My Green Eyed Mystery (remake)

Slytherin Temper

A/N: Guys... thanks... THANK YOU VERY MUCH... your rewiews – sent very soon after my sending of the chater pleased me SOOOO much :) I answered a few things I hope, but there is more than enough to adress... heh... I´m currently re-reading the Goblet of Fire and searching for inspiration in the most unexpected places. Many of you guys have said, that they like our infamous Muggle-born Slytherin student – Angus Lennox, which pleased me incredibly. I have felt for some time, that Angus should come out of my imagination on paper and so he DID. I have made a few drawings of him, but that´s scarcely all I´ve done about him. During my LONG (and I MEAN long) working hours in my dull and frankly stupid work, I have had time enough to ponder on Angus´ backstory. And WHO am I to keep it a secret from you guys? :D Plus there were a few things that I confirmed regarding the original HP sites, just so I can make this as realistic as possible. And don´t worry... it REVOLVES around Harry as well too :) You´ll get a small peek on the Slytherin Squad´s youthfull beginings – but only a small one :p I just hope, that you´ll find the first part of Angus´ backstory amusing, touching and ... well... as original as I can hope for :D Plus over the course of writing – I´ve been feeling a bit... emotional this week, can´t explain why though – I couldn´t resist the fluffy moments of our little gang... I hope you´ll find them cute – especially Draco and Astoria :D Also Athena Kellen will make an appearance so I hope that scene will be to your liking :) Plus I couldn´t help the last scene, so bear with me on this one ;D


Chapter 10: Slytherin Temper

Ginny felt as though a massive Patronus Charm had been placed on her and nothing – NOTHING could possibly spoil her this lovely morning. Harry´s passionate confession kept an extremly warm fire lit in her heart and an ordinary day seemed to turn extraordinary. She felt as though nothing and NO-one could dull her happiness. Her lessions passed as though in a blur. What she remembered perfectly though, were the reactions of the teachers – all of them seemed to want to have a private word with her after their respective lessons – all of the chats left a giant grin plastered on her face. Professor Sprout congratulated her with a warm smile, Professor Flitwick eagerly asked her a few questions, excited over the matter up to the point of bursting into happy tears and even Professor McGonnagal couldn´t help the tears – having a girl-talk about Harry with her (definitely NOT like her ussual stern-self), both of them very afectionate of the lovable snake called Harry Potter. Remus also held her behind class a bit, affectionately calling her "Mrs Potter" – sharing a few things about both Harry and James (which had her in a fit of giggles), before escorting her to her Potions lession – excusing her ten minute absence (they got a bit carried away with the chat, since Remus had a free period) to Professor Snape, who suddenly seemed very lenient towards imposing rules on her. Indeed Severus gave quite a few fond smiles during her Potions lesson, smirking at her Potion – judging by the wink he shot at her, he knew very well WHO helped her with her Potions homework yesterday. Plus after class, he held her in his office – the pair having a very pleasurable discussion about Harry over a cup of tea (so unussual indeed), Severus Snape was actually laughing when Ginny told him about her little battle for Harry with Naja, before the greatest treat she could think of came trough Severus´ office door – Harry himself.

The presence of the Relationship Counsil was very well known to the students of Hogwarts, especially since they were picking up pairs from their lessons for their sessions – gaining disaprooving scrowls from each and every Professor of Hogwarts. Ginny for a slight moment had the impression, that the Professors wanted to postpone her and Harry´s meeting with the Relationship Counsil. This theory was confirmed during lunch, when Albus... Professor Dumbledore (she must remember that in public even IF she was now on first-name terms with the Headmaster) asked her and Harry into his study after lunch. Ginny was under the impression, that those two knew something she didn´t. He and Albus had a fervent discussion about the Repopulation Act, going on about eventual Ministry plans, many different options they could resort to and the impact it could have – Ginny could understand only the slightest bit of it (the pair was going at it at such speed she had difficulty keeping up), but she realized that most of these theories revolved around Athena Kellen as well as Cornelius Fudge (she also saw that Harry was utterly troubled by what they were discussing). Her attention in the Headmaster´s office was however revolving mostly around Naja, who followed them there – the cobra greeted Albus by wrapping around him affectionately, he strocked her scales fondly before she slithered to Fawkes the Phoenix and by the looks of it, the two legendary animals were in deep discussion of their own (as though they knew eachother and could talk to eachother perfectly well) – Ginny couldn´t recall seeing(or hearing) anything of this sort before. But Ginny felt – mere three minutes after the ordeal in the Headmaster´s office – that her heart would burst trough her ribcage as Harry pulled her into the Room of Requirement.

"Ginny... how... how would you feel about us marrying as soon as possible?"he asked hesistantly, searching her eyes.

Dispite the wild and unimaginable feeling of happiness she felt at that, she could tell that there was something much more to it. She racked her brains for an answer.

"I... I ... there´s something else behind this, isn´t it?!"

An overly guilty look came across Harry´s face. He once more looked into her eyes, as though searching for assurance.

"D...don´t ask how I know this... just take my word for it, okay?"he asked quietly and suddenly Ginny thought she saw something of the vunerable little boy stirr behind his eyes once again.

Wrapping her arms around him and kissing his lips for good measure, she looked into his eyes and nodded.

"You can trust ME, Harry. Its between YOU and ME."

Harry´s face sported a look of utter relief as he took a long breath.

