My Green Eyed Mystery (remake)

The Art of Spying

Chapter 30: The Art of Spying

Just as most of the school assembled in the Great Hall for Dinner, Zacharias Smith had left the Hufflepuff Common Room. However, the direction he went was completly the opposite way of the Great Hall. He glanced around his shoulder to make sure, that there was no one around. As soon as his head turned, a sound came up behind him - the sound of something whooshing across the corridor.

Swiftly turning around, he pulled out his wand and scanned the corridor again with his eyes. Narrowing them, he remained absolutely still for a long, painfull while. Satisfied, he turned and walked briskly away, thinking that it may have just been his imagination.

Naturally... it wasn´t.

Out of the corner of the corridor peeked a small mirror.

"That was close."whispered Susan Lennox.

"This muggle trick does come in handy."said Hannah Longbottom with a smile.

Susan however fixed her with a serious look.

"It was a bit foolish, Hannah. Would´ve been wiser to send your Patronus Message to Neville after he left the corridor. We´re lucky he didn´t perform the Human Presence Revieling Charm, because I have no idea how to counter it."

Hannah grinned at her sheepishly.

"Sorry. But CAN he perform such a Charm?"

Susan shook her head.

"We don´t know if he can or can´t. But better safe than sorry."

"I didn´t expect you to be expecting something of the sort, though."noted Hannah with small amusement.

Her comment was met with a smile, one filled with equal amusement.

"Well... having a brilliant Slytherin for a husband does make you expect certain things, many would easily overlook."

The two girls muffled a small giggle, before Susan once more used the mirror and saw, that Smith was almost out of the corridor.

"Let´s move before we lose him. And don´t forget to cast both Disillusionment and the Silencing Charms on yourself."

The girls quickly performed the charms on themselves and followed their target. They walked past several corridors but suddenly...

"He´s gone!"whispered Hannah in a shocked voice.

Susan, though invisible at once waved her wand around.

"Homenum Revelio"

However... her Charm at once reported to her, that there was no one present around them.

If she could see Hannah´s face, she would´ve met a most astounded look.

"Where did you learn that one?"

A small giggle escaped her, happy that her friend could not see her roll her eyes.

"Where do you think, Hannah?"

True... with Angus for a husband and Sirius Black for a "father-in-law", she had been able to learn several spells, that one would certainly not expect from a sweet, innocent Hufflepuff. Also her duelling skill had been given a small power-boost, owing to all the practice she had been getting lately, and not just at home.

However, she was at once reminded, that she still had much room for improvement as she realized that she had ended the Charm sooner than she should have. She gave out a small squeal and jumped as she felt something tickle her back.

As she turned, she gasped seeing that Hannah was once more visible and so was she. At once she spun her wand around.


But nothing happened. She tried again, with the same result and couldn´t help but let out a giggle.

"Aaangieee... stop playing around."she giggled as she was tickled once again.

Sure enough, her muscular husband had come into view, standing close to the pair of them and looking troughoutly pleased with himself. Susan at once slapped his arm playfully. Looking at him up and down, she once more exploded in giggles, while Hannah looked on confusedly - Angus had traded his Slytherin uniform for a jet-black costume, that resembled Nin-jars... she had seen in one of the Muggle Cartoons, he and his friends are so fond of.

"Oh, you... you´re like a little boy."

Really... if she didn´t know he had always been this way (once he opened up to someone that is), she would´ve been prepared to bet, that Sirius´ mischievousness had rubbed off on him. Although... she expected, that it were slightly the case. Angus smirked at her.

"Excuse me, love. But this IS a serious mission. Operation Fat Cobra is underway."he said dramaticly, salluting her.

The two girls exploded in giggles. Suddenly they quickly realized something.

"Zacharias dissapeared! I tried the Human Presence Revieling Charm and he wasn´t anywhere around!"

Angus only smiled gently and held out his hand.

"That´s because he went trough the secret passageway."

Susan shook her head - of course. Angus and the rest of the snakies knew the school´s secret passageways inside-out.

Suddenly a silvery beam had flown towards them. Stopping, it took the form of a large silvery toad. Hannah instantly beamed at it as if opened its mouth and Neville´s voice rage out of it.

"Several Gryffindors are moving downstairs. The Marauder´s Map shows, that they´re heading your way. Hide, quickly!"said the Patronus before dissapearing.

Hannah instantly jumped around, looking for a place to hide. However sudenly, she was pulled aside by her arm and turned invisible. Angus grinned as he pulled out a large black blanket.

"Thanks, sis."he said happily, taking his beloved´s hand and pulling her backwards to the wall.

Susan barely had the time to ask, before he swung the blanket over themselves just as footsteps were heared, approaching fast. She stiffed a bit, but her husband´s hand went up and down her back in very soothingly, almost making her let out a moan.

A second later no less than a dozen sixth and seventh-year Gryffindors had come in.

"Wait up."said one of them, pulling out his wand.

"Homenum Revelio"

Susan stiffned again, but Angus chuckled quietly. He quickly pressed his lips against hers lovingly and he instantly felt her deepen the kiss.

"No one here but us."said the Gryfindor happily, nodding to his fellows.

They turned towards a perfectly solid wall and walked straight trough it, as though it wasn´t even there. The Gryffindor, who cast the Human Presence Revieling Charm had waited for his fellows to pass, taking one final look around before he followed.

Once the corridor was empty again, Angus separated his lips from Susan´s, a boyish grin plastered all over his face.

"Sirius was right... the experience is pleasurable."he whispered into her ear huskily, her responsive giggle making his heart warm over.

"You know, Angie... I´m starting to get the feeling, that my new "Dad" is really making a bad boy out of you."she noted happily, running her hand trough his long hair.

The statement was once more rewarded by a sly smirk.

"Aww... but wasn´t it you and your "Mum" who were talking about bad boys being the most adorable ones, just yesterday?"

She shook her head at the gentle teasing.

"Eavesdropper..."she murmured before kissing him again.

"Excuse us... but we CAN hear you, you know."came a new voice, but one both Susan and Angus knew well - the voice of Neville Longbottom.

Pulling the blanket off of themselves, they saw that Neville, Ernie, Justin, Padma and Parvarti had joined them. Neville was still holding the Marauder´s Map he had borrowed from James and was wearing a look of utter amusement. Angus at once fixed him a smirk.

"And who says you´ve heared anything we want to hide?"

Many had chuckled in appretiation. Susan, who was blushing furiously had elbowed her husband, but had a smile on her face.

Neville quickly scanned the map.

"More of them are also slowly moving in this direction. What´s the plan, Angus?"

