My Green Eyed Mystery (remake)

The Heir of Slytherin

A/N: Hi Guys :) Thanks for the reviews. The next chapters as you know will be a "Blast to the past" via Harry´s diary. You will see their early years at Hogwarts and just WHAT made them into the Masked Wizard gang they are :) Also you will see, that they have done many "Behind-the-scenes" interfiering. One thing I´ll have to say in advance - they were still little kids when this began, and what boy doesn´t want to be a "bloody adventuring hero" when he´s at that age. You will see, how they will pass and start making their dreams come true, even as the world will be crashing and trashing around :) Also you´ll see, how Harry had won his "Dark Lord" reputation and the roots of the early chapter relationship with his siblings. I hope you´ll find their youthfull mis-adventures nice and entertaining. Oh, and I´ve added my small little twist on how they were able to figure out cetrain things that helped them in their later years, especially Voldie´s secret :p Though to be clear, they were still only guessing. Beginer´s luck perhaps :D


Chapter 21: The Heir of Slytherin

The scene at Ollivander´s had changed, the diary on the ground flipping trough the pages with a wave of the very Cedar wand, they have just seen choose its one and only master.

"Royal Queen Cobra´s scales for a wandcore, eh? Why, oh why am I not surprised one bit?"asked Ginny slyly, winking at Naja and hearing the hiss she had come to associate with humor.

"This would explain certain things about you and your talents indeed."said Albus, who likewise – though not many, if any were aware of it – owned an exceptionally rare wand himself.

"No wonder you hold on to it as a piece of precious treasure."breathed Alice.

Harry couldn´t help but grin as the diary had stopped flipping pages and a new scene had unfold – a scene at the Hogwarts Express.

"What happened with Alice? For some reason she looked really angry at you."inquired Angus as he and Harry set their things down in an empty compartment.

Harry gave a long sigh as he flopped down on the seat.

"A series of arguments, actually. To start with, she was angry when I got my new pet."

Angus gave a happy sound, at once looking at Harry with bright curiosity.

"What pet? What animal? What type? What genus? Tell me Harry."

Susan giggled affectionately.

"A true Lennox indeed. And the cutest one in the world, I might add."she whispered into his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

She was at once rewarded by a peck on the lips as he gently pressed her close to him.

Harry grinned at Angus.

"A boa constridor."he said, relishing the awed "Wow" from his compagnion – one that knew his greatest secret.

"Before my birthday I visited the London Zoo with my grandparents and cousin. I saw him sleeping behind his glass and ended up having a conversation with him. Poor little one. Bread in captive and he wished to go to Brazil. Unintentionally I guess, I made the glass vanish and he quickly slithered out. Then, when we were leaving Diagon Alley, I found him again. Rather, HE found ME again. Poor bloke. Had no idea how to get to Brasil and he was dead hungry and tired. My Mum took a bit of persuading, but with me and Dad combined, she gave in and allowed me to keep him. I was just barely able to keep my Parseltongue ability from Nev and Alice. But she was angry, that I chose such a pet. Anyway, I named him – Salazar."

Many in the room cast their glances at Salazar, who was sleeping on Harry´s bed, his head layed comfortably on his pillow.

Angus giggled.

"After Salazar Slytherin, right?"

Harry grinned at him.

"Read "Hogwarts – A History", I take it."

Angus gave a eager nod.

"Of course. Can´t go to Hogwarts without knowing something so importaint, right? I haven´t decided on the House though. Which House d´you think you´ll end in?"

At this question Harry gave another sigh, sadness returning to his eyes.

"Another agrument I´ve had with Alice. You see, I´m not too fussed about which House I end up in. All of them are interesting in my opinion. Gryffindor for courage, Hufflepuff for fairness, Ravenclaw for wisedom and Slytherin for cunning. Alice, for instance is a Gryffindor – very befitting I may add. My parents were Gryffindors too. However, my Godfather was a Slytherin – he´s the Head of Slytherin House now. I´ve also spent time with Professors Flitwick and Sprout around the Cottage. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw... they´re also very nice. As for the Houses themselves, I believe that each of us has something of every single one. Each of those qualities is essential. Unfortunately the Slytherin House has a very bad reputation."

Angus nodded somberly.

"I´ve read about it in "The Rise and Fall the Dark Arts". The wizard called Lord V- I mean You-Know-W-"

"VOLDEMORT"exclaimed Harry sharply, strength suddenly radiating from him.

Angus looked at him curiously – clearly, he wasn´t afraid to speak the name of the Darkest wizard of all time.

The look on the little Harry´s face was one, that chaught Ginny (and many of the people around) by the heart. A look of utter strength and determination. With a small look at her husband´s face, Ginny at once knew, that this was the very same strong person – one that wouldn´t change no matter what happens. James, Lily, Alice, Severus, Sirius and Remus cast a proud look at Harry.

"Fear of a name only increaces the fear of the thing itself, Angus. And I don´t ever want to be afraid of something. EVER!"he said in a strong voice, the strength very visible in his eyes.

Molly gasped, seeing something in the little boy, casting a glance at the present-day version of him.

"This would explain your Boggart as well, Harry."said Remus with a smile.

"A Dementor."muttered Angus.

"Something you taught me the Patronus Charm for in my third year, remember?"said Harry with a smile.

"A... a true Patronus at thirteen?"breathed Molly in amazement.

"That means... that the only thing you fear, Harry... is to BE afraid in the first place."whispered Hermione in awe.

Harry sniffed a bit at the thought.

"I always saw fear as a person´s ultimate weakness – something, that prevents you from achieving your fullest potential and doing all that you want to do."he explained, a small bitter note to his voice.

Arthur, James, Severus, Sirius and Remus grinned at eachother, while the women exchanged a small smile. Molly flashed her new son-in-law a small glance – she started to see something, that her daughter had told her days before.

Harry gave Molly a small smile before he used his wand to display another scene.

"Bones Susan."called Professor Minerva McGonnagal, holding the Sorting Hat in her hand as the Sorting Ceremony at Hogwarts went on.

Angus smiled, snuggling closer to his fianceé as he watched the tiny, cute little girl approach the Professor, his eyes watching with undeniable affection.

"You were super-cute yourself, Susie."he whispered dreamily, while his fianceé giggled and snuggled closer into his muscular body.

"Hufflepuff"roared the Hat, applause ringing from the Hufflepuff table.

Susan noted a small applause coming from the portraits upstairs and flashed a look at her House Founder, who smiled at her and her fiancee kindly.

"Granger Hermione"

Ron grinned at his beloved, kissing her on her cheek affectionately – much to the joyfull exclamations of his mother and father.

Ginny herself grinned at her, seeing the little version of her best female friend, her nervousness being a trait she had come to be all-too familiar to her.


"Greengrass Daphne"

The women in the room gave a small gasp, knowing well, WHAT this good-looking and innocent little girl would become in just a few year´s time.

