger has past" bit, the Minister seems to be forgetting that we still have Death-Eaters on the run and evading capture. It seems to me a much higher priority to capture Death-Eaters like Dolohov, Mulciber, Avery and many others, as opposed to worrying about some dropping statistic."

As for Mr Potter´s godson, Neville Longbottom – The Chosen One, his views on the matter have not yet been stated publicly. It is also yet unknown who is the lucky girl who is, starting today engaged to the Boy-Who-Lived.

Letters should start arriving troughout the day.

Ginny Weasely placed her copy of the Daily Prophet down miserably. The atmosphere in the Great Hall was very sombre – some were not even eating their breakfast. Unlike her brother, who was sitting next to her, eating in a frantic manner, his way of dealing with anxiety.

„Do you EVER stop eating?"came a voice from behind them.

The two Weasleys turned and saw that Hemione Granger had come to join them.

"M´hungry."said Ron in a muffled voice – his mouth full of food, but he shifted a bit in his chair in order to make room for her.

Hermione acknowledged the gesture with a small but very warm smile. Ginny almost giggled at it. It took those two almost six whole years to admit their love for one another. Once getting together, coupled by the experiences from the second war the two barely even bicker anymore and to Ginny´s astonishment, Ron seemed to have developed a taste for gentlemanly gestures – albeit clumzy most of the time. Hermione sat down between Ron and Ginny and immediatly grabbed her boyfriend´s hand. Upon closer inspection, Ginny noticed circles under her eyes.

"You look horrible, Mione... Have you slept at all?"she asked in concern.

The older girl gave a small smile.

"Not a wink. I was too worried. I didn´t believe that the Act will actually get passed. Its completly horrible."

"You can say that again."came a grumpy voice from behind them.

All three of them turned in alarm. They recodnized that voice all too well. Behind them stood Neville Longbottom, looking almost as bad as Hermione. His hair was scruffy and barely concealed the lightning scar on his forehead. The circles under his eyes were more visible that Hermione´s and his whites of his eyes were slightly red.

"Looks like I´m not the only one, who couldn´t sleep."muttered Hermione, her eyes showing concern.

"Nightmares."said Neville dismissively, indicating that he didn´t wish to discuss it further.

Ron, Hermione and Ginny shared a worried look, each unsure what to say.

After Voldemort has been vanquished in this very castle by the end of the May this year, Neville has been getting increasingly moodier and grumpier as time went by. No one really knew what to think. Voldemort´s disintegrating body was found in the school´s corridor along with a comatose Neville. No one knew what happened when Voldemort tried to kill Neville once again, and Neville couldn´t remember anything except passing out after being hit by Voldemort´s Cruciatus Curse. Once Neville had woken, he was no longer the sweet, loving, fun-loving boy they all befriended.

The moment of silence lingered, until Neville shook his head, growled something to himself and went to sit down to the very end of the Gryffindor Table. As one, the three breathed a sad sigh.

"Times like this, I really wish Alice was here."said Hermione sadly.

The Weasley siblings nodded. It was common kowledge, that after the murder of the entire Longbottom family, when Neville survived Voldemort´s attack for the first time, he was taken in and raised by his godparents – Lily and James Potter. It was also common knowledge that he had found a elder sister of sorts in Alice Potter. All three knew Alice quite well, eventhough she graduaded from Hogwarts two years ago, since she was part of the Gryffindor House and most Gryffindors stick together. Alice was one of the few, who could actually help Neville during such times.

"OH NO, HERE THEY COME!"screamed an anxious Ravenclaw girl and in that instant a massive chill gripped the sixth and seventh year population of the Great Hall.

No fewer that a hundred owls have swooped in and started to deliver the accursed letters, which most of them viewed as tickets to hell. Most of the Professors were viewing them with levels of pity, except the head of Slytherin house of course. Unlike his collagues however, he was barely restraining his anger, because HE too fell under this proposterous Act. His black eyes glared the poor little owl, that delivered him the Ministry letter and the poor bird flew away in top speed once freed of its letter, determined to put as much space as possible between it and the glaring hook-nosed man. He looked at the damn letter with fury, as though hoping to incinerate the letter with his stare and completly ignored the curious looks from Minerva McGonnagal, Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout and Remus Lupin.

"I´m so nervous" breathed Hermione, her hands shaking as she reached for the letter.

"Don´t worry, Mione. They used a spell to find a soul-mate, right?... That means that you´ll be getting me and I´ll be getting you."said Ron in a confident voice, placing an arm around her shoulders hoping to calm her.

Ginny smiled weakly, hoping he´d be right for once as she turned her sights to the letter adressed to her.

"Well... better get this over with."she said to herself and opened the envilope quickly.

Taking a last long breath she started to read the letter of doom.