Angus folded his arms and looked up as though thinking about it.

"Well... when the next batch comes along, one or two of us should go along with them, invisible of course. It obviously should be someone, who has mastered the Noble art of Sneaking... for that I have the best possible candidate. Meine Dammen und Herren..."

With a dramatic bow, he gestured to his side, and everyone fixed him a blank look - there was no one there.

Suddenly however, into being sprang a redish-haired girl, dressed in pretty-much the same back clothing as Angus, smiling at them all brightly.

"Ready, willing and able."chirped Astoria Greengrass, giving all of them a thumbs-up.

"The rest of us will stand guard here. Should there be any trouble, Torie will let me know and we will back her up instantly."

She at once fixed Angus a mock-glare.

"Oh... is THAT right?! Are you saying, that I can´t hold my own? Little brother?!"she said in an offended voice, but the girls giggled, knowing she was joking.

Angus at once retaliated with a hurt look, giving her a puppy-eyed stare.

"Can´t a bloke worry about his big sister?"he asked innocently.

"NOT, if that bloke is a Slytherin."answered Torie with a curt voice, often used by Professor McGonnagal.

Neville grinned in appretiation - he was really liking the fact, that he was finally on friendly terms with them and antics like that were kind of rewarding in a sence - they had no need to hide their true selves from him.

"Who will come along with her?"asked Parvarti, looking from one to the other.

"Can´t we ALL go?"asked Hannah at once.

Angus and Torie quickly shook her heads.

"That would draw too much attention."said Angus.

"Plus - as I was watching you lot come here - you all really have A LOT to learn about sneaking up."added Torie, looking very proud of herself.

Susie grinned. Angus had told her about several of their escapades, when Torie´s natural abilities of hiding and concealing herself came in extremly handy. She remembered, that even Harry had been very surprised with her aptitude for it, an aptitude she had shown quite clearly in her very first year.

"Normally, we would choose Harry for this. But seeing as he is not around at the moment, I believe it should stay in the family."said Angus, grinning at Neville, who looked slightly surprised.

Harry, who had been approached along with Angus and Blaise as soon as the lessons ended, had said that he had business to attend to and left the task to Angus. But not before telling him about what Ron and Hermione had heared after their Herbology class.

"Uh-oh..."breathed Neville, checking the map again.

"They´re coming."he informed all of them.

Angus once more grabbed Susie´s hand.

"Okay. Everyone - Disillusionment and Silencing Charms at once. I will make sure to block out the Human Presence Revieling Charms, should anyone try to use them. Torie, Nev - we´re counting on you."

Torie at once grinned and grabbed Neville´s arm.

"I´ll borrow him for a bit, Hannah. I promise to bring him back intact."she said with a wink, switly waving her wand, the pair of them dissapearing from view.

Hannah didn´t even get a chance to respond before the sounds of footsteps were echoing the corridor again. Everyone swiftly did as they were instructed and Angus threw the blanket over himself and Susie.

Sure enough, another group of students - thistime a mix of Ravenclaws and Slytherins - came along and crossed the wall. Susan couldn´t help but see the scrowl on Angus´ face as he saw his fellow-snakes.

"Not even double-checking?! Idiots!"he murmured with clear disgust.

She understood already, that the Slytherin Squad consider themselves to be - afterall, old Professor Salazar had said so himself, even in Angus´ case - true Slytherins, and such flaws among their house-members is what they find almost insulting. She quickly ran her hands over his arms in a calming gesture. One, she at once knew was deeply appretiated, when he once more pecked her lips.

"By the way, Angie..."she breathed, looking around the blanket, that was concealing them.

"I didn´t know, that you had an Invisibility Cloak of your own."

Angus at once fixed her a proud look.

"I don´t. This is NOT an Invisibility Cloak, you know. Its a present from one of the Seven Stars of Mahoutokoro. Masaki - also a muggle-born by the way - had spent some time with me, Torie and Harry as we were looking up into the history of Ninjutsu... um... nevermind."he added, seeing the blank look on his wife´s face at the term.

"Anyway, we saw waaay too many stories about them, and me and Harry were very eager to find out about the REAL ones, not just those from the cartoons. This very tool for instance was used a great many times in history, when the nin... um... practicioneers of it had to conceal themselves during spying missions. Its very tricky to make, and our friend made it for me, as a parting gift. It has several properties, that surpass that of our Invisibility Cloaks. Unless you count the Potters´ that is - their´s is... really special. One of a kind, actually."

Susan smiled slightly to herself.

"You know... you never told me about the vacation in Japan. I would be delighted to hear that tale."

Angus grinned at her, blushing slightly.

"In that case. I know, what we´re doing tonight."

Susie nodded, but swiftly brought their lips together again in a passionate kiss.

"Among other things, Angie."she added, winking mischievously, relishing the blood-red blush and the happy look on his face - he looked as though he was a small boy and his birthday had come early.

"I agree with Sirius too, by the way."she whispered, just as more footsteps of the incoming people were heared.

"The experience IS highly pleasurable."

As a yet another group of students - more Hufflepuffs thistime - had arrived at the corridor, they weren´t even slightly aware of the concealed people watching them... OR a concealed couple, snogging passionately.


"You know... I think we´re overdoing it with all the parties lately."grumbled Harry, as he was being pulled away from his nearly-completed homework by his giggling wife.

"Your Dad is right - you ARE a killjoy."she teased, but at once gave him a stern glare, seeing his expression.

"Oh, no you don´t, mister! The guests are arriving and as the Head of the Potter family, it is your duty to see, that they are well-attended and enjoying themselves."she said firmly, pulling him up from his work-table.

Harry goaned again.

"As if they could be anything else with Fidus, Mum and Apricie taking care of all the food and Dad working the party."he murmured, rolling his eyes.

Seriously - besides comleting his homework (which was not really hard - Professor McGonnagal had given them a simpler one for a change), he´d rather be working on mending Hufflepuff´s Cup, or another of his projects... like reading up on Horcruxes, or...

Hell... he was half-wishing for an emergency, just so he could put on the Mask and run into action. Judging by that stern look, Ginny was well-aware of it.

"Oh, come on! Its a celebration...just relax and unwind a bit. With all the work you´ve been putting in since Monday, you need some rest too."

Harry was about to point out, that there ARE more importaint things at hand right now, but the look on Ginny´s face had told him quite clearly, that it was best not to argue - she had already told him off about overworking himself, just yesterday.

"Oh, all right."he nodded, giving only the smallest of pouts.

"That´s the spirit."said Ginny brightly, swiftly kissing his cheek and ruffling his hair with affection.

