My Green Eyed Mystery (remake)

The Diary

Chapter 20: The Diary

"Where IS he?! Where the hell is he, Malfoy?! Where is the Masked Wizard?!"shouted Deianira, her wand flying all around the ruined middle floor of the belltower.

Several other members of the Task Force have also ran upstairs, but their concerns weren´t exactly matched with their Deputy.

"Are you all right, Captain?"asked Melania Yaxley in a caring voice as she approached Draco, who was sitting on the stairs, among the ruined wooden pieces.

Draco certainly seemed a bit banged-up. Mulciber´s last Devastation Curse, that blasted the top floor into pieces, had certainly left some scratches, bumps, and a small gash on the side of his leg, cut no doubt by the one of the blasted pieces of wood. However he didn´t seem particuraly troubled. On the contratry, he looked completly calm, dispite the injury, looking lazily at Deianira who by contrast was completly beside himself.

"Yes, I am fine, Mel. A bit scruffy, but otherwise fine."he said, flashing a smile at his older subordinate, who returned it.

Deianira snapped her head at the pair of them, a death-glare in her eye at the cassual way he adressed Melania.

"Draco! Adress her properly! You are her Captain!"she chastized furiously, not liking the lenience he showed to his inferiors, especially when it concerned the opposite sex.

Draco quirked his eyebrow and shot the two girls a cheeky grin.

"I humbly crave your pardon, Miss Yaxley... or would Mrs Slughorn be more to your liking?"

Deianira´s jaw fell open in furious disbelief at this cheeky little brat, Melania however giggled, grinning at him in appretiation.

"Madam Slughorn, if you please, Captain Malfoy."she said, shooting a mischievous grin and wink at Caractacus, who blushed a brilliant shade of red, making both her and Draco share a chuckle.

It was common knowledge, that Horace Slughorn´s grandnephew, dispite his considerable talents and achievements, was a novice in the romance department. His older fianceé (already knowing him from the High Society parties), not unlike Susan Bones to Angus Lennox, had been extremly sweet about it from the very start.

"The same of course can´t be said about this red bullfrog."thought Draco with a grin, for Deianira´s face swelled just like that in her rage.

Melania smiled and offered him a mock-bow.

"In any case, we should treat your injuries – however small they may be. May I?"she asked, pointing her wand on his leg.

"NO!"exclaimed Deianira, making her both stop and cringe.

Her face was still red with rage, eyes still brimming with anger, nevertheless she had suceeded to regain her composure.

"That will NOT be necessary, Melania. He is MY fiance, therefore it is my (she screwed her face, as though the next word and the prospect of it made her want to lose her lunch)... d-... duty, to heal any and all injuries my future husband had sustained."she said, coming closer and with a look of utter self-control, she pointed her wand at him.

Before she could cast her Healing Charm on the first scratch, Draco suddenly stood up.

"Damn it, Malfoy! Hold STILL, so I can heal you!"she boomed in exaspiration, feeling a fresh wave of anger – she clearly wasn´t begging for the joy, so what in the hell was this brat´s PROBLEM?!

"I aprretiate your care, ladies..."he started charmingly.

"But, no thanks. As far as I´m concerned, these are no injuries at all, and I´m perfectly capable of healing them myself."

Deianira swelled and growled yet again.

"In any rate, we have to get to work. Right... Caractacus – you will regroup with the other teammates and go over the immediate area. I know, that there is only the tiniest chance of the Masked Wizard being still around, but the Anti-Disapparation field is still active, so he could still be around."he said, his tone suddenly business-like.

Caractacus nodded.

"Right away, Captain."

He moved towards the staircase leading downstair and out of sight. Draco looked at the two ladies thoughtfully.

"Deia - you..."

"DON´T call me Deia!"growled Deianira dangerously, but Draco once more ignored it.

"... you and Madam Slughorn (he shot a wink at Melania, who returned it) will go to meet the Law Enforcement lot and make sure they won´t butt in. Plus we have a dead Death Eater down on the pavement, so order them to have the body moved quickly. I´ll also need to know about the present situation as well, so find out everything you can."

"Right away, Captain Malfoy."she said nodding, at once making her way to the staircase, but she stopped short as she saw, that Deianira remained standing infront of Draco.

"And what will YOU be doing, Captain?!"she asked, eyeing him as he moved, looking around.

"I´ll remain here and check over for any clues."

Deianira gave out a derisive snort of laughter.

