My Green Eyed Mystery (remake)

Sunday Morning News

Chapter 14: Sunday morning news

Sunday mornings were always lovely in Godric´s Hollow at this time of the year. Neighter too hot nor too cold, the rising sun seemed to be smiling happily on its inhabitants. Those who were up at this early hour seemed to share the sunny happiness. Old Bathilda Bagshot was one of those people as she was returning from her ussual little walks, greeting neighbours and even sharing a few sweets with the tiny ones, who were already playing outside (an old habit she picked up over the years). She continued down the road toward her house, hearing the rich sound of laughter and smiling gently. Autumn sundays were always so quiet and peacefull in this village.


"Unless you live at the Potter Cottage, of course..."she thought, grinning madly at the unmistakable yell of Alice Potter and wondering what on Earth could be going on thistime.

Ginny and Torie peeked out of Harry´s room as soon as Alice´s voice practicly shook the Cottage. They heared Alice´s feet pounding furiously on the floor upstairs as she moved from her room into another one.

"Good Lord... that was one mighty lioness roar."said the portrait of Gordic Gryffindor, who was woken up by it.

"THAT´S normal around here... Wonder what could be wrong now."whispered Torie, just as the two girls were joined by Naja who was similary curious.

Ginny was about to voice her opinion when a loud sound of wood was heared – Alice must´ve pounded the door open and half-second later a mighty BANG shook the Cottage for real thistime.

"ALICE! DAMMIT!"Harry´s voice yelled, followed by Alice´s scream.

"What the...?"came Neville´s voice.

"Bloody hell..."rang Ron´s.

"WATCH OUT!"exclaimed Fred.

"What´s that...?"exclaimed Susan.

Suddenly pink, dense, foamy substance litterally flew down the stairs, followed closely by Neville, Ron, Fred, Hannah, Susan, Alice and Harry – all of them completly drenched in the pink substance, stopping by Harry´s room door in a heap among the pink foam. At once the Potter siblings jumped to their feet and started yelling at eachother at the same time so loudly, that no one was sure what they shouted at one another. Something jumped out of the pink foam. Ginny giggled as Hazumi bounced up and down around the bickering siblings – the Bouncehop as pink as the rest of them, yet still looking absolutely overjoyed.

"QUIEEEEEEEET!"roared Lily´s voice and two flashes of light flashed across the hall.

Furious, Lily swept in and glared her two children, who were now hanging by their anckles in mid-air as the remaining teenagers froze.

"I thought you didn´t aproove of Levicorpus, Mum."said Harry in mild-amazement – his dear Mum still remained one of the rare few, who could sucessfully catch him off-guard.

"Times change."said Lily and both Potter siblings gulped at her sudden glare.

"Now... what is going ON here?!"she demanded.

Ginny and Torie giggled at the sight of the two levitated siblings pointing fingers on one another ever-so nervously under their mother´s imperial wrath.

"SHE started it!"

"HIS snakes were slithering in my room!"

"SHE kicked the door open just as I was brewing the Restorative Draught!"

"HE was using Dad´s supplies!"

"SHE made me drop the entire ammadillo bile into the cauldron!"

"HE blew the entire potions room up!"

"SHE was holding Feher and Hazumi by the necks!"


At their mother´s yell, the two fell silent at once.

"Do ANY of you two realize, that we have guests around here right now?! A FINE show you are putting up indeed! And in front of your respective fianceés as well, I might add. Is THIS how two siblings should act?! Quarelling over snakes and potions! NEED I remind you, that you are NOT bickering children anymore?! You two should be ashamed of yourselves! This is NOT how two mature young people should act!"shouted Lily in the same tone-of-voice she often used during her Prefect and Head Girl days with their father and his best friends.

Harry and Alice shared a glance and looked back at Lily shamefully. Lily flicked her wand once again and the two fell down into the foam.

"Now... let us stop this useless quarell, you two. Apologize to everyone and make up."she said in a voice, that demanded compliance.