Ginny flashed a look at her husband, hearing a low hiss from Naja, as she wrapped herself closer around him protectively. She bit her lip as she saw a small gleam of sadness in his eyes.


As the applause rang, Harry cast his glance at the Gryffindor Table, where his older sister was sitting along with Fred and George Weasley and Lee Jordan. Judging by her sombre expression, he figured that she TOO was sorry about their arguments for the past few days.

Alice fixed him a guilty look and mouthed a "Sorry, Bro." to him.

Smiling, he shot a smile and a wink in her direction, recieving a sunny smile – all was fine once again.

"Lennox Angus"

With a small push from Harry, Angus took his uncertain steps towards the Professor and the Sorting Hat.

The Hat took a few fair moments to decide – reminding Harry of the visit at Ollivander´s.

"Slytherin"it exclaimed happily.

There was hardly any applause at all in the first moments. The Slytherins, save for a rare few – like Cassiopeia Kellen and Caractacus Slughorn – were completly stunned. Harry quickly clapped and aided by his Godfather and several other members of the staff, mounted a decent applause for his friend. People however couldn´t hide their astonishment as Angus made his way towards an empty corner at the Slytherin Table – one that Ginny had recodnized, one that he and his friends had occupied troughout all of their years at Hogwarts.

Harry chaught a bit of the conversations at the Gryffindor Table.

"You´re kidding! He´s muggle-born!"said Alice, eying Angus with astonishment.

"A MUGGLE-BORN Slytherin?! NOW I´ve seen everything!"exclaimed George Weasley.

"I´ve read it happens, albeit rarely. Legends even say, that Slytherin himself had chosen one or two Muggle-borns, deeming them worthy of joining him."said Hermione Granger smartly, surprising quite a few pure-bloods at the table.

"Longbottom Neville"

The Great Hall at once fell into stunned silence. Every single head in the Hall turned towards the Boy-who-lived.

"Nev..."breathed Harry, grabbing his half-brother by his arm.

"Good luck."he whispered.

Neville couldn´t help but smile, grasping Harry´s hand in appretiation.

"Thanks, bro."

Alice, Molly, Lily and Ginny couldn´t help but smile at the exchange, though knowing it will not last long.

The Sorting Hat was barely on his head when it shouted "GRYFFINDOR".

At once the Great Hall erupted into cheers. Harry couldn´t help but smile radiantly as he saw Neville join the Gyffindor Table, Alice embracing Neville happily before they sat down.

Both of them waved hapilly at him, and he cast a happy smile at them.

Ginny bit her lip, knowing what was waiting in the wake. She felt something brush on her shoulder and smiled.

"Thanks, Hazumi."she breathed, strocking his head affectionately, Harry also adding his support.

"Malfoy Draco"

"That´s Lucius Malfoy´s son, isn´t it?"asked Lee Jordan.

"Slytherin"exclaimed the Sorting Hat almost the moment it touched his head.

"No surprises there."muttered George Weasley darkly as they all watched the small, blonde-haired boy seat himself at the Slytherin Table.

"Patil Pavarti"


"Parkinson Pansy"


As the 11-year-old Pansy smiled in truimph, Hermione and Alice released low growls. Torie also looked furious as she saw her seat herself beside Draco. Ginny could hardly blame her – she saw both Daphne Greengrass and Cassiopeia Kellen eye Harry hopefully.

"Potter Harry"

"Shh... quiet down, that´s Alice´s little brother."said Fred Weasley quietly.

All of the Gryffindors, that knew Alice well watched with smiles.

"Better prepare a place for him to sit down, guys. He´ll be joining us in a moment."said Alice proudly, her smile on her baby brother.

Quite unlike most first-years, who were ussually nervous and tense, Harry walked towards Professor McGonnagal, as cool as ice. He offered her a small smile, one that she returned before she placed the Hat on his head.

Though everyone in the room could still see the Great Hall, they could also hear what the Hat was speaking to Harry, whose head was completly covered by it.

"Interesting... most interesting... you are a most unussual boy indeed... the Founders would have been very surprised..."

Harry let out a giggle.

"Woooooow... D´you think they would´ve had a fight over little ol´ me?"he asked the Hat mischievously.

"Cheeky little tyke."remarked Lily, smiling radiantly at her precious little boy – a smile not unlike to one his dear wife was giving him as he grinned sheepishly.

The Hat chuckled as well.

"Who knows... perhaps they would – at least two of them would. Lots of courage I see, a hard-worker too... talent too, a thirst for knowledge... resourcefullness and determination – oh how much... where, oh where to put YOU?"

Harry grinned under the Hat, seeing that it was clearly leading him on. He decided to play along and fight fire with fire.

"Hm... how aboooooout... ANYWHERE?"he asked innocently.

The Hat chuckled again, recodnizing something all-too well.

"Oh, he would´ve liked YOU, Harry Potter... well... how aboooooout..."

"Slytherin"the Hat boomed proudly.

The Slytherins applauded with clear surprise, Daphne Greengrass and Cassiopeia Kellen looked incredibly happy. The Gryffindor Table however seemed to be in a state of shock, most heads turning to Alice. Harry saw, that Neville´s jaw was so low, that it reminded him of the old Muggle cartoons. Alice´s face was pure white. She was looking at him, as though he was just diagnosed with an incurable desease. Shooting an apologetic look on her, he turned his head toward the Staff Table, Severus giving him an extremly proud look. Shooting a wink at his Godfather, he walked to the Slytherin Table, passing both Cassiopeia and Daphne, both of which made space for him to sit down, and seating himself beside Angus, the boys at once sharing a hi-five.


"Look... I don´t know what´s your problem, but..."said Angus, trying to clear the situation as he and Harry stood side-by-side in the Slytherin Common Room, facing an angry Marcus Flint and a few other fifth-year boys.

The other snakes were also watching, but clearly they did not wish to take a side in this – especially when Professor Snape was due at any moment.

"You will know your place here, Lennox!"roared Flint, pointing at him with his finger, his overlarge front teeth visible to everyone.

"If you were Sorted here by whatever miracle, fine! But you will respect those, who are superior to you, understand?!"

"NO!"breathed Harry in a voice pulsing with anger, at once drawing all attention to himself.

"Its YOU, who will respect HIM!"he said in a deadly voice.

Many snakes gasped. Flint wasn´t a person one would want to mess with. This tiny, black-haired wasn´t scared of him at all – in fact, he stood his ground with the strength of a seventh-year.

Flint ignored this, snorting in laughter along with the rest of the boys behind him.

"ME?! A pure-blood of a noble family respecting some filthy, dirty-veined Mudblood?!"

Most of the people in the room growled at what they have heared and even Molly could not blame the little Harry as they saw him pull out his wand and point it at Flint, an expression of pure rage on his face.

The Common Room gasped – what was this boy thinking?! Flint and the other boys eyed the wand for a few seconds before roaring in laughter.