"Well... its Kellen... She wants to re-form the former pure-blood High Society. And she wants ME, Dray and Blaise on her side. That´s why she´s here at Hogwarts today – under the pretext of overseeing the Relationship Counsil... I know that she´ll be interviewing US, as well as the other two with their partners. I expect Blaise and Dray will be telling Luna and Mione. She´ll will want to quietly anull our engagements (Ginny gave a look of shock and hurt at the very sound of it) and fit us with appropreate pure-blood partners. HER three daughters in fact. The power-hungry cow wants to share the power the Potter, Malfoy and Zabini names hold. I know for a fact, that my Dad will DEFINITELY NOT aproove of this, and with Blaise´s Mum I´m fairly sure of that, but Lucius Malfoy already agreed to it. Now... they will undoubtably go trough their laws and several enchantments to make sure we end up that way. If my suspitions are confirmed during our Counsil session, we will need to act as quickly as possible. Simply get married before they can put one of their unbreakable Charms on the Marriage Contracts – actually it would be best to marry without one - the normal way. But... there´s the problem of my not even meeting your family yet and we don´t know their feelings and all... In any case, if we leave it at that, I won´t be able to marry you at all or walk out of the marriage contract imposed on me. But my greatest worry about it is, that I didn´t want you to be pressured into doing something you would like to take your time with..."he finished with a guilty look in his brilliant green eyes.

Ginny bit her lip... this would pose a great problem and... knowing the stupid, idiotic rumors going on about him, she saw something in advance...

"To those who are not enlightened on the matter, it will look as though you´ve forced me into it."anticipating the situation.

"For starters..."grumbled Harry, biting on his lower lip – his green eyes looking away from her.

Ginny couldn´t remember him looking and sounding so serious.

"Ginny, love... the last thing I want is to make you an outcast from your family. I... do not wish to cause you ANY family hardship... but I... now that I have you... I... I don´t want to lose..."

He fell silent as Ginny pressed her fore-finger to his lips.

"Harry... I love you... and my family... they´re not stupid or unreasonable – heck, you´ve befriended RON... if we just simply explain the situation to them, I´m sure they´ll understand."she said ever-so calmly and with a hundred-percent confidence.

She saw a look of sheer and complete hope light up in his eyes, her finger still on his lips as she grinned.

"I... I´ll happily become Mrs Potter, Harry. At ANY time given."she said passionately.

For the first time EVER she saw Harry´s emerald-green eyes water before she replaced her finger with her lips. The resulting snog-session made them miss their lessions though neither of them even cared – the promise forged there was more than worth it – they would get trough ANYTHING together.

Soon enough, after all the lessons for the day ended, they were called up by the Relationship Counsil (they seemed to be the last pair to be interviewed) and both Harry and Ginny were not dissapointed – they were interviewed by Athena Kellen herself. The stupid woman practicly confirmed everything Harry told her in the Room of Requirement – she didn´t even bother to register either their very enthusiatic confirmations of affection OR listen to any argument thrown at her, she was adamant in thinking that the Weasley-girl had somehow besotted the young Potter heir and was confident that her youngest daughter, eighteen-year old Cassiopeia (who was right there, looking quite longingly at Harry – Ginny couldn´t help but to agree with Naja´s protective possesiveness at this) would cure Harry of his misguided views. Ginny felt her hand longing to reach for her wand (Kellen had insulted her more times than she could count in the pure seven minutes they were there – Harry´s eyes were flashing more dangerously with each passing minute) but was surprised when Harry stood up dramaticly. Sheer power suddenly seemed to radiate from him and a powerfull wave swept trough the entire room. Several glasses in the brightly decorated room suddenly exploded around them as his emerald eyes bore into the stricken pair of Athena Kellen´s.

"Listen to ME, Kellen! I don´t care if its you OR the Minister of Magic himself – I know you can manipulate him into this position... but you will NOT manipulate ME, OR my Ginny (dispite this intimidating aura he was giving out, Ginny felt an joyfull smile form on her face) into your petty little schemes. Unless you want serious trouble, you will be most advised to leave us ALONE!"as he hissed the last word icily, a large vase behind Kellen exploded into a thousand pieces – the power coming out of him seemed to double and Ginny for a slight moment had the impression that the room ITSELF was shaking in fear.

Athena Kellen recovered somewhat, but the words that escaped her were still in a stuttering voice.

"M...Mr Potter... I must implore you... quite misguided..."

Harry´s eyes flashed and his face turned into the most ferocious look Ginny had EVER seen. For the slightest moment there, Ginny was almost afraid – the sheer power, so raw... so strong... so... overwhelming...

"I will NOT stand with nor your stupid Ministry aims NOR your eventuall plans. If you wish to impose your utterly idiotic rules on everyone, fine! But NOT on ME – OR my beloved fianceé."he said in a dangerous, icy voice that seemed to have gone(if possible) evn colder.

" think... you... you can stand up to our wishes?!"stammered Kellen, though she tried to sound intimidating, she was failing miserably in the wake of this boy´s pure power.

Harry glared her, making her almost shriek in fright – the intensity of the power now rising up tenfold – a large mirror in the room exploded and Ginny even saw the stone statue behind them crack, as though something had slashed it open.

"You think you can MAKE me, Kellen?!"

The challenge behind the statement left the elder Kellen (nevermind the younger one – she burst into terrified tears moments before) shaking dispite herself.

" aware please, Mr Potter, that we have given you certain leniances in the past..."

Harry suddeny let out a mirthless, cold laugh – one that left everyone´s (including Ginny´s) hairs stand on edge.