Red in the faces, they turned to the teens, who rose up from the pink foam.

"Sorry ´bout this..."the Potter siblings muttered as one, before turning to eachother.

"I´ve told you a hundred times Harry, that I do NOT want OR wish for your snakes in MY room."said Alice in a voice of forced calm.

"And I´ve told YOU a hundred times Alice, NOT to disturb me when I´m brewing up potions."said Harry in an equally calm voice.

At the sight of their mother folding her arms and huffing, the two swiftly turned to eachother.

"Sorry, sis."said Harry hurriedly.

"I´m sorry too, Harry."in equal emotion.

Ginny giggled once again as the siblings embraced eachother, obviously to satisfy their dear Mum. Ginny could tell, that this was most certainly NOT the first time such an exchange happened, perhaps in this very hallway.

"Some things do not change no matter how old you get, it seems."

Lily beamed at the sight.

"Good... with this issue behind us I suggest you all should clean up and come to the kitchen for breakfast. Harry... your potion made this mess, YOU clean it up."

Letting go of Alice, Harry nodded.

"Of course, Mum."

He streched his hand into the air and half-a-second later, Ginny and Torie felt something fly past them – Harry´s wand flew from the main table of his room, straight into his outstretched hand. Everyone in the room, excluding Lily (who couldn´t surpress a small smile), Torie (who grinned happily), Neville and Alice (whose lips twiched almost dispite herself) gasped at the display of wandless magic.

"Evanesco"he muttered, waving his sheer-black wand in the air.

At once the pink substance dissapeared from the floor, from the stairs and from each and every person or animal who had been drenched in it. It was as if it were never even there before.

"Wow..."breathed Hannah, looking quite astounded.

"That was one powerfull Vanishing Spell, mate."whispered Ron, looking at his future brother-in-law with deep respect.

Ginny took a few steps in order to embrace her beloved snakie.

"You never cease to amaze me, Harry."she said as she planted a kiss on his cheek – making him go red in the face.

"He does that a lot, you know."said Neville grinning at the pair of them.

"Thanks, Nev."whispered a red-faced Harry.

"What were those two little garden-hoses doing in Alice´s room anyway, Harry?"asked Fred, grinning.

"Hunting for mice, I expect."replied Harry, grinning at Hazumi and Feher, who was on the floor, finally visible now that the pink foam had gone.

Hazumi bounced happily around everyone in the vicinity, stopping on Lily´s shoulder, wrapping himself comfortably around it, Lily bringing her hand up to gently caress his head.

"I´ll get you something to eat, you little bundle of joy."she said affectionately, the tiny ever-happy snake seemed to understand what she said as she turned towards the kitchen with the tiny Bouncehop on her shoulder.

"She loves him. Though when I think about it, its hard NOT to. He´s so precious."said Ginny with an affectionate smile, remembering Hermione´s book-read comments yesterday about Asian Rubber Bouncehop Vipers being considered a lucky charm in oriental cultures – something that after meeting Hazumi one quickly understood.

She felt Harry give out a small giggle as he cuddled her close.

"No doubts there. Hazumi has a way of winning your heart."he said before locking his lips with hers, Ginny returning the gesture whole-heartedly.

"Not unlike someone else I know."she said grinning as soon as they separated.

Harry grinned at her sheepishly as he went in for another soul-melting kiss.

Alice couldn´t help but smile at the exchange.

"They look just like Mum and Dad."she thought, remembering all the times when she looked at their parent´s romantic kisses as a little girl.

Suddenly her face exploded in red as she felt (with a pleasurable shiver up her spine) Fred´s lips on her neck and hands around her waist.

"We´re falling behind, love."

The entire argument with her little brother long forgotten, she turned in Fred´s embrace and fixed him a mischievous look.

"Can´t have THAT, now can we Freddie?"she whispered, before locking her lips with his in an passionate, soul-melting kiss of her own.

"Ewwwww... get a room you two."said Ginny loudly, drawing laughs from most in the hallway.