He couldn´t help but give her a small smile - really, maybe it wasn´t so bad afterall. Another thing he was grateful for was, that this wasn´t a formal party - he really didn´t feel like dressing himself up right now.

Ginny chaught the happy chuckles from above and at once shared a wink with the portraits of Professors Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Salazar Slytherin however placed a hand on his forehead.

"Of ALL the things to do... Giving into slackery like this..."he murmured as grumpily as Harry did moments ago.

"Oh hush, Salazar! The young ones deserve a small break."said the portrait of Helga Hufflepuff, smiling at them warmly.

"Yeeees, Salazar. We don´t want these children to be like YOU afterall - work, work and if not that... more work."said Gryffindor in a teasing voice, grinning at the portrait of his old friend.

"Humph. Better than YOU - lazy old lion."grumbled Slytherin, folding his arms grudgingly and looking the opposite way.

Harry and Ginny laughed along with Hufflepuff, while Gryffindor shot them rougish grin and even Ravenclaw´s portrait couldn´t help but surpress a smile as she exchanged a look with HER old friend.

"Those two... honestly, Helga... old men and they act like bickering first-years..."she said, shaking her head.

"Just go on, Harry... listen to your darling wife, as a good husband should. Relax. Be a child for a change."said Gryffindor loudly, making a shooing gesture, as Slytherin humphed yet again, while Hufflepuff smiled warmly at them and even Ravenclaw couldn´t help but give them a small but supportive smile.

Ginny shared a look with Harry - they could tell, if the dynamics between the portraits were like this, that the Founders´ time must have been an interesting one indeed.

"You know... maybe we should ask a bit about their time at Hogwarts. There might be some real fascinating stories, they´ll have to tell. Professor Salazar isn´t all that eager to share Hogwarts history much. I imagine Professor Hufflepuff will be only too happy to tell the tales though, and well... Professor Gryffindor as well."said Harry as they exited his room, hand-in-hand.

Ginny grinned, happy that the portraits´ little antics have cured him of the rest of his - as James often called it - all-work and no-play mode.

The party in the living room was already in session. They could see James grinning like crazy, as he had his arm over Remus´ shoulder in a brotherly fashion.

"Ginny, Harry."exclaimed a well-known voice and before either of them could breathe a reply, they were both grabbed in a fierce hug by Molly Weasley.

Harry chuckled, hugging his mother-in-law back with one arm lovingly, allowing her to place a kiss on his cheek before moving to shake hands with Arthur, a bright expression on his face. He barely had the time to let go, before he was grabbed in a bear-hug by an overjoyed Nymphadora Lupin. Ginny let them have a moment, sharing a proud look with Lily.

"Harry! Come here, you bloody kid!"exclaimed Sirius jovially, obviously being as happy about the news as James was.

Ginny felt herself purr as she saw Sirius grab Harry in a headlock, playfully ruffling his hair, Harry giving out a kind-of boyish chuckle in responce. Not far behind the pair of them, she saw Amelia Black giggling happily, as she watched the exchange and she too could tell, that this was a sort-of-a ritual between the two. In fact, Ginny could vaguely remember a photo of a little Harry being held in pretty much the same headlock by Sirius, that Lily had shown her at some point.

She exchanged a small greeting with Fred, who was plainly happy with the situation.

"Where´s Alice?"she asked brightly.

Fred, still having an arm over her shoulder (much like the way James had his over Remus´) grinned happily.

"Where do you think, sis?"he said proudly, pointing at the large sofa in the living room.

There, sitting comfortably on it was his wife Alice, grinning mischievously as she held her tiny, giggling Godson. Little Teddy Lupin was gigling in delight as Alice gently tickled his tummy. His hair mimicked her jet-black hair-color and it was slightly longer than it ussually was. Ginny could also see, that his big eyes took on Alice´s hazel eye-color.

She grinned as she saw the look, that came upon Fred´s face. She could tell, what he was imagining for a moment - Alice with their little child. Well... she could hardly blame him - it wasn´t as though SHE herself didn´t imagine having kids with Harry nowadays... especially when...

"Alice...! Quit hogging the Godson."said Harry at once, moving closer to the pair of them.

Teddy at once giggled happily, his hair growing shorter and slightly spiky, as though to mimic that of Harry´s and his eye-color changed from hazel to a brilliant emerald-green, at the sight of his obviously beloved Godfather.

Alice pouted, but catching sight of her mother´s look, she handed Teddy to Harry. Harry gave her a smug look as Alice moved away towards Fred and Ginny.

"Oh, that snake of a brother of mine."she murmured, almost begrudgingly before exchanging a hug with Ginny.

"But I really have to hand it to you - you´re really working wonders for him, Gin. I was under the impression today, that Harry was now as busy as he is likely to get. I´m surprised he hadn´t barracaded himself in his room."

Ginny grinned in spite of herself.

"You really know your brother more than you´d care to admit."

Alice couldn´t help but roll her eyes.

"Years of practice, Gin... years of hard practice, that is. But anyway... remember what I told you the last time? I doubt he would be so open, if he didn´t have YOU by his side."

Ginny, who was once more reminded of what Albus had told her at the Slughorn Party, only smiled and nodded, trying not to notice her brother´s look of pure, Gryffindor pride.

Just then, the door-bell rang again, signaling more guests arriving.

"Come on, Freddie. Let´s help Mum and Apricie."she said, taking Fred by the hand.

Ginny occupied herself by watching her husband for a bit, feeling her smile grow more and more as she saw him play with Teddy, once more purring with delight as she saw the little baby giggle happily as Harry cooed at him, grinning and making funny, almost cartoon-like faces at him. She was already extremly certain, that Harry - in the years to come - will definitely go out of his way to spoil Teddy completly rotten.

"Guess me and Remus made the correct decidion, eh Ginny?"came a voice, she knew very well too.

She felt Nymphadora grab her shoulder and flash her a knowing grin.

"I can already see, that this snakie will turn out to be one hell of a Daddy."she said with a wink.

Ginny grinned in appretiation - really, it felt very good to be reaffirmed like this.

"Well... I can already see, that I´M going to have to be in charge of the discipline around the house. Quite like with your son, Harry will be very likely to excersize his Slytherin side with our kids, I bet."she said, already thinking of the prospect and not entirely sure, that she would be against the idea.

Dora giggled - Ginny could tell, that she knew what she was thinking.

"Oh, I´m sure, that your children will be well-in-hands with this... um... what was the popular term... cold-heatred terror of Hogwarts castle."

Ginny could once more only dream of the time, when she would see Harry with their children, the kids giving him a happy look - much like Teddy was giving him right now - as her husband played with them with that loving look on his face...