"And what will you do with that, Potter?"he mocked openly, ignoring his little opponent´s visibly building rage.

"You´ll be soooooorry..."sing-songed Torie sweetly, knowing very well, that once such a murderous look appears on Harry´s face, you´d better run.

"Its not like you know any curses ye-"

"FLIPENDO"roared Harry, a jet of pale blue light flashing from his Cedar wand.

Marcus Flint litterally flew across the Common Room, as though something had hit him with terrifying force. He smashed into the wall and sled slowly to the ground, clearly unconcious.

Most of the room was staring with their jaws down, looking at this little boy, who had just cast his very first hex.

Every single face in the Common Room was staring at him with a mixture of shock and horror. He shot a death-glare at the other fifth-year boys, who backed away instantly.

"I´ll say this only once... ANYONE who calls Angus a Mudblood, will have ME to deal with. So watch your mouths!"he roared furiously, the Common Room almost shaking.

"He is a Slytherin like all of you and you WILL tolerate that!"he commanded with a strength too powerfull for his size or age.

"Harry Potter!"came a deadly voice from the Common Room door.

Professor Severus Snape had just entered the Common Room, seeing the situation.

"My office, this INSTANT! Both of you!"he commanded, pointing at both Harry and Angus.

"In the meantime, someone get Marcus into the Hospital Wing."

With a final furious look at the entire Common Room, Harry followed his Godfather out of it along with Angus.

"So THAT´S how it went..."breathed Alice in shock – how could she blame her little brother for this NOW?

"Wow, son... I´m not sure if I should be angry or proud..."breathed James.

Lily however turned to Severus – a death-glare in her emerald-green eyes.

"Severus Tobias Snape! Where on Earth did my son learn such a hex before his first-year?!"she whispered in a deadly voice, the mighty Head of Slytherin gulping.

"Uh-oh.. busted... after all these years to boot."whispered Angus.

"Mum, Sev taught me that hex, in order for me to defend myself. He knew, that if I should get into any trouble in my first-year, I´m better off being able to fight back."said Harry, hoping to cushion the blow for his poor Godfather.

Lily bit her lip.

"I know, that what I did that night, wasn´t exactly right, but..."

"You were defending your friend, Harry, determined not to let anyone bully him. That IS a right thing to do."said Ginny staunchly, gripping his hand supportively.

Ron nodded.

"I can relate to that, myself."he said, casting a look at Hermione, who smiled happily.

"I confess, that I would have probably done the same in such a situation."said Arthur with a smile.

"Arthur!"exclaimed Molly.

"My dear, how would YOU react?"asked Arthur patiently.

"Speaking as a teacher, I am very disaprooving of using such a violent method, Harry. On the other hand... I think I can understand."said Albus, frowning a bit and clearly still slightly disaprooving.

"Harry´s strength that night got me thinking in the first place. Though it took me almost half-a-year, I befriended them."revealed Draco, surprising everyone.

"I chose to be friends with Harry, for I deeply admired and respected the person he always was."said Blaise.

Harry grinned at his dear friends.

The diary flipped its pages again, showing another scene.

"... and I heared, that Marcus Flint had several bones brocken and a cracked skull!"said Neville, looking at Harry with crossed arms.

Harry however was completly unfazed by it.

"He asked for it, so he got it – so WHAT?!"

"SO WHAT?! You smash a person into the Hospital Wing and you say SO WHAT?"exclaimed Hermione in shock, taking a small step back.

"What´s it to you lions anyway?!"asked Daphne, standing by Harry´s side.

"It was Dark Magic! That´s what the problem is!"exclaimed Lavender Brown.

Harry snorted.

"If you call a little Knockback Jinx Dark Magic, I have nothing to say to any of you."he said coldly.

Luckily, just then Professor Snape ushered them all into his dungeon for their Potions Lesson.

"Sorry, Harry... you´re enduring all of this because of me."said Angus, as they got their supplies out.

Harry however fixed him a hard look.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Angus. You´re my friend. Dad always told me, that true friends stand together no matter what and that it would be the height of dishonor not to help a true friend."

"Your father is a very wise man, Harry."said Blaise, nodding in fierce aprooval.

"A week´s worth of detentions is more than a reasonable price to pay for stopping an overlarge, giant-molared baboon bullying you."said Harry, getting his Potions book out.

Angus grinned at him.

"Especially if they´re not really detentions."he said slyly, eying Professor Snape.

The three friends shared a laugh – Harry had blackmailed the Head of House and their detentions mainly consisted of them reading books and learning new things along with him, though that was a secret.

"Though I stand behind what I´ve done... there is one thing that bothers me about the entire matter."said Harry a bit sadly, his eyes on Neville as he and Ron Weasley had just made their potion explode.


"What are you doing here?"asked Alice with a small glare as Harry entered the Hospital Wing.

"I heared about everything. The Philospher´s Stone, Quirell and Voldemort!"

"Don´t use that name!"scolded Madam Pomfrey at once.

Harry however only shook his head and moved towards the bed, where Neville was laying, weak from his fight with what was left of the Dark Lord. Alice bit her lip.

"Dumbledore said, that he almost died."she whispered, tears stinging her eyes.

Harry approached her and hugged her tight. After a moment, she hugged back.

"I´m sorry about everything, sis..."he muttered sadly.

"I´m sorry too, Harry."


"Ah, bummer! Looks like we missed out on a cool adventure."muttered Angus miserably aboard the Hogwarts Express as Harry finished telling them of Neville´s adventure.

"You can say that again."muttered Draco in bitterness.

The compartment seated only the four Slytherins, Harry being immersed in a new book he got from his Godfather.

"Well... Neville Longbottom and the lions had won this time around. However I have a proposition... how about we make our own adventure? This summer."proposed Blaise, in a whim.

Angus jumped up, excitement rich in his eyes.

"Yeah... we should go out somewhere... you know... a REAL adventure! I´ll ask Pop, or August... or even Roger, if they have some cool trip we can join them on."

The idea was met with fierce aprooval.

"I´ll also ask my parents, if you can drop by and visit our Manor."said Draco, grinning at his new friends.

"And definitely find something worth doing..."nodded Blaise with a smile.

"I´ll also ask my Grandparents. I always spend some time with them over the holidays – my Muggle cousin, Dudley also comes around. You two could see, some of the Muggle world."said Harry, gesturing to Blaise and Draco.

The two pure-blood boys looked at eachother, before staring back at Harry in skeptism.

"Trust me. There are many cool things to see and learn in the Muggle world."said Harry with certaininty.

"All right then. If you say so, Harry... we shall give it a try."nodded Blaise.

Just then, their compartment´s door had opened and in came Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson.

"Boys... me and the girls were wondering..."started Daphne, casting a smile on Harry.

"... we should all get together this summer. Spend a little time around our house. Have a few parties and all that. Well... provided my stupid little sister doesn´t mess everything up."she finished with a small scrowl.