"Those leniences were backed by Albus Dumbledore, since neither of you Ministry idiots were prepared to deal with the circumstances at the time. I haven´t forgotten, Kellen... the fiasco with Peter Pettigrew during my third year, my ignored warnings during the Triwizard Tournament and the death of my adoptive brother´s uncle - Barty Crouch senior during my fourth year, my reservations about Dolores Umbridge in my fifth and last but NOT least the Junior Death Eater activities – which YOU and your Ministry dements so conveniently took a blind-eye to in my sixth! Suddenly you´re so keen to be pals, now that I´m of age?! I know YOUR number, Athena Kellen and belive me – I will NOT care about sorting things out with you and that bumbling moron Fudge if you attempt to meddle into MY relationship – Azkaban be damned!"

Athena Kellen went white in the face as though Harry had just threatened her with the Killing Curse.

"I am gratefull however, that your – and do NOT deny it, Kellen – Repopulation Act has helped me to find my one true love (Ginny gave him a look of mixed awe and happiness), so I´m giving you a fair warning to leave me and my fianceé alone. Or suffer severe concequences!"

Athena took several moments to calm down before she adressed Harry again, though still in a frightened voice, shaking all over.

"There... there is no need to be so hostile, Mr must understand, that the time has come for a change in the Wizarding Society..."she began.

Harry scrowled again.

"Yes! I agree! However NOT the change to what YOU want it to be! I believe Albus Dumbledore had given voice to his feelings about the changes needed before the Repopulation Act. I deeply believe and proudly stand behind the changes he proposed!"

Athena Kellen´s eyes bulged – the meaning couldn´t be plainer as Harry gave her another menacing glare. With a look at her daughter and her associates they all rose and exited the room – everyone being very happy to do so – the young Potter was too damn terrifying right now.

Harry´s ferocious look had remained in place as his glare was glued on the door that had closed behind them – the room around them an utter mess. Ginny couldn´t help but feel slightly scared of his power.


The single quiet sound of Ginny´s voice made that furious look vanish and be replaced by a worried one as he turned to her and quickly wrapped his arms around her.

"I´m sorry... I´m sorry, that you´ve had to wittness this, Ginny."he breathed quietly – the tiny boy returning into his eyes.

Ginny could hardly believe what she saw. A moment ago he seemed to be the very meaning of power and the next he was back to an innocent, harmless and handsome boy. It was almost surreal, but suddenly she understood something – something, that made her completly sure of many things.

"I´m happy to have seen it, Harry... I... I don´t know what to say... I´ve never seen anyone stand up to these Ministry idiots like this... not even the Chosen One... it seems Albus was right about you..."

Harry´s face took on a deep-red blush and he looked away, biting on his lower lip.

"Shouldn´ve lost my temper there... with that pure-blood - obsessed Ministry hag... Lost my head... I shouldn´t have... this could cause trouble for you and your family..."

Ginny´s eyes turned incredibly affectionate.

"You were defending ME, Harry... don´t think I did not notice you losing your temper when she was insulting me for the twentieth time in a row... You tried to defend and protect me in the same way Naja does you... its like I´m the most precious person on the planet to you..."she breathed, recalling her feelings from mere moments ago.

Harry looked geniuly shocked and incredulous.

"You ARE Ginny! You´re my fianceé... my soon-to-be wife... my love... there´s no one on the PLANET more precious to me..."he breathed passionately, catching her off guard, the look in his eyes – he was dead-serious about what he just said.

Ginny felt her heart – the lioness deep inside – purr EVER so contently and she moved her face closer to his, her arms sneaking around his shoulders. She tried to say something, but her voice-box seemed to be strangled by sheer, overwhelming joy. Their eyes meeting, Ginny at once understood that there was no need for words. Her lips crashed onto his with powerfull force as she tried to put all that she felt and wanted to say into the single, passionate kiss – Harry seemed to have understood perfectly and responded with a few unsaid things himself as the kiss dragged on and on...

Suddenly the room´s door opened and in came Albus Dumbledore along with Angus Lennox, Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood and Astoria Greengrass – all of them looking worried.

"We saw Kellen and her cronies positively run out of here... we came to make sure you guys are all right."said Angus anxtiously, looking at them.

Dubmledore chuckled dispite himself.

"Oh, they seem more than all right to me, Angus. In fact, judging by the very anxtious and scared looks on the exiting party, I´d say Harry here had shown to the Ministry, what happens when someone makes him angry."

Ginny couldn´t help but chuckle at Albus´ bright (and by the looks of it happy) observation.

"You´re right, Professor. My fianceé here behaved quite like his beloved little pet... positively refusing to let those people insult his precious loved-one."informed Ginny, as Harry blushed a beet-red.

Albus gave a happy smile. Angus smiled as well, but he flashed a shy look at his fianceé, who rubbed his muscular arm happily.

"Well Harry... I wish to speak to you regarding your Counsil. Draco and Blaise are already in my office awaiting the pair of us – no doubt wishing to speak to you as well..."

Harry gave her another guilty look but Ginny pulled him close and kissed him again.

"Go Harry... Go sort out the trouble with the boys. I´ll be waiting for you with the others."she breathed.

An extremly surprised look crossed Harry´s features. For a second there Ginny thought, that he might´ve stopped breathing, but a split-second later, as though he finally believed in the good luck he had, Ginny felt his lips on hers – delivering a most appretiative kiss to her.

"I love you, my little fireball..."he breathed, his eyes betraying small tears of pure gratitude.

She gave him a super-sunny smile as she ruffled his hair.

"I love you too, my green-eyed mystery. Now with the utterly-secret and mysterious things I will have no way of knowing about."she said, the humor in her voice telling him so much more than mere words could EVER tell.

Ginny felt her heart soar as the emerald-green eyes looked at her in pure awe, before they sparkled again – reflecting resolve thistime.

"I WILL tell you about these things soon, Ginny. That´s a promise."he vowed passionately before once more taking her lips.