"Damn it! Ginerva Molly Potter - FOCUS, for Merlin´s sakes! Your lovesick head is working overtime again!"she yelled at herself in her mind.

She quickly shook her head just as Dora gave out a happy, but surprised gasp.

"Aunt Cissy?"

Ginny turned in surprise to see Lily politely showing in four people - two of which she would definitely not expect. Not far from Severus and Charity Snape, Narcissa Malfoy was exchanging a happy hug with her sister Andormeda, and even Lucius gave a small, respectfull, noble bow to his sister-in-law.

She quickly turned to look at her parents and was not very surprised - her mother was looking in blank shock and her father swiftly shot her a small, uncertain look.

She could tell, that even after all she told him about Lucius and even after getting to know Draco, her father simply could not believe that he is all right - well, as all right as it can possibly get.

She saw his eyes narrow at the sight of him and he watched guardedly on, as Lucius and Narcissa exchanged their greetings with James and Sirius, both of whom greeted the Malfoy couple with much, almost childish enthusiasm.

"Heheeey... if it isn´t my little ol´ cousin."exclaimed Sirius, before giving Narcissa a bear-hug.

Lucius wasn´t able to surpress an eye-roll, but Narcissa returned the hug happily, smirking.

"Weeeeell... if it isn´t our family´s legendary troublemaker."she said in the same tone-of-voice, sharing a grin with her sister over his shoulder.

As soon as Sirius released her, she aimed her smirk at James.

"And who do we have here...? His equally-legendary, ever-present partner-in-crime."she said, thistime exchanging a grin with Lily.

Sirius and James at once grabbed eachother over their shoulders and salluted her.

"Guilty as charged."they boomed together proudly.

Most of the room laughed in appretiation. Ginny could also see Lucius surpress a small chuckle as Severus rolled his eyes, muttering "Very adorable, you two...".

She saw her parents stiffen even more as the Malfoys approached her and Nymphadora, but were once more shocked at what they saw - while Narcissa was hugging her niece, Lucius gave her a small, respectfull bow.

"Giner- er... Ginny. Its a pleasure to see you again."

Ginny couldn´t surpress a giggle as she bowed back with the grace befitting of a Noble lady.

"Remembered Harry´s little introduction at the Slughorns´, I take it."

Lucius nodded, keeping the old Slytherin poker-face.

"Certainly. You see... I would hate to be subjected to one of your famous Bat-Bogey Hexes."he said with a small wink, one she often saw Dray give.

She smirked dispite herself.

"I see a certain someone has been talking about me."

"Not just me, Gin..."came the voice of her husband.

She turned to see Harry walking up to the lot of them, Teddy safely in his arms.

"Dray was very impressed, when he saw it on his own eyes a few months back."

She flashed him a sunny smile, knowing exactly when that was - before the Great Hall, before their very first talk... before...

"You´re spacing-out again, fireball..."sing-songed the voice of her husband deep in her mind.

She swiftly blinked and at once shot him a glare, a tiny blush reddening her cheeks as her brown eyes locked with his green ones.

"Bloody Legilimency! Oh... and in case you are still listening, husband-of-mine... kindly wipe that smirk off your face, before I hex you!"

She quickly had to surpress a giggle, for along with Harry´s Legilimency reply of "Yes, dear...", his face instantly took on a look of stony, exaggerated seriousness.

"Stop THAT too, silly!"she screamed in her mind amusedly, knowing for sure that he was still there.

"Awww... you two are so adorable."cooed Narcissa, looking at Harry and Teddy, the baby erupting in giggles, finding his Godfather´s faces very amusing.

Dora, Lily, Andormeda and her Mum apparently thought so too, and she saw that no one seemed to be any wiser to his use of Legilimency.

"Adorable indeed, my dear Slytherin husband. Already you have your poor little Godson do your dirty-work and cover for you."she thought slyly and was the only one, correctly interpreting his blush and sheepish grin.

The scene seemed to have lightened the tension and the Malfoys exchanged polite greetings with her parents, though she could still sence (and knew Harry must have too), that her Dad was still guarded with them, but was too polite to give it away.

"Oh... and speaking of adorable... where is our new adorable couple? Where is my cute little cousin and his dream-girl?"asked Nymphadora, looking from side to side.

Ginny grinned yet again, recalling Dora´s tales of how Draco came along to visit along with his mother as a child, as well as an adorable photo of a tiny, 8-year-old Dray, cuddling with his older and only cousin. In fact... she had since then suspected, that one of the reasons Dray turned out to be different from Lucius is his relationship with Dora and Andromeda, that he had kept since childhood. She could also easily tell, that Lucius was certainly not over-the-moon about the fact, but had always backed-off for his wife´s and son´s sakes.

"He is most sorry, Dora... but he is currently in a mission with the Task Force."informed Narcissa gently, but there was a note of pride present in her voice.

"As for Torie... well... without Draco here, she wished to remain at Hogwarts for the evening. Naturally she will return home to the Manor after dinner, but still..."said Lucius, a small smile gracing his lips.

"That´s odd..."mused Lily thoughtfully.

"Yes. She´s never the one to miss-out on some fun."nodded James.

Narcissa gave them a serious look.

"Be that as it may. But she is a fifth-year. She has to study hard for her OWLs."she reminded in a mothery voice, Ginny herself knew so well - from her Mum.

Lucius´ smile widened even more.

"And if she is not currently studying... I daresay, that she will find some way to amuse herself."he said, sounding like a proud father.

Ginny swiftly looked at Harry and saw, that there was an amused twinkle in his eyes... something which could only mean...

"Do you know, what Torie is up to right now?"she thought as she locked eyes with him again.

Harry´s face was composed in the (as she called it) neutral-mode.

"Nope."came his reply and she once more glared him.

"You´d better not be hiding anything from me again, Potter!"she warned in her mind.

"Would I do that?"came his innocent-voiced reply and she had to surpress a snort.

"Of course you wouldn´t... and Lord Voldemort takes ballerina lessons from Albus Dumbledore..."

Thistime it was Harry, who had to surpress an urge to laugh, which wasn´t an easy task once the image came into his mind - he was certain this would be worth a few good laughs later.

"However... Draco and Torie wished for us to deliver a certain message, since they aren´t here in person."said Lucius, pulling out his wand.

With a cassual flick an envilope appeared in everyone´s hands. Most of the room instantly took on a surprised, but mostly happy look.

"Is that..."breathed James.

"...what we think it is?"finished Lily, already beaming at Narcissa.

The Malfoy couple seemed to positively shine in happiness (well, Lucius more in pride than happiness) as they nodded.