"CLUES? What clues do you think you may find in this ruined Muggle-made shack?!"

Draco disregarded this as his eyes took in the damage.

"There is a possibility I may find something to pick up on the Masked Wizard´s dissapearing trick or something that may lead me to him."

His fianceé looked at him as though he were mad.

"What in the hell are you talking...?!"

"Magic."he answered simply.

Deianira´s jaw fell down in utter confusion, but Melania gasped in revelation.

"Right. Magic always leaves traces."

Draco smiled at her and nodded.

"The stronger the magic, the greater the traces. If one knows where and how to look that is."he shot a smug smirk at his fianceé who growled once again.

"Whatever. We´ll leave it to you then, Captain."she said begrudgingly, spinning on her heel and leaving for the staircase at top speed, desperate to put some space between her and this concieted, smug, cheeky little, good-for-nothing...

Once he was completly sure, that they were gone – he double checked with a non-verbal Human Presence Revealing Charm, for good measure – he at once cast a few other Charms, in order to make sure, no one would drop in unexpectadly or eavesdrop at all.

"There..."he said with satisfaction.

"... all done. You can come out no... HEY! NO FAIR!"he exclaimed as he was hoisted into the air by his anckle in mid-sentance.

Behind him he could hear chuckles from under the magicly modified mask as he felt his wand fly out of his hand. His eyes narrowed as the Masked Wizard came in front of him, holding his wand and chuckling.

"Tell me something, Dray... since when do WE play fair?"

The chuckles under the mask were only doubled as Draco, dispite hanging upside-down in mid-air, folded his arms and pouted.

"Did I ever mention, that you drive me crazy, Astoria Greengrass?"

Unable to hold it any longer, Torie removed the mask from her face, revealing an adorably cheeky grin on her face.

"I prefer "The one, only and TRUE Madam Malfoy", Captain Dray. And you should know by now, that I take great pride in my natural ability to drive you crazy every single day."

Draco couldn´t help the affectionate smile, that appeared on his face – one mirrored by Torie as she closed in and catched his lips in a passionate upside-down kiss.

"Bloody hell..."breathed Draco in wonder as they separated.

Torie was blushing a deep red, grinning at him sheepishly.

"Always wanted to do that. Eversince Harry taught me the Levicorpus Spell."

Draco made a mental note to thank his best friend for this service – for a whole new reason now... that kiss... He was barely aware of being lowered to the ground, Torie´s counter-spell placing him on his feet with gentle care. Torie wasted not a second and hugged Draco with all her might, her cheek (being now as tall as he was) nuzzling his.

"Thanks, Dray. You came to my resque... and killed a Death Eater to save my life."she said, her voice incredibly gentle.

Draco hugged her back with the same force. For a moment, they remained as they were – no words were needed. Both were incredibly happy just to be in eachother´s arms again.

"Well, where would you be without me?(Both shared a chuckle) But seriously, you were incredible yourself. Cool dueling. Hell, you were even able to completly conceal yourself infront of the entire Task Force, not to mention bypassing the Trace to hide your underage magic. Plus, you did a nice job with the Appearance-morphing enchantments as well – you´re as tall as me and Harry. Though, truth be told, I much prefer the tiny pipsqueak, you really are."he said with a small chuckle.

Torie moved to look him in the eye, a mock-glare in her eyes.

"Pipsqueak?! Is that so...?! Well know this Malfoy, I don´t fancy being a miniature giant myself."

Draco grinned – how, oh how much he had missed these verbal mock-fights – Torie also grapsed the feeling from his heart.

"We should get you back to the Manor. Before anyone notices something. Though, Mr Potter already knows. I expect the time has come. The Potters will be the first to know our collective secret at last."

Torie smiled.

"I see no problem with that. I trust them. More than I do my own parents. Doubt they would even understand in the first place."

Draco felt a small wave of sadness from her heart.

"Hey... don´t forget, you´ve got plenty of people who love you."he reminded, not for the first time.

Torie hugged him closer, tears threatning to spill from her eyes.

"And I´ve got you."she whispered, knowing full-well what he wanted to say – she was never so gratefull for something in her life.

Draco gently caressed her cheek, their united hearts burning with pure, glorious love.

"Forever, love. Remember...?"he breathed before kissing her passionately.

Their passionate kiss was suddenly interrupted by a loud clincking of the Intruder Charm he had cast mere moments ago.

"Dammit! DOBBY!"called Draco in semi-panic.

At once his house-elf appeared by their side.