Torie grinned and giggled mischievously.

"Having fun without me and she always thought I would let her get away with it."

"Do I even want to know the story?"asked Lily with a gentle smile.

Harry snickered.

"Believe me, Mum... you don´t."he said, many following him in small laughs of their own.

"No thanks, Daph. We have already made plans for this summer."said Harry politely.

"Although, we may take you up on that offer, though its only a small chance. Which is why we do not want to make any promises."said Blaise.

Daphne and Pansy looked a bit sad.

"Well all right... if you decide on going, we´re only an owl away."she said before exiting the compartment with Pansy.

As soon as they have, Blaise had taken out a parchment and started to write down a small program, the others quickly saying where they want to go.

"This will be the COOLEST SUMMER EVER!"exclaimed Angus, punching the air in joy.


"We´ve made this entery together – the four of us. Me and Angus also added the Music Charm on it. That was our first summer together."said Harry, he and the other boys sporting fond smiles.

To accompany the images played by the diary, music began to play – a song Ginny had recodnized, for it played on their wedding today – a favourite Muggle song of her husband and his friends - a song called "Have some fun".

Harry was packing his backpack, secretly stashing his wand inside as well. Stroking Salazar, who had woken up to bid him goodbye, he turned and walked towards his parents, Lily had tears of joy in her eyes.

In the huge garden of Malfoy Manor, Blaise and Harry were sitting in the magnifiscent arbor, books open and comparing notes with bright curiosity. Their concetration was interupted by a pure white peacock, that was running across the garden, a piece of parchment in its beak. Hot on its heels was Draco, determined to catch the mischievous bird. Angus was running from the other side, hoping to cut it off. Both boys made a lunge, but the bird was too quick for them – quickly evading both of them – with a sickening crash, Angus and Draco hit into eachother and their mixxed form fell to the ground. Trying to distangle themselfs, they rolled down, landing straight in the pond in the middle of the garden.

Quite like the two boys in the arbor, the room roared with laughter.

In Draco´s luxurious room, the boys were practicing magic, their wands producing one accident after another.

"Hang on... you were all underage."remarked Ron.

Draco grinned at him.

"You know, that noble manors are protected against all kinds of detection, including the Trace. Me and Blaise always knew how to bypass it – since the Trace was originally crafted by Nobles."

"Meaning, its weaknesses and ways of bypassing it are in the family records of your families."breathed Hermione in exaspiration.

"Bingo."grinned Angus.

Dobby had quickly appeared, warning the boys about something. The boys promtly hid their wands and books mere moments before Draco´s room-door flew open and his mother entered.

As one, they cast her looks of pure innocence as she beamed back at them, bringing them snacks.

"Typical of you little snakies."remarked Ginny slyly, wiggling her eyebrows at her blushing husband, who was shooting her a sheepish grin – exactly the same, the other boys were shooting at their girls.

With looks of wild happiness, Harry lead the way, running at top speed on a train station, the other boys right behind him. They managed to jump on just as the train began to move – the ride taking them on a long trip.

Blaise and Draco were looking awed-eyed around themselfs, the Muggle big city positively shining with lights of all colors.

In a theatre, the four boys were roaring with laughter along with the audience, wathing a Muggle comedy performance.

Along with Dudley Dursley and Harry´s grandparents they all walked in a Muggle Amusement Park – Blaise eyeing everything with bright, but calm curiosity, Draco and Angus however looking all over the place, pointing from one attraction to another.

As the Roller-coaster finally stopped, poor Angus had climbed out first, completly green in the face.

Harry, Dudley and Angus roared with laughter as Draco and Blaise litterally ran like crazy from the House of Horrors.

"Scaredy cat."teased Torie, elbowing her beloved.

"I´ll have you know, those monster clowns are downright scary. Especially when they jump at you from the dark."he remarked to great hilarity of most people.

"Yup. Scaredy cat."nodded Alice with a cheeky grin.

"Come now, young lady – as the Head of the Vigilantee Task Force, a fierce warrior indeed – had told you, Clowns are scary."remarked James teasingly, grinning at Draco.

The room shared a laugh as another scene had played out – a scene at Flourish and Blotts.

Harry chaught sight of the looks he was getting.

"... who knows. He was hardly even at home this summer. God knows what he´s been up to."muttered Alice, casting him an angry look.

"Hey-Yo."came a voice and Harry quickly chaught sight of Angus.

Running to him, the two exchanged a complicated handshake they devised over the summer.

The Weasleys, Alice and Neville heared someone march down the stairs from the first floor and saw, that Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini had joined the two, already holding a few books. They all came closer to hear, now also joined by Hermione Granger.

"Already saw these and couldn´t resist, here – Legends, Tales and Myths making into the Muggle world."said Blaise, handing the book to Harry, who went red.

"Blaise, I said that you guys don´t need to worry about..."

"We didn´t get you anything for your birthday, since we all pumped our allowances bone-dry."said Angus firmly.

"Plus, I believe, that you will find this reading most inreresting."added Blaise.

"C´mon... let´s get our school books before the "Guest of Honor" arrives to present his new blasted book."said Draco beckoning them closer.

"If that´s Gilderoy Lockhart you´re talking about, Malfoy, you´d better watch your mouth."warned Alice sharply, an opinion shared with Hermione and Ginny.

Draco quirked an eyebrow.

"Alice is a dear fan."explained Harry quickly.

Draco, Blaise and even Angus shared an eyeroll – Harry shrugging in silent agreement.

"Its hughly unfair of you. All the things he´s done... his books..."

Harry fixed his sister an exaspirated look.

"If I want fiction, I´ve got my birthday present here."he said, showing her the book of Legends and Myths.

"FICTION?! You´re just jealous of a great wizard like him!"exclaimed Hermione, fiercely defending her hero.

Harry fixed her a hard glare, his intimidating side showing itself in full glory, making tiny Ginny gulp.

"Listen up and listen well, Granger – if there is a wizard, ANY wizard I would be jealous of, it is certainly NOT Gilderoy Lockhart."he muttered icily and with his friends by his side, went to quickly buy his books before the said wizard arrived.


"Rumor has it, that Longbottom and Weasley flew a bloody flying car in here. Professor Snape had come for them."whispered Pansy, the Slytherin Table talking about it as the Sorting Ceremony went on.

"Stupid idiots."muttered a sixth-year Slytherin boy.

"Show-offs more like."whispered a sixth-year girl.

"Harry? What do you think?"asked Daphne Greengrass, but Harry was barely paying any attention.

He was looking heartily sick as he gazed at the Staff table, along with his friends.

Gilderoy Lockhart was sitting there, smiling his toothy smile at everyone. They knew what that meant.

"Looks like we´ll have more than one show-off to stomach this year. However, I have a sneaky feeling we won´t be able to deal with THIS one quite as easily."he muttered angrily.