"You are officially invited to the wedding on Saturday, at the Malfoy Manor."

The announcement had been met with so much joy and even an hour later, when the party was in full-swing, Ginny could see Narcissa, Dora, Andromeda, Lily and her Mum huddled at the table together, going over almost every possible aspect of the up-coming wedding.

What certainly surprised most - her parents in the lead - was the fact, that Lucius actually gave in and allowed Draco and Astoria to invite the Evans grandparents as well. Her Dad´s mouth actually fell down and resembled Ron´s stunned amazement so much, she, Alice, Fred and Harry laughed like crazy - he was stunned at the fact, that Lucius Malfoy had invited a pair of Muggles to his luxurious manor - not to mention, that THEY have recieved an invitation as well.

Even more laughter for the entire room came, when Narcissa (looking very slyly at her blushing husband) told everyone, how Torie had practicly sweet-talked him into it. It was apparent, that quite like Draco, he would do absolutely anything for her - especially when she asked in ways only she could.

James started to jokingly suggest, that maybe the all-mighty Malfoy senior was losing his ground as the Head of the family... until he chaught Harry´s overlarge... "predator" smile - the ordeal had even made Lucius laugh.

She laughed herself almost silly during the past hour with all the antics going on, especially when James and Sirius couldn´t resist pulling a small prank on Severus, "for old times´ sake" as they said and the three men suddenly looked, as though they actually DID return back to their school days, until Lily sorted them out - JUST like old times.

She was having so much fun, that she failed to notice a small fact...

"Harry?"she asked quietly, looking around, but failing to see him... or Lucius for that matter.

"Noticed have you?"came a voice behind her and she turned to look at her sister-in-law.

Alice was grinning in anticipation, the family Invisibility Cloak over her arm, her wand in her other hand.

"I noticed him and ol´ Lucius move away from the hall a moment ago. Towards the Potions Room in fact. Something tells me, the pair of them aren´t going there to brew the Cure for Boils."

Ginny raised an eyebrow, but before she could say anything, Alice had flashed her a mischievous smile, spreading the cloak.

"Want to join me for my little spy mission?"

She thought about it for the briefest of moment - should she simply trust her husband... surely, if it were something really serious, he would simply tell her... on the other hand...

"Allright then. Let´s go..."she said with a smile, swiftly moving toward Alice, before she draped the Cloak over the pair of them.

"Silencio"muttered Alice, waving her Dogwood wand.

Ginny grinned, she could tell that her sister-in-law was no novice to the entire spy-business. Well... she IS an Auror trainee, but she also knew that Alice had taken the "spy-on-your-little brother" game to new levels.

They moved soundlessly up the stairs and to the now-familiar door, where Harry often spends his time at home. She wondered briefly, why didn´t Harry simply invite Lucius into his room instead, but reasoned that perhaps there were things in his room he didn´t want Lucius to see... like the portraits for instance... or Naja, Hazumi and Feher - all of his snakes were inside...

"Intactilus"said Alice, aiming her wand on the closed door.

"Intangibillity Charm. Dead usefull, let me tell you. Trouble is, it only works on non-living solid objects."she explained.

Making a small mental note to learn it in the near-future, Ginny felt herself nod but was already very curious at what was behind the door. Without another word, the two passed trough what should have been solid wood.

At once they realized, that Harry and Lucius were having one very serious conversation. She could see her husband´s frown and the tiniest bit of frustration written on his face.

"... and I still say, that it will NOT help in the slightest. Quite the contrary in fact. Also, I have told Fudge over and over again, that it holds the risk of escalating the situation! Already the trouble is brewing and this kind of a thing is bound to incite them even more."

Lucius frowned.

"I´m afraid, that there is now nothing you, or anyone else can do. They still have enough political power to get it passed. And in express speed, even with the opposition against them. The Repopulation Act has numerous supporters among the commoners as well, and they are bound to support Fudge, inspite of what is going on."

Harry shook his head in disgust, scanning the papers in his hand with his eyes.

"Of course they are. Especially when they seem to be perfectly happy with his law-given bribes."muttered Harry with clear distaste.

"Well... apparently he and Athena took some of your and Blaise´s suggestions to heart and re-worked them in their own way."said Lucius with a sigh.

Ginny could see Harry´s hand shake as he gripped the papers and knew, that he was doing all he could to remain calm and somehow come to terms with the situation that arose.

He fixed Lucius a fierce, determined look.

"Fine then. I cannot stop it, but I´ll NEVER support it - not even for a second, Lucius. The Reinforcement Act is nothing but one VERY poorly thought up idea. Its obvious to me, what this Act is really for. As one of the Top Seven, I will keep my family on the proper side of this... mess."

Lucius nodded, fixing him a look of utter respect.

"As will I. But I think I will go about this the old Malfoy way. Our family does have a reputation to keep."

Harry´s lips twitched a bit in humor and even she couldn´t help but think "Like father, like son."

"In that case, my boy... the meeting is at the Ministry. Eight ´o clock sharp."said Lucius, double-checking his clock.

"I should go as well, to prepare. I shall see you there, Harry."

With that, he turned and made for the door.

Ginny and Alice moved quickly out of his way and she winced a bit as he made to touch the door-handle. To her surprise, it was solid again.

"The Intangibillity Charm only works for about ten seconds at a time. That´s why you have to be really careful when you use it."explained Alice quietly, although they were shielded by the Silencing Charm.

Ginny could only nod - she already thought of a nasty scenario of trying to pass trough a thick, rock moutain, the Charm wearing off and the returned weight and pressure positively squashing her into pancake.

She was quickly brought back to reality as the door closed.

Harry, she saw was going over the papers, before drawing out his wand. Quickly making a copy of the stack he set neatly onto the Ingredient Table, he waved his wand over the stack he had just duplified and turned it into a tiny note. With a sigh he tapped his wristband and the familiar Slytherin snake came into life, obediently opening its mouth. Harry inserted the small paper into its mouth and muttered "Blaise". The snake closed its mouth and returned to his original position on the wristband.

Harry sighed again, moving to the door.

"Guess the score is three-one now... I seem to have overestimated the common-folk... and underestimated Fudge and Kellen."he noted sadly.

Ginny and Alice exchanged a glance.

"Then again..."said Harry, as though he had just thought something up.

"...maybe I´m not the only one underestimating people."

The words barely left his mouth, before he turned, as quick as a flash, his wand swishing trough the air...

Both she and Alice gave a squeal of surprise, as they were suddenly hooked by the leg and hung upside-down by the Levicorpus Spell. The Invisibility Cloak fell to the floor and Harry´s green eyes twinkled, as he saw who was under it.