"Quickly Dobby, take me back to Lennox Manor."asked Torie swiftly, knowing that there were only a few moments before someone enters.

Dobby at once knew, that something was wrong, looking from Draco to Torie.

"Of course, Mistress Torie."nodded Dobby obediently, swiftly taking her hand.

The pair of them Disapparated with a loud Pop.

Draco breathed a sigh of pure relief, swiftly undoing the Charms he had placed all around as he heared the frantic steps on the incoming people.

"Captain! Captain!"screamed Caractacus Slughorn, hand-in-hand with his fianceé, both looking shocked.

"What´s going on?!"asked Draco, wondering what could have happened, to make such frightened looks appear on his subordinate´s faces.

"The Minister had just Apparated. Draco, he wants you down right away. A terrible thing has happened."said Melania, looking extremly scared.

"What happened?!"asked Draco, desperate for information.

Caractacus and Melania shared a look, moving closer to eachother, as though trying to draw strength and courage from eachother.

"An urgent report from the Northern Sea, Captain."started Caractacus.

"Azkaban."said Melania, who couldn´t surpress herself shaking, dispite the comfort her fiance´s presence provided.

"An attack on Azkaban."

Draco´s eyes went wide – such news meant only one thing.

"How many Death Eaters broke out?!"he asked in alarm.

"ALL of them!"exclaimed the pair.


"How could Fidus doing all this?!"squeaked Apricie and everyone present in Harry´s room was sure, that they had never seen her in such a temper before.

Fidus however stood his ground firmly.

"It is Fidus´ duty to support his young master! Apricie is not understanding!"he squeaked back.

"How could Fidus let the young master into danger this way?! And say it is his duty?!"she demanded, but Fidus once more shook his head.

"Master Harry and his friends are great wizards! They is needing help and support!"

"I agree with Fidus on that one. I feel better, that they at least had someone watching over and helping them. Plus, this explains for one, how Harry was able to escape us during the Ministry breakin."said James, offering a small smile to the tiny house-elf.

Fidus smiled at him and made a small bow.

"Master James is understanding."

"No, Fidus! Master James is like his father! Supporting them into running headlong into mortal danger!"said Lily, glaring James, then the remaining four snakies, who were sitting comfortably near Harry´s desk – they didn´t look anymore guilty as Fidus did.

"Excuse me, love?! I don´t remember you complaining, when my Dad supported us in joining the Order, and we were the same age as they are now!"countered James with slight annoyance.

"But that´s not the point here, James. They were fifteen when it all started. And Astoria was even younger. This was absolutely irresponsible of them."countered Molly, her mothering tone in full swing.

"What´s wrong with them taking a stand and fighting along with us, for what´s right?"demanded James, looking to the entire room for an answer.

Lily, Molly and Alice shared a glance.

"By the way... if we want to point fingers, what about Neville and his friends? Something called Dumbledore´s Army, unless I´m very much mistaken."asked Torie in mild-annoyance, though flashing an apologetic look on Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Susan and Luna.

Molly shot her a small glare.

"I don not aproove of that, anymore than this."

"HA! And why should they even ask for aprooval like a group of tiny infants? It is a mark of their strength and maturity to make decidions of their own."

"SALAZAR!"exclaimed the portraits of both Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff in responce to Salazar Slytherin´s remark – he seemed to be overly proud of them.

Everyone – James, Lily, Alice, Molly, Arthur, Sirius, Remus, Severus, Ron, Hermione, Susan, Luna and Ginny – were now absolutely sure, that the portrait of Salazar Slytherin had proudly supported this from the very get-go.

"Hm... I must say, that I agree with James there."said the portrait of Godric Gryffindor, smiling at the guilty foursome.

"It is to be proud of – such fine, young, gifted people chose a side and fought for the greater good under that mask, without the thought of recodnition or reward."

"GODRIC!"boomed the portraits of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

"Well... the two of us actually DO agree on something. If only rarely."said Slytherin in an sly voice.

"I will have all of you down there know, that these young people are truly exceptionally skilled. They have excellent knowledge of many aspects of magic."

"So we´ve seen...! Especially Blood Magic, correct, Miss Greengrass?!"growled Rowena Ravenclaw, her eagle-like glare fixed on Torie, who giggled dispite herself, kissing Draco on the cheek.

"I also agree with Mr Potter."piped up Hermione in a quiet voice.

"It´s good that they have chosen the right side. I mean..."she bit her lip, thinking back to the fifth and sixth year and the Junior Death Eaters.