"Poor Professor Snape. He would have loved the Defence Against the Dark Arts post and instead, we´ll have this dumbball teaching it."said Angus, who had read a few of the books Lockhart had made and shared his friends´ opinion – the man obviously thought of himself as a some kind of super-wizard.

"I suggest we go after him after dinner and offer him our support and sympathies."said Blaise, frowning.

"Agreed."nodded Draco.

Harry was watching the last of the first-years being sorted, thinking to himself.

"Weasley Ginerva"called Professor McGonnagal.

They saw the little girl in her second-hand robes come forward and the four Slytherin boys looked at eachother.

"Hey, Dray. Its that girl, that told you off for taking the mickey out of Neville."whispered Angus, elbowing Draco.

"The Weasley´s youngest child and only girl, or so I´ve heared."said Blaise, remembering what he had heared of the Weasley family from his mother.

Harry couldn´t help but gaze curiously, remembering the way she told Draco off. There was something about it, that was really holding his curiosity. As the tiny red-haired girl took the Sorting Hat on her head – Harry had a good inckling, where the girl would be sorted into...

"Gryffindor"boomed the Hat.

"Figures."shrugged Draco with a grin.

With the final Sorted first-year, Professor McGonnagal at once left. The same thing happened with Professor Dumbledore right after his introduction speech.

"Anyway... what about our plan, Harry? What will we do this year in order to become living legends?"asked Blaise quietly, Draco and Angus also joining in, their heads closer.

"I´m not sure yet..."whispered Harry, his eyes on the Gryffindor Table, looking at his sister, Neville and Hermione greeting tiny Ginny into their House.

"But I´m sure something will turn up... afterall... this is Hogwarts."


"We got a decent ammount of stuff."said Angus happily, as the four Slytherin boys exited the library, their notebooks filled with new spells to practice, their hands sporting borrowed books.

"You can say that again, Angus. Can´t wait to know all this... You´ll help us if we´re having trouble right, Harry?"asked Draco.

"Of course. Though right now, I just want to read some more of that cool book Blaise gave me."

Blaise grinned in satisfaction.

"I am pleased, that you like it. I heared, that it holds many interesting tales, that were even featured – in a changed form of course – in Muggle books and movies. Some of them were apparently based on fact rather than fiction."

Harry grinned and nodded.

"I´m just read one in particural. I remember seeing one of them with Grandmum Annie – the muggle version of it, of course. It was called Dorian Gray. I was shocked to find, that it had actually happened. From what I´ve read in the book, the real "Dorian" had been an actuall pure-blood high-society wizard, more than a century ago."

Angus gasped in recodnition, drawing curiosity from both Blaise and Draco.

"The Portrait of Dorian Gray... you´re kidding... that was a cool story... it was actually real? The portrait and all?"

"Bits and pieces of it apparently were. But the portrait was... was something different. The unnamed noble wizard... the book said, that he had actually placed a part of his soul into it, in order to live forever."

Draco and Blaise exchanged an awed look.

"Change of plans. Before we start learning these spells, read us that story."said Draco very eagerly.

"Well... oh, why not... in any case we´d better tell you the Muggle version of it before..."

Harry suddenly froze.

"Harry?"breathed Angus.

Draco and Blaise stopped as well and looked at Harry, who seemed to be barely breathing.

Ron gasped.

"That´s..."he breathed interpreting the little Harry´s stunned state, exactly like that of Neville´s when he had heared that voice.

Harry quickly dashed around the corner, his wand at the ready, his friends right behind him.

Unfortunately, behind the corner were several second-year Hufflepuffs, who gasped at the sight.

"Where is it?!"asked Harry urgently, staring from side to side.


"What are you looking for, mate?"asked Draco.

"Didn´t you hear it? That voice!"breathed Harry, still in a state of alarm.

"What voice?!"asked Angus in alarm.

"It went right by the corner. Right here!"

The Hufflepuffs were looking at the four Slytherins in alarm.

"Quickly, let´s get out of here."exclaimed Ernie Macmillan, quickly ushering his friends.

Hannah Abbot, Justin Finch-Fletchley and Susan Bones agreed whole-heartedly and along with the rest of them positively ran from the place.

"Sorry for the scare by the way, Susie."muttered Harry, looking at Susan, who had just remembered this ordeal.

"Harry my friend, calm down. There is nothing here."soothed Blaise.

Taking a few breaths to do so, Harry had calmed down and pocketed his wand.

"Come on, Harry. We have stuff to do. Let´s start with that Dorian Gray."suggested Angus.

Breathing a small sigh, Harry nodded.

"But I´m keeping my ears out for that voice."


"Come on, Harry... try some of these."cooed Daphne, offering Harry some of the sweets at the Halloween´s feast.

"No thanks, Daph. I´m not in the mood for any sweets at all."murmured Harry, angrily.

He was feeling sick – the past two weeks had been a nightmare. Lockhart was even worse, that Harry and the snakies had imagined – he was whole-heartily sick of his endless stories filled with heroism – and what´s worse, Alice won´t hear a word against the bloke, resulting in a yet another feud. He had gotten detention for making a wee, tiny little joke in the Defence Against the Dark Arts lession about one of Lockhart´s stories and boom... Alice had been there moments later, yelling at him for showing lack of respect.

Angus and Blaise had tried to cheer him up, but right now they had their hands full with Draco, whose practices with the Slytherin Quiddich Team were not going so well.

"Well... you wanted to get in, you have to work hard to stay there."Harry remembered telling him firmly.

True, Marcus Flint was his captain and he was clearly not giving enough effort to train his new Seeker, but Harry sorted THAT out straight away – first talking to him, then to his Head of House during their ussual Friday studies in his office together.

Blaise was enjoying sweets as well, eating with noble manners, but Draco and Angus looked like they couldn´t get enough – gobbling just about anything, that got under their chocolate-covered fingers, giving even Crabbe and Goyle a run for their money.

"Pigs."scolded Torie affectionately.

"No, Daph! I´m serious! I don´t want... oh, forget it!"he muttered, standing up.

"Where are... you going, Harr...y?"asked Draco in between his swallows.

"For a walk."he answered coldly.

Draco and Angus looked at eachother, understanding that their friend simply wishes to be alone right now.

"Harry... Harry, wait! Harry..."called Daphne, but Harry had left the Hall at a swift pace.

Walking along the Corridor, he wandered aimlessly around, not even caring where he went.

"Stupid Quiddich! Stupid Flint! AND STUPID LOCKHART!"he finished, his voice once more rising, finally giving ire to his built-up anger.

Suddenly he heared the voice again. Thistime however, his face took on a look expectation.

"What better... I can vent my stress and get to the bottom of this."he exclaimed in triumph before he started to sprint trough the corridor.

"Stupid little me."Harry muttered in obvious anger at himself.