As she watched him stand up, turn and walk towards Albus and the others who were standing in the doorway she heared him go from English to Parseltongue. Instantly she saw a bright spark of gold flash out of nowhere trough the room as it encircled Harry before dissapearing from view again as he exited the room with the Headmaster. Ginny couldn´t help but grin – she thought she heared an angry hiss as Harry got angry at Kellen when she insulted her.

"Never far away, are you? Always protecting your precious master, aren´t you Naja?"

Thistime though she couldn´t help but feel very happy about the fact.


Ginny was still remembering the sheer feeling of power her fianceé radiated (the rumors were true – he WAS... must be an extremly powerfull wizard) as she, Luna, Torie, Susan and Angus reached the Room of Requirement. Angus, troughout the entire journey seemed to be even shier than ussual and it had nothing to do with Susan thistime.

"C´mon Angus. These girls deserve to know your story. They´ll be part of our crowd soon enough..."said Torie reassuringly, elbowing Angus, making him jump slightly.

"I s´pose so... but... I wanted to show Susie alone before that."he mumbled shyly – Susan gave him her most affectionate smile.

"We can look away and chase Warksputs in the meantime, Angus."said Luna in a dreamy-voice.

Angus´eyes went wide – a bright boyish curiosity replacing his shy look.

"Warksputs? What ARE they? Are they here? Are they big? Are they...?"

"Forget it, Angus."said Ginny, shaking her head and stopping Luna before she could start to explain.

She was also very interested in the contents of the book in Angus´ arm.

"I don´t mind, Angus. Not here among the girls..."assured Susan happily, sharing a mischievous grin with them.

They sat down comfortably in the sofas in the Room, Susan sitting as close as possible to him.

She gave him an overly-affectionate smile, making him blush as he opened the book – a most pleasant musical melody sounding from it as he opened the first page.

The girls marveled at the magic executed on the book.

Ginny and Luna suddenly gave a startled gasp as they saw the single picture on the front page.

"She looks like you, Angus."breathed Ginny, looking at the first-page photo.

"She is most pretty."nodded Luny, speaking as dreamily as ever.

Susan looked from the moving picture of a middle-aged woman, smiling and waving happily at them as the book continued to emitt a peacefull, melodic song – played on a piano... a song which was both beautifull and so... sooooo sad.

"She´s your Mum."breathed Susan.

It wasn´t a question. Angus blushed heavily as he nodded.

"You must love her so much, Angus... this music speaks of nothing but love... although its so sad... she´s not alive, is she?"asked Luna boldly – gaining small glares from Ginny and Susan.

Angus nodded.

"She... died giving birth to me. I... I never knew her..."he said quietly, looking away from the picture – the woman on it also turning away in sadness.

"Angus..."breathed Susan, at once reaching for his hand.

Angus fixed her with a brave smile.

"I´m okay, Susie... though this is where everything with me starts..."

He gave a small sigh before turning the page – the melody changing to a more pleasant one – a calmer one.

"This is my Dad..."he said, pointing at a photo, where a tall long-haired and long-bearded man was smiling broadly standing between two other men – both of them bearing stricking resemblance to him, though much younger – all of them standing behind a giant, wild forest.

The man´s hands however were holding the little shoulders of a tiny, long-haired boy smiling shyly.

"That´s YOU, Angus?"breathed Ginny, seeing the pattern but not being able to associate the muscular man next to her with the tiny, scrawny and thin little boy on the picture.

Angus nodded.

"Yep, that´s me, Dad and my two brothers – Roger and Augustus..."he said, pointing to his respective brothers.

The girls looked curiously at him. The father on the photo looked very old for a five-year little son and the brothers looked already of age.

"My Pop and Mum were already getting along when they had me... My brothers were already 18 and 19 by the time... anyways... Pop´s a zoologist like Mum, Roger is one too – Muggle scientists who specialize in animals... August´s a archeologist – a scientist who researches History... they all have very demanding jobs in the Muggle world. You see... they couldn´t refuse the assignments given to them... we spent most of my chilhood traveling all around the world..."

"Must´ve been cool... seeing all those places as a child..."breathed Ginny, though Astoria gave a derisive sniff.

Angus gave a small grin before going on.

"Yea, Ginny... it was... the trouble was, that I´ve had no time to bond with youngsters my age... plus... what you have to understand is that due to the expectations set on them – my Pop and brothers had very little time to spend with me, dispite me being around."

Torie gave a small cough – it was very clear now, that she was most dissaprooving about something. Angus took no note of it as he turned to another page and both Ginny and Susan gave a startled gasp.

The melody suddenly turned into an overly cheerfull one – a happy, child-like playfull melody played on a flute – one that spread a wave of happiness dispite the small shocked looks of the girls.

On the page was a single photo and underneath it, written clearly in crayons, scribbled in child´s writing were the words "Godric´s Hollow – My First Friend". However what made the girls gasp was the moving photo of two ten-year-old boys, arm-in-arm grinning and giggling madly at a meadow – one boy had long brown hair, the other had scrawny jet-black hair – his emerald-green eyes were sparkling happily behind his large circural glasses as he started to tickle his friend, both boys falling to the ground giggling madly.

"Harry...?"breathed Ginny, not being able to take her eyes from the tiny black-haired boy.

Angus nodded, looking at the photo with affection.

"August took me to Godric´s Hollow on a archeological dig... there I met a boy, who like me had strange stuff happening all around him and he told me, I was a wizard. Told me, the wierd stuff I could do, was magic...He didn´t shy away, or was afraid of what happened around me... but instead he seemed to be happy ´bout it... making stuff do things as well... and talking to little nearby snakes... that was the first time I EVER heared Parseltongue – I remember being very envious about his power to speak with animals..."