"... they may just as well chosen the other one and become dangerous Death Eaters. Didn´t you, Alice – along with Neville – used to tell us about Barty Crouch? How he had secretly joined them – choosing the wrong side – and no one knew about it until it was too late? Wasn´t that your greatest fear, Alice? That Harry would choose the wrong side too?"she asked sensitively.

Alice bit her lip. James exchanged a glance with Arthur and Molly remembered the Dark Lord Boggart they have seen at the Burrow.

"I think girls should have a say in this. Especially Ginny and Luna, since they are now married."said Arthur gently, looking at the respective girls.

Luna stopped examining Harry´s old toy puzzles and flashed a radiant look at Blaise, who sat in his chair with all the elegance of a true gentleman, his cane layed at its side.

"Oh, I am proud. My husband is a brave, inteligent man of action. It makes me feel as though there is no problem in the world he is not capable of solving."she said deamily.

Alice and Hermione rolled their eyes, but Lily and Molly shared a small smile. The men, save for Severus, grinned at eachother and the other snakies cast a sly smile at the smiling, blushing Blaise.

"I´m also proud of Angus. I would expect nothing less."nodded Susan staunchly.

"I love you, Susie."breathed Angus, shaking his head in pure wonder – thinking himself to be the luckiest bloke on the planet.

"Ginny?"breathed Ron, when a wave of silence gripped the room.

Ginny however was barely paying any attention at all. Sitting on a chair, Harry had counjured for her before he left the room with Albus and Naja. In her lap was a tiny chest, made (she was sure) from Naja´s shedded scales and acessable only trough Parseltongue – something that Hazumi, who was staunchly wrapped around her shoulder, had helped her with. She was scanning trough the numerous books and notes there.

"It seems, that Harry and the others had never went headlong into this. Look at these notes – Theory of Life, Essence of Self, Tapping the Untappable, Theory of Balance – most of them written down. Even a few old Egyptian scrolls written on papyrus."she breathed.

Draco snickered in the distance.

"Did you guys think, we never found anything worth knowing on our holidays abroad? There was a reason why we went along with Angus´ family. We are keeping contacts with some of the great witches and wizards of our time all around the world."

"Also do not think we did not take the trouble of discovering all we could about Sir Thomas and his merry little group."added Blaise with a smile.

Alice, Hermione, Ron and Ginny gasped. As did Molly and Arthur – remembering what Dumbledore had said in McGonagall´s office as Neville and Alice brought Ginny back from the Chamber of Secrets.

"You... you know You-know-who´s real NAME?!"boomed Ron, drawing gasps from all of the others in the room.

The four snakies looked extremly pleased with themselfs.

"Certainly. And... THAT´S just the top of the iceberg."said Angus, a wicked grin plastered on his face.

"Why... only me, Neville, Ron and Hermione knew...! How did you...?!"stammered Alice, completly shocked by this piece of information.

"Speaking of Neville... I wonder why Harry did not bring him along."said Ginny quietly, once more drawing all attention to herself.

A few second´s silence lingered, clearly no one could come up with an answer to this question. Suddenly, with a low musical tune, Harry´s room door opened and in came Albus with Harry himself. Both of them looked very somber, as though they have just had a heated discussion. Naja, who was wrapped around Harry´s shoulders slithered down and Hazumi bounced down to meet her, hissing franticly.

Harry walked towards the chair, where Ginny was sitting and reached for her hand, Ginny at once taking it.

"I still do not think, that it is neccessary to reveal everything about the matter, Harry."said Albus, a cool note to his voice.

Ginny felt Harry´s hand twitch in anger. The others gasped as Harry turned his sights on Albus, his green eyes holding a fire of strength and determination – something they have only rarely seen, and it was in the man, Harry was currently glaring.

"Al, what did we talked about for the last half-an-hour?! I trust everyone in this room. And the more people will know about this, the better we can take action."

"If your theory IS correct. But I must admit, that it would certainly explain what has been happening since the Battle of Hogwarts."said Albus, admitting that Harry´s theory indeed made sence.

Harry nodded and Ginny felt him relax somewhat.

"Glad you think so. Now..."he turned to everyone, adressing them all.

"The time has come. As you already know, we – The Slytherin Squad – are the Masked Wizard. It is time, that you come to know our secrets. We trust all of you with them. Talking about it would take a very long time. Fortunately there is a simpler way of revealing everything. All of you standing, please sit down."he said, waving his wand and conjuring chairs for everyone.