"They DID, remember?"whispered Harry and Ginny giggled, knowing the story from The Leaky Cauldron by now.

Fred fixed them a look of pure terror.

" KNOW?!"he moaned and Harry grinned devilishly.

"Yuuuuuuck."she exclaimed, sticking her tongue out at her brother mischievously.

The others were looking curiously from one pair to the other.

"We´re the only ones in this hallway who do, though. Soooo..."he said wiggling his eyebrows.

"...unless you watch it, your secret´s safe with us."he finished pleasantly.

Fred was completly red-faced and Alice slapped her forehead, fumming at her brother.

"This is bloody blackmail, you slimy little snake!"she growled.

Everyone apart from the blushing couple laughed. They all could tell, that it is certainly NOT the first time Harry pressed his advantage with Alice this way. Susan looked around, expecting to find a certain someone nearby as well.

"Where could he be?"she thought.

She separated herself from the group, which was laughing again, now at the sight of a still-sleeping Draco Malfoy in Harry´s room – the blonde slept trough the entire ordeal and continued to snore in the bed.

She went into the main living room, looking around. At once she spied her fianceé sitting on a chair outside, facing the garden. Smiling gently, she approached. As she came closer, she saw that Angus had headphones on his ears. Angus was completly lost in the music of a favourite CD, rocking his head from side to side – his very soul purring at the beautifull melody. Suddenly he felt gentle fingers remove the headphones from his ears and being welcomed back to reality by gentle lips on his cheek. His cheeks at once reddened as he looked at his fiance, smiling as radiantly as the sunshine bathing the baclony and the garden in warmth – the sight was leaving him breathless.

"Good morning, Angus."she greeted softly.

Angus felt the need to shake his head in order to clear it, but he refrained himself from actually doing so.

"M...morning, Susie."he muttered dumbly.

Susan grinned, he seemed to be mesmerized – the fact, making her heart warm over.

"I´m surprised the ordeal in the hallway didn´t attract your attention."

Angus seemed to have snapped out of his small trance and at once fixed her a curious look.

"What happened?"

Susan couldn´t surpress a giggle.

"Basic sibling bickering. But Mrs Potter quickly straightened out that. However, Harry seems to have a secret weapon at hand."

Thistime it was Angus, who couldn´t supress a small chuckle.

"Business as ussual at the Potter Cottage then."

He noticed, that Susan was looking around the balcony at the chairs and quickly deduced what she wanted.

"Here, Susie..."he said quickly and shifted in his chair, pulling out his wand.

With a cassual flick of the pure white wand the chair in which he was sitting transformed into a comfortable small couch, fit for two. Susan´s heart gave a wild jolt of happiness as Angus patted the empty space on the couch – the fact, that he was now not only used to her gentle touches, but also seeking them out too told her, that their relationship was progressing nicely even in the absence of their very first kiss (something she wished extremly for these days, no matter how patient she wanted to be with him). At once she sat down and cuddled to him, relishing the feel of his strong and firm arm holding her closer to him.

"Fine piece of Transfiguration, Angus. But you DO remember, that the Hollow has muggles living here as well."she mock-scolded gently and Angus´ face at once exploded in red again.

"Blimey... I forgot..."he muttered and Susan giggled dispite herself, knowing the reason why and happy about it.

"Slept well?"asked Angus and now it was HER turn to blush, remembering her dream.

Her dream, as was the one she had two days prior (after Angus showed them his picture album) had her finding and taking care of a tiny little long-haired boy, cradling him in her loving embrace, kissing his tears away and soothing his sad cries and promising him, that he will never be alone EVER again.

"Pretty much, thanks. What about you?"she asked, trying to hide her blood-red blush.

Angus bit his lip, recalling the ordeal from a few hours ago and what he´d seen. One particural thing was coming back dispite his resolve not to and weighing in on him much more, than he cared to admit. This was one of the reasons he played this exact CD – the melodic instrumental music always had a soothing effect on him – however thistime around, the effect did not seem to want to come.