Angus closed his eyes, as though relieving the happiest memories of his childhood.

"As me and August were to leave... Harry came to me... he told me about Hogwarts before – I said, that I may not be good enough to come... He told me... "We´ll see eachother again, Angus – we´ll be going to Hogwarts together... we´ll be together again... (Angus´ eyes became watery with affection, fixing the little Harry his most affectionate smile – remembering the age-old promise of two tiny and underage little boys on the meadow hilltops of Godric´s Hollow) To the ends of the world and beyond..."he finished in a stangled voice filled with surpessed emotion.

The girls also fixed the picture a watery look – even Torie didn´t hear THIS part of the story.

Ginny felt an incredible ammount of pride as she watched the giggling black-haired boy.

"That´s my Harry..."she breathed.

Susan absent-mindedly leaned onto Angus´ muscular arm, her eyes leaking tears of happiness she wasn´t able to explain.

"Fates were really too kind on that day, Angus... They gave you a life-long friend..."said Luna quietly, her voice now lacking the ussual dreamy-tone... her eyes watery as well and her smile fixed on the Slytherin muscle-boy.

Astoria – also watery-eyed nodded, grabbing Angus´ other arm – she never knew her two closest friends had such as strong bond (she doubted Dray and Blaise knew) and was beyond happy for it.

Angus fixed them a happy and greatfull smile as he turned the page. Thistime the melody changed into a calm, oriental one. There were several pictures of oriental jungles, a temple and a picture of a long-haired, long-bearded man (now looking older), affectionately ruffling the hair of his tiny son - an overjoyed brown-haired boy, looking positively alight with happiness as he held a jet-black cat-like animal in his arms, the kitten licking him lovingly, the boy giggling happily.

" GODS!"exclaimed an overjoyed Astoria, looking at the picture with wide-eyes.

"THAT´S Pura?! Sweeet Merlin... he´s sooooo cute... as a little kitten... oh, Angus..."

Angus grinned proudly.

"Pura? Your pet?"asked Susan, remembering their first Hogsmeade date.

Angus nodded, but his face suddenly sported a frown.

"That was two months before my Hogwarts letter. Pop took me to an expedition in Asia... and during one of my wanderings trough the jungle I heared guns shooting. As I ran to a nearby temple ruin and there I found a female black leopard... dead... shot by the wretched poachers... shielding her tiny cub. (Angus´ face turned to an expression of savage rage) I remember that anger sooo very well – hell... if I would´ve known how, I´d do a Crucio on those arseholes! (He gave a small sight to calm himself) Anyways, my magic lashed on the Muggle poachers, pelletin´ them with nearby rocks – I really hope one or two of them got a concussion during that. My Pop and his collagues arrived shortly and the idiots were arrested, but there was nothing we could do for the Mummy Leo... and poor little Pura was all shaking behind her... I got him to come to me after a while... poor lil´one – very weak... and just lost his Mummy... I couldn´t just leave him there..."

The girls exhanged heartbrocken looks at the story.

"What kind of idiotic MANIACS go killing innocent creatures like this?!"exclaimed Susan, little tears running from her eyes from the story.

Angus at once reached an arm over her shoulder.

"They´re greedy, money-grabbing gits, Susie. All they care is getting their cash. And they don´t care who gets hurt or killed it the way."

"Angus, you´re right..."piped up Ginny, a rather fierce look on her face.

"But I think, the Cruciatus Curse would´ve been too mercifull on scum like them! They´re no better than Death Eaters!"she growled savagely.

Luna also nodded, a very rare – fierce look was on her face as well. Angus gave a small cough before continuing.

"Well anyways... the collagues wanted to take him to the local zoo (Torie gave a terrified gasp), but I didn´t want to let go of him – neither did the little one want to leave me, he made it very clear on that... I think he senced something from me... well my Pop stepped in and managed to talk them into leaving him with us. I´ve named him Pura – which, one of Pop´s collagues told me means "Temple"... seemed only right, since I´ve found him in an old temple... well, eversince then he´s been around the Lennox manner. Helps me a lot when Pop and my bros are away on their assignments, let me tell you..."

Susan fixed him with a shocked look – understanding what this might mean.

"Hang on... they were leaving you all ALONE in a giant mannor?! For long periods of time?!"

Angus suddenly looked uncomfortable, but Torie´s sniffs confirmed it.

"Susie they didn´t have a choice. They´ve got pretty demanding jobs..."

Susan sniffed and crossed her arms.

"My AUNT has a pretty demanding job herself. But that NEVER left me on the side-rail..."

Angus was even more uncomfortable.

"Exactly what me and Mrs Potter said all along – and there´s NO use glaring at me, Angus. You know its true!"said Torie sternly.

"THAT´S why you´re so jittery! You´ve been living all alone in a sence, since childhood!"grumbled Susan, feeling positive rage at Angus´ brothers and father – Astoria sniffing in agreement.

Suddenly Angus blew air trough his nose angrily, looking like an angry bull.

"ENOUGH!"roared Angus, shutting both girls up.

"You´re wrong, both of you! Its true, that my Pop and bros chose their careers as their priorities – but they HAVEN´T forgotten me at all. Its true they´re very enthusiastic about their research, but they always took me along with them, tried to do all that they could to keep me happy... they knew I´d be strong enough to shoulder it... and its a bit rich, Torie to hear it from you. I don´t see you complaining when we go along with them during summer holidays for our adventures. It may not be a textbook–example of an ideal family, but I KNOW they love me."

Both Torie and Susan looked cowed at the outburst of this muscular boy and Ginny could hardly blame them – the sight WAS a bit intimidating. Nevertheless he had an excellent point.