Dear Ms Weasley,

We are pleased to inform you, that we have found you your potentional soul-mate and the perfect husband.

You have been engaged with Mr Harry Potter, 17, half-blood. We found him trough magical means, which means that you will be able to find happiness with him should you give it a try. You are asked to marry within the deadline – 31st December this year and produce a child within the next two years. If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry – the Repopulation Act Office.

It is expected of you to respond to the situation and sighn a marriage contract along with your new fianceé.

Please be aware, that under the Repopulation Act if you do not marry until the deadline both you and your partner will face severe concequences – a lifetime imprisionment in Azkaban Prision.


Athena Kellen

Head of the Repopulation Act Office

Ginny sat completly frozen. She was engaged to Harry Potter... Harry Potter?! As in Alice´s younger brother whom Alice utterly hates? As in the boy Neville completly refuses to speak to? As in THE coldest snake in Slytherin, who barely speaks to anyone outside his small circle of friends? As in the boy who is best friends with Draco Malfoy? As in the boy who´s one single glare is enough to send first and second years running away as far as possible? She remembered the few times she saw him over the years at Hogwarts. Every single time she could remember, she felt a little intimidated by him. What in the bloody hell was she supposed to do NOW?!

She was brocken from her horrified thoughts as besides her Hermione gave a horrified gasp.

"Merlin´s beard...oh no... no...NO..."she moaned, her eyes showing utmost fear.

"WHAT?! NO WAY!"exclaimed Ron, who read her letter over her shoulder before collapsing back on his seat and placed his hands on his face, shaking his head in disbelief.

"What? Who did you get?!"asked Ginny urgently.

Hermione´s eyes now shone in tears.

"D...Draco Malfoy! I´m engaged to the ferret!"she whispered completly heartbrocken.

Both Ginny tried to comfort her while Ron pushed his half-eaten plate away from him, feeling too sick to digest anymore.

"What am I going to do, Ginny?"whispered Hermione miserably.

"As if leaving Ron isn´t bad enough... but for Malfoy?! This HAS to be a bad dream!"

Ginny ran her hand across her back in a soothing manner.

"Maybe you won´t have to Mione. You read what Lucius Malfoy said about the law. Maybe when he hears, that his son is engaged to a muggle-born he´ll kill Fudge and you won´t have to marry Malfoy."said Ginny attempting to lighten the mood.

It worked in a way as Hermione gave a weak chuckle. Even Ron managed a weak smile and gazed at his letter with utmost hate.

"Open it, Ron..."said Hermione quietly.

Ron shook his head furiously.

"I... I don´t want... I don´t want to be with... anyone..."he stammered, struggling to find words.

Hermione smiled at him trough her tears, taking his hand.

"I know... I don´t want to eighter. But... "

Ron seemed to take courage from this little exchange and nodded.

"Yeah."he said in a miserable voice as he reached for his letter.

"What if they gave me someone as bad as you´ve got? Or even worse?"he asked quietly.

"Then you´ll kill Fudge instead of Lucius Malfoy."Ginny piped up brightly and both her brother and friend laughed.

"Bloody unlikely, Ginny."chuckled Ron.

"Why not, Ron. You´d be a real hero to everyone."

The three laughed once again and Ron´s anxiety was momentarily forgotten. He opened the envilope and started to read the letter with both girls watching. As he read, his expression went from confused to shocked, until it became utterly horrified. He swiftly stood up white-faced and looked at the staff table before turning and running out to the Great Hall as though Voldemort risen from the grave and was out to get him.

"RON!"called both Ginny and Hermione, but Ron was already out.

"RON!"called Hermione one more time before standing up and running after him, completly forgetting about breakfast.

Ginny stood up also but for a small moment pondered on what to do. Almost unintentionally her sight lingered a bit on the Slytherin table, where amongst his fellows sat a black-haired older boy, looking at his letter over his round glasses. Shaking her head Ginny also sprinted out, searching for her friend and brother.

Lucky for her Nearly Headless Nick had seen Ron run for an unused classroom and told both her and Hermione a few moments before where Ron went. Stepping into the classroom, Ginny saw that Hermione was the one comforting Ron now. Her brother was deathly pale and still shaking in fright as Hermione held him in her arms and whispered soothingly into his ear.

Ginny allowed a few more moments to pass before she made her presence known.

"Was who you got really that bad, Ron?"she asked tentactively as she moved closer.

To Ginny he looked as bad as he did before the Yule Ball when he tried asking Fleur out. By the looks of it, he haven´t even told Hermione who he was engaged to yet. Finally strong enough to speak Ron looked at both of them.

"Worse than you can imagine, Ginny... F...first up... we´re both male!"

Ginny and Hermione looked at eachother in shock. To think that the Act would also pair same sexes... especially since Fudge was against this idea for many years before.