Releasing Ginny´s hand, he reached into the chest and pulled out a small, black, leather book. On the top of it was the Slytherin symbol.

"Its okay, love. This is MY diary."he said soothingly as Ginny gave a small twitch.

Slowly she nodded and Harry looked to his fellow snakes.

"Come closer, you four. We might as well be comfortable. Everyone, let´s form a circle in here."

As everyone did so, each of them sitting right next to their loved ones, even Fidus and Apricie – who, Harry had to ask – Harry threw the diary into the centre of the circle. Even the portraits looked on eagerly, wanting to know the full story. Nodding to his fellow snakes and confortable in having Naja tied around himself, while Ginny was holding his hand tightly, determined to give him her support.

"All right. Here we go..."he breathed and used his wand, casting a non-verbal spell on the book.

The diary jumped and came to life. Pages flew from the very begining of it and stopped after a second, crossing only a small ammount of them. Suddenly a large light flashed and the diary produced something similar to a large movie screen. On it, the first scene began to play.


"Wow..."breathed an 11-year-old Neville as he held his new wand, getting cheers and hugs from Lily and Alice.

"Nice one, Nev."winked James supportively, claping him on the shoulder.

Mr Ollivander was also looking very pleased.

"Okay boys, your turn."called James.

Ginny and Susan gasped, seeing the 11-year-old forms of Harry and Angus.

"Sweet Merlin, you were adorable. I´d forgotten."whispered Susan into Angus´ ear, making him go scarlet.

With a grin, he watched his 11-year-old self – a scrawny, shy little boy - step forward uncertainly, reflecting on the scene in his heart – how much had changed since then.

"All right, young Mr Lennox. Try this. Hazel, eleven inches, dragon heartstring, nice and flexible."said Ollivander kindly, giving Angus the wand.

Suddenly however he took it from him and reached for another one.

"No, no... that won´t do..."he muttered to himself.

Angus shot a scared look at Harry, who smiled kindly and nodded.

"Try this one – Spruce, ten and a half inches, unicorn hair."he said, giving Angus another wand.

But once more, he took the wand from him, muttering to himself. After this happened another four times, little Angus could not hide his fright.

"Is... is that normal for a wizard?"he asked a bit panicly.

Lily smiled at him warmly.

"Quite normal, dear. For some wizards it takes its time to be matched with their wands. Keep calm."she said in a mothery voice, that seemed to soothe Angus a bit.

Ollivander gasped as though spotting something no one could see.

"I know... here... not sure if it works of course, but it JUST might do the trick, I have a feeling that... here, Mr Lennox – Larch, eleven and three quarter inches, dragon heartstring."

The moment Angus had taken the wand, and gave it a small wave – several green and red sparks flew from it making bangs on the floor like miniature fireworks.

"Thought so! Excellent!"smiled Ollivander.

Angus was looking at his new wand in pure wonder, while James and Harry both clapped Angus on the shoulders.

"You´re lucky, Angus. Larch is a very attractive wandwood. Old stories say, that they choose wizards who have great, hidden talents."said James smilingly.

"Correct, Mr Potter. Also I must say... it is incredibly rare for such a young wizard to match himself with a wand of Larch. Very rare indeed. And... judging from its reaction to you Mr Lennox, I believe that it needs you as much as you need it. It is very clear, that you two will make an exceptional match – I´m sure, you will become an exceptional wizard, Mr Lennox."

The tiny Angus could barely breathe in excitement. Something – perhaps the very object in his hand – was telling him, that Mr Ollivander was right.

"And now you, Harry."said Lily happily.

Ginny couldn´t help but lean her head comfortably on her husband´s shoulder, as her brown eyes affectionately tracked the tiny boy, who was now taking the offered wand from Ollivander. But Ollivander took it from him almost instantly.

"No... definitely not. How about this – Beech, fourteen inches, unicorn hair."

Almost the very instant Harry took it, Ollivander took it back.

"Hm... here – Poplar, thirteen inches, dragon heartstring."

Once again, Harry´s fingers barely brushed the wand before...

"Oh no... this will never do... curious... try this – Aspen, thirteen and a half inches, phoenix feather."

Once again, the wand wasn´t meant for Harry. And so it went... on and on... and on... the pile of wands on the ground mounting. The memory seemed to speed up and it was apparent, that some time had passed.

"OH! This will take FOREVER!"exclaimed an impatient Alice.