Susan felt his arm grip her even closer to him as he took his time answering.

"Not so well..."he muttered, almost in embaressment.

"Nightmare?"she questioned, looking at him with big, curious eyes.

"You could say that, yes. It made me realize a few crucial things though..."he said, his mind once more (dispite his permission) flashing to the body of the...

"Like what?"

Susan´s gentle voice brought him back to reality and she almost gasped at the small tear, that rolled from his eye – what on Earth had he seen or dreamt?

"It made me realize how much you mean to me, Susie. I... I´m so happy to have you by my side. And I... I never want to lose you."he said quietly.

Susan was breathless.

"I... I... I lo..."he stammered, trying hard to express his feelings, finding that all the confidence he had gained upon getting his wand was absolutely gone.

Before he could finish however, Susan moved her face closer and locked lips with him, kissing him lovingly. His eyes went wide at the feeling. NEVER had he felt something so... so amazing. The feeling promting him in a soothing way (achieving what the music failed to do up until now), he closed his eyes and responded with a kiss of his own, holding this treasure of a girl in his arms tightly, even ignoring the slight sting from the small burn on his left arm.

They weren´t even aware of Ginny approaching from behind. Smiling at what she had seen, she turned politely and left them to it – breakfast could surely wait for them for another minute or so (a lifetime as far as they seemed to be concerned).

Still kissing, Angus became aware of the song, played faintly trough the headphones that were on his lap. He had always loved this instrumental song since he was a little boy. It was called "Home at last". Now however, he felt that he really and truly understood the meaning of it, as he kissed Susan Bones with all the passion his heart possesed.


Daily Prophet

September 25, 1997

The Masked Menace! His true colors finally revealed!

The mysterious Masked Wizard had been an object of fascination for the Wizarding Population eversince his breach at the Ministry of Magic. The masked person´s allegance has been speculated heavily and many theories have been made. Some believe the wizard to be a new aspiring Dark Lord, others a hero dedicated to bringing the escaping Death Eater to justice.

Unfortunately those, who had assumed – and voiced their approoval of - the latter will now be gravely dissapointed.

In the wee hours of this morning Your Daily Prophet reporters along with me, their most amazing journalist – Rita Skeeter had been called to the famous Granger Supply Farm to witness the results of this disgusting vigilantee´s rampage.

The pure magnitude of the terrifying dark deeds done there shook even elite members of the Dark Force Defence League members, who were similary invited to look over the appaling damage done there. And it is not mere property damage...

With deepest sorrow we must report the deaths of the eleven night workers of the institute (the full list along with their orbituaries and Our deepest condolances to their families can be found on page ten).

Their violent ends were delivered by the Killing Curse and two more workers have been reported to have vanished into thin air. However one of the unfortunate workers was able to trigger the Security Charm and over twenty members of the Magical Law Enforcement Squadron, led by Aurors Proudfoot and Savage engaged the masked vigilantee in a dueling chase.

Sadly they came up empty-handed. In an act of lowly cowardice – consistent with his lowly character – the masked wizard had mysteriously escaped yet again.

The Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge at once responded to the situation and has become personally involved.

"I urge the wizarding population to remain calm, yet vigilant. It is apparant, that now that You-know-who had been vanquished this...this... vigilantee is very intent on establishing his own rule as it were on this marvelous country. Our latest, informed inteligence however points to an option, that his run-ins with Death Eaters were means of subduing all Dark opposition towards him. It is not unlikely, that he will soon find supporters of his own. It is ESSENCIAL, that we discover this person´s identity before he can unleash his devious quest for power. I have put together a special emergency team with the sole purpose of catching and ending this masked menace."

The Minister´s statement was met with instant aprooval from many of the people at the Ministry. However a few had voiced a different opinion, including the heads of the Auror Office, James Potter and The Magical Law Enforcement Office, Amelia Bones. Many details are still unknown, but a Ministry Insider has "let slip" shocking information regarding the Auror Office´s secret investigations regarding the mysterious masked person, who now we find has been active since the summer two years perviously.