"Sorry, Angus..."whispered Torie, looking ashamed of herself.

"We didn´t mean to offend..."started Susan, seeing something new in her fianceé – something she approoved of deep-down.

Angus shook his head and blew out air trough his nose again, though thistime much calmly than previously.

"Not offended, Susie.. shouldnt´ve lost my temper in the first place... I´m sorry."he grumbled quietly, angry at himself because of the fact.

Ginny at once saw a pattern – these snakes don´t get angry easily... with Harry and now the evidence in front of her, she started to understand "The Slytherin Temper" as Albus called it in the Hog´s Head.

"They are calm, rational and controlled... nevertheless... threaten somethng precious to them and they can be as ferocious and lethal as a Basilisk."

From what she had seen and experienced so far, Ginny couldn´t help but agree whole-heartily with that statement. Instantly she felt a wild surge of utter happiness as she realized, that Harry had TOLD her that she is his most precious... she felt herself blushing deeply.

She remembered what Luna told her the day after she found out she was engaged to him.

"... imagine how fierce he would be defending the girl he loves..."

Though she was no weakling and perfecty capable to take care of herself, she couldn´t help but feel incredibly warm at the very idea... for a moment there, she was sure even Lord Voldemort himself would better watch the hell out if he so much as harmed a single hair on her head.

"Damn it... focus, Ginevra... your lovesick head is losing track with reality..."she berated herself, shaking her head for good measure.

She just managed to come back to reality as Angus said about his coming to Hogwarts, pointing to a picture of him and Harry in first-year Slytherin uniforms – the melody once more played on flute, quite like the one Hagrid often plays.

"... needless to say, some of our House´s prominent members were geniully shocked and angry, that I was sorted to Slytherin. I remember not really understanding what they were on about. At least until Marcus Flint openly insulted me in the Slytherin Common Room. Harry won his infamosity that night... you see... when Flint called me a "dirty-veined Mudblood" (the girls scrowled darkly at the choice of words), Harry at once swung his wand on him and blasted him half across the Common Room... the bloke had to go straight into the Hospital Wing and we got into major trouble on the very first night."

Angus chuckled a bit to himself, remembering the ordeal – Harry having a glare-match with his Godfather, positively adamant that his curse was appropriate, much to Severus´ indignation.

"He threatened Harry with telling his Mum, but Harry smirkingly stood his ground – even then I could tell, that our Head of House had NO intention on telling Mrs Potter anything."

Luna, Ginny and Susan exchanged confused looks, while Torie stiffled her laugh with her hand.

"Why not?"asked Susan and an evil grin formed on Angus´ face.

"HE taught him that curse."

The Room of Requirement exploded in laughter.

"Poor poor Professor Snape..."giggled Luna happily.

"Yup... Mrs Potter would no doubt pulverize him if she EVER found out, how many curses he taught Harry before his first-year."chortled Torie before erupting in giggles again.

Ginny suddenly fixed Angus with a mock-stern look as she crossed her arms.

"Why do I feel, that he didn´t fail to point this fact out to him when he had you there."

Angus gave another evil grin.

"Ginny... I quite assure you, that he DIDN´T."

The Room once more rang in rich laughter.

"How very Slytherin of him..."giggled Luna brightly.

Susan nodded, smiling at Angus.

"And why do I feel, that Harry started teaching you the very same curses after that incident?"

The girls giggled again when Angus´ blood-red face confirmed Susan´s suspitions.

"No wonder older students were so terrified of a small group of first-years back then."she said, remembering the rumors during her first-year and even flashed back to a scene of several fourth-year Slytherins hurrying to make way for him and Angus as they passed the corridor.

Angus grinned and shrugged his powerfull shoulders.

"Curse one, terrify one thousand."

Suddenly the door of the Room opened and in came Blaise, Draco and the once-little blackmailer in question, a closed envilope in his hand.

"Blaise."called Luna happily, at once jumping to her feet and running towards him.

Draco smirked slightly as Luna and Blaise exchanged a passionate kiss and moved forward with Harry. At once several more sofas appeared out of nowhere. Harry grinned as he sat into one – the same one (Ginny recodnized) he made appear in the Room during their first talk. He patted the spot next to him and Ginny didn´t need inviting twice – she scrambled out of the seat with manic joy and at once cuddled up to her beloved snakie. At once however a black and golden-headed cobra appeared out of nowhere, her head peeking from Harry´s other side. Ginny grinned at her.

"Thanks for keeping an eye on him while I wasn´t around, Naja."

Naja glanced at her curiously, sticking her tongue out to read her emotion and her golden scales sparkled as she moved her head closer for Ginny to stroke it. As soon as her hand went from her head, it was replaced by Harry´s lips – the cobra closing her eyes in pure delight. Ginny watched the scene with affection, but suddenly Harry moved his face toward her.

"Don´t think I´ve forgotten you, fireball..."he whispered huskily before planting his lips on hers, her arms at once holding him as tightly as she possibly could.

Draco scrowled on the scene infront of him, seated besides Astoria.

"Oh come on... you´ve been smooching eachother all day long. Blaise and Luna too..."he grumbled grupmily, folding his arms.

Torie slapped his arm gently.

"Oh come on, Draco... you´re just jealous."she teased, though in fact (she would never admit it to any of the boys) SHE was jealous as well, her heart looonging to snog a certain boy.

Draco humphed and turned his head in the opposite direction, though he wasn´t able to mask his deep-red blush. Torie´s eyes sparkled quite like Naja´s scales and with the most mischievous look on her face, she moved closer to Draco.