"Harry! NO FAIR! How did you know?!"demanded Alice, for once too surprised to glare him.

Harry´s lips took on his infamous smirk.

"I have eyes and ears, sister-dearest."

Alice at once looked at him in confusion.

"We were under the Cloak and had Silencing Charms over ourselves! There´s no way... HOW?!"

Ginny didn´t think his smirk could possibly get any bigger, but it did.

"That´s for ME to know, and YOU to figure out. Now... if you don´t mind, I´d like to deal with my eavesdropping wife."he said cassually, waving his wand at his sister.

"HAAAAARRYYY!"yelled Alice, but too late... upside-down form was levitated lower, sinking into the floor as though it weren´t solid.

"You´re not the only one, who can do the old Intangibillity Charm - better luck next time, sis."he said cheerfully before Alice´s legs dissapeared trough the floor.

Ginny quickly composed her face into an innocent look, as his green eyes turned on her and he folded his arms.

"Now... I seem to recall a certain someone stressing the importaince of trust, not so long ago..."he started in a calm voice.

"Which goes to show, that even we - wifes - must sometimes eat our words."she replied cheerfully.

Her smile however faltered, when she saw, that his neutral expression hadn´t changed.

"Indeed."he muttered quietly - now he was starting to scare her.

She watched him anxiously for another moment or two, unsure what would come next. Suddenly however his face cracked, as though he could not possibly hold it any longer and he captured her lips in an upside-down kiss.

"Y- you prat! Don´t scare me like that! How DID you know, by the way?!"she said as they separated, her husband chuckling.

She saw his face adopt a mischievous look.

"I knew Alice wouldn´t resist a chance to eavesdrop. Aaaand that you would tag along. One of the reasons, why I went to the Potions Room."

"Double-prat! You were on to us from the very begining!"she said with a small giggle, knowing that Alice would positively scream, if she knew that.

His grin grew larger and he was looking extremly pleased with himself.

"Well... growing up with Alice and Torie as well, will teach you how to detect eavesdroppers, even if they use Invisibility Cloaks and Silencing Charms. As I said - I have eyes and ears. Trust me - it works."he explained, now looking like a first-year proudly presenting his first good marks.

She recalled, that Alice had indeed over the years tried to get the drop on him, failing every single time and that Harry had always viewed it as his favourite game, especially with how each failed attempt makes Alice fumm.

Honestly - he was such a child sometimes...

His green eyes twinkled again and he kissed her once more. She felt herself moan into the kiss - Torie was right, there was something to this Levicorpus kissing afterall. She could also tell, from the way he was kissing her, that he longed and waited for a chance to try it, eversince they heared it from their redish-haired friend.

"Triple-prat! If you wanted me to sneak away from the party to Levicorpus-snog with you, you could have just said so."she mock-accused as they separated again, and was instantly rewarded with a boyish smile.

"Aww, love... what fun would that be?"he asked playfully, before locking lips again.

She reached with her arms, clumsily holding him closer.

"Wait... Harry, let me down. My head´s getting dizzy."

His face took on a dissapointed pout, as though he was denied of his treat, but he obeyed, setting her down with gentle care and making sure, she would end up in his arms.

"That´s better, thanks."she breathed, melting into his embrace.

"How much did you overhear, by the way?"he asked with a small smile.

"Well... only the end of it. Judging by the time, you will have to go prepare for the meeting at the Ministry in a while. You´ll come back soon, right?"

She wasn´t very fond of the idea, that the meeting could go long into the night - lately, they barely had the chance for an evening together and she was dearly hoping for one now.

"I hope I do. In all honesty, I´d much rather spend tonight home with you, than march into the Ministry and listen to a yet anotherone of Fudge´s moronic ideas."

She frowned, remembering the apparent subject of what she had overheared.

"What is that new Act about? The Re... er...?"

Harry instantly scrowled, but she knew it wasn´t directed at her. However, when he spoke, he spoke quite calmly.

"The Reinforcement Act. Its supposed to settle and calm the situation down. Since there are still Death Eaters and the Masked Wizard around, Fudge says that we can´t risk for them to escape abroad, or somehow get some help from there. So... as the official version says, to reinforce our country and make sure, that the Aurors can settle the situation more easily, and supposedly swiftly too... Fudge wants to close the border."

She was certain, that she must´ve looked fairly silly, as the mix of shock, disbelief and all-out confusion crossed her features.

"Close the border?! Is he serious?!"she asked weakly, unsure when was the last time she had heared of a more idiotic idea.

Harry sighed.

"I assure you, he is. He wants to reactivate the old Border wards, that haven´t been used since the war with Grindelwald. In fact, he is using Grindelwald´s campaign as an argument, though he never extended it here to begin with."

She shook her head in disbelief - this lunatic idea could NOT possibly pass.

"Its not exactly a new idea though. The way I heared it, it was proposed during the first war with Voldemort. In fact, old Barty Crouch was the one, who proposed it, but it was turned down largely thanks to Blaise´s father and Minister Bagnold. But anyway, the idea is here again and thistime, it apparently has as many supporters as it did then - if not even more."

She frowned, as she realized something.

"If the Death Eaters wanted to escape abroad, they would have done so already."

With a gasp she remembered about the meetings her husband had been attending since Monday. As well as the comment he had said to Lucius moments ago.

"...this kind of a thing is bound to incite them even more..."

"The Repopulation Act rebels!"

Harry sighed yet again. He was well aware, that she had been able to figure out EXACTLY what this means. As well as the reason he and Blaise had been so troubled lately.

"Do you think... do you think, that the Death Eaters can somehow take advantage of it?"

She didn´t even have to wait for an answer, she could read it from his face - the answer was yes.

"Its a possibility. Even if they can´t... it will only add to the trouble. We were trying to calm the situation down, but Fudge insists that the Rebels will pipe-down before the deadline arrives. He is sure, that they won´t possibly want to risk their freedom. However... most of us are not as calm, as our near-sighted Minister. For most of the week, the rebels have been grouping together in small groups all over the country. That´s why me and the other snakes initiated Operation Fat Cobra."

The feelings she had experienced in the past minute were at once replaced by hysterical laughter.

"FAT... COBRA?! Who thought that up? Angus?!"

"Naturally."he replied smilingly as her laughter subsided.

"And the point of this... er... Operation...?"she asked, still fighting down a laugh.

Damn it, oh how she loved that mischievous smirk on his face.

"Well... since the trouble is brewing, did you really think the Slytherin Squad would do nothing? Especially without learning all we possibly can about the extent of the problem? Torie and Angus are currently gathering information at Hogwarts."