Though he had accepted this part about himself long ago, he couldn´t help but wonder sometimes... He felt two squeezes on himself – both Naja and Ginny squeezed him tight, he delivered gratefull smiles, accompanied by loving pecks to both of them.

Harry ran, flying from one corridor to another, hearing the voice...

Suddenly he dashed around the corner, pointing his wand, hoping to see the source of the voice. But...

"What the...?"he breathed as he saw, that there was nothing there.

He came closer, his sences on alert for anything, eyes darting up and down along the corridor. Immediatly he noticed a large pond of water on the floor. Taking a few steps closer, seeing something reflected on the water – writing...



His eyes went wide as he saw something else – Filch´s cat, stiff as though frozen, hanging by the tail from the torch basket.

"Wait up! What´s this all about...?!"came a voice, followed by a series of hurried footsteps.

"No time to explain! Its about to ki...WOOOAH!"exclaimed Neville as he dashed from another corridor, followed swiftly by Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, the trio freezing dead in their tracks as they saw Harry pointing his wand on them.

However recodnizing the three, Harry breathed out a sigh of relief and lowered his wand at once.

"What´s going ON?!"exclaimed Hermione in shock.

"You heared it too? The voice...?"asked Harry urgently.

Neville gasped.

"You heared it too?"asked Neville, seeing his half-brother give a nod.

Suddenly however, from both ends of the corridor, students were coming, stopping dead in their tracks at the entire scene. Many people gasped in shock, stared wide-eyed, many pointing their fingers to Harry, who still had his wand in hand and visible.

"Enemies of the heir, beware?!"breathed Draco in puzzlement, fixing Harry a curious look.

"Potter?!"whispered Flint, looking at Harry in awed amazement, that Harry did not like one bit.

Nor did he like the scared looks Cassiopeia Kellen and Caractacus Slughorn were shooting him. Nor the awed and almost happy looks cast by Daphne and Pansy. Nor the looks of angry shock, directed from the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. But what he ESPECIALLY disliked, was the look – a look of blank shock – from none other than his older sister.


"I HATE HIM!"roared Harry, his face completly red with rage as they returned to the safety of their room.

"I must say... our legendary DADA teacher seems to have developed a new hobby."sighed Blaise, sitting down behind his desk.

"Yeah, framing Harry for whatever happens around here."noted Angus darkly.

They have just fetched Harry from Lockhart´s office, leaving Lockhart in an argument with Severus. Word has spread across the school like wildfire, that the Heir of Slytherin had struck again, the attack having a human victim now as well. Tiny Colin Creevy had been found, petrified. Lockhart at once pointed fingers on Harry, determined that the fact that he was discovered during the Mrs Norris attack first, meant that only HE could be the Heir of Slytherin. As such, he was determined to catch him in the act and he kept him in his office, determined to get a confession out of him, before Harry was resqued by his Godfather.

"Bloody hell! NEVER would I have thought, that someone can get on my nerves SO DAMN MUCH! If we have to endure an idiot like THAT for six more years at Hogwarts, I won´t be able to hold back forever! I´ll tie him up and use him for curse-target-practice!"exclaimed Harry, for a moment imagining having Lockhart tied up to a pole and casting one curse after another.

"Well... this should cheer you up. Dobby had brought these for me."said Draco with a smile, holding a file, they had been waiting for a few days now.

"Astounding. I only hope your poor house-elf won´t have to punish himself for taking that out of your father´s records without his knowledge."said Blaise with a hint of worry.

Draco shook his head.

"I am Dobby´s master, not my father. And I´ve expressly forbade him to punish himself – its sick. He was my first little friend and I don´t ever want so see him hurt."

Harry grinned – it was exactly how he felt about Fidus.

"Gee, Dray. You´re all heart."said Angus with a grin.

The four friends shared a laugh.

"All right let´s get started. We have a mystery to solve. And I want to catch this Heir of Slytherin myself. If for nothing else, then to wipe that arrogant smirk off Lockhart´s face."said Harry, his eyes blazing with determination.

"Blimey, Harry. And I thought, I hated Lockhart."said Ron, grinning at his brother-in-law.

"Well... I ´ve had more than enough reasons."shrugged Harry.

Ron suddenly gasped in recodnition at the new scene.

"Hey, I remember that one."

The four snakies grinned at him in amusement.

"Don´t we all, Ronald."chuckled Draco.

"Yeah. This scene is now a Hogwarts legend."grinned Angus.

"Nice to see, YOU view it that way."growled Harry bitterly and Ginny didn´t need the diary to recall this scene vividly.


Gilderoy Lockhart was flying trough the air, sprawling himself on the floor. Hermione, Ginny (who had attended only to watch along with other first-year girls) and Alice gasped. Ron couldn´t help but grin, but Angus quickly elbowed the other boys.

"Guys – mexican wave. THREE CHEERS FOR THE BOSS! HIP-HIP-"

"HOORAAY!"boomed Harry, Draco and Blaise, mimicking Angus and forming a mexican wave.


"HOORAAY!"they boomed again, many Slytherins joining in – Crabbe and Goyle doing so clumsily.



Severus smiled lazily, waving them all silent, but sharing an affectionate look with Harry as he understood his silent "Thanks, Sev".

"Enough demonstrating."boomed Lockhart, who got back on his feet.

"Time to see what YOU can do. Divide in pairs. Miss Potter, perhaps you should partner your brother, just to be on the safe side."

"I disagree, Professor Lockhart. There is no reason to place siblings against –"started Severus, but Alice had already made her way towards Harry.

"You got it, Professor. Time to knock some sence into you, little bro."

The way she had said "little bro" made Harry´s eyes flash. However he smiled and nodded.

"Well... if you insist, big sis..."he said nonchalantly, facing her.

Lockhart had also very stupidly paired several Slytherins with Gryffindors, but he wasn´t so kind to Angus.

"Lennox, you partner Flint over here. That´s it."

Flint grinned nastily at Angus.

"Finally. A chance to teach you your place, you filthy little –"

"FLIPENDO"roared a voice and Marcus Flint was once more blasted back, but thistime a bit weakly, merely knocking him off his feet and making him land on his backside.

Getting up from the ground he glared, and was met with an equally angry glare of Harry Potter, who had his wand on HIM rather than his sister.

"I thought I TOLD you, NOT to insult him!"he growled icily.

"THAT´S IT! Now you´re..."

"ENOUGH! STOP, BOTH OF YOU!"roared Severus, hoping to prevent a fight before it happened.

"Oh no, Professor Snape. What better way for the boys to settle their differences, than to allow them to duel right here and now. With us watching over them! But boys... there will be rules... first."

Lockhart started to recite rules, but it was plain to everyone else in the room, that the boys will break them first chance they get.

"Harry James Potter, don´t you DARE!"warned Alice, grabbing her brother by the arm, but Harry, his eyes filled with icy rage, wrestled it from her grasp, making his way to Flint.