Draco´s eyes went wide as he felt amazingly gentle lips connect with his cheek. Instantly he gave a loud yelp and positively jumped over the side of the sofa and landed on the floor with a thud as Torie roared with giggles. Angus roared with laughter too, while Susan, Ginny and Luna giggled madly quite like Torie did (even Naja appeared to be taking the matter with much hilarity)as Draco peeked from the side of the sofa, his eyes glaring the still-giggling girl.

"´re soooo fun to tease, Draco..."she chortled.

Draco felt his heart purr as a mischievous smirk of his own formed on his face as he rose up.

"I´ll give you something to laugh about, Torie..."he said silkily and Torie suddenly found herself facing Draco´s wand.

"Rictusempra"he called and Torie was instantly shrieking with laughter, Draco´s Tickling Charm making her jump and twitch on her sofa.

"Come on, Torie... saaaay it."sing-songed Draco happily, the rich sounds of Torie´s giggles was simply music to his ears.

The other girls were giggling, watching the cute scene and the boys exchanged smug looks.

"N...n...NEVER...M...Malfoy..."she managed to get between her giggles.

Draco´s smile widened happily as he upped the Tickling Charm, closing his eyes and letting out a happy giggle of his own. However he failed to notice Torie managing to draw her brilliant rosewood wand.

Draco suddenly noticed the absence of Torie´s giggles and opened his eyes to see Torie on her feet and wand raised – a mischievous wide smile on her face.

"Uh-oh."he muttered.

"You´ll get it now, Malfoy."she chimed in a sing-song voice and fired a spell at him, Draco blocking it before turning away and running towards the back of the room.

"Draco Malfoy, you come back here this instant!"she called in a mock-angry voice and followed, firing another spell at him as the back of the Room transformed into a duelling area.

"Meine Dammen und Herren... theeeeeere they go again..."announced Angus dramaticly, gesturing broadly to Dray and Torie who were firing and blocking one spell after another, the pair giggling like children.

The rest of the Room erupted into laughter once more.

"I wonder how long it will take those two to say the three magic words."said Ginny, knowing (as all of the people in the room – minus the boy in question apparently) Tories´s love for the blonde-haired boy.

"I say... it would be about time."said Blaise as he sat down with Luna.

"You know Torie - she´s stubborn. Until she heares the words from Dray, she won´t admit to it openly."said Angus, shaking his head but watching them with affection.

Ginny giggled.

"And I thought Mione and my brother were bad..."she said, shaking her head as Draco disarmed Torie – the girl giving the Malfoy a toothy, innocent look, her hands behind her back.

"Now wouldn´t strike a harmless girl like me...?"she asked, giving him her biggest puppy-eyes, her voice pleasant and gentle as a feather.

Draco faltered... he was POWERLESS infront of those eyes. He lowered his wand. Exactly at that moment a devilish grin appeared on Torie´s face.

"GOTCHA!"she exclaimed and before Draco could do anything, Torie launched herself onto him, the pair crashing on the coushioned ground.

The gang laughed as Torie and Dray rolled on the ground, Torie assaulting his ribs with her tiny, gentle fingers – Draco laughing as he tried to crawl on his back towards his wand, but the girl was pinning him down while tickling him mercilessly.

"Come ooon, Drakie-wakie... SAY it..."she sing-songed (getting another round of laughter from the others), Draco franticly attempting to free himself while laughing like crazy.

"...N..Torie...n...NO... "he tried getting out between his laughs.

"What´s that letter, Harry?"asked Ginny, noticing the envilope as the pair behind them continued their little battle.

Harry grinned.

"Apricie gave it to me. From Dad, I´m sure... Apricie said, that he said to open it when we´re all together."

As the group got closer to examine it, they failed to notice Draco managing to turn around and pin Astoria on the ground, stopping her tickling assault by holding her hands tightly to the sides of her head. They stopped laughing as they saw the position (a VERY suggestive one), they ended up in. Their eyes were glued and as Torie gave him a sly overjoyed grin, Draco was positive he never even SEEN something so beautifull.

"Torie..."he breathed in amazement, lowering his head towards her.

Torie´s eyes sparkled in pure joy as she saw her blonde snakie move closer.

"Dray..."she breathed longingly, tilting her head upwards – their lips milimeters from eachother.


A powerfull lion-roar rang trough the Room of Requirement, making all of them jump in fright. As Torie and Dray looked at the sofa, they saw that a plush-lion´s head erupted from the blank paper inside the envilope Harry opened a split-second earlier – giving a mighty, realistic roar. As everyone looked on, the plushie had pulled itself comicly from the letter and placed a pirate captain´s hat on its head and as a cheezy sailor´s melody started to play from the letter, the pulshie started to dance comicly, drawing laughter from everyone. It salluted dramaticly and turning to Ginny, took its hat off and did a curtsey.

"Daaaaad..."muttered a red-faced Harry as his fianceé – along with the other girls giggled madly.

The lion placed the pirate hat on its head and opened its mouth – as the sailor-song continued to play, the voice of James Potter filled the room.

"Ahoooooy, ye snake-lovers... Yer captian´s reportin´ rezendevous tommorow after the Quiddich Lion-Snake battle-to-the-death. Ye be courteously invited to the Potter family ship alon´ with so many of our dear maties... alon´ with the Captains ´o the past too. So rezedenvous tommorow after the match in the Great Hall. Over´ an out..."

The Room of Requirement was ringing with laughter again.

"Looks like Dad has gotten a hold of my old Muggle cartoons... oh, brother."moaned Harry, his palm on his forehead, but he was chortling like everyone else.

The lion however removed his hat again and looked to him.