"Well... you ARE bisexual, right?"pointed out Hermione and Ginny nodded.

The two girls were the only ones among the Weasley family and friends who knew of Ron´s little romance during his fifth year with a seventh year Gryffindor. Ron was very reluctant to tell the secret to anyone and over that time, both girls covered for him.

"I am... but that´s only the start of it..."said Ron quietly, blushing so hard, that his facial color was in sync with his hair.

"Who are you with, Ron?"asked Ginny quietly.

Ron couldn´t speak once more. His lips shaking, he reached for the letter and handed it to Hermione. She smouldered it over and along with Ginny started to read.

Dear Mr Weasley

We are pleased to inform you, that we have found you your potentional soul-mate and the perfect husband.

You have been engaged with Mr Severus Snape, 37, half-blood. We found him trough magical means, which means that you will be able to find happiness with him should you give it a try. You are asked to marry within the deadline – 31st December this year and produce a child within the next two years. If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry – the Repopulation Act Office.

It is expected of you to respond to the situation and sighn a marriage contract along with your new fianceé.

Please be aware, that under the Repopulation Act if you do not marry until the deadline both you and your partner will face severe concequences – a lifetime imprisionment in Azkaban Prision.


Athena Kellen

Head of the Repopulation Act Office

Both girls gasped. This HAD to be a joke! Ron engaged to their hook-nosed, oily-haired Potions Master?!

"I´m doomed..."moaned Ron miserably.

Neighter Ginny nor Hermione knew what to say to that.

"Hang on... "produce a child"... HOW?! I mean... I´m male and unless Snape has something he should tell me about he´s too... I mean... the purpose of this bloody idiotic Act was to repopulate..."

"You can, Ron."said Hermione quietly.

Both Ron and Ginny stared at her.

"By magic..."said Hermione.

"There are special potions that combine the blood from you and your partner – DNA for short, and create an embryo. That is implanted into a midwife, who will carry the child within the nine months of pregnancy and well... birth the baby. That´s what most gay wizards do nowadays."

Both Weasley siblings were shocked at Hermione´s insight into this specific area of the Wizarding World. Hermione offered a small smile.

"When you had that romance with Brian (a muggle-born seventh year), I asked a bit and of course, studied up from magazines and other sources. Just in case..."

Ron blushed heavily, not really wanting to think back to his old boyfriend-of-sorts.

A heavy silence lingered for a few moments. All three wondered briefly how was Snape taking this piece of news. Neighter of them could know, that at that very moment the Potion Master´s study in the dungeons was enjoying an ear-splitting scream.

"Anyway Ginny... who did you get. Can´t possibly be worse than Malfoy-junior OR Snape."asked Ron, hoping to change the subject.

Hermione also nodded in a supportive manner, giving Ginny a small smile. Ginny sighed to herself.

"I´m not sure... it depends on what you think I guess..."

"Come on, Gin... Can´t be worse than ours..."said Ron, hoping to coax it out of her.

"We´re all stuck with the snakes... I´m engaged to Harry Potter."she said quietly.

Ron and Hermione held their breaths in utter shock. Their friend and sister engaged to the coldest snake in Slytherin?! How could that happen?! She was too warm and loving for someone like him. Hermione wasted no time in grabbing her in a hug.

"Sweet Merlin... Ginny... how do you feel about it?"she asked concernedly.

Ginny smiled a little and shook her head.

"Look... no matter how I´ll feel about it the stupid Ministry won´t back out of it. At leat they engaged me to a handsome bloke even if he is a bit cold. And to be honest... I think he´s sexy in a way..."she said giggling a bit.

"GINNY! These are NOT the things I want to hear from my little sister!"exclaimed Ron, clapping his hands to his ears to good measure, making Ginny laugh more.

Hermione thought about it, remembering the times their class had double-potions with the Slytherins.

"I see what you mean, Ginny... He has the most beautifull green eyes..."

Ginny smiled and nodded.

"And well... Draco might be a bit handsome..."said Hermione trying to see something positive on her engagement just like Ginny had.

Though thinking about her new fianceé, Hermione found the task difficult.

"And let´s not forget, that both the Potter and Malfoy families are rich, powerfull and respected... if nothing else let´s do it for the money."suggested Ginny jokingly and both girls dissolved into giggles.

"Okay, so you two have sexy, rich and handsome blokes... and what positive things can I find for MY situation?! I´m stuck with a cold, vicious, greasy-haired bat! Nothing positive on that!"moaned Ron, one hand on his head.

Hermione flashed him a look of sympathy.

"He can make healing potions if you ever find yourself bleeding to death."said Ginny with a grin.

"Oh if looks could kill..."thought Ginny with amusement as her brother gave her a death-glare while Hermione´s laughter rang in the classroom.


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