It seems, that the Head of Auror Office has been keeping a few secrets and a massive row between him, his first lieutenant – Sirius Black and the Minister has occured in a private room in the Ministry.

Now that the Minister is personally involved, it seems very likely, that we are sure to discover the Masked Wizard´s identity soon – something which is apparently against the interest of our Aurors – the elite we put our deepest trust into. It is now a firm opinion of many, that the sooner this menace is ended the better.

"Firm evidence suggests of the vigilanteé´s prodigeous magical power and as such he presents a much greater threat to the wizarding community than a gang of disorganized Death Eaters. Incidently even THEY have much to fear from him - as all of us do. The Masked Wizard is possibly even more dangerous than He Who Must Not Be Named was."said Octavius McLaggen, a top-ranking member of the Dark Force Defence League, who had been appointed by the Minister to head the squardon devoted to the sole task of ending this menace.

Rita Skeeter

Blaise and Luna had just finished reading the front-page article.

They were both early risers and upon their meeting at the Potter Kitchen at 6 in the morning, they decided to go for a stroll around Godric´s Hollow – Luna being very interested, never having a chance to explore the place and Blaise offering to be her guide. After a long stroll, during which Blaise shared a few stories about the Slytherin Squad´s little adventures in the small village (leaving Luna awed, since ALL of them were without the use of magic and in the presence of various muggles she saw on the streets greeting him), the two sat down in the only place open – The Sunrise Café, a place run by the warm-hearted Mrs Sweetlong and eagerly visited by the youngest of the Hallow even in this early hour.

Mrs Sweetlong had served them coffee, smiling fondly at Blaise and had a small chat with them before excusing herself, intent on leaving the two lovebirds alone.

Luna had been enjoying herself immensly when Blaise´s Slytherin wristband produced the Sunday edition of her most hated tabloid and took the front-page news very angrily, though Blaise could hardly blame her – this was bad news... no wonder Double B sent word so fast.

"They are VERY quick to jump to conclusions, aren´t they?"she noted VERY coolly.

Blaise sighed, setting the paper down.

"As fast as our Sinister-Minister, I´m afraid."

He reached for his cup of coffee and took a small sip in a graceous manner.

"They´re wrong, Blaise."

Setting the cup down, he fixed her with a politely curious look.

"I remember the Masked One coming to our resque in the Department of Mysteries. He is a good person."

Upon looking at her fianceé she saw him blushing and not meeting her gaze. There was a small smile playing on his lips.

"You don´t believe me, do you Blaise?"she questioned gently, not really offended – she was quite sure she could NEVER be angry with HIM.

Blaise at ONCE looked at her. There was a slight look of shock in his eyes and he shook his head before placing his hand on hers.

"On the contrary my dear moonbeam... I FULLY trust in your opinion."

This was one of the rare-few times, when Luna Lovegood (soon-to-be Zabini) had been completly and utterly surprised.

"You have a very good sence of perception, even when others do not... a very wise and logical mind and dispite what others may think - a gift to see the unseen. How could I NOT trust your opinion on something as simple as this?"

Luna felt instantly both overjoyed and amazed – he was the ONE boy she had ever encountered, who truly understood her and seemed to have a way of reminding her JUST that every single time they were together. Her eyes sparkled and her lips went into a radiant smile.

"I should kiss you for that, you know."she whispered, drawing her face closer.

Blaise let out a happy chuckle.

"I realize that. And I shall have you know, that I have absolutely no problem with the arrangement whatsoever."he said in good humor, meeting her lips and kissing her sweetly.

She giggled into the kiss a bit and brought her arms around him, positive she could never feel happier than this.

"This is so sweet."came the voice of dear old Mrs Sweetlong as the kiss ended.

"But Blaise, dear... I must tell you, that it is now seven fifty-five."