She grinned, now knowing the REAL reason Torie was absent from the party. She had been wondering... as well as Angus and Susie´s absence - there was no way they would miss a party... unless they had something else to do...

"And Dray is adding his share as we speak."added her husband with a wink.

"Oh, you snakes... how about involving ME for a change?"

He once more fixed her a boyish smile.

"In due time, my lovely Ginny. In due time..."he said huskily, the promise (and she knew he meant it) meaning the world to her, not to mention the endearment.

Thistime it was her, attacking his lips in a kiss so fierce, she knew she chaught him by surprise. She could almost purr loudly as she saw the completly dreamy look on his face as they separated - he even had his eyes closed... it was as though he had never felt anything like this in his life and he wanted to savour the feeling as much as possible.

She grinned evilly.

Still with his eyes closed, he didn´t even notice her pulling out her wand.

"WHA- GINNYYY!"he yelled as he was suddenly hoisted by the leg.

"Constant vigilance, love. Remember?"she said mischievously.

His face broke into a loving, upside-down smile.

"You... you chaught me by surprise..."he breathed in amazement.

She grinned proudly, knowing she did the one thing, only Lily Potter herself had up until now been able to do. Oh, if Alice had known right now...

"Harry... I realized just now... we still have some time, before you have to go and prepare, right...?"she said, practicly purring and knowing full-well the effect it has on him.

He didn´t disappoint her. She could easily tell, that he was dying to reach her lips again. She therefore kept herself out of range, even as he struggled to get closer.

"Aaaand... I was thinking..."she drawed-on, teasing him.

"Ginerva Molly Potter... stop torturing and just snog me already."he said quickly, his famous patience clearly falling to pieces.

Oh... how she loved to know, that she could make him go like this.

"Torture you, my sweet, adorable, beloved husband? Would I do that?"she asked, purpusely mimicking his innocent tone.

He growled giving her a small glare.

"Of course you wouldn´t. And Cornelius Fudge is the greatest politician of all time."he grumbled, pouting like a five-year old.

She giggled at the sight, finding him completly adorable when...

"HEEEEY! NO FAIR!"she exclaimed as she was hoisted upside-down again and felt her wand fly out of her hand.

She was once more met with his triumphant smirk and realized her mistake.

"Tell me something, love - since when do I EVER play fair?"he asked proudly.

"I should have disarmed you."she said with a pout.

"You thought you did."he sing-songed, wiggling his eyebrows and showing the wand in his hand.

She shook her head and reached for him, already feeling the blood rushing to her head.

"Guess I still have much to learn, don´t I?"she asked as she pulled herself close to him.

"Hm... yes and no - I have to say that your skill in sneaking is pretty good. But its not all about sneaking, Gin."he whispered huskily, before gently kissing the tip of her nose.

"Oh... of that I am sure."she purred before locking lips with him once more.

She was glad for the fact, that at least one of them had a wand. Levicorpus-snogging was fun, but the blood rushing into your head was not exactly a good thing, even if it added something nice to the ordeal, along with the levitation sensation.


The small village had rarely known a warm day, even in the warmest of summers.

Situated right beside the coast of the Northern Sea, not very far from Azkaban in fact, it is extremly frosty especially during winter-time. It was partly for this reason that most Muggles from the village were steadily moving to the larger, and preferrably warmer cities. Unlike their (unbeknowst to them) magical neighbours. The village was very short of becoming all-magical... almost certainly... in a few years´ time.

The rare few Muggles that remained however, would certainly have found the sight of so many cloaked strangers walking to the only pub in the village (if not for the violently cold weather coming along) very strange.

Two elderly women, that were passing on the street and saw a yet-another one of these strange looking people - a young woman thistime - had scoffed as they passed her by.

"Young ones nowadays."muttered one of them darkly.

"Must be some kind of a costume party in the pub."said the other, once more looking at the woman, finding the clothing more in place for a Halloween Party, than for this frosty weather.

"Oh well... these new fashions are definitely not worth catching a cold. Come on, Mary. It looks like tonight is going to be a very bad night."said the first one, looking at the sky, seeing the unpleasant darkness creep towards the village from the sea.

An icy blast of violent wind made both old women shudder and hurry into one of the houses. They failed to notice the woman coming to a halt.

She looked in her early twenties, had very long, brown hair, perfect figure and a positively cute face, that had been twisted as a malicious smile played on her lips.

Disguised by various Charms, Daphne Greengrass quietly observed the numerous people, that were being checked at the enterance of the pub. Even the pub´s name was very fitting - The Lost Hope.

"Exactly how I want them to feel."she thought, especially as she saw a yet another group arrive.

The sombre looks on their faces simply pleased her.

She had, under various disguises, attended every single meeting of those, who were... for the lack of a better word displeased about the Repopulation Act. All over the country. She had been on alert for those, who could prove extremly usefull in her plan.

She found a few all right...

She had been able to monitor the Repopulation Act rebels and known at once, that several of these people could be converted for the cause with almost minimal effort.

She had been extremly carefull of course... only dropping tiny clues and hints here and there, watching other people react and also, pin-pointing those, who could be used as her puppets.

Though the task was in itself very tiresome as well as dangerous, she found herself relishing in the sheer sence of power it offered.

Calm, polite and always beautyfull, she had been able to gain the trust of many people with absurd ease and with proper events in place, she knew she could manipulate them in ways that would even make the Imperius Curse look like a first-year´s attempt at an Unforgivable.

Almost on instinct, she reached into the pocket of her robes and gently touched the ball, her Master had given her for communication.

Since Neville Longbottom and his little friends took point to spy on the Hogwarts´ brand of rebels, her beloved Lord had been able to list not only all the names, but also offered his views on which person could be used.

She had expected prats like Zacharias Smith and Marcus Belby to be on the list, but was very surprised by several names she didn´t think would go for the thing, like that Gryffindor-git Dean Thomas for instance...

However... neither of them had the qualities she is searching for right now - something, that surprised even the Dark Lord.

She knew, that the Rebels now only need one single thing - a leader... and here was the tiny problem she had to crack, before all of this truly starts.

A leader - not very well known right now, but trustworthy... strong, but only as much as she needed... idealistic, but not overly... merely someone, who would feel the need to not only stand up to the Ministry, but also take care of the others... charismatic, but once more not overly... and most importaint of all... naive. Naive enough to be manipulated EXACTLY how she saw fit.

She saw the person, who was opening the pub´s door and was admitting the cloaked people inside. A tall, muscular brown-haired man.