"P.S. Dear first-mates Harry and Ginny... this little lion is the first of the many gifts to come for my dear future daughter-in-law, so I hope you will like it. I hope you won´t mind your old Lion Daddy´s playfullness Harry, but it is my sworn duty to make the right impression. And please Harry... tommorow, no power-struggles with your sister, or Commander Mum will make us all walk the plank."

The Room roared with laughter again.

"Oh, THAT´S for sure."exclaimed Angus laughing wildly at the idea.

Ginny also coudln´t shake the image of Harry, James and Alice tied up and shaking on the plank of a pirate ship with Lily in a full pirate uniform and a sword, pushing them towards their watery doom – she positively howled with laughter at the idea.

Suddenly Harry jumped up, a spaced-out look on his face.

"Harry?"piped up Ginny, completly unfamiliar with this side of his, as were Luna and Susan.

The other snakies however roared with laughter again even Naja made movments up and down while hissing in a way Ginny had come to associate with hilarity.

"Oh no... here we go again."chortled Draco, Torie next to him agreeing with a giggle.

Harry turned around and all of them got a glimpse of Harry´s face which SCREAMED of mischief.

"This cute little invitation deserves a reply, don´t you think guys?"

He smashed his fists together, his eyes sparkling as he turned and wiggled his eyebrows at them – sporting an "eeeevil" grin. Giggling along with the others, Ginny understood another trait of Slytherin´s Temper – their witty playfullness. She was now veeery eager to see what he cooked up in his head thistime.


The Potter Family Cottage was having a quite pleasant afternoon. Until an all-mighty girl´s voice roared from it, drawing a few looks from the kids running around.


"ALICE!"exclaimed Lily, glaring her daughter as James, Sirius, Nymphadora and Fred roared with laughter at the sight of her as she re-entered the living room.

Her face was all covered in whipped cream and she wiped some of it from her eyes, growling grumpily.

"What was THAT?"asked Fred as soon as he stopped laughing, looking at his future father-in-law in awe.

James gave a small chuckle, his face showing utter pride as he crossed his arms.

"Alice just tried to get into Harry´s room again, but the room´s door is bewitched – giving a riddle or a puzzle in order to open. By the looks of it, Alice got the answer wrong once again and paid the penalty."he said grinningly as Sirius snickered – he LOVED what this kid had done to his room, eventhough HE himself failed on those puzzles and riddles several times too.

"Wicked..."breathed Fred quietly as Alice cleaned her face with a simple spell and faced her mother´s angry glare – Alice gulped at once.

"WHAT did I say about respecting your brother´s privacy?!"

"B...but Mum..."she began, but Lily already went into a full-on scolding.

Fred gulped as well, seeing that Lily Potter shared a trait with HIS Mum. He silently vowed NOT to get on her wrong side. James and Sirius moved a bit backwards, NOT wanting to get chaught into it as well.

"Master James?"sounded an old voice behind him.

The four turned to see Fidus, holding an envilope and for some reason looking as though he was fighting down a smile.

"Master Harry is sending this to you."said the old elf, his face working furiously to resist the temptation of laughing.

James and Sirius looked curiously at eachother. As James took the envilope from Fidus, the old elf positively dashed out of sight.

"What´s this about?"asked Nymphadora as she saw Fidus looking on from a safe distance, clearly chortling.

James opened the letter and pulled out a blank piece of parchment, Sirius moving in closer to take a look. Even Lily took a moment off scolding Alice and both looked on curiously too. Suddenly a large cobra-plushie rose out of the parchment, the parchment emitting a melody from an old spy-cartoon – Lily and Dora stiffened a giggle more than familiar with the cartoon. James looked in awe while Sirius let out his bark-like laugh as the cobra´s tail produced a pair of sunglasses and placed it over its eyes and opened its mouth. Alice came to her father´s other side looking utterly curious.

Lily let out a giggle as her smart, precious son´s voice rang in the living room – though sounding as though coming out of a walkie-talkie.

"Good evening, Headquarters. Our mission, that we chose to accept shall be carried on as planned. We shall all be prepared in the Great Hall after the Gryffindor-Slytherin forces engage themselfs in battle. As Team Commander I am sending a special request from my team regarding a proposed up-grade on this mission. The answer we require will be sufficient during the rezendevous tommorow..."

The cobra turned and with a loud, cartoon spitting noise a small piece of rolled up parchment flew from the cobra´s mouth and landed on the cofee-table – Lily, James, Sirius and Nymphadora laughed. The cobra´s head turned back towards James.

"As always, should my brother and sister get annoyed or pranked, the Team Commander will disavow any involvement in the case."

The room roared with laughter again. Except one person. Alice was glaring the sunglass-wearing cobra pulshie growling angerly.

"What do you mean by that, you slimy reptile?!"

However the cobra´s message has ended.

"Come now, Alice... Harry merely meant that as..."started James, but the cobra suddenly removed its sunglasses and opened its mouth again and a normal Harry voice rang out.

"Oh, and Lion Daddy... Ginny was very happy about her new present and I veeeery appretiate the fact, that you´ve found my old cartoons amusing... so see you tommorow, but before thaaaat (the voice sing-songed before taking on a machine-like one) - This message will self-destrust in three seconds."

James, Sirius and Alice froze wide-eyed. Before anyone could do anything, the cobra´s eyes took on an evil look and blew them a loud raspberry before...


Lily, Fred and Nymphadora looked at the coughing trio as the black smoke settled and James, Sirius and Alice were covered from head to foot in black powder – looking as though they have just climbed out of a chimney. The room instantly roared with hilarious laughter as a yet another all-mighty angry roar shook the sometimes–peacefull village of Godric´s Hollow (peacefull ONLY when incidents of this sort did NOT happen).



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