Blaise at once sprang to his feet.

"Thank you very much, Mrs Sweetlong. We should get back, Luna. Mrs Potter will now undoubtably have breakfast on the table soon and it would be the hight of rudeness to decline her delicious cooking."

Both Luna and Mrs Sweetlong giggled at his formal tone.

"Such a polite and charming boy he always is. You are most lucky to have him, Miss Lovegood."said Mrs Sweetlong, fondly patting Blaise´s cheek – Blaise flashing her a gratefull, dazzling smile and Luna, dispite the disturbing front-page article couldn´t help but feel the unpoppable bubble of sheer happiness as she agreed.

"One day, my sweet prince... You will be the greatest Minister for Magic in history."she thought, knowing by now the ambition he had held on to since the age of nine.

And as she looked at her charming soon-to-be husband, she had never been more surer of ANYTHING in her life.


"Oh... my... GOD!"moaned Alice Potter in absolute exaspiration with her head on the kitchen table.

"I can´t believe THIS."

Ginny, Nymphadora and Susan shared a small look and quickly looked away – the temptation to laugh was TOO MUCH.

"What on EARTH have I done to deserve this?! My brother can be such an immature kid sometimes..."

"Bit rich coming from you, Alice."said Lily reproachably from the stove, standing next to Ginny.

Before Ginny, Dora, Neville, Hannah or Susan could chuckle AND before Alice could even voice her protest, a loud roar of collective laughter rang from the Main Living Room.

Ginny could barely believe the situation as well, though she had MUCH different feelings about it.

The Sunday breakfast barely started when the clock chirmed, annoncing eight ´o clock when Harry sprang to his feet, intent on carrying out his childhood ritual.

"What on EARTH would people at Hogwarts ever think if they knew, that the supposed Dark Lord spent his Sunday mornings watching muggle cartoons."thought Ginny with much amusement at the thought of how much hubbub this piece of information would cause.

Quickly levitating his breakfast to the Living Room, Harry positively dashed there like a precious five-year old, hurrying to turn on the tellivision – or whatever it was called. Hermione, who also grew up watching those as a child couldn´t resist it eighter. Ron, Luna and Fred went there with bright curiosity and of course with Torie, Angus (who seemed as eager as Harry) and Blaise it was a sort-of a tradition – especially when staying at the Evans household during holidays. Even Remus couldn´t resist – having watched them regurally with little Harry years and years back and eager to repeat the experience after all these years – much to his wife´s amusement.

However Ginny was chaught in a giggling frenzy when Harry dashed back into the kitchen and fixed his Mum with "The Ultimate Puppy-Eyes" - as Torie called it smirkingly. Though Lily was trying to resist, positively beseeching her son to act his age, it was plain to see, that she was virtually powerless at her son´s request. He was quickly joined by Naja, who fixed her (dammit, WAS it possible?!) the EXACT same stare with her beetle-black eyes. Harry´s boy-like "Muuuuuuuuuuuum" at once did the trick. Lily Potter simply DIDN´T stand a chance.

"Okay you two. Go watch and I´ll make it for you."

The second she said that, Naja and her master dissapeared back into the Living Room so fast, Ginny almost thought they dissaparated. Curiously she approached the stove to see, what Lily had been making for them and upon seeing what it was, she erupted in giggles yet again.

Lily had quickly explained that her son - since being a sweet little boy - extremly favoured her special recipe for Chocolate Milk – a trait which apparently remained with him up until now and a trait - Lily was completly sure now - would remain with him no matter how old he would get. Ginny at once saw, what she meant. The loving look he had given the pair of them, when they brought a big bowl-full of it to him had almost made her sway – no wonder his Mum couldn´t possibly deny him this treat. She wasn´t even surprised when she saw, that Naja (wrapped tightly around him of course) had ALSO taken a few sips from the bowl (Harry drawing his doses with a straw) – finding the sight of them watching cartoons and sipping milk together like this absolutely and utterly adorable.