"Alice!"exclaimed Lily, scolding the 12-year-old girl.

"But Muuuuum... I´m supposed to meet Fred, George and Lee at Zo - I mean Fortesque´s ice-cream parlor."she whined, quickly correcting herself.

Harry, who was now taking another wand from Ollivander couldn´t help but snicker. Lily once more glared her daughter.

"Isn´t it more importaint to watch your brother choose his first wand?"

"Yes, Mum."said Alice in a defeated voice.

"Oh, I don´t mind, Mum."said Harry, casting a charming smile on his mother.

It was clear, that Lily was fighting a small battle, but once again – and very clearly – her precious tyke´s charming smile had won once again.

"Oh all right, I suppose."said Lily with a small sigh.

"WAHOO! Thanks bro! Come on, Nev. I´ll introduce you to my friends."said Alice, grabbing Neville´s hand and positively dashing out of the shop. James and Harry exchanged a grin, while Lily couldn´t help but roll her eyes. Ollivander chuckled.

"Charming, playfull and firery. Just like her wand – Dogwood, twelve and a half inches, unicorn hair – I must say, that they make a perfect match, though they might be a bit loud."

James and Harry snickered.

"Belive me, Mr Ollivander – they ARE."muttered Lily.

"You know... we really should hurry and get the rest of the supplies. This may really take a while. Mum, Dad... how about you two go on and get the rest of the stuff while we finish here?"asked Harry innocently.

"Oh no, son... we´ll wait with you."said Lily at once.

"Your son may be right, Mrs Potter. Unless I am very much mistaken, several shops will be closing soon enough. I assure you, that he will be in good hands – I´m sure we shall find a suitable wand."said Ollivander.

"I´ll stay here too. I want to see which wand chooses Harry."said Angus.

Though reluctant a bit, the Potter parents agreed and slowly walked out of the shop.

"I´ve had a feeling, that we would miss out on something grand"muttered Lily quietly, holding her husband´s hand.

The pile of wands was almost doubled now and Ollivander was clearly at his wit´s end.

"I have to say, Mr Potter... I´ve never seen a tricky custumer like you."

Just then the door opened and a black boy of their age walked in.

"Take a small break, Mr Potter."suggested Ollivander.

"Oh that´s quite all right. I do not mind waiting. My name is Blaise, by the way. Blaise Zabini."the black boy said pleasantly, offering his hand to the two boys.

"Always the charming and polite one, eh Blaise."teased Torie with a sly grin as they saw the boys shake hands and introduce themselves.

Blaise chuckled before he felt a kiss on the cheek from his loving wife.

"Always, Torie."she said with a dreamy sigh as she watched the 11-year-old version of her husband try a few wands, the two other boys watching happily.

"I know... Applewood, twelve and a half inches, phoenix feather. OHO!"he exclaimed as the wand in Blaise´s hand emitted sparks.

"Very good. Oh excellent. I think, that you will be long-lived and popular, Mr Zabini. I daresay, that this wand will make sure of that."

"Cool. I´d like just that myself. Don´t you... Harry?"asked Angus, turning around to see, that Harry had moved towards a side of the shop.

There, on the wall hung a large box, that apparently held a wand.

"Oh my... c...could it be...?"muttered Ollivander in a shocked voice, at once walking there.

Blaise and Angus also came closer. Ollivander looked at Harry in a very impressed way.

"This... this is the only wand my father had never sold, Mr Potter. He made it along with a collague during his travels in Egypt.

Cedar, thirteen and a half inches with a most unussual core – gold and onyx gemstones... taken at a great cost from a real live Royal Queen Cobra... an incredibly rare wand indeed. Perhaps too rare. To this day, that wand has chosen no one..."

Blaise and Angus looked awed, but Harry was stretching his hand to it as though answering a calling. Ollivander opened the box, watching with his breath held.

The moment when Harry´s fingers touched the Cedar wand, a rush of warm wind swept and encircled them, golden light glowing around the wand and its new master´s hand.

"Amazing... truly amazing. It seems, Mr Potter... that this rare wand has been waiting for YOU."

Harry grinned happily, running his fingers lovingly on his new wand.

"Wow, Harry..."breathed Angus in awe.

"I must say... you a are a lucky fellow indeed."nodded Blaise smilingly.

Ollivander nodded, smiling at Harry as well.

"Well, Harry Potter... I believe, that you will make for an amazing wizard. I can easily say, that we can expect extraordinary things from you."


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