With a smirk, she recodnized him as Ambrose Gillis - one of those, she had picked out a few nights previously under a different disguise.

A muscular man in his early thirties, he seemed to be in the Crabbe and Goyle league... and not just in terms of intelligence. She had carefully looked into his background after picking him out and he saw that he was exactly what you´d expect from a Gryffindor - reckless, bent on his opinions, but above all... place him into an organization, he would be fiercely loyal to it - simply put, the perfect errand-boy, built for brute work.

She watched for a few moments as the tiny groups of people were entering the pub, but also saw, that some of the clients had been denied entery and were left staggering about their way, or grumbling at being denied their apparently sole pleasure.

Watching them quietly, she surpressed the strong urge to spit on the ground in sheer disgust.

"Filth...!"she grumbled, shuddering...

"Seriously... these kind of ... creatures should be wiped out from the face of the Earth."

She didn´t even bother to lower her voice.

It was highly unlikely, that anyone in the vicinity would be able to overhear her in this strong wind.

Her attention however quickly turned to the feeling of warmth in her pocket - the ball had been alerting her of an incoming message. Quickly pulling her out, she fixed her sights directly at it.

Inside, in a small fog or red and white smoke, the image of a face came up and she giggled at the sight of it - a twenty-year old woman with small glasses and long, blonde hair.

"Well if it isn´t our little crossdresser. I must say, that grumpy look does not match your cute face. I do hope the boys are leaving you alone. Or were you able to get a few oppoturnities for a date?"

The woman at once fixed her with a glare.

"Very funny, Daph. I am calling to inform you, that everything is in place. We are awaiting your attack order."

Daphne grinned in triumph, even as the said crossdresser sighed.

"A bloody tiresome task you´ve left me here. Good God, I feel like a Professor all over again with your classmates giving me so much trouble. I litterally had to manoovre Crabbe and Goyle into position, and that´s not easy with them wearing an Invisibility Cloak. Also, I had to ORDER your best friend into her muggle clothing."

Daphne giggled in spite of herself.

"Well... Pansy always had an aversion to them."

The woman fixed her with a suspitious look.

"Since you wanted me to only take the Juniors AND instructed me to seal a portion of their memories with that special Memory Surpressor Spell we obtainted in the Dark Repository... Daphne... are you planning on them getting chaught?"

Clearly the question had been on the person´s mind since the preparations began and that the other accomplices were clearly not aware of it.

Daphne answered with an innocent look.

"Oh, Barty... Would I do that?"

The woman laughed thistime and Barty Crouch´s trademark smirk crossed her features.

"You are one terrifying witch, Daphne."

She winked.

"You should know... big brother."she said.

Since the time she had joined the Death Eaters and came into contact with him, since the time he had taught her the Dark Arts and since the time he had been in charge of the Juniors troughout her sixth-year... they came to have a close relationship.

In many ways, she had found Barty to be an older brother-figure to her. In fact... compared to her stupid little sister... Barty felt like the sibling she wished to have had.

She could tell, from the way he always grinned at it, that the feeling was mutual.

"And will you tell me, why did you choose this particural place for an attack?"

"I overheared quite a few usefull things during the rebel meetings. For instance, that the muggle club you are currently in is also visited by Mudbloods and their fiancees, who often go there to unwind. I know for a fact, that they are also attending today´s party."she explained.

Barty could only shake his... or rather HER head right now.

"That is good. I was afraid I would be left without a good fight for the evening."

She giggled - how much like Barty that was... he always enjoyed a good fight.

"Just be sure YOU don´t get chaught. And of course... should that Masked bastard appear..."

An expresion of utter blood-lust had came across Barty´s face and most would be shocked to see a lovely woman´s face contort into something almost inhuman.

"I hope he does!"

Nodding, a fierce expression appeared on Daphne´s face.

"Allright. You may begin. I hope Crabbe and Goyle will enoy themselves. Don´t forget - maximum effect, but minimal carnage. I have arranged for our... I mean... the Ministry´s new hero to be near, as well... He is in the restaurant across the road enjoying a warm reunion with his two Muggle sisters and their husbands."

Barty sighed.

"I just hope he won´t end up getting killed in the fray, then. The others don´t know about it, so I doubt they will be gentle with him."

Another malicious smile came upon Daphne´s face.

"Don´t worry, Bart. I´m sure they´ll find him more formidable, than many would think - I´ve made sure of THAT."

With a nod, Barty cut the connection. Daphne placed the ball into her pocket again.

They of course knew about Fudge´s new Act, being troughoutly informed thanks to Pius Thicknesse. She felt, that their dear old Minister needs some help with getting it passed, among other things as well - something she is only too happy to do... since HE will be assisting HER in more ways than one.

"Now back to the task at hand."she said to herself.

As she made her way towards the pub, she gave a small wave to Ambrose. The man recodnized her at once, waving her back.

"Ah, Amanda. You´ve made it, then. Just in time. Welcome."he said, as she came to the door.

She fixed him a sunny smile, but she felt more like smirking - this pervert was clearly wrapped around her finger.

"You´re in for something today. He´s here - he actually came."he said, barely containing his excitement.

She quirked an eyebrow - there HAD been a small, quiet rumor among the rebels.

"The person you were talking about?"

Ambrose nodded happily, admitting her inside. She was of course, well-aware of the rumor, but she needed to see and hear this person on her own eyes.

Entering the old, run-down pub she saw over fourty people inside. The ages varied, but all seemed to be looking to one single person.

Her eyes fell to a boy in his late, almost waning teens. Of average height, he looked reasonably well-built, had a pleasant face, short black hair, and bright blue eyes, which were hidden behind his pair of glasses. She recodnized this person at once.

A member of Dumbledore´s accursed Army, a Gryffindor muggle-born, two years above her. He fought during the Battle of Hogwarts and came extremly close to being her victim. However right now, thanks to her art of concealment... he had absolutely no chance to recodnize her.

"Brian Reeves."she thought, feeling her sence of excitement rise up.

Unless she was very much mistaken... she had just struck GOLD.


A/N: Phew... finally I´ve been able to get this chapter down. The writing is going a bit slower than I expected, but don´t worry, I intend to make up for it. To answer a question about Neville from the previous chapter - Neville married Hannah over the same time all the Weasleys married, just like Angus and Susie. I quite enjoyed the idea of the Malfoy parents not being so... well... bad. Largely due to Narcissa´s continued relationship with Andromeda. Which also means Sirius as well. And I liked the idea of Tonks and Draco having a good relationship as well.

I will try to get the next chapter out ASAP, I hope it won´t take too long thistime.

Till next time.


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