Severus wanted to say something, but Harry went past him without a second glance.

"Oh no, you don´t."he whispered, catching him by the arm just like Alice did.

"Don´t worry, Professor. I won´t harm him. I´m not stupid. I just want to beat him right here and now, to show once and for all, who´s the better snake around here."

Severus recodnized the cool logic in there, but still...

"Don´t worry."Harry repeated again, but to anyone but those who knew him best, it seemed as though this second-year was preparing to murder the taller boy.

The people swiftly got out of the way as the two faced eachother, wands at the ready.

"Very weeeelll... ONE, TWO –"

"Petrificus Totalus"roared Flint before THREE could even sound.

But Harry was ready, swiftly blocking the curse, retaliating a split-second later.

"Expelliarmus"he bellowed, striking Flint before he could block.

Harry grinned savagely.

"Well, what do you know... it works."he commented lazily, clearly mocking his older opponent.

Flint roared in rage and retrieved his wand.


"Expelliarmus"exclaimed Harry again, once more disarming him.

Flint once more reached for his wand and tried again, only to fail in the same manner.

"Would you like to try again? Go ahead, Flint. I have aaaaall night. You´re bound to get it right ONE time."asked Harry mockingly and deliberately.

A few Slytherins laughed – he was clearly playing him for a fool. Flint roared in rage, but again his wand flew from his hand before he could cast his curse.

"ENOUGH. All right, Potter. I think this contest has a clear winner."boomed Lockhart.

Harry grinned dispite himself, turning away towards Lockhart as Flint was once more retrieving his wand.

"SERPENTSORTIA"he roared, and Harry swiftly turned back, wand at the ready.


Harry´s Knockback Jinx had once more blasted Flint off the podium, making him land painfully on the ground.

"That´s EXACTLY what you get, when you try to curse someone when his back is turned."sneered Harry angrily, but his eyes slowly fell onto his feet.

"HARRY!"exclaimed Alice, as the long black snake was slithering towards Harry, hissing angrily.

"I´LL DO IT!"exclaimed Lockhart, pointing his wand at the snake.

There was a loud bang, like a firecracker that made Harry jump back and down from the podium, followed a moment later by not one, but TWO black snakes, that hissed even more furiously and made their way to two people – Justin Finch-Fletchley and Angus Lennox.

"IMMOBULUS"roared Harry quickly, and the snake that made a lunge for Angus had frozen in mid-air, before falling to the ground as stiff as a stick.

People had barely been able to view it however. Before the other snake could attack Justin, Neville ran forward and hissed at the snake in Parseltongue, drawing gasps from the Hufflepuffs.

The angry snake however didn´t budge. It continued to hiss furiously, baring its fangs on Neville as well, no matter how much he tried to speak to it.

Suddenly another voice, a much stronger one, bellowed something in Parseltongue. Every head turned to Harry, but he didn´t give it a thought right now. He was glaring the snake and said something to it with a stern note, pointing to his feet with his index finger in a gesture of an unmistakable command.

The snake had at once calmed. Changing course, it slithered meekly and obediently to the exact same spot Harry was pointing at, wrapping itself into a small ball before remaining as it was, staring at Harry. He hissed something to it again, before a white-faced Severus had come to them.

"Evanesco"he muttered, making the snake vanish.

For the next minute, the Duelling Club was in such silence, one would think someone had died.


"Wait a minute. None of you ever knew, that Harry is a Parseltongue before that happened?"asked Ginny, looking at James, Lily, Severus, Remus, Sirius and Alice.

"Me, Lily and Severus did. Fidus too. But seeing how unpopular Parseltongue is, we instructed Harry to only use it when no one´s around."said James.

"We were afraid he would face prejudgice as a very little boy. But we knew, that the secret would come out sooner or later."noted Lily sadly.

"Well... the first person outside your family who found out was me, so it was okay."said Angus with a grin.

"But why didn´t you trust ME with it?!"exclaimed Alice in a hurt voice.

"Alice, we grew up hearing stories about Voldemort and his Death Eaters. I was scared myself when I realized that I have that ability too. It was thanks to Dad and Sev, that I have embraced it and didn´t fear it. Its simply an ability like any other, but you and Nev would have been scared of it. I mean remember when..."explained Harry, but Alice nodded quickly.

"I know... I remember that time... that argument..."she muttered sadly, as the very argument began to play from the diary – both Potter siblings closed their eyes in sadness.

"Damn it, Alice! D´you think I´m enjoying this?!"exclaimed Harry, clearly losing his cool now.

Alice crossed her arms, angry tears in her eyes.

"And why shouldn´t you?! Your fellow snakes are treating you like a bloody God!"

Harry scrowled, not even wanting to think about THAT.

"And it feels almost as pleasant as the rest of the school treating me like scum! You think I find it cool?! You think I find it amusing, that people think I´m nipping off to the Chamber of Secrets day and night?! You think its easy for me to stomach all the stares, muttering and Lockhart´s snide hints what a Dark Wizard I will turn out to be?! And most importaintly, you think I find it adorable, that my OWN SISTER is viewing me that way?!"

He was shouting, finally releasing all the bitter thoughts that were stored inside him since the Dueling Club incident.

"Neville had used the VERY SAME ability! THE VERY SAME! I don´t see HIM being stared at, vilified or being shouted at by YOU!"

Alice went red.

"You leave Nev out of this! Its YOU we´re talking about! Need I remind you, that the Hufflepuffs are all angry at you for Justin Finch-Fletchley?!"

Harry growled. Justin and Nearly Headless Nick had been petrified just a few days ago and ironicly, straight after HE had an argument with Ernie Macmillan and his Hufflepuff group, all of them completly convinced, that he´s the Heir of Slytherin.

"Newsflash – EVERYONE seems to be anrgy at me these last few days, except the Professors and my House members. All because I´ve stopped a large black serpent from sinking its poisonous fangs into Justin, Angus or Neville. How easy it was for them to believe, what that lamebrain baboon Lockhart had said!"

Alice stomped the ground of the empty classroom in anger.

"He is our Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, you slimy little snake! How DARE you?! He is a great wizard and... and I wouldn´t be surprised if he was right about you!"

Alice bowed her head down in shame – it was not the first time, her anger got the better of her.

"Hey... you were fourteen kiddo..."whispered Sirius, hoping to ease her concience.

Ginny however fixed her sister-in-law a cold glare, especially as she saw the smaller Harry looking visibly hurt by what she had said.

Harry stared at her for full ten seconds in silence, his expression unreadable.

"FINE! FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY!"he roared, turning on his heel and quickly exiting the unused classroom, closing the door after him with a loud snap.

He ran across the corridor, then another, another and another... he had a half-mind to dash into the DADA Professor´s Office and commit a particuraly brutal murder.

Finally tired, he stopped. Taking long steadying breaths and wiping the tears, that escaped his eyes dispite his best efforts.