"I´ll have to teach you the recipe, Ginny."whispered Lily as soon as they returned into the kitchen.

"Since he was a little tyke... only MY recipe seemed to be good enough for him."she said fondly.

Lily was swiftly visited by a sweet memory of a five-year old Harry, smiling brightly, his big green eyes sparkling as he held the full bowl saying "NO one in the world can make Choco-milk like you, Mummy."

Ginny grinned. Though Legilimency was beyond her abilities right now, she could easily guess what she thought from the look on her face.

"It most certainly seems like a skill worth learning, Lily."she replied with a big smile.

Lily grinned and winked at her.

"You bet, Ginny. If my grandchildren will be anything like their father, I think you´ll be making a LOT of it on Sunday mornings."

Ginny felt herself going scarlet at the very thought. Her mind swiftly called up an image of an older Harry, lying comfortably on a couch along with their two sons and one daughter (she always wished for such a family make-up even as a tiny girl), all of them snuggled close and laughing at the moving images presented on the muggle-made screen, awaiting the bowls of Chocolate Milk from her... flashing her overjoyed grins upon getting it... she joining them...

"Dammit, Weasley... FOCUS..."she told herself, shaking her head in order to clear it.

Before anyone could say anything, they heared the front door of the Cottage close. Into the kitchen walked James, Sirius and Amelia. Everyone could see, that something was wrong. Sirius and Amelia were holding hands. Amelia looked like she was trying to soothe Sirius. James looked angry, scared and tired at the same time. Lily wasted not a moment. She swiftly covered the distance between them and took her husband into her arms, kissing him at the same instance.

"What happened?"she asked as soon as they separated.

James gestured miserably to the empty chairs and led her there while Sirius and Amelia sat down as well.

"Fudge... Lil... I should´ve let Voldemort kill him."

Ginny fixed him with a curious glance. Suddenly he looked twice his age – tired, drained... a world different from her mischievous, jovial and charming father-in-law.

She sat down as well and was shocked when he flashed her a look of concern and (was it really?) fear.

"Did... did any of you read the morning Prophet?"he asked quietly.

"We have, Dad."nodded Alice quietly.

"And we don´t believe a word."nodded Nymphadora.

James however bit his lip. Sirius bowed his head, Amelia still trying to soothe him.

"What´s wrong, Auntie?"asked Susan curiously.

The three looked at eachother before facing them again.

"Fudge at once rallied the task force to catch the masked wizard... and..."said Amelia, biting her lip.

"And Athena Kellen at once jumped there too..."finished Sirius bitterly, growling like a dog.

Ginny at once put two and two together.


"Exactly."said James, his eyes flashing in anger.

Both the younger and the older redhead in the room instantly saw red – the younger one stood up, her fingers longing to reach her Red Oak wand, which seemed to deeply share her wish.

"If I EVER get my wand on that... that..."growled Ginny as sparks flew from her wand onto the floor with little Hazumi bouncing between them.

"Stupid bitch - I agree Ginny. And I´m afraid you will have to wait your turn. I will personally hex her into oblivion."nodded Lily, her eyes flashing and Sirius almost gulped at the furious look on her face.

"Dammit! NEVER get between a lioness and her sweet little cub..."he thought panickly, for Lily´s complection looked positively murderous.

"Put that together with the enforcement of the Repopulation Act and we have a massive problem on our hands. Already the Relationship Counsil has pulled several members from my Office. Six people have been sent to Azkaban this morning for not complying with the Act."informed Amelia to general shock of the kitchen.

"This is going too far!"exclaimed Nymphadora.

"And to cap it all, several Aurors were pulled into this as well. Both into the Relationship Counsil and Fudge´s new Vigilantee Task Force, which is headed by that miserable son of a bitch, Octavius McLaggen."growled James.

"THAT pompous idiot?!"exclaimed Lily, remembering McLaggen from their Hogwarts days and was sure that he had NOT changed one bit since then.

"His son, Cormac was with us in Gryffindor... absolute prat, he is."informed Alice, crossing her arms.

Ginny nodded, coming closer to her. She was very sure, that she will probably disagree with her soon-to-be sister-in-law on many occasions for years to come. However in the case of Cormac McLaggen, she was on absolute agreement with her.

"No surprise there. They´re one of the most stuck-up pure-blood families there is."mumbled Sirius.

"But anyway... the task force is under DIRECT jurisdiction of Fudge..."said James somberly, gently laying his head on his wife´s shoulder, Lily caressing his hair soothingly (James leaning into the feeling while sighing contently).

"Which is to say, that its under Kellen´s jurisdiction as well."said Ginny, crossing her arms.

James flashed a small smile at her.

"As Angus would say, Ginny... BINGO."he said, grinning at the red-haired girl very appretiatively.

Ginny grinned, recodnizing the look James gave her – a loving look of sheer and utter pride.

She walked around the table and sat down beside him, reaching for his hand.

"What do you think? Should I tell Harry?"she asked, feeling completly confident to ask James for this piece of advice.

Another of the loud laughs rang from the Living Room just as Lily and James looked at eachother.

"Are you MAD, Ginny? Already he´s under suspition thanks to Kellen, I´d wager... plus I don´t think that he´ll think kindly of this in any rate."said Neville, biting his lip.

Ginny instantly flashed a smal glare in his way.

"He´s not stupid, Nev! What d´you think he would do?! Run into the Ministry and cast the Killing Curse on her?!"

Alice gave a small smile.

"I wouldn´t blame him if he DID."

Ginny instantly fixed her with a full-on glare, though Alice actually voiced her aprooval.

"I think..."started James, drawing all attention to himself.

"... that he will probably become aware of it soon enough. I know my son and I agree with our sweet Ginny – he is ANYTHING but stupid. I think... (he gave her the most charming smile) that we should leave that decidion to Ginny. I have complete confidence in Harry and in my dear little daughter-in-law (he couldn´t help but give her an affectionate kiss on the cheek – making her giggle girlishly), that they will adapt to the situation as best as possible."

Susan, Dora, Sirius and Amelia shared a smile, but Neville shared a worried look with Alice.

"The trouble is, that the taskforce will probably be questioning many, who Kellen had deemed as her enemies. Some from the old pure-blood families who are opposing her have already guessed, that they might be accused of conspiring with the Masked Wizard. As I was leaving I heared a rumor, that one of the most influential pure-bloods has joined in her cause and took another great group along as well. He´s rumored to be the strongest supporter of the Act."said Amelia and sighed deeply.

"I´m afraid that this will pose a great problem to another of our young couples in here."

The entire kitchen fixed her with a questioning look.

"Why, love? I mean who´s Kellen´s strongest supporter...?"asked Sirius, puzzledly.

"Well... its..."started Amelia when a newcomer entered the kitchen, scratching his tousled blonde hair as he went.

"Morning, everyone..."yawned Draco as he sat down lazily at the table.

Still bleary-eyed he failed to see Amelia looking at him sorrowfully, the remainder quickly putting two and two together, just as a manic laughter from the Living Room rang once more.

"Uh-oh..."muttered Ginny as Lily shared a tense look with James.

Suddenly a giggling girl ran into the room and approached the yawning blonde, her eyes alight with happiness.

"About time you got up. Come on, you´re missing a good episode."she said, yanking Draco´s shirt.

"Jeez, Torie... give me a break..."yawned Draco again, but still allowed Torie to wrench him from his seat.

"Oh no you don´t, mister... Its been ages since we last watched cartoons all together like this..."she ranted imperiously and as she practicly pushed him to the living room, Draco gave a loud yawn again.

There was a long silence during which everyone looked at one another – the silence punctured only by roars of laughter from the living room.

Most of the room knew very well, that Draco and Lucius were very different from one another – as different as Sirius was from his family. The question, that boggled their minds right now was – how will the Malfoy family survive this situation.


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