"I´ll show them..."he muttered in a hurt voice, feeling more hurt than he would even care to admit.

However, his green, tear-stained eyes burned with anger and determination.

"I´ll show them ALL! I´ll get to the bottom of this Chamber of Secrets mystery if its the LAST THING I DO!"


"Hey... look at the bright side, Harry. At least the Common Room is almost completly deserted during Christmas."said Draco, hoping to cheer his best friend as he flopped down on his favourite armchair in the Slytherin Common Room with his special Christmas present in hand – a book from his Godfather.

"What´s that book about?"asked Angus brightly.

Harry grinned.

"Sev tried his best to cheer me up. Its called "Parselmouths – history and present"."

"Cool."breathed Angus, looking over HIS book, provided by Hagrid.

"I declare this evening´s activity as Common Room Reading Party."announced Blaise, making them all laugh, but nod.

Soon enough, the four boys were reading a book, sitting comfortably in their armchairs, reading. Angus, Draco and Blaise were very happy, that Harry was once more acting like himself and not obsessing himself with trying to solve the mystery – even with the information they had about the Incident from 50 years ago, they still stumbled upon several dead ends with no visible lead in sight.

"NO WAY! GUYS! COME HERE!"yelled Harry suddenly, making them scramble to his side at once.

"Look at this – Herpo the Foul: arguably one of the greatest Dark Wizards of the Ancient world, one who has evaded death more than once and layed several foundation stones for modern-age Dark Arts. Among his many creations – foul and dark curses and objects – two in particural stand out above all. First one is called a Horcrux – an object in which a person conceals a part of his soul..."

"Woah... just like our pal Dorian, right?"breathed Angus in shocked awe.

"EXACTLY like him! The painting in the story was said to have held a part of his soul, in order to keep himself from dying."breathed Draco, recalling the story from the start of the year – both the Muggle version and the Wizarding tale based on fact.

"Great mercifull God. I assumed, that THAT particural part was NOT based on truth."whispered Blaise.

The athmosphere in the room had reached its freezing point. Alice and Albus scanned the face of one of the snakies to another – THIS was how they found about Voldemort´s Horcruxes?!

Harry however shook his head.

"That´s not what interested me here."

"WHAT?!"exclaimed the three in shock.

"... his other invention is one, that plagues the modern wizarding world to this very day. He was a skilled breeder and suceeded in breeding one of the most dangerous creatures known to wizardkind – the giant king of serpents known as a BASILISK. This incredible snake has special abilities, capable of living for hundreds of years, holding extremly powerfull venom and capable of instantly killing anything that looks into his large yellow eyes."

Angus, Blaise and Draco exchanged startled looks.

"Harry... you don´t think, that..."

Harry suddenly stood up.

"Slytherin´s legendary monster, is a Basilisk!"


"So that´s how you knew."breathed Hermione.

"But why didn´t you tell anything sooner?"asked Albus in astonishment.

Harry gave a deep sigh.

"First reason – I wasn´t completly sure of it yet. Second – was I to openly admit, that we have come to such a conclusion by accessing top secret information borrowed from one of the school governors, or attained the knowledge from a book, that was most likely banned? And third – "he gave a deep sigh, still regretting the third reason.

" – I was still very angry for all the Heir of Slytherin business. I was still a stupid kid. I wanted to solve the damn mystery myself and show everyone once and for all – a pretty stupid and vain reason. I convinced myself, that I can stop another attack and refused to back down. Something, which caused more problems than solved."he growled still in anger at his youthfull mistakes.

Albus´ beard quivered – this was starting to sound vaguely familiar to a certain young boy that had caused...

"Anyway... time had passed without another attack and I devoted most of it to locate the enterance. However I kept looking at the wrong places. After weeks and weeks of searching, I had nothing to show and we once more stumbled upon a dead end. Until Valentine´s Day."he muttered.

The corridor was roaring in laughter. Neville had heroicly tried to laugh along with everyone else, but his face was blood-red from embaressment, still trying to pick up his belongings, that were covered in ink after his bag was ripped by the Valentine "Cupid".

Ginny now blushed just as hard as her 11-year-old self, remembering the singing valentine she had sent. She had to stiffle a gasp as she felt Harry´s warm breath on her ear.

"I still remember that valentine, sweetie. Veeeeery adorable, if I do say so myself."he whispered to her, teasing her ever-so slightly.

Her blush intensifying, she elbowed her husband.

"Oh shut up, Potter."she whispered back, failing to hide her amusement.

"Heheeeey! Look at this! Wonder what Longbottom´s written in this."exclaimed Draco, waving the diary he picked up from the ground.

Neville at once shot up.

"Give it back, Malfoy!"he exclaimed, but the snakes had ignored him.

"We won´t find out, most likely. Not after it had been so nicely bathed in black ink."commented Blaise with amusement.

"Give it back to him!"commanded Percy Weasley, tapping his Prefect´s badge.

"Was it really?"asked Harry, taking the diary into his hand and examining it.

"Looks brand new to me."he muttered, flipping it over, scanning it with interest.

"Give it BACK, Harry!"roared Neville, coming closer.

Harry suddenly gasped, seeing something on it.

"Impossible... how...?"

Suddenly he felt the dairy being snatched from his hand. However instead of anger, he fixed Neville with a look of shock.

"How... where in the world did you get this?"he asked.

Neville had fixed him with a glare.

"None of your business."he said crossly and turned away.

The people in the corridor started moving, going for their classes, but Harry had remained frozen on the spot. Just like tiny Ginny Weasley, who looked terrified.

"Move along, Potter. The rest of you as well."said Percy crossly, but once more, the Slytherin boys paid no attention to him.

"What´s up, mate? You look like you´ve seen a ghost."inquired Angus.

"No he doesn´t. This is Hogwarts – he sees ghosts everyday."said Draco, shaking his head.

"Muggle saying."said Angus, rolling his eyes.

"Harry my friend...?"muttered Blaise, scanning his face.

"Yes, Angus. I HAVE seen a ghost... That name on the diary..."whispered Harry as an annoyed Percy left as well, leaving the four in the abandoned corridor.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle."

The three gasped. They know that name – it was written in the report of the first incident... along with Hagrid´s (they didn´t believe one second, that Hagrid had been guilty) and the Ravenclaw girl who had died as the Basilisk´s victim. Harry´s eyes flashed and one could easily see, that he was working things out.

Judging from the look on his face, everyone in the room quickly grasped, that the boys HAD played a role in the Chamber resque. With a gasp, Ginny had remembered – when she woke up in the chamber... she thought she had seen a pair of legs running away from her and Neville, who was being treated by Fawkes.

Albus and Severus also remembered - noises that should not have been there, coming out of the chamber as they were attempting to burrow trough the cave-in.

"It seems, that your theory had been correct afterall, Albus."muttered Severus quietly, his eyes on the four respective Slytherin boys.


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